New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Many podiatrists recommend New Balance shoes for foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis causes heel pain mostly during the morning and is usually caused by injury and tear to the plantar fascia that supports foot arch. It usually happens due to the wearing inappropriate shoes with too little support and cushioning. If you have a job that requires you to stand and walk all day on the hard surface, make sure you wear right shoes with thick soles that absorb shock as well as provide proper support to your arches. Many New Balance shoe models are recommended as the New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis by the podiatrists.

Plantar fasciitis which occurs when the fascia – the elastic fibrous band that connects the toe joints to the heel – develops inflammation or microscopic tears. In addition to this, the plantar, which refers to the sole, may also become very irritated. The condition is sometimes also called heel spur syndrome.

Heel pain is a particular problem among people who spend a lot of time on their feet, especially on concrete surfaces, or who are clinically obese. Running enthusiasts and individuals who work in active professions, such as nursing, are most commonly diagnosed with plantar fasciitis and should take particular care when choosing footwear to ensure that the shoes are comfortable and properly fitted.

The most common cause of plantar fasciitis is flat feet with overpronation. Plantar fascia supports the arches of your feet.  It becomes injured with flat feet and overpronation. Therefore, stability and motion control shoes work best to support the arches and to correct overpronation. People who work long hours standing all day are more prone to injure their feet and develop plantar fasciitis. Before choosing shoes for plantar fasciitis, it is important to find out what caused it. Therefore, we advise seeing the podiatrist for your feet evaluation and diagnosis. You can also test your type of foot arch by simple test at home which is called wet test.

To find the best pair of shoes for your feet problem, visit your local New Balance shoe store for your feet evaluation. They will recommend you the best shoes. Severe cases of plantar fasciitis need to be seen by the podiatrist.

New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If heel pain is a frequent problem for you, here are some of the top shoes for plantar fasciitis. Whether you need sneakers for running or the best shoes for standing all day, this footwear will give your feet the proper support, protection, heel cushioning and a firm midsole. You may also want to invest in a pair of New Balance slip on mules for wear around the home, as walking barefoot can sometimes exacerbate foot conditions.

What to Look into a New Balance Shoe?

  • Firm midsole that does not bend and twist too much
  • Flexible sole at the toe area
  • Good arch support and a lot of cushioning
  • Firm heel counter with snug enclosed shoe
  • Check your arch type: Flat feet, high arches, or normal arches
  • Check your gait: Overpronation, Supination or Normal

Types of New Balance Shoes

Neutral Cushioned Shoes

They are for Underpronators also called supinators and overpronators.

Supination is common with high arches. In a very rare condition, some people have flat feet with supination. You need to be very careful in selecting a pair of shoes depending on your feet problem.

Stability Shoes

Stability shoes are for mild to moderate overpronation.

Motion Control Shoes

They are for severe overpronation.

To find the correct shoes for plantar fasciitis, you need to determine your arch type and pronation that you can do by going to the local new balance store for evaluation of gait and correct sizing of your feet.

New Balance Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Here are few walking shoes that offer stiff midsole, an excellent arch support and cushioning.

 New Balance 928v3 Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis With flat feet, Overpronation, Supination

New Balance 928v3 Best New Balance Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance 928v3 shoes provide stiff rocker bottom forefoot sole that gives more support to your feet an important feature for heel pain in plantar fasciitis. The Roll Bar in the outsole minimizes rear foot movements and thus stabilizing heels which reduce stress on the plantar fascia. The Rollbar also corrects pronation issues which again helps in reducing pressure on the plantar fascia. The New Balance 928 is the perfect work shoe, for people who are at risk of foot strain and fatigue at the end of a long shift. The design is tailored towards providing optimum support and enhancing a person’s natural walking gait so that the risks of injury are minimized. The 928 represent an improvement on previous, similar models of the shoe because it features New Balance’s new Abzorb SBS technology. This cushioning, which is predominantly found in the heel of the shoes, has been proven to be up to 10 percent more efficient than regular Abzorb cushioning. This both helps to absorb the impact while walking, and will make standing on hard or concrete surfaces more comfortable.

In addition to excellent cushioning, the shoe has a high-density foam insert to distribute the pressure on the foot evenly. People working in warmer environments will also appreciate the Lightning-Dry liner, which wicks moisture away from the foot, and the shoe’s odor resistant properties.

The New Balance 928 shoes are Medicare approved as being suitable for people with diabetes.  They are available in few different colors. This is a great shoe for plantar fasciitis pain which is due to the flat feet, overpronation or high arches with supination because RollBar will correct overpronation as well as supination. It can accommodate orthotics too in case you need them down the road.

If you need an everyday walking shoe and have hammer toe or bunions, or plantar fasciitis, them, New Balance 928 is the best shoes for you because it offers a deep and wide toe box. This shoe offers a rocker sole which provides the maximum cushioning and support for plantar fasciitis.

 New Balance 847v2 – MOTION CONTROL Walking Shoe 

New Balance 847v2New Balance 847 Shoes give added width and protection and are designed for people who are stand and walk all day. However, some wearers do not like a heavy shoe and prefer a lighter weight construction. The New Balance 847 is perfect for people who want a lightweight shoe, yet also need enhanced protection and stability. The 847 uses Walking Straight Path technology to give you all the necessary support and comfort needed for long term wear and is designed to accommodate a range of podiatric problems. Not only are they one of the best New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis, but they also incorporate new panels for bunions.

The New Balance WW847 is one of the best walking sneakers on the market for women and men trying to stay active in their everyday lives. They offer a lightweight stride with a breathable upper fabric that will allow your feet to stay cool and dry during even the longest of walks. Complete with New Balances patented rollbar stability and an odor-resistant insole.

New Balance 840 Neutral Shoe – For Orthotic Use

New Balance 840 Neutral Shoe

  • Lots of Cushioning
  • water resistant
  • Built on SL-2 Last- wider forefront with deep toe box narrow heel
  • Approved for Diabetes
  • Neutral Shoe cushioning shoe for flat feet and supination
  • Commonly used for Orthotics
  • Full-length ABZORB cushioning in midsole  which provides flexibility and support
  • low profile
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Can be utilized for fitness walking or walking to work

If you have flat feet with normal pronation or supination and you need a shoe for plantar fasciitis, This is the shoe for you. They provide medium support and are the right option for orthotic use.

New Balance Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

People with plantar fasciitis are always frustrated during running sessions. The whole experience is exhausting, painful and very uncomfortable. However, that doesn’t need to be the trend, thanks to the New Balance Running Shoes For Flat feet. With these pair of shoes, you can alleviate all the discomfort associated with running.

People with flat feet usually have very low arches that affect all the components related to running. Foot Arches usually have shock absorption properties that soften the impact when the feet strike the ground. If there is not enough support from the arches, the impact vibrates throughout your feet to the rest of the body which might cause more harm than good. The New Balance shoes offer support and cushioning to the flat feet by providing firm midsole and firm counter heel.

Most people with flat feet often overpronate. Here, the feet roll inward when they strike the ground. That’s why it’s important to find the right shoes with ample support. Of course, overpronation might not always be the case for people with flat feet. However, if you’re completely unsure about your feet structure, you should consult a running specialist or any specialty store in your location. Here, your structure will be analyzed completely to determine whether you over or underpronate or whether you have a neutral foot structure. Also, it is important to find out the severity of overpronation to find a correct type of shoe for your flat feet.

The arches are formed by the combination of the metatarsal and tarsal bones while the tendons and ligaments reinforce strength. That way, when the body is in an erect posture, the feet can support the weight of the body. Depending on the height of the arch, it’s easy to determine if an individual pronates.

New Balance 1260v6 Stability Shoe for Moderate Overpronation

New Balance 1260v6New Balance 1260v5 is an excellent shoe for runners who need support for moderate overpronation. The medial post is long and deep and helps in correcting overpronation. New Balance 1260v5 offers more stability than New Balance 870v4 and is comparable to Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15. It provides support due to its many stability features which are asymmetrical heel counter, medial post, and midfoot shank. Asymmetrical heel counter makes this shoe more supportive.It is less cushioned than 870 V4. The upper is more supportive than 870 v4 due to overlays which cover the entire midsole. It provides full ground contact. The shoe weighs only 11 OZ which is light weight. The TBEAM helps in making them lightweight.

The New Balance 1260v6 has a midsole which is firm and offer a moderate amount of cushioning. Midsole provides support.The heel has ABSORB crash pad cushioning. The N2 makes the heel close to the ground. The forefront cushion is due to ACTEVA Lite,

The N2 cushioning technology used in the sole offers stability and cushioning.

The upper is made of mesh with overlays, which provide additional support and stability. Cushioning in heel and forefront is firm. The shoe is not that flexible.

This is an excellent shoe for overpronators who need moderate support for their running needs. They are versatile trainers which can be used for short, middle or long distance runners.

New Balance 1540 Running Shoes for Flat Feet with severe overpronation

New Balance 1540New Balance 1540 is a motion control running shoes for flat feet runners and is used to correct the severe overpronation and supination due to RollBar motion control technology. These provide support and cushioning. The No-Sew upper of these shoes will not irritate your feet. They are heavy and can accommodate wide size feet. This shoe is useful for overweight people due to its heavy weight.

The New Balance 1540 is a good running shoe to provide a lot of support and stability for severe overpronators. It not only provides the excellent fit but cushioning, stability and overall comfort. New Balance 1340 is more breathable, loose fitted with toes freely movable and less supportive in the upper. This has wide toe box to accommodate a large size bunion.

The SL2 last which features deep toe box, narrow heel wide toe box, and high instep. Acteva Lite midsole which is lightweight. Encap cushioning provides support.Diabetic approved. The outsole is stiff and broad for enhanced stability which makes it a good choice for overweight runners.

New Balance 1080v7 Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance 1080v7If you need a running shoe for plantar fasciitis, the New Balance 1080 is the best shoe for you because it provides a lot of cushioning. They are lightweight and breathable.

New Balance is a favorite brand for people who have foot problems such as plantar fasciitis. This model is a  running shoe, and it comes in sizes for both men and women.

The price range is similar to the other shoes mentioned above, so that will not be a significant factor in your decision. They provide a lot of support, and they also come in different size and width options. Most New Balance owners praise the fit of these shoes.

People who are overweight tend to find that this is a good lightweight shoe. In fact, they are usually surprised that such a lightweight shoe can provide such good support. If you are a larger person, you might prefer it too.

New Balance 990V4 Running Shoe

New Balance 880 Running Shoes

stiffer midsole

Similar to New Balance 1080 but New Balance 880 offer a narrower heel than 1080.

New Balance Workout Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Below are New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis that you can wear for the workout.

 New Balance 608v4 Workout Shoe for Plantar  Fasciitis

New Balance 608If you want a great work out, try the 608, which offers great versatility, style, cushioning and support. The shoes are super lightweight in construction but are also designed to be incredibly durable. This means that despite a relatively high price tag, you will be getting great value for money as the shoes will last you a long time.

These are one of the best New Balance shoes for plantar fasciitis because they incorporate so many of the manufacturer’s innovative technologies. This includes EVA foam footbed and IMEVA in the midsole to give excellent cushioning and firmness. The internal shank provides support which enhances and stabilize your natural running gait. The arch has been improved to give better support, and the back of the shoe has been remodeled to provide a fit on the heel, which is more anatomically correct.

 New Balance 626v2 Work Slip Resistant  Work Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance 626If you are looking for slip resistant work shoe for standing all say on the concrete floor and are suffering from plantar fasciitis, New Balance 626 offers adequate cushioning and support to reduce stress on the plantar fascia. The EVA cushioned footbed molds to the shape of your feet to give support. The IMEVA midsole helps in absorbing shock and reduces stretching of the plantar fascia.

New Balance’s Dunham Cloud Boots

  • Looking for boots for plantar fasciitis? Try Dunham clouds for best arch support and cushioning.
  • RollBar for pronation control With TPu medial and lateral post
  • Absorb cushioning in removable EVA footbed
  • Polyurethane midsole for shock absorption
  • Roomy fit for all day comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Grippy outsole

 New Balance House Slippers

The New Balance House Slippers are the epitome of cool, casual comfort, and is available in a broad range of colors. It has a slip on design, which makes it comfortable and convenient to wear both around the home and for running. Despite being a slide shoe, its protective front will hold the footwear securely to your foot, and the rubber outsole gives you good traction on almost any type of surface.

Bethany Boot from Cobb Hill New Balance for Plantar Fasciitis

Bethany BootThe Cobb Hill range by New Balance is incredibly stylish and on-trend but doesn’t compromise on the comfort. This ankle boot is made from high-quality full grain leather, to give a fashionable weathered look, and has a back zipper for easy slip on, slip off wear without tying and untying the laces. The EVA cushioned insole guarantees that your feet will remain comfortable all day, but the insole is not removable. These boots are great if you have plantar fasciitis due to flat feet or high arches because EVA cushioning and arch support in these boots will help in correcting pronation problems.

The inside fabric lining is breathable and soft. The polyurethane outsole is shock absorbing and lightweight that provides an excellent grip and stability during walking. The heel is 1.25 inches high, and this boot weighs 11 ozs. The shaft is 7.5 inches long. You do not need to break in these boots because leather is soft. These boots are warm and very comfortable, but they do not overheat as the other winter boots. According to the reviews, they run small and narrow. Therefore order a half size up.

In conclusion, soft beautiful these Cobb Hill boots are amazing boots! They are so comfortable, versatile and provide great arch support. They are durable, beautiful soft leather. These boots are perfect for traveling in winter. Laces can customize the fit.

Fiona Sandal from Cobb Hill  for Plantar Fasciitis

Fiona SandalMany people who suffer from foot issues struggle to find comfortable sandals. New Balance has responded to the gap in the market with the Cobb Hill Fiona. It has a soft cushioned footbed to absorb impact and wick moisture away from the foot so that your feet stay feeling comfortable and fresh. There are adjustable straps so that you can create a snug and secure fit, and the sandals are ideal for people with wide feet. The shoes also give excellent traction, wherever you are, thanks to the cleverly designed synthetic sole.


New Balance 870v4 Stability Running Shoes for Flat Feet with Moderate Overpronation

New Balance 870v4 is a Stability running shoes from new balance. It is lightweight and provides a lot of support and cushioning. The upper has no sewed and therefore no irritation. The heel counter is asymmetrical which is higher on the medial side than on the lateral side to prevent rolling in of ankle joints. Upper offers more support and secure fit in the forefront due to other overlays in that area. The mid-sole provides forefront cushioning the sole and heel cushion. Medial side of midsole prevents overpronation by stopping the inward rolling in of ankle joint. The Crashpad also provides heel cushioning. The outsole is flexible.

The upper is made of mesh which provides breath-ability. They offer a good amount of ground contact. It is lightweight and breathable.

 New Balance 890 V5 for women – Neutral Cushioned Running Shoes for High Arches with Supination

New Balance 890 V5 for plantar fasciitis

These lightweight sneakers are ideal for runners who want optimum performance, but who are fully aware of the risks of heel pain. The REVlite midsole and Abzorb cushioning ensure that the foot is protected from heel strike when you hit the sidewalk; while New Balance’s patented Crash Pad gives you enhanced motion control and excellent stability. An NDurance rubber outsole boosts this balance by providing a good grip, as well as ensuring the longevity of the shoe.  Lightweight construction and mesh upper also act together to create a breathable sneaker, which will remain comfortable even when running mile after mile.

If you need a running shoe for plantar fasciitis, then look for stiff midsole like 840 and 880.

Also, to a well-fitted pair of shoes, sufferers of plantar fasciitis will benefit from daily stretching exercises. Your doctor can provide you with further advice.

New Balance is an American footwear maker responsible for some of the best work shoes in the market, the New Balance work shoes for men and women. With over a century in the shoe making industry, it is without a doubt that the company is a major footwear manufacturer in the American market and the world.
New Balance designs are different, unique and provide the needed comfortability, foot protection, and reliability required when wearing a pair of work or sports shoes. The latest range of work footwear come with technical features like heel counters, gel inserts, steel toes and are found in many different sizes and shapes to fit almost any foot size there is out there.

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  2. In conclusion, soft beautifulthese Cobb Hill boots are amazing boots! They are so comfortable, versatile and provide great arch support. They are durable beautiful softleather. These boots are perfect for traveling in winter. The fit can be customized by laces.

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