Best Shoes for Overweight Women

If you are an overweight woman and feel pain in the feet, legs or back at the end of the day, perhaps it’s because you’re wearing the wrong shoes without much arch support and cushion. There are so many walking shoes available for women today that one would be hard-pressed to find the best shoes for overweight women. To make it easier for you to decide upon the right walking and running shoes, we’ve put this list of shoes together for you. Before you buy a pair of shoes, it is essential you understand how extra weight can damage your feet.

First of all, you should understand how obesity can damage the foot and ankle joints which lead to more gain in weight due to difficulty in walking. The more weight gain will put additional pressure on your feet which stretches out the foot ligaments resulting in fallen arches and overpronation problems.  These overpronation and flat feet problems over time can lead to plantar fasciitis, ankle sprains, fracture of leg bones and pain at the ball of the foot. To counteract the foot pressure, you need to shed some extra pounds by wearing the proper footwear during walking and running.

To buy a perfect pair of shoes, it is important that you know your arch type and pronation style. First of all, you need to be evaluated for your foot arch and gait which can quickly be done at home with a wet test and by looking at the sole of the worn out shoes. An alternative way to do it by visiting a Podiatrist or a specialty running shoe store. Some women may have neutral gait with flat feet, and on the other hand, some women may have high arches with underpronation. Wearing right shoes for your foot condition will realign your feet to normal position and alleviating the foot pain, knee pain, and back pain.

Shoe Inserts: You can try these Powerstep Insoles if you have shoes with removable insoles. Also, custom orthotics could help with severe foot problems.

Best Shoes for Overweight Women

One might search online for hours and in brick and mortar stores for even longer when trying to decide which ones to purchase. This list consists of walking shoes, running shoes and work shoes for overweight women.

Here are three types of shoes that we recommend according to the foot arch type and pronation style. They are mostly running shoes that you can also use for walking. We have listed few walking shoes as well. Do not wear walking shoes for running but you can use running shoes for walking.

These shoes provide support and cushioning as well as wide width because many overweight people may have wide feet.

Neutral Cushioning Shoes for Weight less than 182 pounds with normal or high arches

If your weight is less than 182 pounds, have normal arches, high arches, normal pronation or underpronation, use Neutral cushioning shoes. These shoes are flexible with minimal support but with a lot of cushioning. These shoes are lightweight because they do not contain motion control elements. They are used for orthotic inserts. Use stability shoes if you are above 182 pounds.

Asics GEL-Venture 5 Women’s Trail Running Neutral Shoe – Normal Pronation and Underpronation

Asics GEL-Venture 5The Asics GEL-Venture 5 are running trail shoes available for both men and women. The men’s versions combine darker colors, being predominantly black, gray and blue, while the women’s versions feature brighter colors, such as pink, Aruba blue, Pistachio and Flash Coral. These shoes are recommended for underpronation and neutral pronation.

Like many other types of running shoes, the Asics GEL-Venture 5 features a synthetic, mesh upper, to provide superior foot breathability. The collar line, as well as the tongue, is also made of synthetic material, enriched with a layer of cushioning. The sock-liner is removable. Thus, it permits the accommodation of custom orthotic insoles if necessary. The sock-liner and the interior fabric is anti-bacterial, keeping your feet fresh during the most intense workouts.

As their name suggests, these Asics runners integrate Rearfoot Gel technology, designed to attenuate shock during impact, promoting a linear and smooth transition to midstance. Their outsoles feature a trail-specific design, with reversed lugs to provide excellent downhill or uphill traction, on a wide array of terrains. The outsoles are also AHAR enhanced. AHAR stands for ASICS High Abrasion Rubber. The AHAR elements are placed in the critical areas of the outsoles, to increase their durability.

This is one of the best trail running shoes for overweight women.


  • Lightweight – only 10 OZ
  • The wide toe box but may not accommodate a bunion
  • Good heel Gel cushioning and moderate arch support
  • Breathable
  • The wide base at heel for stability
  • Price is reasonable
  • Removable insole for orthotics
  • Stylish shoes with great colors
  • Good shoes for walking
  • Work for wide feet
  • Cheaper than the other models on the list
  • Excellent traction for various terrains such as dirt, gravel, and pavement


  • Run small. Order half a size larger
  • May not work for extra wide feet
  • They are narrow at the heel
  • The arch support is moderate. You can use Powerstep insoles if you need more arch support
  • You may feel little stiff and snug in the beginning, but they will mold to your feet and will become comfortable

These shoes will work great if you have narrow, standard or wide feet, high arches with or without underpronation, normal arches with the painful heel. It will also work for you if you have a narrow heel and wide forefoot. It probably will not work for extra wide feet.

Asics GEL-Quantum 180 2 Women’s Cushioning Running Shoe

Asics GEL-Quantum 180 2The Asics GEL-Quantum 180 2 is also recommended for underpronation and neutral pronation. It comes with several improvements over the older, 180 model. It’s a running shoe featuring an upper that combines welded mesh, synthetic and textile elements. It’s an upper designed to provide superior breathability; the vamp section consists of a highly breathable mesh material, while the side panels also have several perforations to enhance the airflow inside the shoe.

This running shoe features a lace-up closure with standard eyelets. Its tongue and collar are richly padded to provide maximum comfort. The shoe is lined with cushioned COMFORDRYô X-40 sock liner which has exceptional moisture wicking properties, and along with the highly breathable upper will keep your feet dry and fresh for the duration of your walk or jog. Also, the seamless construction of the forefoot helps eliminate any irritation.

The Asics GEL-Quantum 180 2 is orthotic-friendly; in other words, its original footbed is removable so you can replace it with your custom orthotics. However, the included footbed offers excellent cushioning, as well as a deep heel cup for rear foot stability.

This Asics running sneaker integrates Rearfoot and Forefoot GelÆ technology; the sole is designed for shock absorption, allowing movement in multiple planes as your foot passes through the gait cycle. The midsole is made of Solyte material, which is lighter than standard EVA and SpEVA midsoles. The Trusstic SystemÆ inside the sole helps in reducing its weight while also retaining its structural integrity. This being said, the shoe is extremely light, so the fatigue percentage related to wearing these shoes is almost inexistent.

The outsole is made of AHARÆ rubber, designed to provide superior traction. It’s highly flexible, adapting perfectly to the motion of your foot. Finally, there are several models available for the GEL-Quantum 180 2 sneakers from Asics in many colors.

NIKE AIR ZOOM VOMERO 12 Women’s Cushioning Running Shoe

NIKE AIR ZOOM VOMERO 12The Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 features a composite sole that integrates a dual density midsole for cushioning. There are Zoom Air units in the forefoot and heel which adds a bouncy feel to your stride, propelling you forward with every step.

The midsole features a soft Lunar core and a slightly firmer Cushlon carrier to promote a smooth transition. The Cushlon material is a mix of phylon and rubber additives. It’s lightweight, responsive and another element that contributes to the overall bouncy feel of the shoe. The Lunar core combines EVA and nitrile rubber, it is 30% lighter than regular EVA and has the role of distributing pressure for an even impact across the foot.

The outsole is different from former models. The rubber has been replaced by a lightweight foam, which delivers a much more durable traction on any surface, the transition being smoother and more silent. The only rubber element on the outsole is at the heel; its role is to adds reinforcement to this area. The outsole of this Nike Air sneaker has been put to a trial of 100 miles and shown no signs of wear.

When it comes to the upper, the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 features a mesh construction, combining textile and synthetic materials, to provide superior breathability and keep your feet cool during long runs, jogs or walks. It has a lace-up closure with Flywire cables integrate with the laces to deliver a secure and durable fit.

The upper of this Nike running sneaker does integrate a lot of cushioning, so when you put it on you feel that it’s going to be a soft ride. The collar and tongue are thickly padded, eliminating the possibility of blister formation or chafing. And naturally, the inside lining features moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry for the duration of your exercise.

There are many colors available for the Nike Air Zoom Vomero 12 for women.

Brooks Dyad 9 Women’s Neutral Running Shoes for Overweight with underpronation, Flat Feet

Brooks Dyad 9One last running sneaker designed with a neutral platform for normal and under pronation that we’re going to put on this list (at least for now), is the Dyad 9 from Brooks. This running sneaker features a BioMoGo DNA responsive midsole with a gender-friendly cushioning design which promotes a dynamic ride. It integrates dual arch pods which improve stability. It also has heel segmented crash pads, to absorb shock and deliver a smoother transition.

The rubber outsole is lightweight and durable. It features multiple lugs which promote a superior grip, which leads to an excellent overall traction.

The interior of the Dyad 9 is padded with a highly breathable lining with moisture wicking properties, which delivers a great in-shoe feel, even if worn directly on the skin. The footbed is removable, so you can replace it with your orthotic if you have to. However, the original insole offers optimal, light cushioning with a deep heel cup for extra rearfoot stability, so there might be no need for you to replace it. It’s an insole ideal for orthotic wearers and flat-footed athletes.

The upper of the Brooks Dyad 9 Neutral combines textile and synthetic mesh elements. It’s designed for maximum breathability and flexibility. It incorporates cushioning elements under the vamp, and extra cushioning at the collar and tongue for a snug fit and zero abrasion. The toe area is reinforced with a synthetic element, which considerably boosts the durability of this shoe.

Like many other running sneakers, the Dyad 9 Neutral features a classic lace-up closure. Its eyelets are reinforced for extra durability. And finally, there currently are two version of this shoe, one being the Ombre Blue/Festival Fuchsia/Mood Indigo, and the other the Primer Grey/Capri Breeze/Silver.

These neutral running shoes are for underpronation or no pronation with flat feet. They have more cushioned insoles than some of the other styles. They are also built on a linear platform which makes them perfect for heavy runners.

Stability Shoes for weight above 182 Pounds or Mild to Moderate Overpronation

 These shoes offer a combination of medial foot support with cushioning to support the feet. These shoes offer more support than neutral cushioning shoes and they are for mild to moderate overpronation with flat feet. These shoes are suitable for women who are above 182 pounds with normal pronation and normal arches.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 Women’s Stability Running Shoe

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is a sneaker with a construction that offers more stability, support and cushioning. It’s good sneaker for users mild pronation, but can also be effective for users with a moderate overpronation. Just like the Dyad 9 Neutral model, it features a BioMoGo DNA responsive midsole with a cushioning design for a dynamic ride. However, the Adrenaline GTS 17 model integrates a progressive diagonal Rollbar which plays an important role in pronation control and provides a smoother transition throughout the gait cycle. Plus, the midsole also incorporates a full-length segmented crash pad which disperses the weight over the surface of the sole.

Since it’s a running sneaker, the Adrenaline GTS 17 is equipped with a Flextra rubber outsole with a deeper v-groove pattern for a better release and a superior traction.

The upper of this Brooks sneaker is made of a heavy-duty mesh fabric, designed for ultra breathability. The front section of the upper is reinforced with a layer of synthetic material with a double stitch, element which adds durability to the shoe. The closure is a lace-up type, while the outer sides of the upper feature the large Brooks logo and the GTS 17 name at the rear. The collar is well-padded to eliminate abrasion, while the Achille’s notch section features extra cushioning. The tongue is also thick, providing a snug closure atop the arch.

  • Roomy in the toe box
  • You may need a wide width for bunions.
  • Runs small, therefore order half size larger
  • It helps in stabilizing ankles if you overpronate
  • It works great for flat feet, wide feet and mild to moderate overpronation

Last but not least, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 17 is available in multiple color models.If you have flat and wide feet and looking for stability shoes, This is the shoe.

 Asics GEL-Kayano 24 Women’s Stability Running Shoe

 Asics GEL-Kayano 24The Asics GEL-Kayano 24 feature a similar construction to the first Asics model that we’ve covered here, the 180 2. However, this model is equipped with a thicker sole with more cushioning, designed to protect against overpronation, and to offer extra support.

The GEL-Kayano 24 from Asics features a FluidFitô upper technology which combines several stretch mesh with synthetic stretch elements. The mesh sections at the vamp and on each side provide a healthy airflow inside the shoe, while the synthetic stretch features add reinforcement particularly in the eyelets and at the front of the toe box. As you can see, this sneaker has a classic lace-up closure, with the nicely defined Asics logo on the tongue. Both the collar and tongue are consistently padded to deliver a snug, comfortable fit, with zero abrasion. Also, regarding models, the Gel-Kayano 24 can be found as Silver/Black Mid Grey, Ink Blue/Black/Safety Yellow, Black/Phantom/White, Black/Green Gecko/Phantom, or Blue/Peacoat/Hot Orange.

This Asics sneaker incorporates a ComforDryô X-40 sock liner which has anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties, designed to keep your feet dry throughout your training. The included foam insole offers mid-range cushioning and has a relatively deep heel cup for stability. It’s also removable which makes the shoe orthotic-friendly.

When it comes to the construction of the midsole, there’s quite a bit of engineering to it. To begin with, it has the Impact Guidance System (IGS) technology, is designed to attenuate shock at the heel, guide the foot to a neutral position at midstance and maintain the most natural position throughout the gait. It has Rearfoot and Forefoot GELÆ for extra shock absorption at the ball of the foot and the heel.

The Dynamic DuoMaxÆ Support System boosts stability and helps without the added weight. And finally, the outsole is made of AHARÆ rubber, strategically placed in high-wear areas. It also provides excellent traction.

Asics GT-2000 5 Women’s Stability Running Shoe

Asics GT-2000 5One other pair of sneakers for our category of stability shoes for overweight women is the Asics GT-2000 5. This is a sneaker designed for stability, support, and features extra cushioning. Just like the GEL-Kayano model, it has the I.G.SÆ technology featuring linked components that helps in natural gait from heel to toe. The Dynamic DuoMaxÆ System adds stability and support to an enhanced platform comfort. The FluidRideô midsole technology offers a great combo of energy return and cushioning; it’s also lighter and eliminates a percentage of the weight-related fatigue, which can result in longer runs or exercise sessions. And the Rearfoot and Forefoot GELÆ adds extra shock absorption at the ball of the foot and the heel.

The outsole is equipped with AHARÆ rubber in the high-wear areas. The Guidance LineÆ and Trusstic SystemÆ technologies add gait efficiency and overall structural integrity, especially in the mid-foot area.

This Asics sneaker also combines mesh with synthetic elements in its upper construction. The front toe reinforcement pad is double-stitched to the mesh vamp, for extra durability. Evidently, all the mesh section provide an excellent breathability, ensuring a superior airflow inside the shoe throughout your entire exercising. It has a classic lace-up closure with reinforced eyelets. The collar and tongue are padded for extra comfort. And there’s also a Heel Clutching Systemô technology at the rear of the shoe, made up of an exoskeletal heel counter that considerably enhances rear foot stability.

The Asics GT-2000 5 also has the ComforDryô sock liner that offers anti-bacterial protection keeping your feet fresh all day long. The insole offers moderate cushioning and a deep heel cup for extra heel support and stability. It’s removable so that you can replace it with your orthotics; the shoe is roomy enough to accommodate various types of orthotics. And finally, the GT-2000 5 from Asics is available in various colors.

Propet Stability Walker

Propet Stability WalkerAre you tired of dealing with shoes that barely offer the right amount of support you need whenever you walk? If so, then the Propet Stability Walker may be a viable option for you as it offers a broad heel to keep your step secure all the time. These shoes are highly durable, yet made of lightweight materials that are sure to last for years. You will love how easy it is to move with your shoes instead of getting the feeling of having to drag your shoes and feet around.
The Stability Walker is also soft and smooth to the touch. You will appreciate the nubuck finish that does not bruise or scratch your skin. What’s more, you can expect comfort each time you walk in these shoes because of the padded tongue and collar. These features also offer outstanding support to your ankles for enhanced comfort.
You can count on the excellent material and construction of the outsole. It has a multi-directional tread that provides excellent traction no matter what type of surface you walk on. Hence, you will be able to attain a secure footing at all times. It even has Eva midsole that absorbs shock, which minimizes fatigue on your feet.

Motion Control Shoes for Severe Overpronation or Severely Overweight

These shoes offer maximum arch and medial support. These shoes are well suited for obese flat feet women with severe overpronation. These shoes are stiff and heavyweight, and they correct severe overpronation.

Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes for Flat Feet & Severe Overpronation

Brooks Addiction Walker for overweight womenIf you are an overweight woman and weighs around 225 pounds or need a pair of shoes for flat feet with or without severe overpronation, then a solid choice is the motion control shoe, Brooks Addiction Walker.  This footwear is known to provide maximum support to your feet, so every stride does not have to be painful and challenging. What’s more, you get ample support from these shoes because of the cushioned footbed that gives you the feeling of walking on the clouds all the time.

These shoes are constructed securely on a linear platform that is ideal for overweight individuals. It even works well for overpronators and people with low arches. The midsole features a breakthrough HydroFlow technology that promotes cushioning for the midsole while absorbing shock in the forefoot and heel area. There is also an innovative component for the midsole called the MoGo, and this provides energy return and increased cushioning that you need.

As for the outsole, it comes with a highly durable HPR Green technology with eco-friendly silica material. This same component is responsible for the additional traction and slip-resistant quality of these shoes. You can maintain your balance and stability all the time, as long as you have these shoes on whether for casual or athletic purposes.

The Brooks Addiction Walker is one of the best walking shoes for overweight women that will provide you plenty of cushioning and plenty of stability.

New Balance WW928v3  Motion Control Walking Shoes – For Any Foot Type – Underpronation, Overpronation

If you are overweight ( around 180 pounds) and need a pair of walking shoes for the treadmill and concrete streets, the New Balance ww928 will be the perfect option. Podiatrists widely recommend this shoe shoes for many foot problems. This is motion control shoe for severe overpronators with flat feet. The RollBar helps in controlling overpronation which frequently happens in overweight people. This comfortable shoe will provide you with plenty of support for your feet, legs, and lower back area. If you’re on your feet a lot, these just may be the shoe you’re looking for. The shoe is approved for diabetic Medicare code. The forefoot rocker sole will help in alleviating foot pain at the ball of the foot.

These are still reasonably priced and will provide you with all-day comfort no matter what sort of surface you’re standing or walking. You can find these also online or in a brick and mortar stores. Wide sizes are available for your wearing comfort. This shoe is orthotic friendly.

If you’re a power walker or simply walking to lose some extra weight, this may be the ideal shoe for your needs. You’ll find them comfortable and supportive. Again, make sure to try shoes in the afternoon or evening hours to ensure a perfect fit. Your feet will appreciate the comfort and cushiony padding in this shoe.

Brooks Ariel 16 Women’s Motion Control Running shoe for Severe Overpronation with Flat Feet most supportive shoe

Brooks Ariel 16If you have severe overpronation and have flat feet, overweight above 225 pounds and seeking a slightly different style for running shoe, Brooks Ariel 16 shoe may just be what you’re looking for. Cushioned insoles and rubber soles make this an ideal shoe for anyone who is working on their feet all day. Whether you’re a woman pharmacist or a salesperson, this is a very comfortable shoe for all-day wear. This shoe is made of a linear platform which is perfect for obese women runners. The Ariel is one of the most supportive running shoes available on the market today.

The Brooks Ariel 16 is a shoe built with a lot of cushioning in most of its parts. It features a moisture-managing mesh upper which delivers excellent breathability while keeping a cool and fresh in-shoe environment. The heel counter is specially designed to enhance rear foot stability.

This Brooks sneaker has a classic, lace-up closure with nylon laces. The tongue and the Achilles notch integrate extra plush cushioning, while the rest of the collar is also generously padded, to provide an abrasion-free, custom fit. The element mesh lining not only that feels great on the skin, but it’s also moisture-wicking, keeping your feet dry during the most demanding workouts. Also, the footbed is removable, which makes this sneaker orthotic-friendly.

The midsole of the Brooks Ariel 16 sneaker is a super DNA made for maximum cushioning, support and enhanced energy return. It integrates a full-length S-257 Cushsole, for extra cushioning and flex. It has a DRBÆ Accel shank-like unit, which reduces torsion in the mid-foot while allowing the forefoot and heel to move independently. The Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar helps in progressive pronation control. And finally, a full-length segmented crash pad delivers a smooth, heel-to-toe transition during your gait.

Since it’s a running sneaker, the Ariel 16 from Brooks is equipped with an abrasion-resistant HPR Plus rubber outsole, which comprises environmental-friendly silica for wet and dry traction. The outsole also features several Omega Flex Grooves which not only enhance the overall traction of the shoe, they also promote a more natural forefoot movement.

Stylish and priced in the affordable range you simply can’t go wrong with this option. Many have found great comfort in this shoe and chosen it as their go-to shoe for all of their running and walking needs.

Dress Shoes for Overweight Women

Dansko Louise Dress Shoe

Dansko Louise Dress ShoeThe Dansko Louise is a beautiful dress shoe with classic design lines and a round toe. Its upper is made of durable, premium leather, with perforated details at the heel. It features a simple, three-eyelet, lace-up closure which offers the required adjustability. The collar and tongue don’t have any cushioning; however, the leather is fairly soft so that the break-in process won’t take long.

The Dansko Louise is equipped with a removable, triple-density insole which offers extra arch support for all-day comfort. The toe box is roomy. The footbed is removable, and it should fit most orthotics, in case you want to replace the original insole. It’s also lined with smooth, soft and breathable leather material, which feels great on the skin.

The sole integrates a steel shank for extra stability and support, which also provides some protection and strengthens the overall structure of the shoe. The heel features a stacked leather structure, even being Scotchgardô treated for stain-resistance. The outsole is rubber-made, highly durable, providing excellent traction.

The Dansko Louise dress shoe is available on several models. Black Burnished Nappa, Wine Burnished Nappa, Taupe Burnished Nappa and Black Antiqued Calf are some of them.

House Slippers for Overweight Women

Crocs Specialist Clog

Crocs Specialist ClogAlthough Crocs have never been considered some of the most stylish shoes out there, no one can deny the fact that they deliver utmost comfort. The Crocs Specialist is a working clog, made for indoor use in particular, so in this case, style may not be extremely important. It’s one of the best shoes for overweight women regarding comfort.

Like many Crocs models, the Specialist clog is made entirely out of Crosliteô material. In case you didn’t know, Crosliteô is not rubber, silicone or plastic; it’s a closed-cell foam resin featuring a near-perfect mix of softness, cushioning and durability. It’s anti-bacterial, keeping your feet fresh all day long. It’s also very easy to clean, with soap and water.

As we’ve mentioned above, the Crocs Specialist clog is designed to meet most standards for working places that don’t have a high degree of risk, such as restaurant kitchens, health care facilities, etc. It is designed with a closed heel and toe. It’s 2-piece clog, without any stitchings or glues; the only addition to it is the back strap attached to the main part by two metallic studs. The strap can be worn over the vamp of the shoe. Also, it can be personalized with Jibbitzô charms.

Like most clogs, the Specialist model offers superior arch support and a deep heel cup, delivering excellent stability. The footbed is padded with tiny nubs which massage your feet as you walk. And finally, the toe box is quite roomy, offering plenty of space for a natural wiggle and grip of your toes.

Hiking Shoes for Overweight Women

KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe

KEEN Women's Voyageur Hiking ShoeIf you’re looking for highly-durable and highly-functional hiking boots, KEEN is a brand name to put on your list. The KEEN Voyageur hiking boot fits perfectly into this category. Not only that on the outside it is built like a tank, but its interior will also cradle your foot correctly, offering exceptional comfort.

The KEEN Women’s Voyageur boot features an upper which combines leather with polyester mesh elements. The leather provides the structural strength and durability for the upper construction, while the mesh elements ensure its breathability. The boot has a lace-up closure for a custom fit. The tongue and heel parts are equipped with webbing pull loops for an easy entry and exit. The collar features excellent cushioning, while the tongue is also generously padded and gusseted to keep debris and moisture at bay all day long, no matter what harsh environment Mother Nature brings.

The KEEN Voyageur hiking boot is lined with polyester material with moisture-wicking properties, also offering high breathability. It’s equipped with a metatomical EVA footbed with an extra deep heel cup for maximum heel stability. This EVA footbed is custom shaped, designed to deliver excellent arch support and cushioning. It’s also removable so that you can replace it with your orthotic.

The boot’s midsole is made of compression-molded, padded EVA, designed for maximum shock absorption. It integrates a supportive ESS plastic shank for torsional stability and extra protection for harsh terrain. The heel integrates an S3 support element which dissipates shock and considerably minimizes the chance of an ankle twist.

The front section of the upper features a patented rubber toe guard which delivers excellent protection against front bumps or abrasions. And finally, the non-marking carbon rubber outsoles are paved with 4mm multi-directional lugs, to provide all the traction you need, and a high-resistance to wear-and-tear.

Merrell Moab Ventilator 2 Hiking Shoe

The “Moab” in the name of the Merrel Moab Ventilator 2 hiking shoe stands for “Mother-of-all-Boots.” And it stands up to the name as it is a very robust hiking boot, made for all kinds of harsh terrain. Its upper combines mesh and suede leather elements for superior structural strength and breathability. Just as the KEEN Voyageur, it has a lace-up closure; its eyelets are not leather, but webbed mesh, except the top eyelet which is a classic perforated type.

The upper of this hiking boot is not waterproof, though. So, in case you’re looking for a Merrell waterproof boot, the Merrell Moab 2 Waterproof may be the best alternative.

The Merrell Moab Ventilator 2 is equipped with a bellows, closed-cell foam tongue, designed to keep debris and moisture out. The collar also integrates a decent layer of padding, for an abrasion-free fit. The heel features a webbed pull-up loop to facilitate entry.

This shoe is equipped with a breathable, synthetic mesh lining, which has anti-microbial and anti-moisture properties, to keep your feet fresh. The footbed is the Merrell M Selectô FIT.ECO+ blended EVA model, featuring enhanced arch and heel support. This being said, the shoe provides excellent stability and support.

When it comes to the structure of the sole, there are several aspects to be mentioned. First of all, the Ventilator 2 Moab is equipped with an EVA midsole for lightweight construction, stability, and comfort. It integrates a molded nylon arch shank for extra torsional stability. It also has a Merrell air cushion element in the heel, which considerably reduces rear shock.

Finally, the sole of this hiking boot is made of VibramÆ TC5+, which is a “sticky” and long-lasting compound, designed to provide an excellent grip on the wet, muddy or slippery terrain. It features multiple 5mm lugs, which also add a lot of traction.

KEEN Newport H2

The KEEN Newport H2 is a hiking sandal, designed for high functionality. They’re made to serve you well on a wide variety of surfaces, whether it’s asphalt, concrete, river bed, boat deck, or hiking trail.

The upper combines nylon mesh with hydrophobic foam lining, which is extremely comfortable against the foot. It won’t absorb water, so when passing through a stream, it will dry off very quickly, especially in sunny weather. Also, since it combines mostly synthetic materials, it’s washable; you can throw them in the washer and get them out good as new.

The KEEN Newport H2 functional sandal features an elastic cord lock which provides a quick, custom fit, allowing a lot of flexibility. Both the tongue and the rear side of the collar feature pull-up loops for an easy slip-on. Plus, the 3M reflective pull tabs provide extra visibility during night time.

This KEEN sandal is equipped with a non-removable compression molded EVA midsole, which offers a bit of flex and is lightweight, resulting in less fatigue during long walks. It’s also contoured, providing great support and comfort, as well as extra shock absorption. Just as the lining, the footbed is anti-moisture and anti-microbial, keeping your feet fresh and dry all day long, and reducing the chance of infection in case of cuts or punctures which may happen during a hiking trip.

Just like hiking boots, this KEEN sandal features a thick, durable toe guard. Its outsole is made of non-marking, high-traction rubber, with multi-direction razor siped pods to deliver the required stability and adherence to a wide array of surfaces.

Sandals for Overweight Women

Wolky Comfort Lace-up shoes Turin

Another addition to our category of best shoes for overweight women is the Jewel slingback Mary Jane shoe from Wolky. This shoe combines comfort and style factors pretty close to perfection. It’s something between a sandal and a clog; it features an open toe design, with an upper made of a variety of leathers. Among the several versions available, we can count White/Black Snake Print, Beige 1, Black 2, Denim Blue, Cognac, Red, and Orange.

This Wolky Jewel Mary Jane shoe features a hook and loop closure, being fully adjustable, with three velcro straps, over the toes, over the arch, and at the heel. It’s lined with a very soft type of leather which feels great on the skin, without generating any abrasion.

The removable footbed can be replaced with the orthotics.
. However, the original footbed is designed with an anatomical shape, being made of latex with a cork core. The AMPA accepts it. And not only that it has an anatomically correct shape, but the cork will also eventually assume the exact shape of your foot, so you will feel right at home in these shoes. Also, since it’s removable, you can replace it when it wears out. It should last many years, though.

The polyurethane outsole is lightweight, durable, provides a lot of shock absorption and delivers excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. The lightweight construction results in much less fatigue, which is another plus in favor of this shoe’s overall comfort.

Chaco ZX/2 Classic

The next selection for our category of best shoes for overweight women is a sandal – the Chaco ZX/2 Classic. Although this sandal is named “Classic,” it doesn’t have your average, classic sandal construction. It features an upper made of a double polyester jacquard webbing strap which is passed through the midsole and wraps around your foot. Each side is actually adjustable; you can pull one side of the strap higher than the other, for example, to achieve a perfect, custom fit. The front side features a toe loop for added stability and security. The rear part of the sandal features adjustable high-tensile heel risers, while a compression molded buckle completes the closure.

The Chaco ZX/2 Classic is equipped with a midsole-footbed combo, made of durable, lightweight and supportive polyurethane material. This type of footbed will not compression set, maintaining its initial shape for a long while. But on the other hand, it integrates LUVSEATô technology which offers great durability, daylong comfort, and excellent arch support. This is one of the reasons the Chaco ZX/2 Classic benefits from acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

The outsole is made of high-performing ChacoGripô rubber, which provides excellent traction, featuring numerous lugs with a 3mm depth. It has a decent flex, and it’s quite durable.

One last aspect with regards to this Chaco sandal that we’re going to cover here stands for the versions available. There are quite many models for this sandal, and among them, we can mention Dagger, Angular Teal, Apex Gray, Black, Crest Citrus, Danube Purple, Wing Blue, Prism Yellow, Patched Amber, and much more.

Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed

The Birkenstock Arizona soft footbed sandal is excellent when you need spacious room for your toes and foot. These shoes are made of a soft suede material, along with a synthetic sole and EVA outsole for optimum traction. There are adjustable buckles to tighten and loosen the sandal according to your preference.
Although heavier individuals may feel insufficient absorbency from shock, you will love the fact that the footbed has additional latex foam for cushioning purposes. This gives you a more relaxed feeling as you walk because of the soft footbed and the anatomically-shaped outsole that supports your feet perfectly.
You can never go wrong with the Arizona by Birkenstock. These sandals fit perfectly as they match the contours of your feet, along with the adjustable straps on the sides for customized fit. No matter how many hours you spend on these shoes, you will not experience any sense of fatigue or stress on your feet. Thus, it is not surprising that these are one of the most comfortable and among the best shoes for overweight women.

Miscellaneous Shoes

Clarks Wave.Trek Walking Shoes

These shoes from Clarks is known for its modern design that should look perfect with your denim or even leggings. The vibrant blue color with lace closure is quite appealing, and you should not find it difficult to pair these shoes with any casual outfit you have in mind.
When it comes to comfort, these shoes are quite reliable. These come with waterproof leather material for the uppers, along with a lace-up closure to customize the fit of these shoes. The lining is rather soft, and it is made of fabric to prevent abrasion that can bruise your skin. What’s more, there is an Ortholite footbed that you can remove anytime you want. This way, you can wear your custom orthotics for a more personalized fit and comfort.
These shoes also provide ample cushioning and outstanding arch support. You can rely on these shoes whenever you are going on a leisure walk since it is more comfortable to be on your feet for hours, as compared to what other types of footwear intend to offer. Since this product is APMA-approved, you can be sure that it is perfect for your condition and achieve the comfort you want.

 Guide for the Best Shoes for Overweight Women

This guide will help you to select the very best shoes for your needs. Whether you’re planning on some brisk walking or simply a great pair of shoes for your daily comfort, you’ll want to find the right kind of shoe.

  • You’ll want to select the right type of shoe to prevent injury to your back, legs, and feet. If you’re overweight, you’ll need to be aware that shoes that normal people wear might not be cushioned enough for your specific needs. Your body will put more pressure on your feet than an average person’s body will, and this can lead to many injuries including heel spurs, plantar fasciitis or even flat feet. If you tend toward overpronation, you’ll also need to compensate for that too.
  • You’ll want to make sure to buy shoes with thick soles. Thick soles will provide you with a more cushioned standing no matter what types of surfaces you’re standing or walking upon.
  • It’s important to consider the stability of the shoes as well as the cushioning. Running shoes will offer you a great choice as they are cushioned and stable thus protecting your feet, joints, lower back, and legs from excessive stress or pain. However running shoes provide less arch support.
  • Although backless shoes are tempting due to their ease of putting on and taking off, it’s important to avoid these as they don’t provide the proper support for your ankles and feet.
  • Avoid shoe shopping in the early part of the day. Your feet carry your weight all day long, and they are larger at the end of the day. Thus, it’s better to have your feet measured at the end of the day and go for the larger size. Feet can vary by half a size between the morning and evening, and if you’re trying to squeeze your feet into a shoe size that is half a size smaller at the end of the day, you could suffer a lot of discomforts and damage your joints, feet, lower back, and legs.
  • The best walking shoes for overweight women should have motion control if you overpronate which is common in obese people. New Balance offers a wide variety of shoes that come with this motion control. Motion control will help to provide more stability for higher arches. It will also compensate for overpronation and overweight people who are struggling with such issues. These shoes are offered in a variety that will fit any foot from normal to overweight, flat arches too, overpronation, wide feet, those with bunions or those who suffer from plantar fasciitis.

Always remember to change your shoes frequently and rotate them. If you can avoid wearing the same shoe day in and day out of it will go far in helping your shoes to last longer. For this reason, many who are trying to find the best walking shoes for overweight women will choose two pairs of shoes and alternate them, especially if they have a career in nursing or another 12-hour type shift job position. Comfortable shoes can make all the difference in the world at the end of the day.

What shoes do you recommend for standing, walking all day and being a little overweight?

If you are moderate overweight and have a job to stand and walk all day with or without any foot problem, then I would recommend New Balance 928. New Balance 928 is the most recommended shoe for foot problems by Podiatrists, and it is orthotic friendly. New Balance shoes are good for any pronation problem, wide feet, high arches, flat feet, diabetic feet, bunions,  plantar fasciitis, hammertoes or heel spurs.

You need tennis shoes with extra padding and stability or motion control features. The Brooks Addiction Walker and Brooks Beast and Aerial are good options if you are severely overweight.  All these motion control shoes will provide maximum support to your feet.

Perhaps you’re seeking more of a casual dress shoe. You might appreciate the Dansko Alegria Debra, and Crocs Mercy shoe. Offering support and cushiony softness, the Brooks addiction Walker shoe is a favorite tennis shoe amongst many.

Some wearers will find relief with the linear platform shoe such as the Dyad or the Ariel or even the Addiction. Each of these shoes offers a different benefit to the wearer, so it’s always best to try these shoes on before purchase to see if they are the right style for the wearer.

It’s important to check the fit and the feel of a shoe before purchase. Pinched toes or heels are not comfortable when walking or running.

Many overweight people are seeking the ideal running shoe and have failed to find what they’re looking for. We’ve taken the time to make it easy for you to locate what you’re looking for in Brooks Linear Platform Shoes. No more guessing and no more trial and error. Now, with our guide, you can find the exact shoe that will provide you with all of the support and comforts you need.




  1. moderate, moderate! There are lots of people who are NOT moderately overweight but OBESE. What do you reccomend for them?

    • So true. If I was that weight, I would be correct weight. I am tall.

  2. Hi:

    Great article 🙂

    What about casual shoes, what I find is that they often have hollow heels which give out.


    • Dansko, Alegria, Aravan from New Balance, Klogs Mission, Keen Utility are pretty durable shoes. I like to wear Finn Comfort Sandals for my Underpronation, high arch and ball of the foot pain problem. They are the only shoes that fit my problem feet. Try Finn Comfort with the soft footbed. They offer medial, lateral and metatarsal support. Therefore, they will correct any pronation problem by natural alignment of your foot and leg bones.

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