Best Shoes For Flat Feet Standing All Day

Flat footIf you have flat feet or fallen arches, it might be difficult to work at a job that requires a lot of standing. It might even be difficult to enjoy fun activities with your friends and family that involve standing and walking. If you have to stay on your feet, try some of the best shoes for flat feet standing all day.

Since you do not have the arch support that other people can rely upon, you might need to purchase good shoes that can provide that support. In general, shoes that provide that support and cushioning are right choices. If you can find the right pair of shoes, they might be so comfortable that you will never want to take them off!

The people with flat feet leave a full imprint of the foot when you stand on sand. The flat feet are often associated with overpronation and are very are very common foot problems. The overpronation is inward turning of the foot at the ankle joint. We typically need a normal pronation to absorb shock. When pronation is excessive, it can lead to foot pain, knee pain, back pain, bunions and other foot problems over time. You can prevent developing these foot problems by wearing right shoes that. The best shoes for flat feet standing all day will prevent injury by providing you good arch support, cushioning, deep heel cup and medial support.

A flat foot is characterized by a collapsed arch, with a huge portion of the sole completely touching the ground. There are several reasons why a person may be flat-footed. For instance, this condition develops because of an injury, illness, unresolved stress on the foot, and aging. Most people who have flat feet also tend to overpronate. This means, whenever they run or walk, their foot turns inward.

If you are not sure whether you have flat feet or not, then you may try performing a test at home. Simply wet both feet and stand on a cardboard. After stepping off, check your footprint carefully. If you do not see any spaces between the ball of the foot and heel, then you are flat-footed. With that in mind, you should choose the right footwear that suits your condition and offers ample support to your feet.

You can check the bottom of your worn out shoes to confirm overpronation. If the bottom is worn out on the inner side, you most probably have overpronation. In rare cases, people with flat feet supinate. You can also see your local shoe store and evaluate your gait by shoe professional. Once you know your pronation type and severity of overpronation, it will become much easier to find a perfect pair of shoe for your flat feet. You can also use over the counter insoles for extra support and cushion. If in spite of all these measures pain does not go away you should see the podiatrist for custom orthotics.

Best Shoe Inserts for Flat Feet for For Standing All Day

One thing that you might want to add to your shoes is a good set of inserts. You can find a lot of off-the-shelf inserts and shoe stores and drug stores. One common brand is New Balance Stability Insoles. If you have severely fallen arches or flat feet, you may be better off visiting a podiatrist for custom inserts. These will cost more, but if they prevent foot pain a fatigue, they can be a bargain!

Some types of shoes even have removable footbeds. These make it easier to wear inserts with your shoes. Other shoes do not have these features, but you might be able to slip your inserts in any way.

Best Shoes For Flat Feet Standing All Day

The good news is that women and men with flat feet and other foot problems have plenty of choices. Many good choices are the type of shoes that are selected by Athletics, runners, and walkers. This is because these shoes are designed to cushion feet from the pounding they take when running on hard pavement. Even if you never plan to take long hikes or run a marathon, you might still consider some of the top brands of cross training, running and walking shoes depending on the type of activity at your job. If your job requires a lot of standing and less walking, consider buying cross training shoes for flat feet. On the other hand, if you have to walk a lot at your workplace, consider purchasing stability or motion control walking or running shoes.

Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

When it comes to having flat feet you may know that finding a pair of walking shoes may be a bit of a challenge. Best walking shoes for flat feet can provide you with all the support and stability that you require for your flat feet with or without pronation problem. Most of the mentioned brands designed for standing and walking all day. Invest in the right types of shoes to suit your needs and provide you with the comfort you crave out of shoes.

If you have Flat Feet Severe Overpronation: These are motion control shoes which provide maximum support for flat feet.

Brooks Addiction Walker for flat feetBrooks Addiction Walker is one of the best walking shoes for flat feet. It provides a lot of arch support for flat feet and prevents severe overpronation. It offers super soft full grain leather upper for added durability and comfort. The footbed is cushioned and is removable for personal orthotics. The hydro flow technology along with full-length BIO MOGO to absorb shock The Diagonal Rollbar on the medial side of the arch prevents overpronation, support feet and guide the gait. The environmental friendly slip resistant outsole minimizes accidents at work( not recommended to use in the Kitchen). This shoe has a linear platform built in it which provides more support for the overweight person.

You can use these walking shoes for the following foot conditions:

  • Diabetic Neuropathy
  • Bunions
  • Severe Overpronation
  • Flat Feet
  • Overweight

Avoid using these shoes for running because it is not recommended to run in a walking shoe.

If you are on feet all day and experience knee and hip pain, the Brooks Addiction Walker will help in reducing the joint pain by realigning your bones and correcting gait. They are comfortable to use for traveling. They are true to size and provide roomy toe box, and your narrow heel will not slip out of it. They are available in white and black colors only for men and women.

If you need a pair of slip resistant shoes for flat feet and severe overpronation, Brooks Addiction Walker is one of the best pairs of shoes to support your arches and to correct overpronation.

With quality midsole cushioning and a full-grain leather upper support, the Brooks Addiction Walker offers some of the best entry support in the shoe world today. If you’re looking for a quality shoe that will serve you for many miles while still being affordable, you can’t go wrong with this one.

New Balance 928v3 Walking Motion Control Shoes  ( for any foot problem)

New Balance 928v3New Balance 928 walking shoe is one of the most commonly used footwear for flat feet and other foot problems. It is an everyday walking, fitness walking or work shoe. It is durable motion control and stability shoe. It provides enough support and cushioning for flat feet as well as a snug heel fitting, the features that required for flat feet shoes. It comes in white, brown and black colors. It has a wide and deep toe box which helps for hammer toes, bunions or some people who want to accommodate orthotics, and it will provide enough depth for that. The SL 2 last with wider front and narrower back will not cause any slipping out from the heel.

The rocker sole will help in distributing your weight evenly, so you do not have pressure on the ball of the foot. Therefore, they are good shoes for Metatarsalgia. It also has New Balance unique technology called ROLLBAR in the heel that is a dual support system. The ROLLBAR will stop your overpronation and as well as supination. Therefore, it will support your feet on the both side.

New Balance 928 is a high supportive shoe that helps in a variety of foot problems, accommodates orthotics,  helps in arthritis, comes wide and extra wide, diabetic shoes comes in lace-up as well as velcro in the mesh as well as leather in new colors. The style is classic and can be worn for day to day use and for those people who are on feet all day. The colors available will include black, white, tan and gray which are all neutral colors to suit any wardrobe. Podiatrists most recommend it shoe for foot problems including for flat feet and overpronation.

New Balance 847 Walking Shoes for Men and Women: Motion Control

New Balance 847These shoes designed for people who suffer from flat feet with overpronation. It comes with an enhancement in motion control. This motion control situated in the heel part of the shoe, and this is what helps to prevent overpronation. Additional benefits include the breathable material and shoes are extremely lightweight.

The footbed of the shoe can be can then be replaced with insoles that will provide the foot with maximum support for the arch of the foot. These shoes are recommendable for long walks or for if you spend a lot of your day on your feet. This range is perfect for New Balance shoes for flat feet. This shoe is for average weight person.

When you are looking for a type of shoe that can provide you with additional support, try out the New Balance 847 that comes with a ROLLBAR, which will give you the highest form of motion control. You can use these types of shoes for prolonged walking or fitness reasons; they offer your feet with a healthier approach to wearing shoes. The women’s sizes range from narrow all the way up to double extra wide.

If you are looking for a lightweight shoe for flat feet and overpronation, New Balance 847 weighs 11.7 oz is a motion control and provides narrow heel with a wide toe box along with excellent cushioning.

If you have mild to moderate overpronation: Stability shoes will work best.

Saucony Grid Omni Walker Stability Shoe for flat feet with Bunions

Men and women who look for quality shoes ideal for flat feet may find what they need from the Saucony Grid Omni Walker. These walking shoes rank as one of the top-rated products in the market due to the outstanding features and capabilities of the footwear. Regarding pricing, this product is quite reasonable. Not only are you getting a good deal on the price of these shoes, but you can expect numerous benefits along the way.

When it comes to cushioning, the Omni Walker does not disappoint. The footwear has responsive EVA and rubber compound material, which offers the right support and comfort. These shoes offer proper support for flat feet, thanks to the insole materials and unique technology in these shoes. In fact, the asymmetrical sole is specially engineered to ensure you of a biomechanical fit that works for your needs. The premium sock liner adds to your comfort as this prevents any bruises each time your skin rubs against the interior material of the shoe.

Each stride you make is secure and stable, as these are all enabled by the rubber outsole that comes with a patented design to make every movement smoother. This is very important to the people with flat feet who are prone to pain and discomfort when wearing the wrong kinds of shoes.
As for the aesthetics, these shoes come in a few color options. You may choose from black or white/silver, which should match your unique style and preference.

The Saucony Grid Omni is designed to help anyone walk for hours with little effort and without feeling the impact the next day, and it makes a perfect buy for anyone looking to get a lot of miles under his or her belt. The upper, midsole and outsole are all designed with cushioning comfort in mind. The midsole is made of a responsive compound that only has the purpose of providing a substantial cushion during the impact.

Propet Stability Walker for men and women

Propet Stability Walker If you are in search for the best walking shoes for flat feet, one of the finest options out there is the Propet Stability Walker for men and women. These shoes are recommended for flat-footed individuals as these offer support on the heels and midsole while ensuring your stability and balance. You will love how these shoes fit you correctly, and you can choose the size best suitable for you while ensuring your comfort along the way.

The Propet Stability Walker comes with both an external and an internal heel counter, which add stability, support and comfort. As for the footbed, it is quite comfortable with excellent cushioning in every step you make. This area of the footwear is also removable, so you can quickly place your custom orthotics for enhanced comfort and support.

These shoes have a specially designed midsole that is ideal for people with flat feet. The midsole of molded EVA material for superb cushioning. While this material may be lightweight, it is capable of providing ample shock absorption for minimizing fatigue and discomfort on your feet. This shoe is perfect for flat-footed people as regular shoes that are not suited to their condition tend to increase chances of pain.
Another great feature of this product is the heel stabilizer that is built right into these shoes. This component is also contoured to match the natural shape of your feet, and there is a broad base to secure the footing. Lastly, these shoes are also diabetic-shoe approved, which means you may qualify for reimbursement as the product meets the Medicare code.

Vionic Walker Sneakers

The Vionic Walker walking shoe for women is an orthopedic shoe made of a durable textile and leather upper and rubber sole. There is a breathable mesh padding. The podiatrist-designed footbed made on Vionic Orthaheel technology. This technology provides a firm, flexible midsole, a deep heel cup and supportive biomechanic footbed that helps in controlling overpronation.  The EVA midsole cushioning molds to the shape of your flat feet.  It gives you support and realigns legs and joints in normal position.  That will assist in reducing leg, hip and foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis and flat feet.The EVA cushioning provides you high shock absorption for all day comfort. The durable outsole of a TPR material provides excellent tractionThe Breathable moisture wicking lining wi PU lining underneath to keep your feet dry and blister free.

These shoes are designed by Dr. Andrew and have received APMA acceptance. If you are looking for a sneaker style walking shoes that provide comfort, support and are breathable, then try them out today.

Breathable moisture wicking lining wi PU lining underneath to keep your feet dry and blister free.

Vionic Men’s Contest Active Lace Up Shoe

Vionic Men's Contest Active Lace Up ShoeVIONIC Endurance with Orthaheel Technology walking sneaker provides support and comfort that can help you in alleviating the foot pain with flat feet. Endurance Walker is a very flexible and is APMA approved shoe with water resistant upper leather with breathable mesh. It has lacing closure for proper fitting with lightly padded tongue and collar for support and comfort to ankle. The EVA midsole for shock absorption is reducing stress on the feet, ankles, and knees. The completely removable podiatrist-designed Orthaheel Technology footbed provides superior orthotic support for stability and aligns the feet in healthy position. The Orthaheel technology helps in reducing overpronation associated heel pain, knee pain, and back pain. The rubber outsole is flexible and lightweight and is tread for traction. The First Ray technology helps in walking.

 New Balance 1765 Fitness Walking Shoes for Women – Stability

New Balance 1765This 1765 a stability New Balance shoe has been rated as one of the best shoes designed for long distance walking with flat feet with mild to moderate overpronation. The designs come from research conducted by walking and fitness purposes. The upper part of the shoes made out of breathable mesh, which is a synthetic fabric. This shoe helps to keep the feet more comfortable and dry throughout the day.

The lightweight design boasts REVlite technologies that have known for being durable, cushioned and responsive.  The midsole part of the shoe will support your natural gait meaning you will feel more stable when walking, therefore, making it perfect for flat feet. The outsole is flexible which offers good transition and push off.

Best walking shoes for flat feet can provide you with all the support and stability that you require for your flat feet with or without pronation problem. Most of the mentioned brands designed for light to moderate walking and suit for fitness walking. Invest in the right types of shoes to suit your needs and provide you with the comfort you crave out of shoes.

Drew Tucson Diabetic Boots for Flat Feet

Drew TucsonHaving fallen arches or no arches can be a problem when it comes to finding comfortable boots.  The condition itself does not tend to cause pain and discomfort, but there is a strong relationship between flat feet and wide feet – the latter of which can make it a challenge to find footwear with an adequate width fitting. In addition to this, flat feet can raise the likelihood of developing pain and foot conditions if the person is on their feet all day. Enhanced foot support is necessary.

Fortunately, there are a growing number of footwear manufacturers who are catering to the needs of people with this problem. The Drew men’s Tucson boot is one of the best boots for flat feet. At first glance, the Drew Tucson does not look like your average orthopedic shoe.  Many people have the misconception that shoes and boots of this type are functional and clunky in appearance, but the Tucson looks like your regular, stylish boot. However, the features it incorporates are far from average.

The entire shoe is ergonomically designed to correct gait problems which are commonly associated with overpronation such as ankle roll in. The rocker bottom with a wide shank and the extended medial heel stabilizer also work together to create a sure-footed bearing and lessen the strain from walking or being on your feet all day.

Another of the reasons why the Tucson is one of the best boots for flat feet is that it is extra wide. The added girth also helps to accommodate other podiatric problems such as bunions, while the deep heel bed and removable insoles allow the use of custom orthotics if extra support is needed. The Tucson is also recommended for diabetics, which means that the boot conforms to rigorous standards when it comes to fit and comfort.

The manufacturer has tailored every aspect of the boot to make it comfortable for all day wear. There is a double width padded insole for excellent shock absorption, with the boot using moldable dual density urethane in the cushioning. This material molds to the contours of the foot, ensuring perfect ergonomic support. The upper materials were also chosen with comfort in mind as the Drilex lining effectively wicks moisture away from the foot, to keep them dry and comfortable. A padded foam tongue and collar gives a secure fit which doesn’t feel constricting.

A common complaint with shoes and boots which were designed with podiatric problems in mind, such as over-pronation or flat feet, is that the footwear tends to be very heavy. People who prefer a lighter boot will not be disappointed with the Drew Shoes, as the materials used in the outer sole were chosen for their lightweight properties.

If you are looking for the best boots for flat feet, you need a shoe which has therapeutic benefits. The Drew Tucson men’s boot is perfect for people with a range of podiatric problems, as well as providing stylish footwear.

Best Cross-training Shoes for Flat Feet for Standing All Day

The stability and motion control cross-training shoes for flat feet provide enough support and lateral stability as well as forward motion, and they are best shoes for persons standing all day.

New Balance is a favorite brand of shoes for people with flat feet and fallen arches. They make athletic, casual, and even dress shoes. This article covers walking and the cross training shoes for flat feet, and this is what this company is most famous. You can find these shoes in New Balance shoe stores and online.

Most of their shoes are lightweight, offer excellent support, and were designed to cushion feet in situations that require a lot of standing, walking, and even running. Many people who have foot problems buy New Balance shoes. This includes athletes and people who simply have to do a lot of standing.

New Balance 608V4  Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet – No Overpronation

New Balance 608V4New Balance 608V4 is a neutral cushioning cross training shoe that provides enough support due to injected EVA foam molded midsole and internal shank. The midsole is firm but flexible. The EVA cushioned footbed absorb shock and provides comfort for standing all day.  The outsole is flexible due to flex grooves.

If you are looking sneakers for standing and suffer from flat feet with mild overpronation, the New Balance 608V4 are supportive and well-padded shoes, and EVA foam will mold to the shape of flat feet.

NEW BALANCE 623V3 Neutral Cross training shoe with Supination

NEW BALANCE 623V3Do you suffer from supination with flat feet? Whether you are a supinator or a flat-footed person who have no pronation issues, the 623 V2 by New Balance is the right solution for your concerns. In fact, it is one of the brand’s most popular models because of its ample width, good cushioning and economical value. You will also notice that as compared with the previous version, this model is little heavier at 12.9 ounces. As with the older version, this product comes with the Abzorb cushioning to keep your feet comfortable at all times.

People with flat feet may also have tendencies to supinate or a condition when their ankles roll out. The best way to correct this problem is by performing therapeutic exercises and putting on the right pair of footwear such as cross training neutral cushioning New balance 623 for flat feet. When it comes to cross-training shoes, it is recommended to look for those that have a stabilizing wedge located on the side portion. With a wedge, your ankles will no longer have to roll out and cause you pain or discomfort.

If you are shopping for shoes, try jogging lightly around the store while wearing those cross trainers you are planning to buy. Check if your ankles can still roll out as you walk or jog around on these shoes. This is particularly helpful if you are looking to engage in certain sports such as running and basketball where having lateral stability is of utmost importance.

When you run, play tennis or basketball and perform resistance training, your joints tend to bear all your weight. Flat-footed people need cross training shoes with a midsole that is stiff and can lift the natural arch up. You can also find shoes with removable inserts, which you can use or replace with orthotics. Just make it a point that you receive the right support on the medial arch to eliminate foot strain.

New Balance 857 Cross Training Motion Control Shoes for Severe Overpronation

New Balance 857 Cross Training Motion Control ShoesAnother good brand of shoes for flat feet is the 857 motion-control shoe by New Balance. This product provides exceptional motion control, which is suitable for those who need all-purpose and comfortable footwear. It also comes with the MX-001 last that provides a wider fit, as well as the ROLLBAR component that controls the movement of your rear foot inside the shoe. If you are an overpronator in need of shoes that will stabilize your gait for walking all day and enhance your performance during your workout, then this product is for you.

The New Balance 857 is a cross training shoe that provides a lot of support and enough cushioning for your severe overpronation with flat feet. These shoes offer full-length EVA footbed with the heel counter that provides rear stability. These shoes have a relatively broad and roomy toe box in case you tend to get pinched toes or have forefoot deformity.

If you have flat feet and looking a motion control shoe with a wide toe box for standing all day long, then New Balance857 shoes will provide you a roomy toe area along with an excellent support, cushion,  and heel stability.

Running Shoes for Flat Feet Standing All Day

Running shoes provide additional shock absorption over walking shoes. Even if you do not run, you might appreciate this is you tend to have achy feet at the end of a long day. Brooks running shoes are also very popular with athletes, especially those who were born with flat feet or developed foot problems from wearing inferior shoes.

Motion Control Running Shoes for Flat Feet Severe Overpronation

The motion control shoes provide a lot of support to correct severe overpronation that is usually associated with flat feet. They have some shoes built on a linear platform that is suitable for heavy runners. Below we will discuss few of the best motion control running shoes for both men and women.

Brooks Beast 16 Motion Control Shoes for overweight and Severe Overpronator Men

Brooks Beast 16This is a sturdy pair of shoes that offer a lot of support, and they will protect you from pain from heel to toe. Brooks Beast for men is a motion control running shoe that blends stability and comfort to make it one of the best options for people who have flat feet. It comes with a segmented crash pad that is designed to provide flexibility. The midsole a stability web that enhances the integrity of the upper part of the shoe. It also comes with full-length Brooks DNA to offer customized cushioning to meet the unique needs of every runner.They give you not only the perfect fit but also breathability.

Built on a linear platform, these shoes are the excellent choice for heavyweight runners with bunions, flat feet, and severe overpronation. They provide a lot of cushioning and stability. The wide toe box makes an excellent option to accommodate bunions for medium to heavy built men.

They are linear platform shoes which are also good for heavy people. They have very stiff midsole with medial support for stability that prevents your feet turning inwards. They offer wide sizes and wide toe box to accommodate bunions.

This men’s shoe is fantastic. This top of the line Brooks shoes provides excellent performance and support for those that are overweight. It features Brooks DNA cushioning technology that helps provide the optimal cushioning and balance throughout each foot strike. This shoe is perfect for those that have wide feet. You have plenty of room for your toes towards the tip. Not to mention, the shoe is incredibly comfortable. A lot of shoes simply do not have the support that overweight or larger people require. This is not a shoe that lacks in that department. This shoe is perfect for the heavy set individual that needs for cushion. This is one of the best Brooks Running shoes for Flat feet.

 Brooks Ariel Motion Control Shoes for overweight and Severe Overpronator women

Brooks Ariel 16Brooks Aerial is the female version which is slightly different than Beast because it is built more in feminine style. Brooks Ariel 16  Motion Control Running Shoes is excellent for women that need more cushioning from their sneakers. A lot of the times the shoes that are made either provide not enough cushion or not enough support. This shoe is not one of those. This shoe helps those that over pronate with their feet. It can provide optimal balance and allows for better movement. This shoe can be found in specialty stores for people with foot problems. The reason this shoe can be found in these stores is because it does such a fantastic job at helping those with special needs from their shoes. These particular shoes were made with comfort and balance in mind. You can wear them all day without getting tired.

The Brooks Ariel for women is the female version of the Brooks Beast. It is a motion control shoe that is appropriate if you have bunions because of a roomy forefront. This shoe offers pronation control and a lot of arch support and cushioning. It is comfortable especially with the inclusion of cushioning to absorb impact. The underfoot is flexible to accommodate bunions. This feminine shoe combines stability and comfort to make it an excellent choice for heavy runners who have bunions.

Brooks Addiction 12 Motion Control Running Shoe – For Severe Overpronation

Brooks Addiction 12This motion control shoe is available for both men and women. One of the best attributes of Brooks Addiction is its support. It is ideal for severe pronators because it offers superior control. It offers customized cushioning, which gives you a generous and secure fit. You will feel comfortable running in these shoes even when you have bunions. It comes with a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar midsole that offers better pronation control. This shoe will give you a smoother transition between your mid-foot and forefoot.

It is also built on the linear platform, perfect for overweight runners. If you are overweight and looking shoes for bunions, flat arches, mild to severe overpronation, try them out. They will provide you roomy forefront for a comfortable fit for your painful bunions. They offer a lot of support and a lot of cushioning.

These particular shoes have incredibly supported and are very comfortable. If you are a runner or plan to be often running, these are the shoes for you. They have excellent support and help you balance. They will help those that deal with overpronation. Also, they are excellent for those that are dealing with other types of foot problems that may limit the range of motion and other functions. They are recommended shoes for plantar fasciitis.

These shoes include a development called a Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. It allows runners and walkers to take very smooth steps. These shoes seem to adapt to the needs of wearers with different strides too. If you have had trouble getting comfortable with other types of shoes, this might be a pair to consider.

Finally, when you are trying to find the best possible shoes for your situation, you are going to want to be sure to get the right size. All three of these shoes are excellent picks if you are dealing with foot issues. These shoes are top picks because they provide superior comfort, stability, and balance to those that need it the most. Brooks motion control shoes are the absolute top of the line for those that deal with foot problems on a daily basis. If you find yourself needing extra support, you need to give Brooks motion control shoes a try.

These shoes are very similar. They are built on the same linear last (which is the platform of the shoe). The beast will be slightly more flexible in the forefoot than the Addiction.They will have the same amount of support in them, so it should cause no difference in alignment or restriction of your foot. The biggest difference is just the amount of cushion in the shoe. The beast will have more cushion than the Addiction, which will make them more durable. The beast 12′ will have full length cushioning from heel to toe. The Addiction will have a pocket of cushioning in the heel and a pocket of cushioning in the forefoot.

New Balance 1340v2 Motion Control Shoe

This cross training shoe by New Balance features several improvements to the 1011 cross trainer. While it is commonly used in the gym, you can also wear it during your pre-workout cardio run outdoors or even as an everyday shoe. What is great about the footwear is its superb comfort, particularly among flat-footed people with severe overpronation. With side to side support and great cushioning, you can have the finest experience with these shoes that also help aid people with Achilles tendonitis. They provide a lot of motion control. If you are overweight and need a lot of support, then these are the shoes for you.

Stability running shoes for mild to Moderate overpronation 

Stability shoes are recommended for people who have mild to moderate overpronation. It is, therefore, important to know one’s gait so that they choose the right running shoe for their foot type.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Stability Running Shoes for Moderate Overpronation, Bunions

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17The Brooks Adrenaline GTS stability running shoes are popular with runners because they were designed to allow the optimal balance between flexibility, weight, and balance. This stability shoe offers plush cushioning and is designed for mild to moderate overpronation with flat or medium arches. The TPU stability shank in this shoe helps in correcting the overpronation and the V-Grooves in GTS 16 model helps in providing more cushioning and flexibility for maximum shock absorption.  The other features progressive diagonal rollbar, Biomogo midsole DNA cushioning and the segmented crash pad full length also help in arch support and additional cushioning that aids in the alignment of feet naturally.

The shoe is designed for road running and the top is seamless that prevents irritation. The top is made of a mesh which is more durable but thinner than the model 15. The outsole is more durable than the previous model.

These shoes offer a wide toe box which will help you to accommodate the bunions if you have any along with flat foot.

The Adrenaline GTS 17 is one of the stability shoes available for people for bunions with flat to medium arches and mild to moderate Overpronation. The shoe has a wide toe box, which is a requirement when looking for the running shoes to accommodate bunions. The shoe ranks in high on comfort provides adequate stability and flexibility. The shoe is also well cushioned, which is a good characteristic. The cushioning is on the firmer side of average, but it is still soft enough for high-mileage training. This shoe has achieved the delicate balance of firm cushioning and this increases its stability. The GTS 16 shoes have stitched overlays onto the mesh, unlike other companies that have gone the stitch free route. This is great for additional support to the feet.

Wearing these shoes will reduce your heel pain due to its supportive layout. The upper mesh comes with no sew and will conform to your feet with the feeling that it was made for you. The outsole has deeper grooves and heel offers more cushioning. If you are suffering from bunions and has little bit overpronation, try these shoes. Built with the universal platform, they did not provide enough support for heavy overweight runners.

ASICS GT-2000 5 Running Shoes

ASICS GT-2000 5 Running ShoesASICS GT – 2000 provides great arch support for persons with flat feet. They are considered to be among the best work shoes for flat feet, especially for coaches and trainers. These shoes are extremely comfortable too, thus making it possible for one to train for longer.

These shoes are stability training shoes for neutral and mild to moderate overpronators for long distance running. They are lightweight and provide a responsive cushion through midsole FluidRide. They are durable and prevent ankles rolling in. They are lightest in weight. They are roomy in the toe box area and tight in the heel area. This shoe has a lot of cushion with an excellent stability to prevent overpronation.

This is a light pair of shoes designed to offer great comfort especially if you are a bunion sufferer. The toe area is wide to accommodate bunions. It comes with a New FluidRide midsole, which makes the shoe quite stable. ASICS GTS 2000 applies the ASICS GEL cushioning technology that helps you to improve your performance. It is designed for individuals who overpronate. This is one of the most responsive running shoes in the market. It is not very firm, which is essential if you have flat feet. The shoe can also help you to improve your performance whether you are an amateur or professional runner.

  • Rock solid stability due to Dynamic system
  • Guide the  feet to your stride with the impact guidance system
  • Fluid ride midsole gives you the energy back
  • Comfort from the rearfoot and forefoot gel

Great shoe if you have bunions with flat feet. They offer wide sizes to accommodate bunions and have adequate room to spread the toes.

MizunoWave Alchemy 12 Running Shoe

The smooth ride technology provides a “rocking-chair” smooth transition for each step that you take, minimizing impact and fatigue. They are also well ventilated to provide comfort.

Saucony Women’s Hurricane 15: This is another surprisingly lightweight and flexible shoe. The design helps both feet and heels hold up under a lot of pounding that they may take if you are running, walking, or simply standing all day.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet with Supination(Underpronation)

Brooks Dyad 9 Neutral Running Shoes for flat feet with or without supination

Brooks Dyad 9Do you have flat feet, and you need a comfortable pair of shoes that suits your unique concerns. If you suffer from overweight concerns, or you are flat-footed, then the Brooks Dyad is the right choice of footwear for you. It comes with all the bells and whistles that make the finest choice of running shoes for your particular condition.

Since not all runners have similar needs when it comes to running shoes, it is important to choose the right footwear that meets your standards. The Brooks Dyad 8 is the perfect option for flat-footed women and men. It is constructed on a linear platform, which makes it a comfortable pair of trainers for overweight runners with top-notch support.

Additionally, these running shoes have all the right features you need such as the BioMoGo DNA, or a type of lightweight and durable material located in the midsole. It is just what you need to make the footwear more flexible and lighter. There is also the no-sew suede material for the overlays. This component adds structure and offers a plusher feel without any additional stitching.

This is a running shoe designed with advanced stability and cushioning. It is the first choice among many runners, both casual and serious. The superior cushioning of this shoe makes it a favorite for people with supination and stability feature makes it perfect for flat feet for maximum stability and support.

What are people saying about this shoe?  Many love the fit and the way it surrounds their feet with plenty of cushioning and support. Even older runners find it helps save their joints.

Fans of this shoe say to put it on your list if you want excellent support and superior cushioning. They claim it is a hard shoe to beat and well worth the money.

Dress Shoes for Flat Feet

People suffering from flat feet know that, unless they’re wearing a good pair of shoes, they can expect foot pain at the end of the day. Whether you’re naturally flat-footed or have fallen arches, these dress shoes have all of the support you need without sacrificing stylish good looks. If you’re ready to find a pair of dress shoes that you can wear all day in office at work without having to deal with sore knees and aching arches, check out our picks for the two best dress shoes for flat feet men and women.

Our Top  Picks For Men

New Balance makes one of the best shoes for problem feet including flat feet with overpronation

Dunham Burlington Stability Shoes for Flat Feet Diabetic Dress Shoes for Men

These Dunham Burlington stability shoes from New Balance are an excellent addition to any wardrobe especially to those with flat feet. They have a classic style that works just as well with slacks as it does with jeans. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you can reach for whether you’re keeping things casual or need to dress up for a formal event, then the Dunham Burlington is a good choice. New Balance includes features like a removable Ortholite insert, full-grain leather upper, and a handmade sole for exceptional cushioning and comfort. The Dunham  Burlington is available in black and brown. They are Diabetic friendly and approved by Medicare. ABSORB shock material under the heel and the ball of feet provides superior cushioning for walking and standing all day.

Why are Dunham Burlington Shoes Recommend for Flat Feet?

Dunham Burlington stability shoes offer firm midsole because of Nylon stability shank that helps in stabilizing feet while walking. The footbed is removable which provides for custom orthotics inserts or Superfeet insoles inserts.  The footbed offers a  heel cup with EVA foam that helps in stabilizing the heel. They are flexible in the forefront area.

Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Men’s Joseph Dress Shoe

If you are looking for a comfortable pair of dress shoes for flat feet, Vionic joseph will provide you all-day comfort and enough arch support. Approved by APMA, Joseph with its Orthoheel technology will reduce overpronation. The podiatrist-designed Orthoheel technology will help to walk in a neutral position and will alleviate back pain and knee pain.

The joseph Orthaheel offers rearfoot stability with its deep heel cup. These are the perfect shoes to support your flat feet arches.

ECCO Windsor Oxford is a classic pair of dress shoes that will provide excellent arch support, cushioning and rear foot stability for your flat feet. The EVA footbed offers cushion and absorbs shock for standing all day.

The removable footbed has Ecco Comfort fiber system that provides breathability. The Comfort shank technology provides support to fallen arches.



The COTTONWOOD GODDARD is a Relaxed Fit work shoe. They feature durable, smooth leather uppers, good heel and arch support, and an outsole that is certified slip resistant. These shoes also have padded collars around the opening at the top and come in standard width, but the relaxed fit design is making them perfect for anyone who has to deal with swelling or foot pain or bunions. The COTTONWOOD GODDARD also includes a memory foam removable insole to make room for custom orthotics. The full-length memory foam offers a lot of cushioning for shock absorption, and memory foam footbed will provide you custom fitted footbed by conforming to the shape of your flat feet.  This memory foam cushioned footbed will provide you support and comfort to you if you are on feet all day. They combined comfort and durability of these slip-resistant shoes is worth the money.

Rockport Men’s Style Purpose Wing Tip Oxford


Rockport Style Purpose Wing Tip shoe is one of the best shoes for flat feet for men because it offers the firm footbed support along with EVA cushioning for shock absorption. The padded collar and Adidas adiPRENE cushioning inside the heel bed will provide a snug fitting heel cup. adiPRENE cushioning will help in less stress on your heels on walking because it has an excellent shock absorbing technology. The EVA cushioned insoles would conform to the contours of your feet to give you a customized fit and support. Rockport Style Purpose Wing Tip shoe offers a Premium leather upper with stitching detailing. There is a traditional lacing system for a secure fit every time. Also. They have an inside tongue and a collar padded for extra comfort. The outsole is durable and flexible.

If you need the most support and cushioning available to treat your fallen arches and flat feet, then one of these options is the best fit for you. We’ve looked through hundreds of pairs, comparing them side-by-side for durability, style, and comfort, and these are the best dress shoes for flat feet men. If you’re having problems standing for long periods of time because the foot pain is just too much for you, then it’s time to stop living with discomfort and get a pair of these premium shoes. There’s no reason to suffer for another day.

Do I Have Flat Feet?

There are two things that you need to know to decide whether or not you suffer from flat feet. The first test will tell you how much of your foot is making contact with the ground with every step you take. The second will tell you how much you roll your feet, or in technical terms, whether your gait is overpronated or supinated.

It couldn’t be easier to tell how much of your feet touch the ground. All you need is a dish of water and a paper bag. Lay both on the floor, put your bare foot into the water, and then stand for a moment on the bag. You’ll be left with a wet impression of your foot, and by examining the print, you can see exactly how much of your arch is making contact with the ground when you stand and walk.

The second test is a little bit trickier, but not by much. You’ll need to have a look at an old pair of well-worn shoes, specifically the sole of them. If they’re worn excessively on the inner bottom, that is the side of the tread closest to your other foot, and then you probably have an overpronated gait. You can tell for sure by visiting a podiatrist, but as a general rule taking a look at heel wear along with wet test is enough to get a good idea.

If you’re flat-footed, then you have a few options. You can wear an orthotic, which are more expensive than getting a pair of shoes designed for flat feet but can correct severe cases. If you have mild to moderate flat footedness, then adding arch support insoles can offer quite a bit of help. You should also look for shoes that cup your ankle firmly and have a firmer midsole, which contributes to keeping your feet straight. All of these shoes have the support that you need to reduce pain and support your feet, and most of them have plenty of room for orthotic inserts in severe cases.

A Guide for Best Shoes for Flat Feet

Flat feet are commonly referred to fallen arches, low arches or no arches is a condition where the foot arches downwards coming to an almost complete contact with the ground. Another condition that leads to flat feet is overpronation. This is a condition whereby the foot’s structure angles inwards. This condition is mostly evident in aging persons, as well as those who are overweight.  When you excessively pronate put added stress on your ankle joint. You need to be seen by the podiatrist to see if you need custom made orthotics and he or she may recommend the best work shoes for flat feet to aid in the healing process.

There are two types of flat feet which are as follows:

Congenital or Flexible flat feet: This condition most common and people who have them are born with flat feet. Their feet are flexible. In this case usually, no treatment is required if you have no foot pain. You can buy any shoe that is most comfortable to you.  You can also look for shoes with more support with built in good arch. Over the counter, orthotics can also help.  You can get help from specialized inserts such as Superfeet which are supportive and firm on the bottom and well cushioned and soft on the top. On the other hand, if you feel pain and have swollen feet, then we recommend seeing the podiatrist.

Acquired Flat feet: This condition develops over some time due to especially to those who spend most of their times in work standing, due to obesity or old age. Other cases where one may acquire flat feet can be due to tendon rupture, which aids the normal aching of the feet.  If the condition is acquired, then you must see the podiatrist for custom made orthotics in order to prevent further injury to your feet.

What are best work shoes for people with flat feet being on feet all day?

You need a work shoe with good arch support with the firm midsole, firm heel counter and flexible sole which bends only at the forefront. Before you can start looking for comfortable shoes for flat feet, it is advisable to first consult a physician or a podiatrist to advise on the best remedy for your condition. Some people have even benefited from biomechanical orthotics and do not suffer from pains anymore. The Podiatrist will also advise on the best quality shoes to look for, specially made for persons with your condition. Discussed below are some important factors you need to look out for the best work shoes for flat feet.

 Heal Size: It is advisable for persons with flat feet to look for shoes that have a heal in between 1/4 inches to 1 1/2 inches and they should be comfortable with well fitting.

 Foot padding and cushioning: Since you spend most of the time standing at work, you need to look for shoes with a great heel padding and cushioning in the footbed. The padding will help make the foot comfortable while standing, and the cushioning takes care of fatigue, thus making it possible for you to stand for long hours without tiring. A well-padded shoe also accommodates flat feet well, meaning it doesn’t strain when you walk around even in steep grounds. Brooks shoes are known to have great padding and cushioning which makes them the best work shoes for flat feet.

 Arch support: Arch support is very important especially when walking.  People with acquired flat feet get a painful sensation while walking in uncomfortable shoes without arch support. Shoes with arch support, however, reduce the pains as the foot rests perfectly in, thus making standing and walking comfortable once again. In order to find a good pair of supportive shoe for flat feet check the following:

  • Firm midsole: Shoes should not bend at the middle and back part of the shoe. Sole should be flexible at the toes only.
  • Firm Heel Counter: A firm heel counter is very important to prevent overpronation and in stabilizing gait.

Shoes with a soft sole but with firm support accommodates the flat feet well, even when walking on a rugged terrain. Rubber shoes for persons working outdoors, as they act as shock absorbers even when one takes a leap. This characteristic is evident in ADRENALINE ASR 12. The good thing with these shoes is that they can be used for sporting events, thus making it possible for people with flat feet to participate in the same.

Toe space: persons with flat feet tend to have bigger feet than others. This means they have to shop for bigger shoes. Toe space should be considered when purchasing these shoes to avoid blisters and pains after the day’s events and work. Mizuno Wave Alchemy shoes are known to be spacious especially for persons Pes Planus patients.

Removable footbed: Not many shoes have this capability. Shoes with a removable footbed are ideal for persons who suffer from increased stress in the ankles. The shoe makes it possible for a patient to remove the foot bed when uncomfortable, thus making it more comfortable for the time being. These shoes come with inserts, which are used to uphold flattened arches for increased comfort.
 Running shoes with motion control: You should look for running shoes with best supportive and very rigid motion control shoes if you have severe overpronation.

Some patients with flat feet have to endure pains when walking or racing in outdoor events. If you suffer from these and are an athlete, you then need to look for shoes with motion control. This factor controls foot movement within the shoe, thus minimizing the pains or getting rid of it completely. The New Balance 860 V3 and Saucony Men’s Hurricane 15 have these capabilities and are specially used for sporting activities.

These should be the factors to look for when shopping for shoes for flat feet. Most of these shoes come with gait correction, especially for persons suffering from over pronation. These shoes are readily available in various stores, and can also be bought from online stores. In addition to this, you can have a shoe manufacturing company customize a shoe specifically for your feet, especially if you have an oversized foot, or just want more enhanced features to guarantee comfort and satisfaction. These Shoes can also be used by the person with normal feet, especially if one spends most of the day standing to prevent pronation.


Everybody has different feet, a different stride, and different needs. You might be confused by all of the choices that you have. However, there are a few good ways to figure out which type of shoe is likely to be best for your type of feet.

You might visit shoe stores and try on various shoes to get an idea how they feel. You might also look for reviews on large retail sites, like Amazon, that sell a variety of high-quality shoes. You can find reviews by people who have similar issues, and these can tell you a lot.

  1. So confusing.
    My problem -flat feet,overpronation,
    Standing lots, walking a fair amount
    Early senior years
    Made decision to buy New Balance
    But which too buy ???

    • Please help with a decision.
      Visited NB store several times but still indecisive.

    • Have you tried Brooks Addiction Walker shoes? If not please try those shoes first.The Brooks Addiction Walking shoes has a lot of good reviews.

      New Balance is also a good company. I would recommend 857 v2 cross training shoes because you stand more than walking. These will provide stability for side to side movements. I recommend cross training shoes who stand all day.These offer motion control Roll Bars which will prevent overpronation and help in reducing joint and foot pain. These Cross training shoes can be used for about running two miles, walking and working out at the gym. If you need to run for long distance, then you will need New Balance 1540 v2 running shoes. These running shoes can be used for walking and standing at work.

      The above-mentioned shoes are for flat feet with severe overpronation. They are motion control shoes.

      If you have mild or moderate overpronation, then you can try New Balance 990v4 stability shoes. Try different pairs until you find a perfect fit for your feet. Buy the pair of shoes which are comfortable to your feet. Try to replace your shoes every 6 months.

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