Best Dress Shoes for Walking On Concrete

Concrete can be a particularly punishing surface for the feet. Especially if you need to spend long hours on the concrete surface, having a pair of shoes which can help alleviate the strains of this hard standing time is critical to your comfort as well as the health of your feet. For some situations, a concrete floor can be mixed with a formal occasion, and in this case, what is necessary is a formidable pair of dress shoes that can keep up in style while still provide the support, cushioning and a bit of extra protection that is needed to keep comfortable on a hard surface. In this article, we’ll examine the best dress shoes for walking on concrete for both men and women.

But these pairs are not only suitable for concrete – on any hard surface; they will provide exceptional support and comfort. Each pair is also suitable for formal occasions and is strictly speaking a dress shoe, but many have a universal appeal that makes them appropriate for everyday wear as part of professional attire. Or, reserve them for those special occasions to delight you whenever you put them on!

For Men:

Dansko Walker

Dansko WalkerWith a truly classic aesthetic and a style that is sure to look stunning with any formal dress wear, the Dansko Walker for Men is equal parts style and function. While ostensibly a quality dress shoe, it is one that is made for walking – on whatever surface; it provides comfort, support, and stability.

The shoes outside made of an elegant leather that has been treated to be waterproof. Inside, we find a removable EVA molded footbed for cushioning, shock absorption and support. But there is room to accommodate some types of orthotics within the Dansko Walker for Men should you be interested in removing the provided footbed and replacing it with your solution.

The Dansko Walker for Men features a heel height of one and one-half inches. The PU midsole provides cushioning and exceptional shock absorption. These characteristics all manage to pack their way into the shoe without increasing the weight too much, largely thanks to the cleverly placed crooning holes that keep the weight down while still allowing Dansko to deliver a highly functional, comfortable and feature comfortable shoe.

Leather inside and out, we find rich leather uppers and leather highly breathable sock lining for temperature control and ventilation. The tuckboard design incorporates a riveted shank to provide support, stability, and control. The already exceptional stability is improved by the slip resistant outsole, which performs to the highest standards of slip resistant shoes, providing you peace of mind and stability on just about any surface.

Dunham Burlington from New Balance Men Shoes

Dunham BurlingtonWith a classic solid black or soft brown leather look, the Men’s Dunham Burlington’s have an instant, timeless appeal that is sure to go well with a wide range of formal, professional and dress attire. It combines this classic aesthetic with a formidable design which produces an extremely durable, comfortable, and supportive and not to mention classy shoe.

The outer part of the shoe is composed of waterproofed leathers combined with sealed internal seams make for an entirely dry interior, even if you find yourself standing in a puddle. Along the interior of the shoes footed we find a compression molded EVA insert, which is completely removable if you prefer custom orthotics. However, the plush EVA footbed gradually molds itself to the shapes of your foot over time, providing a comfortable ride and near perfect cushioning.

Along the footbed, we also find ABZORB technology acting as a shock absorber. ABZORB pods are also found in the heel and forefoot to provide additional shock absorption and underfoot to the cushion. This is a primary reason we find the Dunham Burlington’s on this particular list: the shock absorption, combined with exceptional cushioning and a perfect dress sense, make them an ideal selection for walking on concrete.

ECCO Dublin Plain Toe Oxford

ECCO Dublin Plain Toe OxfordIf walk a lot on the concrete floor all day and feel heel pain, Ecco Dublin will reduce foot pain by shock absorption. Ecco is a famous brand for making good shoes for plantar fasciitis because of the excellent cushioning and arch support. They have classic look and leather inside lining will keep your feet dry.

If you are an ECCO fan, you must know that how good they fit. They are comfortable and of the right quality. The toe box is wider than conventional shoes. Thus, they will fit well if you have wide and extra wide feet. The wide toe box helps in spreading the toes to support the weight naturally. Made of leather, they are the laced up shoes and fit perfectly. They are one of the most comfortable shoes for walking and standing all day on concrete floor.

The ECCO Dublin Plain Toe Oxford is an excellent choice for a professional looking men’s shoe that should keep your feet protected. They are meant to be worn with business clothes.

Women Shoes:

 Aravon Patsy Pumps

Aravon Patsy PumpsThese pumps are great for women with flat feet. Just imagine a pair of pumps without the pain associated with wearing it. Wouldn’t it be ideal for your flat feet condition? The Aravon pumps are soothing as well as stylish at the same time. The memory foam footbed, elegant leather outlays and stability cradles are some of the salient features of these shoes. The pump has antique ornament details which would help to enhance its elegance even further. These pumps are an ideal example where fashion and comfort would exist in perfect harmony. The Dri-Lex lining would offer superior sweat control which would help to keep your feet comfortable and dry throughout the day, even if it is wet and dumped outside. The rubber outsole will contribute to providing impact absorption and lightweight durability. The heel is only 1 1/2 inches and is ideal for women with flat feet condition.

Key features:

  • Removable footbed for orthotic inserts
  • Memory foam cushioning with stability cradle which molds to the shape of your feet and is good for joint pain and back pain by preventing turning in an ankle joint.
  • Lightweight 12 oz
  • Stability shank in midsole provides medial stability and prevents overpronation
  • upper leather
  • Breathable due to textile lining

Why are Aravon Patsy Dress Shoes for women good shoes for Flat feet?

Midsole supports arch by stability shank which is embedded in the Midsole.  Flat feet people have flexible feet while they walk and they need firm midsole in their shoes. Also, the memory which is reinforced with stability cradle in the footbed conforms to your foot shape that further enhances the stability while you walk. Removable footbed allows you to insert your own orthotics for severe foot problems.

They offer removable footbed which is a great feature for flat feet individuals. You can insert orthotics if a podiatrist has designed for you. Or you can replace insoles with superfeet blue or black insoles which are made for flat feet.

Dansko LynnLynn is less cloggy but more versatile style of Dansko clogs.  Comfortable and dressier than clogs, they can be worn with any outfit casual or dressy. They have a lot of cushioning and support for standing and walking on concrete all day.


  • Soft to the touch. Soft upper leather stain resistant
  • Elastic insertion at the instep for better fit
  • Metal shank in the midsole provides lateral stability and arch support
  • EVA footbed is cushioned and lined with  breathable soft fabric and leather
  • Triple-density EVA footbed is reinforced with memory foam for added cushioning and comfort
  • Footbed is removable for orthotic insertion

Composed of stylish leather, the Dansko Dress Shoe is a 2 inches heel with Nappa or nubuck leather uppers. The shoe features a platform measuring about 0.75 inches. At a glance, the shoe is an elegant piece of gray nubuck leather or black Nappa leather, perfect for a formal occasion.

Featuring a synthetic sole which provides exceptional cushioning and shock absorption, the Dansko Women’s Dress Pump’s offer lots of shock absorption and makes for a smooth ride. Rubber traction sole inserts ensure you stay on your feet even if you find yourself in slippery conditions.

If you walk and stand on the concrete floor a lot and have heel pain, try Lynn. You will not be disappointed.

Aravon Maya Pump from New Balance

Aravon MayaFeaturing an intriguing at a glance split strap design and prominent circular buckle closure, the Aravon Maya Pump is an exceptionally comfortable pair of dress shoes, a perfect synergy of form, function, and comfort. Breathable premium leather uppers with soft seam linings make up the extremely eye-catching visible exterior of the shoe.

Equipped with a Velocor footbed design which includes an embedded stability cradle it provides additional motion control as well as heel stabilization and arch support. It features Primalux comfort and ABZORB which provide cushioned and supportive removable footbed to accommodate custom or prescription orthotics. ABZORB technology acts as a shock absorber for the forefoot and heel, providing a smooth and comfortable ride and making the concrete feel just that much softer.

Crocs Alice Work Flat

Crocs Alice Work FlatCrocs shoes feature the brand’s proprietary Croslite “closed cell resin” which enable them to provide the wearer with a unique walking experience. They are ideal for casual wear but have gained popularity among people in jobs that require long standing. They are particularly popular for recreational use when boating, gardening, or hiking.

Crocs Work Alic shoes feature the following:

  • Croslite closed resin materials
  • Lightweight and stylish construction
  • Low profile shape for easy movement
  • Removable footbed for customized fit
  • Soft, comfortable fit
  • Superior grip
  • Odor-resistant and easy to clean
  • Smooth lining with wick away moisture feature for dry, cool feet.

VIONIC Womens Elevated Stanton Wedge

Since women with flat feet have a very low arch, good shoes need to have very good arch support and cushioning. Often, athletic shoes have these features, but they are less common in dress shoes. An exception is the Vionic with Orthaheel technology, and it is perfect for women with flat feet and high arch who need to keep their shoes on most of the day.

The basic technology came about because of the expertise of a podiatrist and an expert shoe company. Together, these professionals worked together to marry a beautiful design and the perfect architecture to keep feet comfortable all day. The shoes breathe, but they also provide firm support in all of the right places. It is almost a cliche to see a woman kick off her dress shoes because they are uncomfortable. This is not an issue with these shoes, and many of the women who wear Vionic shoes say they feel better than being barefoot. If you need to wear nice shoes and be on your feet, why not invest in the right shoes?

  • Premium upper leather
  • Footbed removable is made of EVA and is soft to the touch, contoured to your flat feet arches will give you comfort and support on every single step. You can replace it with your own custom orthotics if you choose.
  • Outsole is durable with pattern tread for traction on a variety of surfaces
  • Orthaheel technology that aligns your feet naturally will help you in relieving heel pain, knee pain, and back pain by stopping overpronation

Besides being a great choice for women with low arches (flat feet), they are also a good choice for people who are prone to other foot problems. These might include heel pain or just generally achy feet. In many cases, they can also help prevent back, and joint aches because they help keep the foot supported in the right position and prevent some stride problems.

Buying athletic or orthopedic shoes is the right choice for some people, but many people need to wear shoes that look professional to work. This might be because of a company dress code or simply to confirm with a sensible dress for a specific job. While providing the support and cushioning that people need, the Vionic with Orthaheel support looks classy and works like a charm!

 Drew Shoe Bloom Mary Jane

The Drew Nloom is another great dress shoe which can be worn by women with flat feet. The Smooth uppers of the shoes are equipped with adjustable Velcro straps which are a salient feature of this pair of dress shoes for women. There are two removable footbeds added for increased depth. The Drilex top cover is ultra lightweight and provides extra comfort for flat feet conditions. The polyurethane slip-resistant outsole is great for damp and wet conditions. The other features include a medial support in the heel for stability, a soft lining, steel shank and a nicely padded collar with tongue.  These features will help relieve pain associated with the flat feet condition and provide maximum comfort. The shoes are also recommended for Plantar Fasciitis, Arthritis, Metatarsalgia, and Bunions.


In this brief article, we’ve examined a few pairs of shoes for both men and women that would be quite befitting at a dress or formal occasions. They each have the exceptional quality of being comfortable, supportive and well-designed walking shoes which make walking on concrete that much easier, even for extended periods. If you experience any pain or issues while standing or walking on concrete, consider investing in a pair of shoes which can help to alleviate these problems, preventing strain, damage, and more issues down the road. Hopefully, this brief guide on the best dress shoes for walking on concrete has given you some insight into the options available and what to look for in a good pair of shoes.

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