Best Dress Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Most dress shoes don’t offer exceptional comfort. Especially the ones with heels higher than 2″ will always put a lot of stress on your feet, legs and lower back. Our everyday life, job or various events require us often to wear a formal attire and shoes to match. And if you have to deal with problems such as plantar fasciitis, shin splints, bad knees or others, wearing dress shoes every day can be very frustrating and painful.

However, not all dress shoes eliminate comfort in favor of aesthetics.
Some of these shoes deliver superior arch support or integrate cushioning elements which considerably reduce stress and fatigue.

In this post, we’re going to cover some of the best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis. They all combine comfort, support and looks pretty well. Also, some of them are APMA approved.

Dansko Josie

Dansko JosieIf you’re looking for shoes designed for comfort and support, Dansko is always a brand name to consider. Especially their dress shoes are designed to combine style and comfort elements quite well. One of the modern Mary Jane shoes from Dansko is the Josie model. It’s a shoe ideal for special occasions but can also fit perfectly into your office attire.

The Dansko Josie features a durable milled Nappa leather upper. The only color available for now is black. However, this is a classic, neutral color and fits a wide selection of outfits.

The leather used in the upper construction is very luxurious and soft. This being said, you won’t have to wear them for too long until you break them in. Like most Mary Jane shoes, the Josie model has a round toe design; the toe box isn’t extremely spacious, but not too narrow either. Plus, since the leather is soft, it should adapt well to your foot.

The closure consists of a double, adjustable strap, with metallic buckles. The heel section of the upper provides a good grip around your heel which results in great stability on your feet. The linings are made of smooth and breathable leather which deliver a great feel next to the skin. It also has excellent moisture-wicking properties.

Regarding comfort and cushioning, the Dansko Josie Mary Jane is equipped with a dual-density EVA footbed enhanced with memory foam so it can adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot. It provides extra arch support too, which makes this shoe a great choice for women who have to deal with problems such as plantar fasciitis. Plus, this footbed is removable and leaves plenty of room for customization; you can replace it with various types of orthotics.

The Dansko Josie rests on a polyurethane outsole which if fairly thick and durable, providing excellent traction on various surfaces. And finally, the heel height is approx. 2″ (5.08 cm) while the platform is ~3/4″ (1.9 cm), the shoe offering moderate elevation.

Aravon Maya Mary-Jane

Aravon Maya Mary-JaneAravon shoes are designed to deliver comfort engineered by New Balance. Thus, one of our selections for our category of best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis is the Aravon Maya.

This is a Mary Jane shoe featuring a delicate, lightweight and supple silhouette. Its upper is made of soft, luxurious leather. It combines classic with modern elements. There are several stitches over the vamp for improved aesthetics. The heel section of the upper is higher than for the average Mary Jane, equipped with a tall Achilles notch which cradles the rear part of your ankle.

The closure consists of a hook-and-loop strap with velcro elements on the outer side of the shoe, and a small metallic buckle on the inner side for adjustment. The inner part of the upper is padded with soft and breathable leather linings. The footbed is made of polyurethane memory foam, enhanced with the New Balance AbzorbÆ technology. This is a foam-based polymer which helps disperse the forces at the point of impact, reducing the shock transferred through the shoe into the foot and lower leg. This is one of the elements that make the Aravon Maya an ideal choice for any woman who has to deal with plantar fasciitis or shin splints.

The footbed has a deep heel cup to provide heel stability and delivers excellent arch support. Plus, it’s removable, while the shoe is spacious enough to allow the replacement of the original footbed with a variety of custom or prescription orthotics.

The midsole is also made of PU material. It’s light and flexible, allowing the shoe to adapt well to your gait as you walk. It’s also enhanced by a stability shank which adds extra arch support and improves the overall structural strength of the shoe.

The shoe rests on a fairly thick rubber outsole which not only provides reliable traction; it also absorbs some of the shock generated during walking. The lower part of the heel is cut at an angle propelling you forward and promoting a natural gait motion.

Drew Berlin

Drew BerlinIf higher heels are out of the question, there still is a plethora of choices that you can make regarding dress shoes. The Drew Berlin is one of them.

The Berlin from Drew is a type of Penny loafer designed with classic lines and a supple silhouette. This shoe prioritizes on comfort while also providing a stylish, tailored aspect. Its upper is made of premium soft leather with a reinforced stitch around the toe box which resembles the design of a moccasin. The collar is also double-stitched for reinforcement and aspect but does not integrate any padding. However, the leather used in the upper construction is soft and flexible, so abrasion is not likely to occur if you choose the right size.

The Drew Berlin features soft and breathable fabric linings, designed to deliver a great feel next to skin also having superior moisture management properties. But one of the elements that make this shoe stand out is the Plus Fitting SystemÆ, which consists of two removable footbeds. You can remove one, or both and replace them with your orthotic if necessary. However, the main footbed delivers excellent cushioning and a deep heel cup for stability. It’s also DrilexÆ lined and treated with AEGIS Microbe Shieldô providing superior odor and perspiration control.

The sole integrates a steel shank, an element which enhances the shoe’s arch support while also improving its overall strength. Thus, the shank element and the Plus Fitting system create an excellent in-shoe environment for any woman who has to deal with problems such as plantar fasciitis.

The sole is not flat as for many other types of loafers. Its heel offers a bit of elevation, approx. 1 1/4″ (3.1 cm). It’s finished with a durable and moderately flexible man-made outsole which offers optimal traction.

Naot Trendy

Naot TrendyThe Naot Trendy is from the Avant-Garde Collection which has been in the Naot product line for several years. The shoes in this collection are known as dressier and designed for a medium width foot. Most shoes in this collection integrate a shank in their sole for stability and have a 2″ heel. Not all of them are super-comfortable, but there are exceptions. The Naot Trendy is one of them.

The Trendy Mary Jane shoe from Naot runs as a narrow-to-medium width model. It’s constructed with the stylish patent leather upper, with the main character being the nubuck collar for extra appeal.
There are many versions available at the moment in many different colors.
The Naot Trendy features a hook-and-loop strap that has a faux button on the exterior for added aesthetics. It offers plenty of adjustabilities and the heel section of the upper provides a good grip on your ankle. The interior lining is made of soft leather, designed to create a dry and cozy in-shoe environment.

The footbed is non-removable; however, it features an anatomically correct contour and combines cork and latex elements to adapt further to the shape of your foot. The cork will compress over time and adopt a form that corresponds to your foot perfectly. The footbed is also coated with a suede lining which prevents perspiration build-up while also keeping your feet fresh all day long.

The Naot Trendy has a shank-reinforced sole. It integrates a metallic shank that adds stability and support while strengthening the construction of the sole. It’s also an element that promotes a natural, healthy stride.

Finally, the Naot Trendy features a stacked heel with a height of approx. 1 3/4″ (4.44 cm). It rests on a TPR outsole which delivers reliable traction and also provides a bit of extra shock absorption especially at the ball of the foot.

Apex Women’s Lisa Classic Mary Jane

Apex Women's Lisa Classic Mary JaneThe Apex Lisa is another Mary Jane shoe which fits our category of best shoes for plantar fasciitis perfectly. Although it’s not exactly a dress shoe, as it has a sportier design, it’s still worth to consider due to the exceptional comfort factors.

The Apex Women’s Lisa Mary Jane shoe features an incredibly light-weight construction with a roomy toe box design. It’s made of durable full-grain leather with stylish stitching details at the front and heel. The heel counter is lightly padded and cradles your heel very comfortably, without generating any abrasion. The closure consists of a hook-and-loop classic strap with no buttons or other metallic elements. Also, this shoe is currently available in two main versions, Black and Brown.

The interior lining is made of soft fabric which feels great next to the skin. It has excellent moisture-wicking properties, keeping your feet dry and fresh all day long. The shoe is equipped with a removable dual-depth insole, which leaves plenty of rooms for a variety of orthotics. However, it’s anatomically shaped and provides excellent cushioning, comfort and support.

For the bottom part, the Apex Lisa doesn’t have a very high heel like many other Mary Jane shoe models. The heel is approx. 3/4″ (1.9 cm) thick; the sole construction offers a bit of a rocker bottom propelling your forward during your gait motion. It has a bit of flex and adapts well to the motion of your foot. And finally, the shoe rests on a SATRA certified slip-resistant rubber outsole. It’s A5500 Sadmerc approved as a diabetic shoe.

Orthofeet Chelsea

Orthofeet ChelseaMost loafers are shoes designed for comfort. However, if you’re looking for extra comfort and an anatomically correct design, Orthofeet is one of the first brand names that you should put on your list. The Orthofeet Chelsea is a model that corresponds perfectly to our category of best dress shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Although the Orthofeet Chelsea are also referred to as Chelsea Crocs, they’re not Crocsô shoes, so do not mistake them for those. The name is related to the croc print leather upper. This upper offers a roomy fit and plenty of freedom for toes movement. Like most loafers, the Chelsea features a slip-on design, but it is, however, equipped with a strap closure over the vamp, in case you need a tighter fit. It’s a Two-Way Strap System which allows fastening on each side, giving you the possibility to achieve the perfect fit.

The collar and the tongue of this shoe are lightly padded. They provide a snug fit around the ankle, minimizing the chance of abrasion. Plus, the soft, seamless lining with extra foam padding delivers superior comfort and moisture management properties.

Since it’s a shoe from Orthofeet, it goes without saying that the Chelsea loafer integrates an orthotic insole. It’s an Ortho-Step model actually, which is designed to provide extra-anatomical arch support with a deep heel seat for superior stability. It also provides great shock absorption for a dress shoe, delivering an outstanding relief for heel pain and foot discomfort.

The shoe is equipped with two sets of removable spacers (1/16″ and
1/8″ thick) which give you the possibility to customize the space inside or add your orthotic. Also, the sole features lightweight construction and a moderate flex, which considerably reduce fatigue. It has the Ergonomic-Strideô design which softens your step and helps propel the foot forward.

Since these are Orthofeet shoes, they’re not only recommended for plantar fasciitis. They’re great for other conditions too, such as arch pain, ankle pain, flat-feet, bunions, hammer toes, metatarsalgia, arthritis and back pain.

Final Word

All the shoes that we’ve described here combine support, stability, comfort, and style close to perfection. They’re some of the most comfortable shoes that you can choose from. They’re perfect for plantar fasciitis or several other foot conditions. All of them are available in neutral colors and upper designs, therefore, they can be paired with different types of attire, and fit most dress codes.

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