Best Dansko Shoes for Nurses

Many brands are popular among nurses, but when it comes to shoes designed to deliver utmost comfort, best Dansko shoes for nurses are the most famous for standing and walking ten to twelve plus hours. These shoes are made of quality leather, provide best support and cushion and are slip resistant. Many of Dansko models are APMA approved.

The first Dansko shoes were clogs similar to the traditional Danish clogs. Their primary purpose was to provide comfort and durability for farm activities. However, up to the present day, Dansko has added several other varieties of shoes to their production, including sandals, flats, or boots. But as a general idea, when someone says the word “Dansko” almost everyone thinks “clogs,” as they’re the most dominant Dansko footwear.

There are many types of clogs or other comfort shoes made by Dansko. Many Dansko clogs are not considered extremely fashionable; this pretty much stands for all clogs in general, though. But on the other hand, they’re beloved by people who require standing on their feet all day long, such as gardeners, surgeons, nurses or other healthcare staff, chefs, etc.

Best Dansko Shoes for Nurses Reviews

In this post, we’ve selected several clogs which so far have been rated as the best Dansko shoes for nurses. Therefore, if you work in healthcare, especially as a nurse, and you’re looking for comfortable and durable shoes, you may want to have an eye on this list.

The safest way to walk in these Dansko shoes are

  • Do not walk fast while wearing them
  • Do not walk long distance quickly like airport
  • Heels are supposed to be sliding up and down during walking
  • Try Dansko clogs in a shoe store first time for a perfect fit. Once you know your size and fit, then you can order online for future purchases.

Dansko Marcelle Dress Pump Black Patent Leather

Dansko Marcelle Dress Pump Black Patent LeatherThe Dansko Marcelle is a clog with a modern Mary Jane design. As the title suggests, this a leather clog, but there are also Marcelle versions with fabric uppers. For the leather versions, there is also a Black Cabrio model and Cordovan Cabrio model. These dressy clogs go well with any outfit from jeans to dressy slacks.

This Dansko clog has a roomy and deep toe box, offering plenty of wiggle space for your toes. The toe box is reinforced for extra protection and has additional stitching on each side. The upper is stapled to the sole, which results in a higher durability. If regular Dansko clog rubs on the top part of the foot, you can try Marcelle Dress pump.

The shoe integrates an inner frame made of polyurethane material, to reduce torque and enhance stability. The collar is padded to prevent chaffing. Evidently, since it’s a Mary Jane style shoe, the closure of the Marcelle is given by a leather strap with a metallic buckle, offering a custom fit.

The Dansko Marcelle clog is equipped with a polyurethane outsole, which is considerably lighter than most types of rubber. It has a rocker bottom design to propel the foot forward and deliver an excellent shock absorption. It has a wide heel strike for extra stability. It also features a thermoplastic polyurethane heel counter which promotes a natural up/down movement of the heel, while enhancing lateral stability.

Like most clogs, the Marcelle from Dansko provides excellent arch support, which makes them perfect for various foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis.


  • Wider and deeper toe Box than original clog
  • They do not rub on the top of foot(original clogs may rub on the top of foot)
  • Stylish and can be worn with dress outfit
  • They support your feet as well as knees and back
  • True to size
  • Great shoe for high instep and high arches
  • Good Dansko Clog for wide feet, and you can take them to shoe repair shop for more stretching.
  • Mary Jane style adjustable straps can allow you to wear thin or thick socks
  • If you work on the concrete floor, you will love the stiff sole of these clogs


  • Break-in may be needed. After they broke in, they will be very comfortable.

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Dansko Professional Patent Leather Black

Dansko Professional Patent Leather BlackAs its name suggests, the Dansko Professional is a type of clog featuring classic design lines adequate for most professional dress codes. It’s actually one of the iconic, best-selling Dansko clogs, and one of the best Dansko shoes for nurses. It perfectly combines comfort and stability elements in order to minimize foot fatigue and pain for the duration of the longest shifts.

The Dansko Professional features the familiar clog aspect with a thick rocker bottom sole designed to promote a natural gait and propel your foot forward. Due to its thickness, it has superior shock absorption properties. The protective polyethylene heel counter promotes a natural up and down movement of the heel when walking, also providing lateral stability and extra shock absorption. The outsole is also made of PU material, offering excellent traction. It has a bit of flex to it despite its clunky aspect and can withstand surfaces of extreme heat and cold without issues.

There are several versions available for the Dansko Professional, including Box leather, Cabrio leather or Oiled leather, in various colors or patterns. The model we’ve selected for our list is the one with the Black Patent upper as it is easy to clean and more resistant to various organic compounds that may drop on it.

The upper doesn’t have any particular closure elements and no side elastic goring. It’s a slip-on clog, with a padded collar to prevent chafing. It features a roomy thermoplastic toe box integrating a strong reinforcement for extra toe protection. Also, it has a PVC inner frame that reduces pronation and torque.

The leather sock liner is non-allergenic and vegetable tanned. It’s wrapped around synthetic foam which absorbs and help with the evaporation of the perspiration.


  • Fits great on narrow feet because these clogs run narrow. You can try narrow and wide versions for a better fit for extremely narrow feet and wide feet respectably. For example, if size 39 is too tight for you, then try the wide version in 39. It may fit you.
  • Sturdy and great investment that lasts for many years
  • Easy to clean
  • Warm for winter season
  • Can be worn with business casual outfit
  • Comfortable and supportive for standing and walking on concrete after 12+ hours of the shift. If your feet hurt after wearing tennis shoes with such a long time on feet, these clogs will help for hips, knees, and feet pain.
  • These work best for flat feet.
  • You can wipe patent leather with antibacterial wipes
  • Plantar fasciitis pain will be reduced or eliminated by using these clogs ( if the plantar fasciitis is due to fat feet or normal arches). It will not work for plantar fasciitis due to high arches. In that case, try Dansko Marcelle.
  • Try wide width version of Dansko Professional for wide feet
  • If you can not find a perfect fit, order multiple pairs in one size online. You will be surprised to see that they all vary in size. Mix and match and keep the one that fits you. Once you find your perfect fit, you will be amazed by its comfort and support.
  • These clogs may help with Achilles tendonitis pain

Find out the difference between Dansko XP and Stapled Professional here.


  • Some people who have wide feet or wear thick socks may feel tight at the instep. Try Dansko Marcelle in that case.
  • These clogs will not work for you if your arches are high. The Dansko Marcelle will work for High Arches.
  • Break-in for few days to a week required to get used to these clogs. After that, your feet will love them because they will be very comfortable for extended shifts.
  • They run big especially if you have small and thin feet.
  • They are heavy, clunky and stiff for some people

Dansko XP 2.0

dansko xp 2.0The Dansko XP 2.0 is the newest Dansko XP available only at The Walking company. There are actually several models for the Dansko XP 2.0. You can find a Navy Striped or Grey Reptile patent leather, but the Brown and Black versions are the most preferred as they have a classic aspect, fitting to most dress codes for healthcare staff.

The XP 2.0 are some of the best Dansko shoes for nurses. They’re slip-on clogs built for long shifts spent on your feet. They have all the performance features required for a professional clog, but with extra benefits such as the lighter than Dansko XP Pro, Dansko Natural Arch technology, removable memory foam footbed, dual density cushioning, heel counter for lateral stability and slip resistant outsole.

The Dansko XP 2.0 Black features a top-quality, durable, yet soft leather upper, with a stapled construction for high durability. It has a roomy toe box which permits the free movement of your toes without generating any chaffing. The collar is cushioned for extra comfort during walking.

This Dansko clog is equipped with a removable, dual-density open-cell polyurethane footbed, which integrates the Dansko Natural Arch technologyô, which consists of a thermo polyurethane arch stabilizer for superior all-day support. The footbed is removable. Thus, the clog can accommodate almost any type of custom or prescription orthotic.

The midsole is EVA-made, designed to reduce fatigue and absorb shock. The rocker bottom is also an anti-fatigue element, promoting a dynamic posture all day long. There’s also a TPU heel counter element which aids with the clog-walking motion, allowing your heel to move up and down freely. Finally, this Dansko shoe is equipped with a rubber outsole, slip-resistant, and oil resistant.

Dansko Ingrid

Dansko IngridThe Dansko Ingrid is an open-white clog. Evidently, we’ve chosen the black leather version for our list here as it has the most classic appearance. There are also other versions though, such as Antique Brown Oiled, Black Oiled leather, or Black Box leather, as well as versions with a fabric upper.

Like most other Dansko clogs, the Ingrid model offers a vast and reinforced toe box, providing plenty of movement room for your toes, as well as excellent protection. Although it’s an open-back clog, it has a closure element which consists of a strap with a decorative buckle, which can be worn across the instep or behind the heel to provide a more secure fit.

Just as the Marcelle and XP 2.0 models that we’ve previously described, the Dansko Ingrid has a stapled construction which enhances the overall structural integrity of the shoe. The clog’s collar is padded to promote a comfortable fit over the foot arch, while the leather sock lining provides superior inner comfort, featuring excellent breathability.

This clog integrates a PU frame for a reduced torque and increased stability. The outsole is made of polyurethane material, being lightweight and thick for an excellent shock absorption. It has a rocker bottom construction made to propel your foot forward and promote a natural gait.

The shoe has a wide heel strike, offering superior stability, while the thermo polyurethane counter promotes an unhindered up and down movement of the heel, also providing excellent lateral stability. There is a strap on the top which can be converted into a functional ankle closure strap.


Dansko CAMELLIAThe Dansko Camellia is a nurse work-ready clog which actually reminds of a sneaker. This clog is tighter than the more classic types of clogs that we’ve already described. It has a more supple silhouette, it doesn’t provide the same footbed comfort and arch support, but on the other hand, it is lighter and more flexible. It’s also a more affordable Dansko shoe.

The Dansko Camellia is characterized by a lightweight midsole, made of EVA material, featuring anti-fatigue properties and offering an excellent shock absorption and arch support. It integrates a protective polyethylene heel counter which promotes a natural heel motion up and down during walking, also enhancing lateral stability.

The outsole integrates long-wearing, non-marking, and slip-resistant rubber pads. It offers excellent traction on dry, wet and oily indoor surfaces.

This Dansko clog is equipped with a removable polyurethane foam footbed which provides additional shock absorption. It also helps with the dispersion of weight reducing fatigue and offering an excellent energy return. Since the footbed is removable, the clog is orthotic-friendly; it can accommodate most types of orthotics, but the thickest ones may not fit, as the shoe is a bit tighter than the average clogs.

The interior of the Dansko Camellia is padded with mesh lining featuring Aegis Microbe ShieldÆ and Cleansport NXTÆ organic odor control. This lining has great moisture-wicking properties and will keep your feet fresh all day long.

Finally, the Dansko Camellia clog is available in a wide variety of leather uppers, most of them featuring a smooth, clean finish. They’re very easy to maintain and can be cleaned with soap and water. Among the versions available we can mention Multi Leopard Patent, Navy Floral Patent, Charcoal Multi Patent, Botanical Patent, Black Leather, White Leather, Black Patent, Grey Textured Patent, Grey Tooled Patent and more. Some versions have a middle longitudinal stitch, such as the Black Leather, or Multi Charcoal. Other, such as the Grey Tooled version, do not have this stitch. All have padded collars and a decorative khaki stud.

Men’s Pro XP Clogs in Black Cabrio Leather

To close our list of best Dansko shoes for nurses we’ve chosen a version for men. These are the Men’s Pro XP clogs; there are several upper versions available for these shoes, such as Black Burnished or Brown Oiled, but we’ve chosen the Black Cabrio as they’re easier to maintain and feature a more classic aspect.

The Dansko Pro XP clog features the same stapled construction which results in superior durability. The upper doesn’t have any decorative stitching or other decorative elements. Also, there aren’t any closure elements, this being a simple, classic slip-on clog. The toe box is reinforced and offers a lot of room for your toes to move freely. The collar is well-padded to eliminate the rubbing against your foot. The interior is padded with a non-allergenic leather lining which absorbs and helps evaporate perspiration keeping feet dry and fresh all day long.

The footbed is made of foam material, featuring the same leather lining as the interior of the shoe. It’s fully removable which makes this clog orthotic-friendly. In other words, you can replace the original footbed with your own prescription orthotic. Also, since this shoe is quite roomy, it should be able to accommodate thicker orthotics.

The sole has a rocker bottom design, promoting a natural gait and propelling your foot forward during walking. It fairly thick and offers an excellent shock absorption, while the anatomical arch delivers the best support.

Just as for several other Dansko clogs that we’ve covered here, the Pro XP model features a PU outsole which provides additional shock absorption. It performs well on heated or cold surfaces. It’s also slip-resistant perfect for working environments where vegetable oils or animal fats are present. And finally, since it’s a Dansko classic clog, it carries the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, just like the Dansko Professional and Dansko XP 2.0.

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Final Word

We’re living in an age where shoes come in many shapes and models; you can find a type of shoe designed specifically for one, single purpose. There are ballet flats, tennis sneakers, running sneakers, shoes with cleats for sports played on grass, such as rugby, football or golf, boots for hiking and boots for hazardous jobs, sandals for walking on the beach or shoes for surfing.

All the Dansko clogs that we’ve covered here, except for the Camellia model, feature a classic silhouette and can fit most attires preferred by healthcare personnel. They’re the best Dansko shoes for nurses that you can find at the moment. They all offer outstanding comfort, shock absorption, and arch support. They’re easy to maintain, highly durable, and will cradle your feet perfectly for the duration of a long shift.

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