Best Running Shoes For Overweight Men

Finding best running shoes for overweight men especially with foot problems are not that easy.  You need to find good supportive and well-padded shoes to prevent foot, ankle, and even back pain. You might also want to get a good pair of running shoes so you can begin walking, running, or jogging to shed a few pounds. Better shoes will make all of these activities more enjoyable, so you are likely to stick to your routine.

Before considering some specific brands, think about the specific needs of men who are big and obese. Simply being overweight might injure your joints and cause foot, ankle, and back pain. This can happen without the added stress of needing to be on your feet all day for your job or beginning a new exercise routine. Extra weight also puts additional pressure on feet, and this can make arches fall and cause flat feet. One of the most important thing before buying a new pair of running shoes is proper fitting. Therefore, visit the running shoe store for evaluation of your feet which will help you in finding the best pair according to your need.

Today’s high-tech shoe designs can offer you a lot. You need shoes with good cushioning and stability to protect your feet. These shoes can also provide good support and even motion stability control to keep your feet to normal position if you overpronate. Many of the best running shoes for overweight men can offer these features. Before moving on to shoes, also keep a couple of other things in mind. These things might improve your experience with any shoes.

Many people spend a lot of money on very expensive shoes, but they neglect to consider their socks. Good socks can help prevent swollen feet and chafing, and they can also offer additional support. You can also purchase inserts that provide more cushioning than regular shoes. You can even remove the footbeds of some high-quality shoes so that you can add your inserts.

 Good Running Shoe Brands To Consider

New Balance, Asics, and Brooks are all famous for producing good shoes for people who are heavy and already have foot problems or would like to minimize the risk of developing them. You select the shoes if:

Flat feet with mild to moderate overpronation: Stability running shoes

Flat Feet with severe overpronation: Motion Control Shoes

Flat Feet with Supination: Neutral Running Shoes that also offer support

Regular Feet: Stability Shoes

Top Best Running Shoes for Overweight Men

In this article, we take a look at the four top best running shoes for overweight men. They include Nike Air Zoom Odyssey, for its stability; the Brooks Beast for flat feet; Asics Gel Nimbus for high arches, and the Asics 2000 for general support. Each has its own merits, which we explore here.

Asics Gel Kayano 22 Men’s Running Shoe for mild to moderate Overpronation

Asics Gel Kayano 22 Best Running Shoes For Overweight Men

The Kayano 22 is one of the most popular stability running shoes for you if you are flat footed with mild or moderate overpronation. You can use this shoe for walking or running long distance. It provides most cushioning. The Asics Gel Cushioning provides maximum shock absorption. The fluid Ride in the midsole provides cushion and bounce back. The Dynamic Dual Max system provides stability, comfort and reduces the weight of these shoes. The fluid Fit in the upper gives the glove like feeling.

These are typically more expensive than some of the other models, but they provide good support for men who have low arch thanks to the “heel-clutching” system and gel cushioning. The sock-liner offer breathability.

One of the best things about these shoes is that most runners do not even feel as if they need to run them in. In fact, they describe them as feeling like they are running on air — even when taken out for their first run. The motion control features also help prevent knee and back pain.

Nike Air Zoom Odyssey Men’s Running Shoe for Men for Moderate Overpronation

Nike Air Zoom OdysseyThe Nike Air Zoom Odyssey comes out first on the list for its stability offered up by its Dynamic Stability support system. They are specially designed for people who overpronate or suffer from mild pronation and need excellent support. Where pronation is a problem, the Odyssey is the right shoe. The cushioning in the shoes provides a responsive experience for the feet. It contains the important support by offering up a mid-sole that has triple-density layers.

In general, it can hold up to a daily pounding and use very efficiently, like any Nike. As an excellent trainer, it provides the necessary support and stability required when going the distance. It provides a very smooth use and a secure fit while achieving comfort with the premium cushioning. Seriously, this Nike responds with a comfortable fit especially made for long distances. In short, the cushioning combined with the overpronation support make this an excellent choice for Nike fans.

Brooks Beast Running Shoe for Men with Severe Overpronation, Flat Feet

Nike Air Zoom OdysseyThe Brooks Beast makes up the second option for anyone with a very severe overpronation issue and is considered among the best running shoes for overweight men. The motion control is superior to anyone with flat feet. The linear footbed is specially designed to handle a husky carriage while providing adequate support for exercising.

The Beast ’14 lives up to its name, as it is meant for men to go the distance while enjoying support. It provides excellent stability while offering extreme comfort with its very soft, cushioning. The insole provides added comfort with exceptional cushioning. The Progressive Diagonal Rollbar manages movements with every step. Meanwhile, staying calm with the Moisture-management mesh is easy.

It is made for people who need to feel the comfort of their feet wrapped in the shoe. Fitting like a glove, this style is akin to a custom-made shoe. In addition to the Rollbar action, the shoes have built-in segmented crash pads to encourage a stable heel-toe movement every step of the way. It weighs only 13.8 ounces with a mid-sole drop of 12 millimeters making it a great road running shoe that is also the right shoe for flat-footed runners.

These shoes are expensive, but they offer the company’s top of the line motion control. The diagonal rollbar provides added support while walking or running, and it is exceptionally comfortable for men who already suffer from low arches.

It is also available in multiple widths, and it works well with custom orthotic supports.

Asics Gel-Nimbus Men’s Running Shoe for Underpronation, High Arches

Asics Gel NimbusThird on the list is the Asics Gel Nimbus. Unlike the first two best running shoes for overweight men, the Nimbus is made particularly for men with high arches and an under pronation problem. It provides the support needed by giving neutral cushioning. It is for runners who prefer plenty of cushioning with the gel to make a better run. Adapt to anything the road throws at you with the Nimbus.

It is lightweight at 11.4 ounces with the heel to toe drop 10mm. Stay cool and dry with the Asics ComforDry and sock liner. The FluidRide, meanwhile, ensures long-lasting cushioning and comfort. It is made to provide all-around comfort for long-distance wear, with mesh for superior breathability as well. The upper is synthetic with a seamless interior. The cushioning extends throughout the shoe for maximum comfort.

The shoe is durable and provides an excellent arch support and plenty of cushioning along with the new design of heel counter for better heel support. The shoes are heavy and run on the wide side.

Hoka One One Bondi 4 Neutral Running Shoes

If you are an overweight or large man and have ankle pain, knee joint pain or Metatarsalgia, Hoka One One Bondi 4 will provide you the maximum level of cushioning, stability and durability. Many people find this shoe very comfortable for running. These shoes are designed for road running, but they offer enough traction to use it on the trail.


  • These shoes are breathable due to upper mesh material
  • The Lyrca in the upper makes these shoes stretchable
  • The TPU External Heel Counter provides support to the heel
  • The cushioned collar and tongue offers snug fitting
  • The Meta-Rocker  in the midsole provides pain relief of Metatarsalgia and helps in propulsion during walking and running
  • The soft and lightweight Strobel EVA stability board provides support
Asics GT-2000 Waterproof Trail Running Shoes

Asics GT-2000Asics GT-2000 is a waterproof running shoe. It sounds like a feature that should be available in every shoe, but only Asics planned for rain, apparently. They hold up great for long-distance wear. In addition to being waterproof, they provide a breathable and lightweight wear. There are a variety of colors and designs available, which is a nice touch.

They are a highly rated shoe that has a rubber outsole. The shoes contain all of Asics’ most modern technology to support the feet from every angle at every point in every step. They go the distance and provide generous cushioning for greater comfort. They are light at 10.7 ounces and 12-millimeter height. They provide a dry wear with the dry comfort technology and mesh upper.

Going up a size is a must with Asics, especially if thick socks are going to be worn. They hug the ankle and provide a good secure fit in the midfoot range. They are competitively priced with other shoes on the market.

New Balance 1540V2 Men’s – Motion Control for Severe Overpronators

New Balance 1540These shoes are good for all size people, and they offer motion control for severe overpronators. They are recommended for overpronators with flat arches. Men with wide feet often appreciate the fit of these running shoes. They offer comfort, stability, and support, and these are all the right features that you need to stay on your feet all day. Some customers say to order these shoes half a size larger than your regular shoes. These shoes are suitable for walking and running. The shoes offer Activea midsole cushioning for all-day comfort.

Which Brand Of Shoe Is Right For You?

The best running shoes for overweight men can help prevent pain and injuries, and they can also make activities or exercise more enjoyable. If you need to stand and walk on your feet all day for your job, you will probably find that you have a lot more energy for your work. If you plan to start exercising by running or walking, it will be a lot easier to stick to your new fitness routine when you have a good pair of shoes.

If you try to workout with inferior shoes, you are risking injuries. In fact,  shoes with inadequate support can cause knee and back pain too.

Good shoes will cost a little more than cheap shoes that you might find in a discount store. But if they can reduce foot, joint, and back pain, and if they can help you lessen the risk of injuries, aren’t they a good investment? Try some of these brands on, and you’ll notice the difference right away.

Those are just the top six best running shoes for overweight men. They have support for both overpronation, under pronation, while providing comfort and support to hold up to long distance wear. They are available in a good price range when compared to other running shoes that are on the market for overweight men. All of these shoes are worth checking out depending upon the needs of your own feet. Look at comfort, style, cushioning, support, and of course breathability for the best match.

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