Best New Balance Shoes for Diabetics

Diabetic people need to be very careful about their feet. This disease can cause nerve damage that makes it difficult to feel the pain of injured foot. Untended injuries like cuts, blisters, or even chafing can get infected and cause severe health problems for diabetic individuals. If you or a loved one suffers from this health condition, you may want to consider some best New Balance shoes for diabetics.

New Balance is a popular brand with people who either have foot problems or want to prevent foot problems. Some New Balance models got approval for A5501 diabetic Medicare code. Check with your doctor if you qualify for diabetic shoes through Medicare or from your insurance. Since diabetic people are usually advised against ever going barefoot, this might be a good brand to consider if you must be on your feet all day.

This brand manufacture shoes for walking, cross-training and running though they also make casual shoes. They are designed to help protect feet against jarring or other types of hazards. This makes running or walking shoes a good choice for people who need to protect their feet from a variety of different health and foot problems.

Best New Balance Shoes for Diabetics

New Balance 608v4 Cushioning Trainer

New Balance 608v4If you need the best New Balance shoes for diabetics training shoes for neutral arches with or without supination, then you may want to check out the 608v4 shoes by this brand. These shoes offer excellent cushioning, although the support is only minimal to average. Moreover, these shoes are recommended for individuals with normal to high arches, which are addressed with proper cushioning in the midsole of these shoes. It is also worth noting that these shoes are Medicare Diabetic code-approved, which means they may be reimbursed.

When it comes to the exterior of these shoes, you will love its simple elegance and durability with its leather uppers. As for the interior, these shoes feature the ABZORB optimal cushioning, made of a dual-density type of foam for the collar to alleviate irritation and discomfort on your ankles. This footwear even has a flexible and lightweight outsole so that you can move comfortably without any restrictions. Other features of these shoes include the EVA foam for the footbed, injection-molded EVA foam located in the midsole, internal shank and non-marking components for the rubber outsole.

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New Balance 840 Walking Shoes – Neutral Cushioned Diabetic Shoe for supination and High Arches

New Balance 840 Walking ShoesThese New Balance favorite shoes are approved for Medicare A5500 code. They are engineered to provide comfort both for people with any arch type, supination and individuals with wide feet. The shoe design is on SL2 last similar to New Balance 928, but they are designed for people with underpronation. They are breathable, flexible and lightweight. They are also good for Metatarsalgia. These shoes are suitable for people with wide toe box narrow heels. These shoes provide lots of cushioning. The soft upper leather and roomy toe box will prevent foot ulcer formation that commonly happens in diabetic neuropathy. New Balance 840 walking shoes have removable footbed which can easily be replaced with orthotics.

These shoes are ideal for flat feet with or without supination because they are neutral shoes.

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New Balance 928v3 – Motion Control Diabetic Shoe for Flat Feet and Overpronation

The New Balance 928v3 is another shoe that is a popular Diabetic shoe. It is comfortable for standing and walking all day.  The upper is made of soft leather. The ROLLBAR helps in stabilizing flat feet and prevent rolling in due to its motion control feature. These shoes feature a removable footbed, and this makes it easy to replace this insole with custom-made inserts. The shoe has a wide and deep toe box to prevent chafing and blisters. These shoes are also very well cushioned to provide all-day comfort, and they are recommended for people who have type 2 diabetes. They are also approved for Medicare Diabetic code. They are available in various widths and sizes. Read a review in detail for more information.


New Balance 857 motion control cross training

New Balance 857Whether you suffer from supination or overpronation, the 857 motion control shoes by New Balance are your best bet. What’s more, you will find it highly comfortable and supportive when you have flat feet, thanks to the remarkable support these shoes offer from the midsole to the toe box. To ensure your stability, these shoes came with the ROLLBAR technology and combined with the lateral TPU support that both address overpronation issues. There is even EVA foam for the midsole that is very comfortable, as well as a roomy toe box for people who suffer from bunions.

These shoes have leather uppers with mesh and fabric materials on the sides and back. In case you prefer to wear your custom orthotics, you may be able to do so as these shoes have enough space for you to put in your preferred inserts for maximum support. Lastly, these shoes have a versatile design so that you can wear these for casual, work, leisure or athletic purposes.

New Balance 840v3 running shoe

New Balance 840v3 running shoeTo keep your gait in a natural condition, and to maintain your stability with every move, you should wear a pair of comfortable shoes that could offer these benefits. The 840v3 running shoes by New Balance are known to provide excellent cushioning with average support on your feet. Furthermore, these come with a fuller fit, and this allows you to place in your custom orthotics whenever necessary. You will also love the fact that your toes can move freely because these shoes are not too tight, yet have a comfortable fit you look for in the right pair of footwear.

The rubber outsoles offer excellent traction control and stability, which can keep you protected from nasty slips or loss of balance with every step. The footbed of EVA Strobel board, known to give you outstanding comfort for hours. There is also a polyurethane insert in these shoes to provide support, plus mesh and synthetic upper. These materials for the uppers are breathable, so your feet stay fresh, dry and cool all the time. Also, these shoes are eligible for your Medicare reimbursement.

New Balance 990v4 Running Shoes – Stability Shoe for Men and Women

New Balance 990v4 Running ShoesThe 990 v4 sneaker (which is made purely in the United States) uses a polyurethane midsole that allows for a longer lasting cushion effect than the usual foam found in other shoes. This is mostly due to the “Abzorb” technology used in the cushioning design along the midsole. This allows for greater arch support. Even better, the dual-density collar gives the shoe a solid but mild stability that helps the wearer maintain a consistent gait while walking or running on the track. This will be a great entry point for mild to moderate overpronation with heel pain. The shoe is approved for diabetes.

For top-notch support on your feet, the New Balance 940v2 may be just what you have been looking for in the perfect running shoe that meets your needs. As one of the best shoes for diabetics, this New Balance shoe comes with the Medicare/HCPCS code A5500. It offered excellent cushioning and designed for individuals who suffer from severe or moderate overpronation concerns. The rubber sole is lightweight, and it allows you to move comfortably and freely all the time.A

If you have serious overpronation problems, these running shoes are excellent for your needs. In fact, it has forefoot flex grooves that enhance support, and there are the Stabilicore and T-beam for medial side and mid-foot support. With mesh and synthetic uppers, these shoes are amazingly lightweight to give you comfort with every step. New Balance features its exclusive technology for cushioning purposes that are responsive and durable. The Abzorb Strobel board is full size, and this component reduces discomfort on the feet while providing excellent shock absorption.

New Balance 1540v2 running shoe motion control

New Balance 1540v2 running shoeWhen you have naturally flat feet, and you have severe overpronation issues, it can be difficult to walk comfortably, much less do your daily jogs or brisk walking. However, you should never allow these problems to get in your way of achieving excellent health and well-being. You can still stay physically active and do your workouts even when you have overpronation concerns. It is all about wearing the best pair of footwear that provides you with maximum support and comfort for hours. These are precisely what the New Balance 1540v2 running shoes offer, which makes it ideal for individuals with flat feet.

These shoes are made of synthetic materials for the uppers and rubber for the outsole. It is known to offer excellent motion control, so every move is not restricted. The footwear also has breathable mesh fabric for the collar and tongue, so your feet remain cool and dry even after several hours. The Rollbar support system also aids in helping you maintain your balance and stability. In fact, this technology by New Balance is perfect for ensuring the stability of your medial side, rear and lateral of the foot. So, after hours of walking or standing whether it is because of work or other activities, your feet are properly supported with all the brilliant features and components of these shoes by New Balance.

Best Insoles for Diabetics

There have been a lot of insoles on the market designed specifically for diabetic patients in search of pressure relief. Some of these insoles have set the bar high and caused other companies to push harder and create other great products as well. If you’re interested in finding the best insoles for people with diabetes that help in pressure relief, then look no further because we’ve got them right here.  Below are some of the best of the best when it comes to diabetic insoles for pressure relief.

New Balance Pressure Relief Insoles

New Balance Pressure Relief InsolesThis full-length unisex insole has viewed as one of the best by the many diabetic patients that have tried it for themselves. The bottom layer has created from polyurethane, and the top layer is a comfortable Plastazote foam that is self-molding. The entire footbed has designed for anatomical correctness, which allows it to offer unrivaled arch support. The self-molding insole is softened and molded through a combination of your body’s heat and pressure on the insoles. The process creates an insole that is unique to your foot and perfectly contoured to high-pressure areas. If you have a shoe with a removable insole or increased depth, then it’s got enough room for this gel insole.

This next one is remarkable. ProThotics is specifically designed for people who suffer from overpronation, arthritis, and diabetes. These are the people who require individualized pressure relief and motion control, as well as increased stability. The majority of the footbed has crafted from multi-density materials that offer comfort from different positions. Each layer brings something new to the table, whether increased cushioning, resilience or reduced shock.

The PLASTAZOTE material, which is used in combination with cellular urethane, creates the most important part of the insole. It’s entirely hypoallergenic and self-contouring. As with any great pressure relief system, this insole shapes itself around your foot to offer a personalized experience. Many medical professionals recommended insoles and orthotics made from PLASTAZOTE. These insoles can fit in any shoe with or without increased depth.

Now that you know the best of the best when it comes to insoles, the hard part is going to be finding a shoe to go with them. People with diabetes are advised to find shoes that limit shock and shear, which is the vertical pressure and horizontal movement of the foot. Many modern running shoes cater to these needs.

Can Diabetics Buy New Balance Shoes With Health Insurance?

Some health insurance plans even pay for approved diabetics shoes. This is because good shoes are medically necessary, and they are not just items of comfort or luxury.  This might include private health plans and even Medicare. If you have diabetes, you might check with your health insurance to see if you can purchase right and approved diabetic shoes with compensation from your health plan.

Why have to Consider New Balance Shoes?

This is a very popular brand for runners and walkers. But lots of people who need to remain on their feet all day or suffer from foot problems have found that New Balance shoes provide the comfort and support that they need. This includes excellent stability, motion control, protection from hazards, non-slip soles, arch support, cushioning, and much more.

Many diabetics feet become malformed with advanced disease due to neuropathy. They need shoes to protect their feet because with many years of living with diabetes cause nerve damage and insensitivity to their feet. They can easily injure their feet without noticing it. They should check their feet daily.

People who are diagnosed recently with diabetes can wear any diabetic shoes. However, those living for many years with poor blood glucose control and with signs of nerve damage and insensitivity should see podiatrists for proper fit and shoe, insole and orthotic recommendation.

New Balance diabetic shoes offer the following features:

  • soft and breathable upper made of leather or mesh
  • Wide and deep toe box
  • Well padded insoles
  • Wide enough to insert orthotics or to replace insoles
  • closed toe shoes
  • ADSORB Cushioning
  • Removeable insole
  • LIGHTNING dry keeps feet dry
  • RollBAR control pronation
  • Durable
  • Wide and Extra Wide sizes. For men up to 6E and women up to 4E

Bottom Line

People with diabetes need special shoes that are not only capable of relieving pressure or pain with every step, but these must also help retain the freshness and dryness of the feet to prevent irritation or infections. The different shoes presented in these reviews come with all the best features that address the particular needs of diabetics, as well as individuals with flat feet and overpronation problems. So, check out these best New Balance shoes for diabetics and expect total comfort and satisfaction worth your money.

If you have diabetes, your doctor might already have suggested the purchase of good shoes. He might have also told you to keep these shoes on most of the time to protect your feet. New Balance diabetic shoes can be a real solution.

  1. Hello, I am looking for a tennis shoe that will provide better comfort (and support I guess) for my feet. I have paroxysmal neuropathy from years of construction and martial arts. I experience pain that increases as the day progresses and at night am not able to even have the sheets touch my feet.

    I wear New Balance shoes now that are 94E and a half a size bigger but they are the inexpensive ones and feel I need a pair that are better suited for my neuropathy – cushioned more with better support. We are going on a European trip and want to find a good pair with possible insoles that will help the pain. I need a darker pair (not white or black but the mesh in darker tones. Any suggestions? Also where is there a specialty New Balance Store that can help with the purchase. We live in Pasadena area in California

    Thank You,

    • Neuropathy can be treated by controlling your blood sugar. The blood sugar can be easily controlled by diet. Here are few tips to control your blood sugar ( Neuropathy will go away once blood sugar is controlled).

      1. Do not sit on the computer all day. Move around every hour.
      2. Take a 15-minute walk after you eat food.
      3. Join Gym. Weight lifting controls blood sugar a lot.

      You may be doing this already. See the doctor and nutritionist for proper food portions.

      New Balance store in Pasadena CA.

      Address: 270 S Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA 91105
      Hours: Closing soon · 10AM–6PM
      Phone: (626) 793-7900

      Call them. They will help in selecting the good shoes for you.

  2. Who has the best selection of shoes for people with neuropathy, end of the day burning, stinging, painful Ball of my feet?

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