Best Nursing Shoes For Men

Many men nurses complain that there aren’t any comfortable shoes out there for them. The truth is, there are a broad variety of best nursing shoes for men available on the market today. One must just know what they’re looking for to find the ideal shoe. Shoes that will allow you to make it through the day without back pain, arch pain, leg pain or any other discomfort. Shoes that mold to your feet and don’t require a long break in are the ideal shoes for nurses or anyone who is on their feet all day long.

Tips for finding good support shoes for nurses:

  •  Closed in front and back to prevent injuries due to risk of falling sharp objects
  • Smooth Leather shoes are easy to clean, and they will protect your feet from contact with sharp needles and patient’s body fluids
  •  Slip resistant because spills are common in the hospital
  •  Good Arch support that helps in stabilizing and realign your feet to neutral position
  • Cushioning to absorb shock and redistribution of weight
  • Rotate shoes during the shift
  • Insert insoles for extra cushioning with removable footbed

 Best Nursing Shoes For Men Standing All Day

Here are a few styles to get your search narrowed down and make it easier for you to decide what shoe will work best for you. All these shoes provide excellent arch support and adequate cushioning to protect your feet.

 DANSKO Pro XP for Men Nurses

Dansko XP Pro Men

Dansko XP Pro Men

These shoes are perfect for the nursing field.This favorite shoe for men is comfortable, professional looking and one of the best shoes for men nurses for standing and walking all day. Much nicer than the stapled professional clog, this one is made from durable materials that are comfortable to wear and lighter on the feet. They can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. With memory foam insoles that are removable and the rocker sole, you’ll find the comfort level you require. Slip resistant soles offer you a steady foundation for your busy day. These shoes are very comfortable with very good ARCH Support and come with memory foam FootBed that is removable. The footbed is well cushioned for shock absorption. The removable footbed will allow you to insert your own insoles or custom-made orthotics in case you have foot problems. The wide toe box will help in free movements of the toes and will accommodate any forefoot deformity; They are approved by APMA. Reasonably priced you simply can’t go wrong with Dansko.


  • Rocker Sole
  • Memory foam removable footbed
  • Wide toe box
  • Certified slip resistant outsole
  • Orthotics can be inserted
  • designed for on feet all day
  • Triple density shock absorbing midsole

All in all, just a perfect shoe for men nurses. If you need extra cushioning, lightweight, memory foam insoles and removable footbed from Dansko Clogs, try them out.




Walking has never been as smooth as it is with these Sanita professional patent shoes. They are fully covered with a high-quality leather material that provides gorgeous aesthetic appeal that cannot be overlooked. The manmade sole provides the type of dexterity and comfort that is sought after by all nurses who are constantly moving about. The increased arch support is essential when it comes to walking for longer periods. It is difficult to move about without having the built-in arch support to aid the feet and comfort them with each step.

This ideal clog is perfect for the professional nursing environment. Smart and comfortable they are a great alternative to Dansko clogs. Durable and built to last you won’t find a shoe that stands up to your busy day that compares to these. This is where comfort meets fashion. These clogs are easy to break in and don’t give you blisters. A huge plus for anyone who needs shoes immediately.

How Sanita’s are different than Dansko? Read Dansko VS Sanita here.

Skechers OSWALD BALDER Work Shoes

Skechers OSWALD BALDERIf you need a waterproof and slip on comfortable shoe, then Skechers Oswald can provide the highest comfort, stability, and support at all times. These work shoes come with a clog design, and these provide outstanding comfort with every move. The Oswald-Balder clog by Skechers features a unique soft plastic foam material called the Nano Lite, which enhances your comfort with every stride.

These casual and work clogs have a padded collar for superior comfort, coupled with a low profile design. Hence, there is no more pain each time you walk because of the special foam, padded collar, and low back design. Also, there is a removable PU insole, and this allows you to wear your own custom orthotics.

Another good thing about these Clogs is the fact that these are OSHA-compliant. The rubber outsole is slip-resistant, which makes it perfect for work areas that have slippery surfaces. If you are a hospital staff, and you want quality shoes that are comfortable, supportive and stable, then this product is the right option for you.

Merrell Encore Slide Pro Grip Nubuck Slip-Resistant Work Shoe

Merrell Encore Slide Pro GripIf you want good shoes for the workplace, particularly if you are always on your feet, then the slip-resistant work shoe by Merrell is a suitable choice. It comes with an EVA footbed that you can remove anytime you want, which gives plenty of room for your orthotics. Hence, you will be able to experience greater comfort with each step.

These shoes feature an air cushion component in the heel, and this gives you that remarkable comfort all the time. As for the outsole, it is made of high-quality rubber for anti-slip and excellent grip effect. There is nothing more comfortable on your feet than these shoes by Merrell. With breathable mesh, rubber outsole, and well-cushioned footbed, you can walk in style and feel comfortable all day long.

 Skechers Work Shoes for Men Nurses

SKECHERS Work Cottonwood Elks

With a name like Sketchers you know you’re getting a quality shoe. Our relaxed fit Skechers Work Athletic Oxford is no exception. Lace on shoes are for perfect fit and with these comfortable memory foam insoles, you won’t be sorry. Your feet will have a cushiony foundation all day long, and you won’t notice the long hours on your feet. Great arch supports, easy to wipe clean,  and removable footbed, these are ideal for men nurses who must be on their feet all day long.
These are from the Relaxed Fit collection; they are roomier in the forefront are than nonrelaxed versions, but they offer the same snug fit in the heel. Most people don not have any problem with the roomy fit of the Relaxed Fit shoes, and that is due to the Memory Foam insoles which conform to your feet and give you the custom fit. Molding to the feet these are the perfect on the go shoe for anyone who must be on their feet all day. So comfortable that you might even fall asleep in them and forget they’re on your feet.

 New Balance 626 

New Balance 626 Men

 New Balance 626 

Hospital and clinic floors are polished to a high sheen. These floors look so clean that you often don’t realize how easy it is to slip on them. With these nurse shoes for men, you won’t have to worry about slipping. Our Slip Resistant Shoe will ensure you have a sure footing on the job at all times. No more worrying about getting around in the building without falling.



 Keen Utility PTC Dress Oxford for Men

Keen Utility PTC Dress Oxford menThis easy to clean shoes, lace on shoe for the better fit is the perfect shoe for men nurses who work on their feet for long hours. They provide a lot of support and cushioning with the removable footbed which is made of polyurethane and memory foam to give you customized stride and lot of comfort. Made of durable upper leather, these shoes are stain and water resistant. These shoes are very comfortable and are slip resistant and are perfect for the slippery hospital environment. They offer wide toe box. Lightweight EVA midsole is designed to give you the cushion you need for the shock absorption for all day on feet comfort.

 CROCS Shoes


Let’s face it; we weren’t born with shoes on and clogs are so comfortable to slip in and out of. The next best thing to being barefoot When you must wear shoes, these are ideal for comfort. Readily conforming to your feet you won’t have to worry about blisters from the first few wearings of this shoe. What better way to find comfort than a foot conforming clogs that you don’t have to break in? Easy on the budget, these shoes are great if you’re just starting out and need to watch your money until you’re well established in your job.


Birki's Men's Women's Profi-Birki Clogs

No, these aren’t the old fashioned Birkenstock’s of your parents day; these are the future of comfort. Take the best shoe ever and turn it into a work shoe and you have the ideal solution for tired, achy feet. You will hardly know you have them on. Your shoes will readily conform to your feet and give you the feeling of comfort that is unsurpassed. No more back pain, leg pain or foot pain when you select from this professional work shoe. An alternative to this is Encore Gust Merrell.

 Alegria Oz Lizard Slip Ons

Alegria Mens Oz Navy Lizard Slip Ons

These Alegria men’s slip-on shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes for men nurses. They are made of leather upper. The soft leather lining inside the shoes w3ill help in removing the moisture and will make them breathable. The footbed offers a combination of memory foam, latex and cork for a comfortable fit by molding to your shape of the foot. The footbed is removable so that you can add your own insoles and orthotics. It has a PU outsole which helps in reducing the metatarsal and heel pressure and will lessen the pain of metatarsalgia. To increase stability, the bottom of the shoe is flat. The mini-rocker outsole helps to propel you through the gait cycle from heel to the toes in a natural way and helps to reduce the fatigue at the end of the day. The outsole is tested for slip resistant.

If you a men nurse on feet all day, Try Alegria’s rocker sole shoes.

 MOZO Shoes

MOZO Work Shoes say it all. Comfort in a shoe. Built to last and to help you through your busy day these shoes are comfortable all day long. With such a macho name, you won’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks of this shoe style. Comfort and macho all in one. No more back pain, leg pain or arch pain when you select this style of shoe.

Klogs USA Unisex Boca Mule

Klogs USA Unisex Boca MuleMaking its way in this list of the best nurse shoes for men, the Boca Mule is a is lightweight, and it comes in a closed-back design for easy on and off feature. You will also appreciate the fact that these shoes are a breeze the maintain because all you need is a damp piece of cloth soaked in soapy water, and just wipe the dirt away.

The material used for the sole of these shoes is polyurethane, which is resistant to oil, water, and soapy surface. Polyurethane is also shock-absorbing and non-marking, which add to your safety and comfort. Thus, you can be on your feet for hours and hardly feel any discomfort at the same time.

The footbed is antimicrobial and resistant to odors, and it comes with soft cushioning. You can even remove the footbed to make plenty of room for your orthotics. Lastly, these shoes provide stability and balance, which all add up to your total satisfaction with this product



If you want a pair of casual dress shoes, then this may be perfect for you.  These Timberland soft Toe oxford shoes are made of full grain leather and they offer anti-fatigue technology, slip resistant outsole, waterproof upper leather and they are stain resistant due to the scotch guard technology.  The slip resistant sole protects your feet on wet, oily and dry surfaces. Anti-Fatigue technology provides support and cushioning for on feet all day. They are one of the most comfortable shoes for men nurses.

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes and a week later wished you had taken them back? These Timberland Oxfords offer you a 30-day comfort guarantee. If you find after 29 days that these simply aren’t the right shoes for you, take them back. We guarantee it.

Nurse shoes for men don’t have to be old fashioned to provide you with comfort and support. These selections offer you the best of both worlds. You can remain stylish and provide your feet; legs and lower back with the proper support while you’re on your feet all day long.

These are the best nursing shoes for men and have proven to be highly sought after options by nurses around the world. Having problem feet should not hinder you while working. With modern designs, quality materials, and overall comfort, these shoes are the best of the best that are out there. The days of struggling to walk around the medical facility are long gone for people who decide to wear these shoes. With great grip and overall comfort, these are the finest options available for men nurses seeking perfection. Do not settle for something that is below par and does not have the type of flexibility that is necessary.

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