Best Shoes for Nurses on their Feet all Day

Nursing is a job, which necessitates more than 12 hours of standing and walking in just a single shift. This hard-working profession may cause low back pain, heel pain, plantar fasciitis, and other foot and joint problems. The most efficient way to avoid damage to the body and feet is to invest in a pair of best shoes for nurses that offer stability, proper cushioning and an excellent arch support for on their feet all day.

However, comfort is not the only consideration for nurses buying work shoes. The shoes must also have a good grip on wet surfaces as spillages are common in a hospital environment, and the nurse must be able to clean the shoes afterward to maintain rigorous standards of hygiene around sick patients. Also, shoes should be sturdy enough to protect the feet from falling instruments accidently on feet.

If you are a nurse and feel pain in your feet, ankles, knees or back, it may be due to the Overpronation or Underpronation. Please visit the specialty running shoe store or Podiatrist for gait analysis before buying a pair of shoes.


Best Brands of Shoes for Nurses

The top nursing brand shoes are Dansko, Sanita, Crocs, Timberland, Alegria, SAS, Skechers, New Balance, Klogs, Birkenstocks and Nurse mates. APMA approves many styles of Dansko, Sanita, and Crocs. Many shoes on the market today are ideal for nursing. Here are a few of the best shoes for nurses.

Sanita Professional Cabrio Clogs for Women NursesSanita Professional Clogs are APMA approved, slip-resistant and are available in various styles and colors for both men and women. These are one of the best shoes for nurses because they meet the nurse dress code requirement. Sanita shoes are similar to Dansko shoes. Sanita has been manufacturing shoes for nurses and other healthcare professionals over 100 years, but it is only in recent years that their sturdy clogs have become the shoe of choice for many medical professionals. They are extremely durable, which naturally make them good value for money, but most importantly it gives great protection in a working environment where sharp instruments may be dropped.

Sanita Cabrio Features:

  • Upper is full-grain leather that is breathable and protective
  • An excellent arch support has built inside this shoe
  • Instep is reinforced and provides additional cushioning
  • Heel lifts as you walk for maximum comfort
  • The tread design of polyurethane outsole is slip resistant
  • Wide toe box which is great for bunions

These Sanita Clogs provide excellent cushioning and arch support to nurses who walk and stand all day. They are slip resistant on wet and oily surfaces. Many nurses feel that these are the best brand of working shoe because they are so comfortable – a fact which is reflected by Sanita’s American Podiatric Medical Association approval. The supportive footbed molds comfortably to the arch of the foot and has a shock absorbent sole to minimize trauma to the feet. According to customer’s reviews, Sanita shoes are snug than Dansko and they fit better. I think, it depends on the shape of your feet.

There are both men’s and women’s shoes in the range, which are carefully tailored to ensure optimum fitting. The Celina and men’s professional oil clog are both handmade, which can lead to subtle differences in sizing. Therefore, many customers note that they had to purchase a different size than they normally take.

Dansko Professional Clogs for Nurses Standing All Day

Similar to Sanita shoes, Dansko is a favorite brand, and one of the best shoes for nurses because they provide arch support, shock absorption with good cushion and prevent their feet from injuries from sharp objects which can not penetrate through the tough leather. They have wide toe box with rocker outsole. They offer the variety of styles in clogs, mary jane, and sneakers in different colors including white. They have stylish dress shoes, sneakers and sandals for everyone according to their needs.

You will love the look of the Dansko  Professional available in a softer feel with a slip resistant outsole, and the unbeatable experience of the comfort brings to its dual density footbed. Dansko Professional carries the APMA (American Podiatry Medical Association) Seal of Acceptance. The outsole of these clogs is slip resistance but are not certified.

Dansko professional clogs designed with all day comfort in mind. The heel of the Dansko Pro measures 1.5 inches, and the platform is 1 inch high. The shoes are made out of leather and should last for years. The materials are carefully selected to last a long time and provide you with all the comfort you need. You can also find many different colors and designs for these clogs if you do not want to wear classic colors.

Dansko Professional Patent ClogDansko Professional Patent Clogs provide firm arch support and firm heel counter to support the flat feet for nurses who are on their feet all day. The upper is made of extremely durable leather that makes it a perfect shoe for all kind of workplaces. The padded footbed will keep you comfortable all day long. The toe box is roomy that will give you a lot of space to wiggle the toes. The polyurethane internal frame corrects overpronation and provides the lateral stability. The wide heel also helps in stabilizing the gait. The TPU heel counter helps in moving heel up and down and provides lateral stability.
If you have flat feet and need shoes to correct overpronation, Try Dansko professional patent shoes. Approved by APMA, these are great shoes for nurses who need support and comfort all day long.

Dansko XP Pro is the newer line of clogs that look similar to Dansko professional stapled clogs. Find out the difference between the Dansko professional stapled and Dansko Pro XP Clogs. Men nurses could look at Dansko Men’s Wayne because it has a water resistant and slips resistant sole plus all other comfort features you expect from this popular brand.  Dansko shoes are beneficial in Plantar Fasciitis, Metatarsalgia, joint pains, and back aches. The construction of these shoes tends to minimize the problem and keep other problems from developing.

Although many nurses love clogs because of their tough, durable exterior, others find the style of the shoe too stiff. Therefore, medical professionals who are looking for a more flexible and lightweight shoe may look at sneaker style working shoes such as Dansko’s Elise range. These sneakers have excellent padding and great arch support, so the wearer should still feel comfortable even after working a double shift. But what sets these shoes apart from many of the other best shoes for nurses on feet all day is how stylish they look. The Elise comes in a range of colors and heel heights, which boosts their fashion credentials but still keeps the shoes within professional limits. They are the perfect choice for people who don’t want to sacrifice style for function. They are slip resistant which makes them perfect for nurses and doctors who are on their feet all day.

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes for Severe Overpronation with Flat Feet

Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Addiction Walker

The Brooks Addiction Walker Shoe is among the best shoes for nurses on the open market today that provides a lot of support for flat feet and overpronation. These shoes are, of course, constructed with slip-resistant soles intended to keep a user from slipping on a slick surface, which is nearly every surface in a modern hospital. These are also unapologetically athletic shoes. Given as even young and healthy nurses in peak physical condition find the profession training, it should go without saying that wearing athletic shoes as a nurse is not only acceptable professional work clothing, but also a very useful tool for handling the demands of the job.

The shoe provides plenty of cushioning for the human foot, which is extremely useful for users who are on their feet most of the day like all nurses are. Among other extras inside the Brooks Addiction Walker Shoe is their side support, consisting of a firm medial end support, intended to prevent the sort of severe overpronation that many nurses fall prey to after working at the job for a while. The overall support offered by the shoe also assists in the process of naturally realigning bones in the foot and ankle, always a valuable thing to get reset into a better position in the nursing profession.

These shoes are also useful for reducing pain in the knees, which even spry nurses somethings find themselves succumbing too after too many years on the job. As well, the support offered by the shoe also provides assistant intending to ankle pain and back pain, two hazards of the nursing profession that grow over the years one works in the field. Customers have many rave reviews of these shoes, many of them praising the comfort level of the shoes, particularly over the course of months or years. Read a detailed review of Brooks Addiction Walker here.

We also recommend this shoe for Overweight Nurses because these shoes offer a Linear platform for Obese people. Try these shoes if you overpronate, you will not be disappointed.

Klogs Mission Shoes for Women Nurses

Klogs Mission Shoes for Women NursesIf you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you’ll want comfortable shoes that you can wear while working on your feet all day. You’ll appreciate that you don’t have to look far. The Mission Clog from Klogs has it all.

A smooth leather upper that also features a dual side goring which provides you with a comfortable and flexible fit that is customized. The lighter padding that is around the collar and the instep offer you a bit of cushioning for more delicate areas of your feet. You already know that Klogs Komfort shoes offer a footbed that provides not only cushioning as well as arch support. Your working feet will be cushioned with every step that you take. Latex-free, these are also antimicrobial so your feet will stay clean and dry and free of odor. These shoes are lightweight, and you won’t feel like you’re wearing lead shoes with every step that you take. The Maxum slip-resistant outsole meets or exceeds all of the standards for ASTM which means that you have stability and a firm foundation on wet or oily flooring.

According to the sizing instructions, women are to order their normal size and men should order their shoes in one size larger and wide. For half sizes, order one-half size up. With a heel height of 1 and 1/4 inch weight of 11 ounces, these are an ideal shoe with removable insoles for orthotics. You’ll appreciate the arch support. Some say these run big so keep this in mind when ordering.

A flexible sole and soft upper these are an ideal choice if you’re going to be on your feet all day.
Easy to clean and many reviewers state that they don’t have to break this shoe in at all before wearing.

Keen Utility Shoes of Women Nurses

Keen Utility Shoes for Women NursesThis shoe offers a platform of 3/4 inches and meets or exceeds ASTM for non-slip standards. The compression molded EVA midsole provides a keen cush support and memory foam footbed. They are ideal as a non-slip shoe in oil and water, and they are also water resistant. These shoes tend to run small so you’ll want to order your one-half shoe size up. Sleek and not bulky, these are a nice shiny shoe, and they’re easy to clean and wipe off. These uppers are soft and full of padding, so your feet are comfortable from the moment that you put them on.

Soft and comfortable insoles offer your feet plenty of cushioning of whatever you’re standing on. Ideal for anyone who must stand on hard flooring all day. These shoes offer a professional look without the high price. Ideal fit and very lightweight, these shoes offer your feet great support, and they are super easy to clean. They provide an exceptional grip on wet or oily greasy floors. Comfort and durable, you’ll appreciate the care that’s gone into making these shoes. They do not, however, offer much of an arch support. You may have to add in an additional arch support if you struggle with higher arches.

All in all, this is an ideal work shoe that offers comfort and quality all in one. You’ll look professional while still wearing a comfortable shoe for standing on your feet all day.

When you’re a nurse and on your feet all day, you want the best shoes for nurses. You don’t have time to break your new shoes in and you don’t have the time to look all over town for your work shoes. These shoes both offer you the best of both worlds. Comfort and durability with a hint of style. You won’t have to feel like you’re wearing military boots while you’re at work.

 Skechers Shoes for Nurses On Feet

Skechers work shoes provide excellent arch support and cushioning. Many Skechers work shoes offer removable footbed and slip-resistant soles. Many styles offer memory foam in their insoles.

Skechers for Work Energy Sector shoes have the stylish look of traditional sneakers but are made in a practical slip-on style. The cushioning on the footbed is unparalleled, and there is additional padding around the ankle collar for extra comfort. Skechers also make great shoes for male workers, such as the Skechers for Work Solace Shoe for Men. These have an ASTM certification, meaning that they are safe for use in oily and wet conditions.  The removable footbed can help if you have any problem in your feet. The memory foam insert can be removed so that a custom orthotic insole can be added.

Skechers Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Work Shoe for Wide Feet

Skechers Shoes for nurses

These shoes are part of the Relaxed Fit collection and are one of the affordable and best shoes for nurses on their feet all day.  The full-length memory foam footbed molds to the shape of the feet and creates a custom fit for the individual’s foot. The memory foam insoles provide superior cushioning and support all day long for those extraordinary long shifts. The durable leather uppers and side stitching ensure that the shoe will last for a long time to come. The interior of the shoe has a soft fabric lining for added comfort. The insole is removable and is topped with memory foam for the best all day comfort and cushioning for superior shock absorption.

The midsole provides the best protection and shock absorption. The rubber outsole is slip-resistant and OHSA compliant, offering traction and flexibility. If there are any slippery spots of substances on the floor, these shoes will provide superior protection in that the person will not slip in the spill. These shoes meet the nurse uniform code requirements and have smooth leather uppers which ensure that they are durable and offer superior protection. Smooth leather is also a material that is very easy to clean and can be easily wiped clean if there are any body fluids or blood on the shoes. The shoes can be cleaned up before the nurse goes home after her shift.

The relaxed fit feature of these shoes offers a more comfortable and roomier fit. The clog is light weight and is not chunky. These shoes are ideal for those who suffer from joint pain or back pain because of the custom fit provided by the memory foam which helps to align the feet and the legs into a more normal position. Many nurses choose memory foam shoes because they provide the comfort and support that are needed for long shifts on feet all day.

 Crocs Mercy Clogs for Women Nurses

crocs mercy for nurses

Crocs clogs are extremely practical and are loved by people in the medical profession. They are recognized by the APMA as meeting high podiatric standards, so their comfort is assured. But the Mercy range is also aimed at the specific needs of women nurses because the shoes are odor resistant and anti-microbial. The only criticism of the shoe is that the sizing is very large, so many women will need to order a size down. Male nurses may prefer to look at the Bistro range of clogs. These have the same comfortable and practical slip-on style and are easy to wipe clean if any spills occur.

The advantage of many Crocs shoes over other brands is that they are very easy to clean and even washable.

The outsole is slip resistant and provides stability. These nursing shoes are super comfortable and one of the most affordable and best shoes for nurses that are made of quality material and are approved by APMA.

Crocs Bistro Mario Batali Edition Clog for Men Nurses

Men nurses looking for Crocs shoes can pick a pair from a collection of Bistro Clogs. They feature the brand’s proprietary Croslite “closed cell resin,” which enable them to provide the wearer with a unique walking experience.  They are ideal for casual wear but have gained popularity among people in jobs that require long standing.  They are particularly attractive for recreational use when boating, gardening, or hiking.

Alegria Women’s Alli Professional Shoe – For women

Alegria Women's Alli Professional Shoe

Alegria is another leading brand when it comes to the best shoes for nurses. The Alegria Alli meets the practical needs of the hospital environment, as they are well cushioned, stain resistant and have a non-slip sole. But they are also great for women who are looking for a slightly more unique or trendy style, as the Alli comes in a wide range of colors and eye-catching patterns.

They are made of super soft leather which is stain resistant. These shoes can be wiped off easily with damp cloth. The leather is breathable and keeps your feet dry. The PU outsole is slip resistant that helps to reduce pressure in metatarsal and heel areas. The outsole is also rocker bottom which helps in walking. They come with removable insoles, and you can insert your orthotics if you have the problem in your feet.The insoles are made of memory foam cork bed material and provide an excellent shock absorption. Male nurses or doctors should check out Alegria’s Men Oxford style shoes. These smart and professional looking shoes are practical, but also extremely comfortable and are compatible with custom orthotics.

The following features stand out with these shoes:

  • Toe box with ample room for stretching and movement
  •  Leather-covered latex footbed with memory foam for cushioned comfort
  •  Anatomically correct, removable insole, for custom orthotics.
  •  Lightweight biodegradable inner rocker sole
  •  Broad heel for stability

This shoe brand is good for nurses with wide feet and bunions. They are also stylish and come in a variety of colors and prints. They come with a removable, anatomically correct insole too.

 New Balance 626v2 work shoe for nurses

Not only you are on your feet all day and need support for comfort but also as a nurse, you’re in need of maximum stability. And, this is one of the important features that the New Balance 626 provides. The N-ERGY midsole offers excellent shock absorption, and this shoe is known for its breathability, which helps you when you’re in your shoes all day.

These cross-training shoes are made from leather, and they feature a slip resistant rubber sole that has been tested under ASTM F 2913-11, which is a guarantee of anti-slip protection even on oily or soapy floors.  The slip resistant rubber outsole is one of the best in the industry, so it’s not a surprise that many nurses choose these shoes to keep safe at work.The internal shank offers additional stability, and the cushioning is extremely comfortable. It is also the preferred shoe of many athletes, thanks to its outstanding properties and cool look.

If you want a professional shoe that comes with all comfort benefits but doesn’t compromise on style, the New Balance 626 Service Shoe is one of the best choices available. These shoes feature a midfoot cushioning which is extremely efficient in absorbing shocks while the Walking Strike Path technology stabilizes the foot as you step.

MOZO Shoes for Nurses

The Mozo Shoes come in a variety of styles, and all Mozo shoes offer slip-resistant outsoles. They are the right choice for those people who work in a hospital. They are slip-on shoes, and they have a more professional look than some of the other choices. Ventilation helps keep feet cool too.

Mozo Forza for women and men are made of upper leather. They are slip on shoes. The midsole which is of full length offers superior cushioning. They also provide gel insole for extra cushioning.  The outsole is slip resistant, and they have toe cap for protection toes.

They also come in slip resistant canvas sneakers for men and women. They are stylish and comfortable for standing and walking all day. They offer many colors.


The manufacturers of Nurse Mates Dove have been providing innovative shoes to the industry for more than fifty years.  Their use of premium, top quality, full grain leather for comfort and durability have made Nurse Mates shoes the first choice for professionals who work long hours and seek style and comfort in their footwear.

Nurse Mates Dove is an excellent choice if you have to follow a strict dress code. These shoes look like simple clogs, but they are designed for motion control and feel very comfortable. These shoes are lightweight, flexible and have a stain-resistant finish. The heel is 1 4/8 inches high, and the shoes have rubber inserts that will make them last longer.

This list should help you select the ideal shoes. You need to choose a pair of shoes that is adapted to your overpronation. Keep in mind that you can easily improve a couple of shoes by adding some insoles tailored to your overpronation.

Nurse Mates Meredith features:

  •          Slip resistant bottoms
  •         Full grain leather uppers
  •         Comfort technology
  •         Double gore slip-proof soles
  •           All day custom fit
  •         Stain resistant uppers
  •        Pillow top, removable, insole, for replacement, when necessary
  •        One inch heel height to put a spring in your step

These shoes are designed specifically for nurses in mind. They are slip-on shoes, and they come in a variety of color choices. They are also one of the most affordable brands that have been specifically designed for nurses in mind.

Nurse Mate specializes in catering to the needs of the medical profession, and their Dove slip-on loafer is particularly popular with nurses. The shoe is easy to clean with stain resistant leather upper, and it has a rubber sole, which gives good traction on all surfaces. The majority of wearers find the shoes very comfortable, but some people with podiatric problems find there is insufficient arch support.

SAS Shoes for Nurse

If you a nurse on feet for 12-16 hours, SAS shoes for nurses will provide you comfort. They will prevent the foot injury by preventing the pressure points on the ball of the foot and heel because of the Tripad cushioning. The roomy toe box and snug heel will further add the comfort. The odor resistant washable and removable footbed will help the feet bacteria free.

Nursing is a profession that is well-respected and recognized throughout the world. Nurses are found in a variety of settings these days such as hospitals, nursing homes, military, nursing schools and home care facilities. Tending to a sick individual is not an easy task in any way. Any caregiver will attest to the dedication and hard work required to make their profession a success. A contemporary nurse is responsible for taking care of at least four to six patients per shift. Each shift may last from eight to ten hours the least. This is why a nurse should take care of themselves to ensure that they stay healthy to provide the best care possible to their patients.

The nursing profession requires constant moving and standing for long hours at a stretch. This is why nurses should specifically care about their feet. This is where a nurse would need the most comfortable shoes for walking and standing all day long. SAS Comfort is the shoe-of-choice when it comes to working a 12-16 hour shift. This article provides a comprehensive review of SAS shoes for nurses.

There are numerous reasons that nurses love SAS shoes. The shoes are made of high-quality materials that are extremely supportive to your feet. Also, they require a very little break-in time for that matter. Even though the leather is very soft, it is durable enough to withstand the pressures of the profession. The variety in width and breadth makes the shoes suitable to a wider audience, unmatched by any other brand of shoes on the market. The cushioning and arch support options provide the utmost comfort to the wearer. The lace-up provides a perfect fit for your feet. The midsoles and insoles of the shoes are packed with anti-moisture, and air bubble features to help keep your feet cool and relaxed at all times. Nurses can easily slip and fall since they have to walk on slippery surfaces at times. This is why the bottom of SAS Comfort Shoes is equipped with anti-slip protection material to prevent slip and fall accidents. This is why so many users are speaking highly of this product. You may find so many positive reviews and testimonials for this product on online in nursing forums. Their users have highly rated the product. In fact, the majority of them say that SAS has been able to include all the features mentioned above and create a shoe that looks very professional and great for the nursing profession.

SAS shoes are not only for nurses. Anyone employed in similar working conditions can benefit from SAS shoes for nurses. This is why the product has been creating quite a buzz on the market since the last few months. If you are looking for the best shoes for standing and walking for long hours, you may not find anything better than SAS comfort shoes. According to a recent poll, the Americans trust their nurses more than any other profession in the country. That includes their lawyers, teachers and even doctors. In fact, nursing is all about providing the highest quality care. So, why don’t you take your nurse’s recommendations and buy a pair of SAS comfort shoes today?

 Timberland Professional

Timberland PRO Renova Professional slip-on shoes are designed specifically for healthcare women professionals who spend long hours standing and walking.

Timberland has a long history of making shoes for workers, and their nursing range is growing in popularity due to the superior design of the shoes. The Timberland Renova for women incorporates a range of anti-fatigue technology, all of which is designed to protect the feet and promote good spine health. The heel to toe rocker sole decreases pressure to the balls of the feet, but also facilitates healthy joint motion to minimize strain on the body. SafeGrip technology (slip resistant) gives the excellent outsole traction on wet and dry surfaces, for enhanced stability.

Timberland Renova is one of the most popular among nurses and hospital staff. They are available only in few colors including white and black colors.

The male equivalent of the Renova is the Timberland soft toe. This uses the same anti-fatigue design features as the women’s shoe and incorporates a fiberglass shank for added support. The leather upper is treated with Scotchgard protection, to make it hygienic and stain resistant.

Timberland’s brand name is famous for its anti-fatigue technology. Timberland PRO Renova Clogs are a popular choice for women; Timberland PRO Meurice Men’s Five Star Shoe is men’s shoe to consider from this brand. If you suffer from aching feet at the end of the long day, this brand might be the solution for you.

All in all, they are comfortable, slip resistant, provide support and stability.

Birkenstock Unisex Boston Soft Footbed Clog

If your arches are low or have flat feet, then look for soft footbed in Birkenstock Unisex Boston Soft Footbed Clog. They are not certified slip resistant, but the rubber outsole provides grip on the floor(do not use these in a restaurant kitchen). These  Clogs are enclosed to protect your feet. They are great shoes for flat feet with excellent arch support and cushioning.

These shoes require two weeks of breaking in of wearing it regularly, and they are the most durable and comfortable shoes. If you work all day as a nurse, and you need supportive, comfortable and durable shoes, then these are the shoes for you. These can be wiped off easily.

Are Running Shoes Good for Nurses on their feet all day?

Running shoes provide more cushioning than walking and cross training shoes, but they do not offer good arch support for working on feet all day. They are mostly made of mesh instead of leather. Therefore, they will not protect your feet from spillage of body fluids. Cross trainers are the good option because of the stability they provide.


There are some different brands of nursing shoes that all claim to be the best choice for aches and pains that some nurses must endure. Therefore, it is important to make certain that your shoes are comfortable, no matter what brand you select.

To select the comfortable shoes, it’s certainly less complex if your workplace has no restrictions regarding nursing footwear, allowing you a broader range of choices. Finding the most comfortable nursing shoes with medical safety restrictions can not be difficult if you select a brand that makes shoes especially for nurses such as Dansko and Sanita.

Memory Foam Shoes for Nurses

An excellent choice for footwear for nurses is memory foam shoes. These shoes are supportive and cradle the foot, making allowances for any sensitive areas. Memory foam shoes for nurses are highly sought after and suitable for long nursing shifts because they are comfortable and durable. They tend to spring back after they are taken off at the end of the day so that the shoe is ready to go for the next shift.

What Nursing Shoe Brands offer Memory Foam in Shoes?

Memory foam work shoes are some of the finest options available to those who want something that is comfortable and able to handle the stresses of constantly being on the move. Dansko, Alegria, and Skechers are the three nursing shoe brands offering memory foam in their shoes and clogs.


Nurses can be on their feet 10-12 hours at a time, which can cause considerable injury that can lead to foot deformities, back pain, and even plantar fasciitis if they are wearing the wrong shoes. Choosing the right nursing shoes will depend on your character and personal preferences such as price, style, comfort, resilience, and foot counting back problems and diabetic feet.

The nursing profession will have you standing and walking all day to take care of patients. As a result, your pace differs from a steady gait to rapidity, placing unimaginable pressure on feet. Due to the consistent stress and unforgiving heel pounding, plantar fasciitis is developed.

Today there are specifically designed nursing shoes with advanced technology that offer an arch support, and cushion so that you are comfortable while working your shift. Below you will find a brief buying guide to help you make better choices so that your foot pain is reduced or eliminated.

What to look for when shopping for a Best shoes for nurses?

Foot and back pain is a common complaint among nurses who spend many hours on feet. Common causes of foot pain are as follow:

  • Standing all day
  • Overweight
  • Foot problem. Proper evaluation of feet by a podiatrist is recommended before buying a right pair of shoes.


Choosing the ideal pair of nursing shoes can be overpowering considering all the many technologically advanced shoes on the market today. The forceful marketing techniques used by large shoe companies and all the extras added to the list in each shoe description can confuse anyone whether they are in the nursing profession or not!

For most people, their choice of footwear frequently depends on upon varying factors such as celebrity endorsement and style. Many people will head directly to the bargaining table to search for the ideal shoe to ease their aching feet. On the other hand, there are those who believe that because a shoe is expensive, it must be the best and comfortable shoe for standing all day.

Keep in mind, your choice of work shoe will be a vital part of your working experience. Moreover, there is no one “best shoe,” since each person has mildly different requirements with different foot shapes.

Simple Steps to Make Sure You Choose the Right Nursing Shoe:

The wonderful thing about shoes for nurses is that they are specifically designed for all the stress your feet might encounter in the nursing profession. Though it can be tricky finding the perfect pair, your decisions will be more informed if you know what to look for. For example, nursing clogs and shoes incorporate various features, some that are tremendously important. When selecting a nursing shoe, make sure that you choose a shoe that is most comfortable and durable with fantastic support all day long.


Buy a comfortable nursing shoe. This one factor cannot be stressed enough. Comfortable footwear will decrease pressure, make your job easier, and release your worries about having to soak your feet at the end of the day due to pain.

 Hard-wearing and Durable

You want shoes that won’t fall apart after wearing them a few times. Naturally, it all boils down to how long and often you wear them. A nurse’s job is demanding you will be on your feet quite a bit; therefore, your footwear will wear out faster. To remedy this, purchase several pairs so that you can switch shoes depending on your schedule. Switching a pair of shoes every few days will help them to dry out inside to reduce the odor that happened due to the sweat. However many good brands are offering odor free linings inside the shoes.


You should purchase shoes that offer good arch support. Poor arch support can cause acute pain and great discomfort. Be sure to select shoes with the proper arch support for best comfort results.

Nevertheless, most experts agree, there is no one best brand when it comes to the best shoe for your specific needs. Shoe companies usually separate their shoes into several classifications:

  • Cushioning
  • Stability
  • Motion Control

These choices are fundamentally classified by your biomechanical requirements. Things to consider when selecting a shoe include:

  • Your foot and gait type, Biomechanics
  • Weight
  • Any current injury or any injury within the last twelve months
  • Shoe fit


Your feet are the “sole” and support of your body. Because of this, they play an extremely crucial part in everything that happens to your bodily frame. Feet are created to carry out two functions; to absorb shock, and to form a stiff lever to thrust your body forward for the next step. There are two biomechanical motions involved:


Pronation is “rolling in” and is normal with each step. The foot rolls in so that it can take the impact of the weight of your body with each step.


Supination is “rolling out” and is also normal and needed for each step. The foot rolls back out to align the bones of the arch and shape the stiff lever that helps the body move forward.

Biomechanical issues occur when the foot rolls in too often, over-pronation, or roll-out too much, under-pronation. Many people experiencing discomfort in their feet or legs usually have feet that are over-pronated. Checking your arch height using the “Wet Test” will help you determine what type of arch you have, if any.

Low Arch

Fallen arches or over-pronator feet are best shaped for motion control shoes.

Normal Arch

Normal arch or neutral pronation is best for stability shoes.

High Arch

High arch or under-pronator is best suited for cushioned shoes. Bear in mind that this type of arch is extremely rare and needs more cushioning.

In many instances, people tend to think that if their feet or knees are aching, they need more cushioning. In most instances, your feet are rolling in too much, over pronation. Therefore, there’s no need for additional padding, stabilizing the foot is the best solution.

Shoe Fit:

Even with the information you’ve read so far, you should still go to a specialty store to buy your new shoes. At stores geared toward comfort shoes for your feet, you will encounter assistance from those who are knowledgeable and will help you make the best selection for your needs. If you have a“special” case or if you simply can’t find the right shoe even after visiting a specialty store, you may need the services of a health professional with expertise in the area of foot care.


The more weight you have to carry, the more force you will produce every time you take a step. As a result, you should purchase a shoe that provides cushioning, shock absorption, and stability.


If you are currently injured or have consistent pain in your back, hips, legs, or feet, or you have dealt with an injury in the last twelve months or even the last three to six months, you will require added support for your feet until your injury is healed.

Additional Information To Help You Choose the Most Comfortable Shoes for Nurses:

  • Select closed-toe shoes to prevent body fluids from touching your feet
  • Your shoes should be easy to clean
  • Shoe heels should be under 2-inches, pointed heels should be avoided
  • Check for good cushioning
  • Good arch support is crucial for walking and standing all day
  • Search for APMA approved shoes
  • Make sure your shoes are slip resistant
  • The toe section should be wide to allow free toe movement
  • Replace your shoes every 3-6 months or every 5000 miles walking distance
  • Have several pairs for rotation
  • Check the size of your feet while standing and towards the day’s end. This will help you select a better size as you take swelling into account in your sizing
  • Go to a sports store for runners. Many sports stores can evaluate how you walk and advise you on the proper sports shoes for your gait. If sports shoes are fine with the institution where you work, they can be a fantastic choice if you are frequently on your feet for long periods
  • See the podiatrist any foot problem

 Buy the shoes which meet the requirement of nurses dress code

 Good Fit

Always buy a pair of shoes that fits good on your feet. Do not buy tight or loose shoes. The shoes should be comfortable. Since every person’s feet are different, therefore it may be possible that one brand of shoe that fits your colleague, may not fit you.

 Insert Insoles for extra cushioning and arch support

Always try to buy shoes with removable insoles. You should replace insoles frequently, and they can be purchased online or at a local store.

4. Buy shoes which are made specifically for nurses such as Dansko, Sanita, Crocs Mercy Clogs, Timberland Renova, Nurse Mates and New Balance 626. The best place to get the best nursing shoes is at an athletic shoe store, or nursing scrubs and shoe specialist. The staffs at the stores are usually trained to help clients choose the right shoes according to their needs.

5. Measure your feet at the end of the day when your feet are swollen after long hours of standing.

6. Some companies require some specifications on the shoes worn by the employees. Nurse students in most cases are always called for to wear white shoes. Read the company manual about their specifications; find out the things that are not required on the shoes, for instance, piping and many others.

7. Enclosed shoes are better for nurses. Shoes with openings or holes are not recommendable due to the nature of the profession, the nurses handle fluids, and other dangerous chemicals and do not want to make any contact with the feet.

8. Heels should be less than 2 inches

9. Always try the shoes at the store before buying. This way you only buy nicely fitting, not very loose or tight. You need space for the toes to wiggle at the tip of the shoes. Take a walk in the shoes to test before giving your money. Always consider arch support when buying.

10. Rotate your shoes during the week and in between shifts

11. Overweight nurses exert more pressure on their feet. As a result, they require shoes built with shock absorbing properties along with cushioning capabilities and enhanced stability for protecting feet from injuries.

12. Replace the shoes every 3-6 months

13. Slip resistant shoes

Whatever nursing shoe you opt for, it is a good idea to have your feet measured after you have finished your shift, rather than on your day off. This is because your feet can swell slightly after standing all day, and you may need a larger size.

Typical floor nurses might spend twelve or more hours on their feet during a typical shift. During that time, uncomfortable or cheap shoes can become torture because they might rub, fail to provide enough support or even slip off. Not only could poor shoes leave a nurse with aching feet, but they could also even lead to actual foot problems over time. Bad shoes, or shoes that do not fit well, can also contribute to fatigue.

If you have to stand and walk on a hard surface all day, you can aggravate existing foot problems if you do not have proper shoes. Even if you have never had problems with your feet before, wearing the wrong shoes can cause them. This applies in particular if you are on your feet most of the day. Consider some of the best brands and models of shoes to support and protect your feet.

A modest investment in a good pair of nursing shoes might be the best decision that nurses ever make. Besides aching feet, nurses have to consider the environment that they work in. The floors of hospitals and other medical centers get contaminated with body fluids, chemicals, and even toxins from time to time. Nurses need slip-resistant shoes that are capable of holding up under possibly adverse conditions.

These shoes also have to do a very good job of protecting a nurse’s feet from spills or other types of accidents.


When it comes to the best shoes for nurses, it can get complicated. However, with a bit of knowledge and understanding of what you “need” compared to what you “want,” you are well on your way to selecting the perfect nursing shoe. Just pay attention to your feet, and you will be just fine!


The Most comfortable shoes for nurses are usually sturdy, designed with comfort in mind, and durable. It can be hard to select the right shoes with so many choices available in stores and the net. However, several companies produce affordable shoes that can hold up for a long day at work. Consider this summary and list of brands that are popular with nurses and others who need to work on their feet all day.

Note that selections for male and female nurses are included in this list. Some look more like gym shoes, but others are stylish enough to be worn with business clothes. This can be useful if you need to perform different types of functions during a working day. This can also be helpful if you want to wear the same shoes at work that you wear to dinner.


You might also decide to select some of these shoes such as Dansko and Timberland because they offer Removable footbed inserts. That means that it is easy and comfortable to insert other types of inserts to address specific problems. This is true if you have special inserts from your doctor or simply purchased a pair at the closest pharmacy.

For example, you can purchase special inserts for cushioning and support. The brands that offer removable footbeds include Dansko, Timberland, Nurse Mate, and Sketchers.

Where Can You Find Good Nurse’s Shoes For Men And Women?

You might be able to find some good shoes at your local department or shoe store. It might be easier to shop online because you can relax in the comfort of your home and browse a huge selection of shoes. Good eCommerce sites should display accurate descriptions and also offer to return shoes that do not fit right once you try them on at home.

 My opinion

I would recommend Dansko XP Pro because they are made especially for nurses to prevent injuries due to the falling of instruments, spills of blood, vomitus and other body fluids. They can be wiped off and cleaned easily.  They are odorless due to the antibacterial inner lining and have prominent arch support for all day standing and walking on the concrete floor. They are orthotic friendly too and durable.

According to some reviews at Amazon, some nurses feel discomfort due to hard leather and they like Timberland Renova instead.

If you work as a nurse, you contribute a lot to your community. Lots of people count on you during a typical working day. It is only fitting that you do the right thing for yourself. That is, you should buy yourself a durable, safe, and comfortable pair of best shoes for nurses on feet all day.

All these shoes offer great non-skid soles which mean that you can easily keep your footing no matter what you’re standing on. Sometimes this can be problematic, and you can lose your balance and fall. Not with either of these shoes.

Take time to get your feet the care they need by checking these shoes out for style and comfort. Your feet feel will feel much better after you’ve worn one of these pairs of shoes all day long while on shift.

Whether you’re on your feet for five hours or 12 hours, you deserve the best shoes for nurses.


    • Alegria, Dansko Professional Clogs and Brooks Addiction Walker(for flat feet with severe overpronation). Any shoe with stiff sole and good cushioning may work.

  2. I am a chef.
    The dansko clog is what eventually caused my issue. Now I am over pronated and cannot find a shoe to accomodate my problem. There are days when I can barely walk.

    • As a chef you need slip resistant shoes with good arach support and good cushioning. Brooks Addiction walker is the best but is not recommended slip resistant to work in a kitchen. However, you can wear Brooks addiction walker at home. I suggest you see the podiatrist and have a custom made arch support for your feet. You can try GEL-Foundation Workplace slip resistant shoes. Birkenstocks soft sole slip resistant shoes may also help.

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