Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If you feel pain on the first step in the morning which subsides later during the day and come again when you start walking after prolonged sitting, you probably are suffering from plantar fasciitis. People who are overweight, flat feet, high arches with pronation problems are prone to develop plantar fasciitis.  You can reduce or eliminate the foot pain by wearing best shoes for plantar fasciitis. These shoes provide excellent arch support, lots of cushioning and correct the pronation problem.

Plantar fasciitis can be caused by inappropriate fitting shoes that may overload the plantar itself. As the plantar fascia is the connective tissue running from your heel to the base of your toes. It may appear as if it is a fat rubber band. However, it is collagen and rigid protein that is not very stretchy. This is why so many people find that they have issues with foot pain when they first take up the activity.  It can then cause overpronation and shoes that have been overused may rip tears into this connective tissue causing pain and even inflammation.


What to do if you develop Plantar Fasciitis?

  • Finding the cause of plantar fasciitis is important. Therefore, see the podiatrist for diagnosing the cause
  • Do not walk bare feet. The only time that you spend bare feet is while taking a shower. Use house slippers in and around the house only
  • Make sure you wear snug enclosed cushioned shoes with good arch support.

How to find your Arch type and gait

  • Do the wet test to find out flat feet, normal arch or high arch
  • Check old worn out shoes to know your type of pronation. If they are worn out more on the inside, then you are probably an overpronator. Look for stability Brooks shoes if pronation is mild or moderate. If you have severe overpronation, then buy one of the best motion control shoes.

Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

One of the biggest causes of this painful foot condition is the lack of shoe support and cushioning which is aggravated by feet problems such as overpronation or supination.

Constant pounding can irritate the sensitive tendon under the foot. A poor stride only exacerbates the problem. The good shoes protect feet from pounding with adequate cushioning, and they also help correct minor gait problems by providing appropriate support. Not only this benefit feet, but it can also help keep legs, knees, hips, and backs from hurting so quickly when people have to stand a lot.

Best Work Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The best work shoes for plantar fasciitis come with all the right features that support your feet. With these top-rated shoes for this kind of foot condition, you can achieve maximum comfort, convenience, and satisfaction no matter how many hours you stay on your feet.

The following are among the different types of work shoes that are recommended for people who have plantar fasciitis. These shoes provide an excellent arch support and cushioning to alleviate the pain of plantar fasciitis.

Dansko Professional for men and women

Dansko Professional for men and womenDansko offers these work shoes for people who suffer from foot-related conditions such as plantar fasciitis. The footwear comes with a shoe counter made of polyethylene that provides heel stability, thus minimizing any stress and pain on the plantar fascia. As for the outsole, it offers maximum shock absorption, and the shoe counter reduces pronation that is often the cause of strain on your plantar fascia, which further irritates your condition.

As for the other features of these professional work shoes by Dansko, the uppers are made of fine quality leather, and this type of material is a breeze to clean. The heel counter lets your heels move up and down in a natural manner as you walk. With a slide-on style, a shock-absorbing outsole made of rubber and platform at about 1 inch thick, you should have a comfortable experience walking or standing with these shoes at the workplace.

Dansko shoes have all the features that you need in a perfect shoe for plantar fasciitis which is 1. Good Cushioning 2. Arch Support 3. Firm midsole

First of all, you need to pick a pair of shoes that offer excellent arch support with a lot of cushioning. Dansko shoes no matter which style you choose will provide you comfort by providing excellent support, stability and cushion. Many podiatrists recommend that you buy a shoe with stiff midsole to relieve stress from plantar fascia. Dansko shoes offer firm midsole with the rocker bottom. The heel should be elevated slightly, and most Dansko shoes come between 1-2 inches.Only a few styles are available 2.5 inches.

Removable Footbed (Only few styles)

Dansko shoes that offer removable footbed are an excellent choice for plantar fasciitis sufferers if they want to insert custom orthotics or just need to replace an insole. You can also try adding heel cups.

Dansko Pro XP clog is most popular because it comes with memory foam. Those looking for dress shoes with memory foam may consider buying wedges and pumps.

Dansko shoes are often looked upon as the best choice to help treat plantar fasciitis because they have incredible arch support and a lot of cushion along with firm sole. Nurses, doctors, teachers, chefs and more are all getting the relief that they need so that they can remain on their feet and comfortable throughout each shift that they work. A solid sole with complete support is something that Dansko can provide along with a line of footwear that goes just right with a professional lifestyle.

If you are a working professional, you are going to find that Dansko shoes for plantar fasciitis treatment will give you the ability to remain comfortable all day long without having to stop and baby your feet. These are shoes that are made from high-quality materials and boast a design that is just right to help support heels and arches right where they need it. By following the natural contour of the foot, this is the arch support that is second to none. As a matter of fact, many people are now taking advantage of Dansko comfort even if they do not have a demanding job that keeps them on their toes all day long.

No matter what, there are a Dansko shoes for plantar fasciitis relief that are just right for you. With a wide range of colors and designs including sandals, you are bound to find the comfort that you need without having to compromise style.

Dr. Scholl’s Harrington Work Shoe for Men

Dr. Scholl's Harrington Work Shoe for MenThese work shoes are made of the finest and imported leather, and it comes with a synthetic sole for your optimum comfort. To give you a little bit of a boost in height, these shoes have a heel measuring 1.25 inch, as well as a platform about 0.75 inches thick. You will love the comfort offered by the gel insole that gently massages your feet, plus the outsole that is resistant to oil and water. For added comfort, these lace-up work shoes have hex-shaped grommets and padded collar that are soft and smooth to the touch.

The footwear provides exceptional comfort for your feet even if you have to wear these shoes for several hours. In fact, it is a popular choice for individuals who work long shifts and have to stand on concrete floors for hours. The insole offers a massaging wave system that does not only cushion your feet, but it also improves energy return and absorbs shock. The outsoles are made of the finest material to keep you stable and balanced. These also protect you from slippery and greasy surfaces in several industry environments.

Klogs USA Mission Clog for women

Klogs USA Mission Clog for womenThis great quality footwear is a suitable option for individuals who experience heel pain due to plantar fasciitis. The Mission Clog by KLOGS USA is perfect for use in the workplace where you need comfortable shoes to keep you upright all day long – and without any pain. These shoes have slip-resistant soles and clean lines that are stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Made of imported leather and synthetic sole, these shoes have a heel height of 1.5 inches. According to product users, they like these shoes because of the perfect height of the heel, and there is no need to deal with shoe laces since you only slide your feet in these clogs. Even if you have to work on long shifts, you will find these shoes comfortable to wear. Most importantly, the outsoles provide a good amount of traction for extra protection and stability.

New Balance 626 v2 work shoe

New Balance 626 v2 work shoeMade of good quality leather, these work shoes by New Balance has a rubber sole, lace up closure and padded tongue and collar for your comfort. There is a heel at about 1.75 inches in height and a 1-inch platform to support your feet properly. These shoes are ideal for individuals who are on their feet all day such as restaurant workers, hospital employees and anyone with a hectic schedule.

The interior of the shoe provides comfort, thanks to the ABZORB cushioning that further enhances the support on your heel. This means, even if you walk for hours, there is less stress on the heel because of the comfortable and supportive footbed. Moreover, these shoes come with an outsole design that has a walking strike path style. This particular component keeps you stable while absorbing shock from hard floors. Other features include breathable uppers, injection-molded EVA midsoles and removable insole for your custom orthotics.

Merrell Encore shoes for men

Merrell Encore shoes for menMerrell is known for its range of comfortable shoes including the Encore shoes for men and women. The footwear is made of leather with the M-Select GRIP sole for optimum traction, balance, and stability. This is a slip-on clog style of footwear with traction sole and odor treatment that keeps your feet fresh and dries all day. The mesh lining for the insole also wicks away moisture for added comfort.

These Encore shoes by Merrell are perfect for people who experience pain on their heels or strain and stress on the plantar fascia. With air-cushion heel and excellent cushioning, you will feel as though you are walking on the clouds with these shoes. There is also the Q-form platform that flexes smoothly with every step you make, which enhances your movement.

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Boston Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Boston Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work ShoeIf you have been feeling uncomfortable with your regular work shoes, then it may be time to switch to a better option that suits your needs and standards. These slip resistant work shoes by Birkenstock are ideal for men and women who need additional support for their footwear. In fact, this product has a contoured cork material for the footbed, which enhances your comfort from the maximum support you receive on the arch of your foot. It also has slip resistant outsole to help you maintain your balance.

The shoe mold according to the shape of your foot, so your entire body weight is distributed evenly. You can expect optimum support that you need since the cork footbed is resilient, firm and has the natural ability to wick away moisture. Thus, your feet stay dry, fresh and free from any pain or discomfort all day long.

Best Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance 928v3

The New Balance’s walking shoe model that is most commonly recommend for plantar fasciitis is New balance 928. You can wear these shoes for any foot ailment and they are also Orthotic-friendly. Another New Balance’s popular is New Balance 840 neutral walking shoe which offers tons of cushioning.

Drew Shoe Women’s Bloom II Mary Jane

Drew Shoe Women's Bloom II Mary JaneIf you’re on the lookout for comfort shoes with classic design lines, Mary Janes are almost never a bad call. And if you want an excellent combination of style, functionality, and comfort, the Bloom II Mary Jane shoe from Drew is definitely a model to put on your list.

The Drew Bloom II shoe features a soft calf or nubuck leather upper with tonal stitching for a casual look. Its collar integrates a layer of foam padding to boast comfort around the ankle. The closure has a hook-and-loop design, with Velcro elements.

This Drew Mary Jane shoe is designed with extra depth, which makes it great for women with high arches or extreme foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis or bunions. However, the elements that make this shoe perfect for such foot conditions don’t end here. The soles integrate a steel shank with a wide shank area, which delivers a higher lateral stability. Also, the polyurethane rocker bottom promotes a natural walking motion.

The Bloom II shoe is equipped with Drew’s proprietary Plus Fitting System insole, which provides customization and comfort. This insole is also removable; therefore, you can increase the lifespan of this shoe by replacing the footbeds or customize their comfort with your own, prescription orthotics.

The sole of the Bloom II is rubber-made, offering excellent traction. They also offer a bit of elevation, being approx. 1″ high at the heel, and 1/2″ at the forefoot platform.

MBT Sport3 Walking Shoe

MBT Sport3 Walking ShoeThe “Masai Barefoot Technology” MBT stands for are based on walking barefoot naturally on uneven surfaces. Th sole on MBY sports walking shoe is designed in such a way that you will feel walking unevenly even on flat hard surfaces. This technology makes your inactive muscles more functional that may help in reducing the risk of joint injury.

The MBT sole is multi-layered and curved, rendering a unique, rewarding walking experience. The outsole layer is made of non-marking, adherent material. It’s supporting shank, the pivoted polyurethane midsole, the soft mesh footbed, and the Masai Sensor creates a soft walking surface which reminds of walking barefoot on a sandy beach or springy moss. This significantly improves gait and posture, leading to a relief of pressure on the joints and back. This is one of the main reasons the MBT Sport3 walking shoes are recommended as a therapeutic tool for people with various hip, leg and foot problems. Also, this type of MBT sole is one of the reasons these sneakers are present in our category of best shoes for plantar fasciitis.

Moving to the upper, these MBT sneakers combine synthetic leather and soft fabric for extra breathability. This also makes the shoe much lighter than most leather shoes and eliminated the need for its breaking in.

The heel counter is reinforced by a sturdier section of synthetic material with the nice, MBT logo on it. The collar and tongue are optimally-padded, in order to deliver the required comfort for walking. Also, the sneaker’s Achilles notch and its whole rear section provide a good grip on your foot, enhancing stability.

MEPHISTO LASER Sneakers for Women

MEPHISTO WOMEN'S LASERThe MEPHISTO Women’s Laser is casual sneakers, designed to provide excellent structural support for walking and standing up all day. They feature a sporty design, with classic, warm lines. They’re available in several versions, but all of them feature an upper made mostly of nubuck, with one or several snake print leather or textile fabric additions. The colors available are mostly neutral, including Black, Brown, Dark Brown, Warm Gray or Indigo.

The soles of the MEPHISTO Laser integrate Soft Air Technology. Differently put, they are equipped with a shock absorber element at the heel, which considerably minimizes shock due to any hard impact. The heel is only 0.6″ high, which means the shoe won’t generate too much impact on the lower leg during walking or standing up, also promoting a natural placement of the foot on the footbed.

The MEPHISTO Laser walking shoe features a removable footbed. This footbed isn’t extremely thick and provides excellent support and stability. However, in case you need to wear orthotics, or you simply feel that it doesn’t offer the perfect comfort for you, it’s easily replaceable.

Olukai Nohea

Olukai NoheaOluKai puts the relaxed Hawaiian style into top-quality, durable and comfortable shoes. From sandals and moccasins to slip-on sneakers and boots, you can find a wide array of outstanding footwear in their stores. In here, we’ll address the OluKai Nohea slip-on men’s sneaker.

The Nohea sneaker is equipped with an all-weather rubber outsole with nine traction pods featuring beautiful Hawaiian symbols, along with the fishing hook logo. The sole is extra flexible, easily adapting to the motion of your foot. It’s highly resistant to torsion which makes this type of sneaker fitting for various outdoor activities. The type of rubber used in its construction is also non-marking.

The footbed is removable; thus, you can replace it with custom orthotics if needed. However, the insoles of these sneakers offer a premium, long-lasting contoured footbed, with Dri-Lex microfiber cover, providing excellent comfort and superior cushioning. They have a deep heel cup for great stability at the rear of the foot and quite a bit of arch support. They’re washable, quick-drying and moisture wicking, keeping your feet fresh and dry all day long.

When it comes to upper, the OluKai Nohea slip-on sneakers are made of synthetic mesh material with high breathability. Their tongue is non-cushioned, but it’s highly flexible, with side goring elements to deliver a custom, comfortable fit. The overall aesthetic of the Nohea sneaker is improved by the OluKai logo on the tongue and back.

Vionic Motion Venture Active Lace Up for Women

Vionic Women's Motion Venture Active Lace UpThe Vionic Venture are women’s walking shoes, but they feature a durable construction and can be used for jogging, or sports that require a lot of movement. They provide excellent comfort and can also be an excellent choice as working shoes.

The Vionic Women’s Motion Venture Active Lace Up shoes feature a synthetic upper, made of mesh material, with man-made, leather-like reinforcements. Due to this construction, they provide excellent breathability, being also lightweight. The collar and Achilles notch are well-padded, allowing the shoe to mold perfectly on foot. The tongue features a mesh construction with the same mesh fabric as the upper, integrating a generous layer of cushioning.

The Vionic Venture integrate Orthaheel technology. Differently put, they’re equipped with a biomechanic orthotic footbed, which naturally aligns your feet. Orthaheel not only reduces the incidence of heel pain, but it’s also designed to absorb shock and diminish over-pronation. It provides excellent support so that the Vionics can be an excellent choice for conditions such as plantar fasciitis. The footbed is removable as well, giving you the possibility to replace it with custom orthotics if it’s the case. It’s also EVA covered with 1st Ray Flexor technology. And finally, their outsoles are made of highly durable rubber, providing excellent traction.

With regards to aesthetics, the Vionic Venture walking shoes feature a sporty, appealing design. They’re available in various color combinations, including White/Yellow, Silver/Pink, Gold/White, Blue/Orange, Black/Cerulean, and Dark Purple/Gray.

ECCO Mobile III Casual Sneakers

ECCO Mobile IIIHave you always been in search for the perfect pair of sneakers because your feet are painful after long hours of standing and walking? Do you need comfortable sneakers with arch support for your flat feet? Are you looking for a great pair of sneakers to wear anytime of the day without the discomfort of plantar fasciitis? Well, ECCO Mobile III Casual Sneakers provide you with all these advantages and much more.


  • The shoes are made out of soft leather and provide amazing arch support as well as underfoot cushioning keeping you comfortable all day long. Just like the rest of ECCO shoes, these sneakers are customized to promote natural and healthy functioning to the foot. Also, they are comfortable for walking or any other activity. Basically, wearing these shoes provides you with the ultimate support and perfect fit for your feet. You can rest assured that your feet are receiving the best care possible.
  • ECCO sneakers are very lightweight making them perfect for any activity, especially if you’re spending too much time on your feet. Even better, they are breathable allowing your feet to get fresh air all the time. Lastly, they are also very flexible ensuring the perfect fit that everyone craves for with a pair of sneakers. There are numerous health care professionals who stand behind these sneakers, especially because of the numerous advantages they can bring to anybody’s feet.
  • These sneakers are perfect for people suffering from various feet conditions. For instance, if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, you can enjoy the comfort that comes from the sneakers. Over the years, there have been various shoe designs with some being too uncomfortable resulting in various foot disorders. However, ECCO casual sneakers offer a flat-bed for the feet allowing you to feel comfortable throughout the day.
  • The midsole is very firm and flexible, perfect for people with flat feet. Don’t worry about, your feet type because the design used on these casual sneakers can conform perfectly to your feet providing comfort regardless of the activity you’re doing.
  • Have you been looking for the best shoes to avoid disturbing your bunions? Well, these sneakers have been designed with very deep and wide toe boxes. So, you’re bunions go undisturbed and you don’t have to writhe in pain all day wearing uncomfortable shoes.
  • If you’re tired of having funky smelling foot every time you remove your shoes, you should try out these sneakers. The inlay fiber conforms to the feet completely allowing proper circulation of air. Therefore, anytime you’re wearing the shoes, you can enjoy very healthy and comfortable aerated environment.
  • Don’t forget that the soles are completely removable, making them easier to replace insoles with custom orthotics. Also, the sole is made out of Polyutherane which is injected directly. This allows exceptional shock absorption and ultimate flexibility for anybody wearing the shoe.
  • The insole is thicker than other types of insoles present in other shoes. Inadvertently, this allows for proper adjustment and durability of the shoes.

In summary, there are many reasons why the ECCO mobile III casual sneaker is very popular. Try it today and enjoy these and more benefits!

Birkenstock Arran for Men and Women

Birkenstock ArranBirkenstock is a brand name synonymous with “German quality” when it comes to footwear. Also, most of the shoes available under this brand are made of top-quality, natural materials, such as leather, cork, and rubber.

The Birkenstock Arran that we’re going to cover here is a casual walking shoe, featuring classic summer lines. They’re simple, yet versatile shoes, with a high tensile textile material, made of natural fibers. This type of fabric can easily be printed, dyed or washed, and also combined with other materials.

As the attached photos suggest, the Birkenstock Arran are lace-up shoes. Their eyelets are metal-reinforced, for a long lifespan.

Cork is one of the elements of high presence in Birkenstock footwear, and the Birkenstock Arran don’t make an exception. They feature a cork footbed, which provides optimal cushioning, adapting over time to the shape of your foot. The insole is made of leather lining, being gentle on the skin, but also features an open-pored surface, delivering optimal breathability for the foot.

The outsole is made of rubber material. It’s flexible, yet durable, providing excellent adherence. It promotes the natural rolling motion of the foot.

New Balance Bethany Boots for Plantar Fasciitis

New Balance Bethany Boots for Plantar FasciitisBethany boots from Cobb Hill are practical and stylish. The boots contain antiqued metal eyelets, back zippers for easy on/off functions and soft distressed leather for total comfort. You don’t have to tie/untie the front laces because of this unique zipper. The zipper is placed behind the boot as against the side zipper. This feature is loved by the majority of wearers of the Bethany Boots from Cobb Hill. The inside of the boot is lined with a fine knit that makes the boots extremely comfortable wearing even without socks. This article highlights some of the most important features of Bethany Boots.

The boot’s premium leather upper features bold stitching to enhance the looks of it. Textile lining is added to keep the feet soft and breathable throughout the day. The EVA foam cushioned footbed guarantees all-day support and comfort. The lightweight, shock-absorbing, polyurethane outsole provides excellent stability and maintains a comfortable stride. The rubber soles are quite durable compared to most of the other boot categories on the market currently. The shoes are great to travel in winter weather. It is made slip-resistant and waterproof to wear in winter weather. The PU and doeskin lining guarantee interior breathability and comfort. The removable Ortholite insoles make the boots comfortable enough to be worn by sufferers of plantar fasciitis and other common foot problems. You can also use your orthotics by replacing the removable insole. Such is the versatility and comfortability of the Bethany boots from Cobb Hill.

The shoes are not heavy and bulky like Dr. Martens. There is some decent arch support so that you feel like you are wearing a one-inch heel. You can walk quite a distance with these boots without any soreness to the feet. It is much easier to get in and out of the boot with the back zipper. The Bethany boot embodies total comfortability, style, and durability altogether. This is the salient feature of the Bethany boot from Cobb Hill. The footwear weighs only one pound and one ounce with a heel height of 1 1/4 inches. The circumference amounts to 11 inches while the shaft is 7 1/2 inches. The boot is one of the best products within its price range on the market currently.

There are many online reviews for the Bethany boot. So many people have spoken positively about the product on numerous online forums and discussion boards. Many people have recommended black color boots to the dusty brown or stone colored boots. The boots are great under leggings or skinny jeans. You can leave the top laces open if you prefer to wear them more “combat” style. The boots are super cozy and soft right out of the box.

Best Cross Training Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

If you’re new in cross training or workouts, you will want to know what the best cross training shoes for plantar fasciitis would be. It is important to note that plantar fasciitis is caused by a sudden increase in the wearer’s walking or running. If you are suddenly into walking more or if you are taking up running you may want to pay attention and read up on the condition of plantar fasciitis before you buy your new running shoes. It could make or break your new found hobby.

You will need to purchase shoes that do not cause irritation to the feet. Your feet are the foundation upon which you stand so if you are on your feet a lot, you will need to baby your feet to give them the required support that they need. If you are attending classes that involve lateral or side to side movement of the foot, you will want to invest in a pair of cross trainer shoes which have a wider base and thus, offer you better medial side support. Cross trainers offer this sort of stability and will also help with forward movement as well as lateral movement.

Those using this type of shoe have discovered that they work well for a variety of activities lasting from only a few minutes to several hours. These activities include such things as walking, running; treadmills, working out at the gym and even for standing for extended periods of time. For those who are struggling with plantar fasciitis, you will want to have some cushioning as well as stability.

If you have flat arches, normal or high arches, this can present a challenge. You may also find that you’re challenged with gait issues such as overpronation or supination. Thus, it is wisely suggested that you visit a podiatrist or an orthotic doctor to get an accurate diagnosis of your particular condition. You can also compensate for this condition by the type of shoes that you purchase. Visit your local new balance shoe store for a complete foot evaluation and to discover what your gait is or isn’t. They can help give you some great tips. You won’t want to be wearing flip flops if you need support. You can compromise on this point by simply purchasing a pair of flip flop styled shoes that will provide your foot with the required support for your particular needs.

If you must take some time off from your hobby of running or walking, remember that you will still want to keep your feet in shape. You may be able to use an elliptical as a low impact cross training exercise, but you’ll still need to stay in shape and be ready to hit the road again after you’re allowed back out and about. One way to remedy this is to buy inserts for your regular everyday shoes. You can wear inserts in flats, in heels or anything else that you’re putting on your feet. This is how you find the best workout shoes for plantar fasciitis.  Dr. Scholl’s shoes that offer Tri-Comfort Orthotics Inserts work perfect for this and come in women’s sizes six to ten. All you need is one package (they come in packages of three’s) and you can put them in your shoes and change them out as you change your shoes. Another method of treating the condition is to use ice and stretching exercises. You’ll also need to replace your shoes about every three to six months.

Here are some great cross training shoes for plantar fasciitis to consider for your cross training exercises. All these shoes provide a lot of arch support, extra heel cushion. If you have flat feet or high arches, use inserts that mold and fit your feet.

Always wear good quality well-fitted athletic shoes for cross training exercises, for standing long hours, walking on the concrete floor, or walking or running a lot.

RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe for Women

RYKA Influence Cross Training Shoe Best Shoes for Plantar FasciitisRyka Influence 2.5 is a cross training shoe that provides support and cushioning for plantar fasciitis. This is a  lightweight highly supportive shoe that you can wear for high impact exercises. The upper is made of breathable mesh, synthetic and Flex-Foil layers and Direct-Fuse supportive overlays. The RE-ZORB cushioned removable contoured anatomical footbed offers support, and you can insert your custom orthotics if you need them. The dual density N-Gage EVA midsole provides support and cushioning which helps in alleviating plantar fasciitis heel pain. The Medial post on the medial side of midsole provides medial side support for arches. The durable rubber outsole aligns the feet in a natural position which also offers support and traction. They offer roomy toe box and are perfect for those women who has a narrow heel.

If you are looking for cross training shoe which offers good arch support, cushioning, heel support and comfort, check out Ryka Influence.

New Balance 608v4

New Balance 608v4New Balance 608v4 shoes are cushioning Neutral shoes designed for normal and high arches that may help in reducing the pain of plantar fasciitis. They provide lateral support and traction for your foot with the Quick outsole. I like the New Balance shoes not only for their support but also for their comfort. The EVA injected molded midsole is flexible, lightweight and provides support.  There is an internal shank and New Balance memory foam for additional support and cushioning respectively. They are ideal for workouts that may have more than usual jumping as well as a lot of lateral movements in them. I felt that they were an excellent buy for the money and that they fit well into my budget. They are comfortable, and I did not need to break them in like some of the other shoes that I have tried in the past.

These cross trainers are very comfortable that offer padded collar, tongue, and cushioning soles. They are light weight but are made of sturdy material.

If you have a high instep or supination or plantar fasciitis, try these cushioning cross training shoes for your workout and outdoor activities including off-road activities because of the Quix aggressive outsole.

Skechers Shape Ups are an excellent choice for jump-starting your fitness program and walking.

ASICS GEL-190 TR Cross-Training Shoe

ASICS GEL-190 TR Cross-Training ShoeAsics Gel 190 TR if you’re seeking a lot of cushioning and moderate support for plantar fasciitis, this may be the one.  The lightweight and breathable with a combination of synthetic upper and mesh, this shoe gives you the air circulation going into the shoes. The dual density midsole provides stability and support that corrects pronation problems. The SpEVA midsole which is lighter than traditional EVA but gives you a tremendous amount of cushioning. The Rearfoot GEl Cushioning System helps in absorbing shock that helps in heel pain of plantar fasciitis. The outsole is durable rubber and is supportive.

If you need shoes for wide feet, these Asics 190 Gel TR stability shoes are also available in 4E extra wide sizes. They are comfortable, provide an excellent support and stability.

Now that you understand what the best cross training shoes for plantar fasciitis are, you can go about finding the right shoe for your particular needs.

Cross training shoes offer heel cushioning similar to the running shoes, the lateral stability similar to the tennis shoes and forefront cushioning similar to volleyball shoes.

Now that you understand what the best cross training shoes for plantar fasciitis are, you can go about finding the right shoe for your particular needs. Each foot is slightly different and what works for one person may not work for another.

Best Running Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

The most common running shoes recommended for plantar fasciitis are New Balance running shoes, Asics, and Brooks.

Hoka One One Clifton 3 Running Sneaker Shoe

The Clifton 3 running sneaker is a fairly new product from Hoka One One, successor to the Clifton 2. This sneaker comes with several improvements. One major improvement of the new Clifton 3 is the shape of the upper which provides a more rounded fit at the tip of the toe box, being also broader across the metatarsal heads. Overall, this change leads to a better universal fit.

Just like the previous models, the upper integrates an ultra lightweight seamless SpeedFrame construction which reduces forefoot irritation. It is made of synthetic mesh to deliver optimal breathability, also taking away from the overall weight of the shoe. It features a lace-up closure, with standard eyelets.

Nonetheless, the Hoka One One Clifton 3 running sneaker provides maximum cushioning, featuring a full-length compression-molded EVA midsole, approx. 2.5 larger in volume than the average running shoe, promoting a superior shock absorption. The Meta-Rocker geometry adds a smoother transition from the heel-toe impact and allows the foot to sink into the shoe, providing maximum stability. This being said, the Clifton 3 sneaker adapts to a wide range of running styles and patterns. Also, they’re great for users for various foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions, etc.

The insoles are removable, made of anti-microbial foam; the lining features a mesh structure similar to the mesh in the upper, with moisture wicking properties, keeping your feet dry during your run. The tongue and collar are well-padded, the collar being garnished with a nice heel pull loop.

Finally, the outsoles of the new Hoka One One Clifton 3 feature strategically-placed rubber, with two extra pods covered in rubber as opposed to their predecessors. The outsoles are made for full-ground contact, delivering exceptional traction.

Brooks is a brand of shoes that is well known by doctors, and they often recommend it for their patients who suffer from foot problems. Brooks is famous for making neutral, stability and motion-control running and walking shoes for a variety of feet problems including plantar fasciitis. Since plantar fasciitis is most commonly caused by overpronation, therefore stability running shoes and motion control shoes usually solve the problem.

Here are some of the best Brooks shoes for plantar fasciitis:

Adrenaline GTX 15,  Brooks beast, Brooks aerial and addiction 12.

In fact, many of their shoe models have a removable foot bed. In some cases, the doctor will suggest custom inserts that have been specially designed for your feet. In other cases, your doctor might simply tell you to pick out a pair off the shelf at a local pharmacy. With cheaper shoes, these inserts might change the way that the shoe fits, and that makes them unusable.

Even if you don’t already have foot problems, you probably have aching feet after a long day on your feet. Your legs and back might hurt too. Why suffer when you can relieve your pain with a good pair of shoes. In fact, good shoes can even help people from developing problems with their legs, knees, hips, and back. All of these joints depend upon a good stride, and these joints also get pounded along with feet when people have to move around all day.

Brooks shoes are not the cheapest brand of shoe that can get purchased to wear to work. However, they are modestly priced. When compared to having to take time off of work or visiting the doctor, buying Brooks shoes is a big bargain. Why not try on a pair before you have to go to work again?

Brooks Addiction 12- Motion control for Severe Overpronation for Heavy Weight

Brooks Addiction 12The Brooks Addiction 12 is an affordable and practical shoe that are built on the linear platform. This provides very good midfoot support and makes it one of the best Brooks shoes for plantar fasciitis. It is an affordable, reliable and sturdy shoe with good cushioning material that adapts to your own foot, ensuring a tailored fit no matter what your gait. This is a great running motion control shoe for severe overpronators. If you are not sure what sort of running shoe you need, and you are heavy build, then the Addiction is a great choice.

Brooks Beast 16 – Motion control for Severe Overpronation Heavy Weight Men

Brooks Beast 16The Brooks Beast is a motion-control shoe aimed at men. The shoe features a segmented “crash pad” that offers underfoot flexibility while not sacrificing stability or comfort. Just like the Addiction, the Beast line uses Brooks DNA technology to ensure that the shoe adapts to your stride. The Beast is slightly more expensive than the Addiction and is also slightly heavier, but it is still soft, light and comfortable enough for both day to day use and competition use, on both roads and tracks. The Beast is aimed at people with medium/large body builds.

Brooks Ariel 16 – Motion control for Severe Overpronation Heavy Weight Women

Brooks Ariel 16Brooks Ariel 16 is the newest model and is the “sister shoe” of the Brooks Beast 14 for men. They are more cushioned than the previous models and therefore, provides pain relief to sufferers of plantar fasciitis. This lightweight shoe is aimed at female runners and has all of the features of the Beast, including the segmented crash pad and Brooks DNA technology. The Ariel running shoe is lighter than the Beast, and features some feminine cosmetic details, but is otherwise the same shoe as the Beast. IF you are looking for a versatile and practical running shoe that offers good foot support and is designed for medium or large builds then this is the ideal choice.

Brooks Ariel 16 is the newest model and is the “sister shoe” of the Brooks Beast 14 for men. They are more cushioned than the previous models and therefore, provides pain relief to sufferers of plantar fasciitis. This lightweight shoe is aimed at female runners and has all of the features of the Beast, including the segmented crash pad and Brooks DNA technology. The Ariel running shoe is lighter than the Beast, and features some feminine cosmetic details, but is otherwise the same shoe as the Beast. IF you are looking for a versatile and practical running shoe that offers good foot support and is designed for medium or large builds then this is the ideal choice.

These shoes are good for:

  •  On your feet all day
  • Overweight Women
  • Flat feet with Overpronation
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Bunions

Brooks adrenaline GTS 15- Stability Shoe for Moderate Overpronation

Brooks adrenaline GTSThe Brooks adrenaline GTS 15 shoe is a support shoe for moderate overpronation with flat feet. It is built on the universal platform.  Rollbar provides pronation control and  DNA Cushioning provides cushioning, support and stability. Omega flex grooves provide a lot of flexibility at the ball of the foot.   The best running shoes for plantar fasciitis are ones that support your foot and provide lots of stability. The condition is worsened by excessive pronation, so you want to wear a shoe that does not allow your foot to twist and turn too much inside the shoe.

The above are just some of the best Brooks shoes for plantar fasciitis. There are many other shoes that can help people who suffer from this condition to continue their running career. If you do a lot of off-road running, hiking or other activities that place special demands on your shoes then you will need to take that into account. Talk to an advisor at your favorite sports shop for recommendations on the best shoe for you.

Best Asics Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Asics has been known as one of the finest brands of footwear that cater to the needs of individuals with plantar fasciitis. These are two of the best models of Asics shoes that may be worth buying to help you have superb comfort as you engage in active sports or activities without putting any strain on your foot.

ASICS GEL-Flux 3 Running Shoe for Underpronation

ASICS GEL-Flux 3If you are suffering from plantar fasciitis due to high arches or supination, these Asics shoes will provide you a lot of rearfoot cushioning and forefront cushioning along with firm arch support.


The ASICS GEL-Flux 3 Running Shoe is built for the underpronators and even mild overpronators who are looking for more cushioning and just a little bit of stability. The upper is breathable along with the breathable inner lining to keep your feet dry and fresh. The removable footbed is contoured and provides you to use your orthotics if you need them.  The molded insole provides support and cushioning that you need to heal the plantar fasciitis. The SpEV midsole, rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning help to absorb shock and relieves the pain of plantar fasciitis. The durable AHAR rubber outsole provides added cushioning. Impact Guidance system that enhances the gait efficiency and stability that helps to provide added support.

If you have problem feet with underpronation, have painful high arches and feel pressure on the ball of the foot along with symptoms of plantar fasciitis, Asics Gel Flux shoes will provide rear and forefront cushioning to realign the feet and provide enough support to correct underpronation or supination. Once the supination and underpronation corrected, the stress on plantar fascia will be relieved.

 Asics GT 1000 5 Running Shoe: Neutral to mild overpronator

Asics GT 1000 5This Asics GT 1000 3 running shoe model by Asics is made of synthetic materials and lightweight mesh on the upper to give the footwear superb breathability and flexibility. It also comes with a sturdy rubber sole that provides ample support to your feet whenever you move. With durable quality, excellent arch support, adequate cushioning and outstanding motion control, the Asics GT 1000 2 is indeed a fine choice for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis and similar conditions.

 GEL-Kayano 23 Running Shoe by Asics: Neutral to slight overpronation

GEL-Kayano 23Made of synthetic materials for the upper and high-quality rubber sole for the bottom, Asics Gel Kayano running shoe is your best bet for total comfort all day long. It also features the unique heel clutching system, which provides full support to your heels and prevents pain or discomfort. For excellent support and stability, you will appreciate the Dynamix DuoMax component of these shoes. This portion also helps minimize the weight placed on your heels while increasing your comfort all day long.

ASICs Gel-Contend 4 Running Shoe

ASICs Gel-Contend 4This ASICs Gel-Contend 3 is a lightweight neutral trainer is ideal for low mileage runners. It is made of soft synthetic mesh and overlays for style and support. The removable footbed provides an opportunity to use your orthotics. The breathable and cushioned collar and tongue add comfort. The rearfoot gel cushioning helps in absorbing shock and reduced impact and stress on the plantar fascia. The rubber outsole is durable and cushioned.

They are Super comfortable, very breathable, offer moderate arch support, and lightweight will help in relieving the pain of plantar fasciitis.1. ASICS

Asics GEL-Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe

GEL-Venture 5If you need the best ASICS shoes for plantar fasciitis, the GEL-Venture 5 trail running shoe is one of the few options available for you. This product allows you to explore a wide range of terrains without experiencing any hints of pain or discomfort with every stride. You can even wear these shoes for your fitness workouts, outdoor activities or casual events, as long as what you want is a pair of shoes that keep you stable, comfortable and protected from injuries caused by irregularities in terrain.

These are neutral shoes that are not only supportive but also lightweight and durable. Traction is outstanding, so you can maintain your balance as you walk on uneven surfaces. For rugged outdoor activities that require reliable footwear to ensure your comfort and balance, this product is an excellent choice to consider.

It is also worth noting that these are neutral shoes, which have similar features as the stability and minimalist shoe. There is a lower heel and excellent cushioning, so you can run or walk with ease. If you suffer from underpronation, these shoes are quite perfect because of the steady platform and support on your midsole.

However, it is worth noting that the shoe comes with a standard toe box, which may seem rather cramped for others. In this case, it is better to buy these shoes at half a size bigger, as compared to your original size.

ASICS GEL-Foundation Workplace Men Shoe

ASICS GEL-Foundation WorkplaceThe ASICS GEL-Foundation Workplace shoe has the same technology used in the design of the Gel-Foundation. This means it has all the similar functionalities and capabilities of this footwear, as well as maximum comfort, support, and slip-resistance. In fact, these shoes are recommended for use at the workplace where the conditions are tough. With the rubber outsole made of optimum slip-resistant components, you can maintain your balance and stability even if the surface is wet, oily or soapy.

As for the interior of these shoes, there is two layers of top-quality memory foam the line the footwear’s collar. This component is known as the Personal Heel Fit, which customizes the fit and mold of the shoe to your heel. Hence, you can expect an outstanding level of satisfaction from these shoes because of the way they fit.

The footwear also features an excellent midsole design called the DuroMax Dual Density. What’s good about this technology is the way it boosts the stability and support of the shoes. It even comes with a special midsole material with shock-absorbing capabilities. This makes sure that with every step, you will feel less pressure from the heel and midsole to your toes. The GEL cushioning systems for the forefoot and rearfoot area minimize shock that usually occurs during the transition cycle with every movement.

ASICS GEL-Quickwalk 3

ASICS GEL-Quickwalk 3Another great shoe model for people with plantar fasciitis, the GEL-Quickwalk 2 by ASICS offers an exceptional cushioning system for the forefoot and rearfoot. With the help of this component, the shock is eliminated and absorbed during the toe-off phases in each step. This is great for athletes or individuals who suffer from foot condition such as plantar fasciitis as heel pain is reduced or even eliminated.

These shoes also feature the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber or the AHAR, which is regarded for its durability. This material can resist premature wear and tear, and it is positioned in areas of the shoe’s outsole that are commonly exposed to wearing. Because of this feature, foot and heel pain are reduced while ensuring the longer lifespan of the shoes.

ASICS GEL-Foundation Walker 3 Women Shoe

ASICS GEL-Foundation Walker 3When it comes to quality footwear that eliminates pain linked with plantar fasciitis, ASICS has plenty to offer. For instance, the GEL-Foundation Walker 3 is a good option for people with such condition as it enhances stability while providing maximum support for individuals who suffer from overpronation and flat feet. It makes sure each step you make is secure and stable, and this advantage keeps you free from injury or even pain while wearing these shoes.

When it comes to high-performance walking shoes, the GEL-Foundation Walker is indeed a brilliant choice. These shoes feature the DuoMax component, which is a broad platform that supports your foot in every way. As for the technology implemented in these shoes, there is the Trusstic System that provides further stability and support to your feet.

The design of these shoes is another thing you will love, with smooth and durable leather uppers, breathable mesh and padded topline with 7-eye lace closure. To keep your feet dry, these shoes have a special sockliner called the “ComforDry”, and this wicks away moisture effectively.

Regarding additional support and comfort, the GEL-Foundation Walker 3 features a SpEVA midsole located in the forefoot and rearfoot. There is also shock-absorbing components from the right amount of cushioning provided in these shoes. Thus, this product is recognized by the American Podiatric Medical Institute as a brilliant option for individuals who suffer from foot conditions including plantar fasciitis.


Making its way in this list of ASICS shoes that are recommended for people with plantar fasciitis, the GEL-Fortify provides maximum stability and support needed for your feet. Runners or any individuals who have severe overpronation concerns can benefit from these shoes because of additional cushioning on the heel area. Pronation control is also achieved, thanks to the larger size of the midfoot shank. When you need great cushioning to your feet, the GEL-FORTIFY makes it happen.

Some people who experience issues with pronation control need special shoes that address this concern. This is what makes the GEL-FORTIFY shoes by ASICS a suitable choice since there is a foam material in the midsole’s middle portion, which is rather firm and stable. You will no longer have to deal with pain and discomfort that are common concerns with pronation problems.

Lastly, these shoes have some similarities with the GEL-KAYANO 21 when it comes to comfort. As for support, the GEL-FORTIFY has more to offer, which is evident regarding the design and overall performance of these shoes. With a softer and more comfortable layer of foam for the footbed, this feature supports your foot with its responsive quality that enhances performance and comfort.

Saucony Guide 10 Running Shoe

Saucony Guide 10 Running ShoeSaucony has always offered top-quality athletic footwear. That’s why one of our choices here is the Saucony Guide 10 Running Shoe. This type of shoe is available for both men and women, the two versions being similar in construction, but featuring slightly different design lines.

The Saucony Guide 10 feature a mesh upper, made of synthetic, lightweight material, providing an excellent airflow inside the shoe during the most intense workouts, and delivering a dynamic fit. The collar and tongue integrate cushion plush to prevent any friction-related issues and supply a comfortable seal on foot.

The shoe’s sole is designed to provide stability for moderate pronation. The midfoot structure offers the ideal support for running or jogging. The outsole features a TRI-FLEX design, providing excellent contact and adherence during running, along with optimal flexibility. It’s made of highly durable rubber, perfect for road and track, but you can also use them for jogging off-road.

The top sole is constructed for an enhanced energy return. It provides an excellent impact dispersion and continuous cushioning during running or jogging.

Finally, these runners are available in three types: Narrow, Regular and Wide, to accommodate feet of various shapes. The color combos available for women’s Guide 10 are Light Blue/Blue, Silver/Berry, and Teal/Navy/Pink, while the versions for men include Gray/Black, Blue/Black/Red, and Lime/Black/Citron.

Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Heel pain and plantar fasciitis often mean not being able to wear sandals. This is not just disappointing; it can also be inconvenient. Those who wish to enjoy summer travels or relaxing outdoors by a pool don’t always want to be seen in orthopedic, closed-toe shoes. While it is not impossible to wear sandals when suffering from plantar fasciitis, in particular, it is not recommended. Fortunately, there are shoes designed to solve this problem.

OOFOS Unisex Ooriginal Thong

OOFOS Unisex Ooriginal ThongMost sandals are equipped with lightweight, flexible and thin soles, designed mostly to provide some protection for the feet during a walk on the beach or other outdoor/indoor surfaces. However, there are sandals with soles engineered for support, stress reduction and various conditions of the feet and lower legs. The OOFOS Unisex Ooriginal Thong fall into this particular category. They’re designed to soothe and reinvigorate the feet after a strenuous workout, being perfect for sore feet, knees and lower back.

The OOFOS Unisex Ooriginal Thongs are shower and beach-ready sandals, equipped with an OOFOAM footbed which integrates cushioning elements. This footbed is designed to absorb impact and to cradle the arch providing utmost support. This is why many podiatrists recommended them over Crocs to users with plantar fasciitis and shin splints.

The outsole features an inner curvature at the front and at the rear, allowing the whole sole to bend during walking, an aspect that adds to the overall shock absorption. Also, its surface has a traction pattern, delivering excellent adherence on various surfaces.

Needless to say, the foam material from which these OOFOS sandals are built is waterproof and odor resistant. Thus, they will keep your feet fresh during the hottest days. The upper has a flip-flop thong cutout which provides ease of access and superior breathability of the foot. Also, this type of cutout is great for people with bunions eliminating chafing and related pain.

There’s one downside to the OOFOS sandals, which we ought to mention here. OOFOS doesn’t make half sizes; therefore, you will have to order a one-half size higher or lower, if your foot size is a number and a half.

Vionic Sandals

Vionic SandalsIt is a good idea to purchase sandals for occasional use to support your feet properly if you have plantar fasciitis. Orthaheel sandals are designed to align the feet, knee and the hip in order correct this problem. Once this correction takes place, back and leg pain relief is found.

Vionic footwear has brought new technology as well as style to the table with an innovative design that is produced by a podiatrist and provides support that is built seamlessly into a contemporary and modern classic shoe. These shoes are constructed with the best materials and provide the best orthotic technology that is based on over thirty years of podiatric success and customer satisfaction.

Vionic products have earned the APMA seal of acceptance and an endorsement from a world-renowned integrative medical expert, Dr. Andrew Weil. The Vionic brand and its Innovation Lab promote an active lifestyle and healthier feet, and there are no other footwear companies that have a wider range or a higher level of expertise.

The best thing about Vionic is that they offer sandals for men and women. The variety is quite wide, so you do not have to be limited to just a couple of boring styles.

There is such a wide range of Orthaheel products available that it is important to know that you have options. Choosing shoes that have Oorthaheel technology ensure that you will feel the comfort that you need in a shoe that will support you for the entire day. Many of the sandals that are available in the subcategory of “Orthaheel”. These shoes keep your feet in a healthy position and reduce pronation. They are also extremely comfortable and provide a great deal of support for most other types of shoes. They just feel different but in a better way. You may find that it takes some time to adjust to the extra support but you will notice that your gait and stride are improved. This is similar to the different between slouching and sitting up straight – proper posture increases strength and energy.

Although Orthoheel shoes are a bit more expensive, they are worth it because you do not feel fatigued at the end of the day when your feet are properly supported. The Orthaheel men’s or women’s Wave Sandal is a popular item because it seems to

  • The shoe has a man made sole
    • A lightweight and medium density flexible midsole that absorbs shock and reduces the stress on the feet, ankles, and knees
    • Orthaheel with built-in technology that is clinically proved to reduce over pronation for flat feet
    • Pain-free and natural healing solution to many of the everyday aches and pains that are often associated with the misalignment of lower limbs
    • The upper of the shoe is a biomechanical thong sandal and has a thong post;
    • Shoes are clinically proven to help with the relief of the most common causes of knee pain and heel pain;
    • Feature an EVA midsole
    • These shoes that the APMA seal of acceptance
    • It is best to order these shoes in a size down for the best fit if you take a half size
    • The shoe is designed by a podiatrist, provides arch support, provides tri-planar motion control in the footed and has a deep heel cup that is designed to stabilize and realign the feet into their natural position.

Flat feet with overpronation cause the foot to widen and lengthen which can add more strain from the heel to the forefoot. When a person wears Orthaheel sandals they can reposition the foot into a neutral position so that the overpronation is decreased. These types of shoes counter nicely to the arch area and work to redistribute the forces on the foot that work to reduce the over pronation.

If you have issues with plantar fasciitis due to overpronation or underpronation, it is advisable that you purchase Orthaheel Sandals for Overpronation which can help you to manage the pain. In fact, wearing this kind of footwear can help you to reduce the pain in most cases, and you will find that you are dealing with painless of the time. An investment in a decent shoe that is designed to eliminate over pronation is important, so you should consider this for your health and the health of your feet. When you have less pain, you will want to walk more, and you will feel healthier for it too.

OluKai ‘Ohana Sandal

OluKai'Ohana SandalThe ‘Ohana Sandal from OluKai is definitely one luxurious type of sandal, part of the Makai collection. It’s far from being your average beach or bath flip-flop, its upper being made of synthetic leather which has quite a beautiful aspect with the OluKai logo embroidered on it. They’re available in a wide array of color combinations, including Black/Black, Dark Shadow/Dark Shadow, Dark Java/Ray, Charcoal/Charcoal, Darkwood/Darkwood, Kona/Kona, Brick/Dark Java, and Depth/Black.

These sandals have a thong strap design, the synthetic leather and strap featuring water-resistant and quick-dry properties. The thong design makes them perfect for users with bunions or hammertoe as chafing is almost inexistent.

The OluKai ‘Ohana sandal is equipped with a soft textile lining which delivers a gentle touch onto the skin. Their footbed is constructed from EVA material, featuring a non-slip surface and a drop-in structure for superior foot stability. The midsole is also made from compression molded EVA, with an anatomical shape, designed to add comfort and support, alleviate foot and lower leg stress, and promote a natural foot motion. This being said, the Ohana sandals make perfect footwear for people with plantar fasciitis or shin splints.

The outsoles are rubber-made, with a coral reef lug design for excellent traction. They’re non-marking and non-slip, also having an excellent flex adapting with ease to the motion of your foot during walking.

Spenco Yumi Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis

Spenco YumiSpenco Yumi Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis can be worn by women who suffer from heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. These sandals are made with total support heel and arch platforms which make them comfortable and stylish to wear.  Here is a Spenco Yumi Sandals review which outlines the benefits and details of the product.

These sandals are designed with the orthotic support found in orthopedic shoes of a much less attractive design. Women love that they are easy to slip on and take off, and they are the ideal sandal for relaxing outdoors, by the pool, after a workout, or wherever. Spenco Yumi Sandals are designed with a particular deep heel cushioning that helps absorb shock, so heels avoid a harsh impact and other problems that come with wearing flat sandals.

One of the best aspects of any Spenco Yumi Sandals review is that these comfortable, supportive shoes are attractive. They come in different colors and patterns. Some even come adorned with metal studs to offer a dressier look for times when the wearer needs to step out in style

The Spenco Yumi Sandals also have comfortable, soft upper straps. The EVA cushion molds to the individual wearer’s foot, providing, even more, custom comfort over time. These sandals are also recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Women who wear these sandals love to give Spenco Yumi Sandals review comments that praise the look and style of this line. They also appreciate that they offer support and comfort. Some women would like a thicker cushion, but this does not seem to affect their overall happiness with the sandal.

Some other women want less flexibility from the arch support. They find that when walking in the sandals, the way the cushion conforms to the foot is almost too comfortable and that it needs to be made to offer more strength. Still, most users cannot believe how much better their feet feel in these sandals compared to how their feet feel in regular, flat slab-style sandals.

No one seems to complain that these sandals do not aid conditions like plantar fasciitis and heel spurs. In fact, these sandals do what they claim to do by offering the arch the right support and comfort to help improve the condition rather than aggravate it. Now it is your turn.

You have read the general Spenco Yumi Sandals for Plantar Fasciitis review, and the consensus is that these are a comfortable, stylish sandal that does what other sandals can’t do. Give your feet the support and comfort they need and get a pair today.

Birkenstock Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis

Birkenstock Insoles for Plantar FasciitisAppropriate footwear with proper support, cushioning and balance can relieve pain and discomfort.  Birkenstock design their shoes with a cork foot bed that provides dramatic improvement and significant relief from painful symptoms caused by fallen arches and plantar fasciitis, with the same benefits as orthoses or inserts. Orthoses, also known as orthotics, are inserts that mechanically correct fallen arches and support the heel to reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis.

In the same proud tradition of German craftsmanship that goes into the design and manufacture of Birkenstock sandals, Birkenstock insoles for plantar fasciitis features a traditional cork heel cup that cushions impact and promotes proper balance and alignment.

If you have ever worn Birkenstock sandals you will have experienced the exceptional comfort and support that the contoured arches and deep heel cups provide.  However, some people just can’t bring themselves to wear them in public, or employee work codes prevent them from wearing Birkenstock sandals to work, even if they are the only thing they can wear in order to walk without pain.  Birkenstock Insoles for plantar fasciitis can replace the insoles of any of your shoes and provide the same level of comfort as wearing the sandals, including running shoes and other sports shoes.

The famous blue footbed of the insole will provide the same arch support and comfort to your everyday footwear as the sandals.

The deep heel cup will help relieve the pain associated with plantar fasciitis and the silk lining is designed to absorb moisture.

They are easy to remove and insert from one pair of shoes to another and they are hand washable.  Sizes come in different widths of narrow, medium and wide.

Product Details

The footbed is based on the original cork Birkenstock footbed and features a pronounced arch support, with a deep heel cup, that is suitable for use with flat as well as heeled footwear up to 1  inches high.

The flexible and shock absorbing sole is made of natural cork material and EVA.

Product Features

The two-part arch support system has specifically been designed for use with sports shoes and features memory foam padding for a cushioning effect and customized comfort and natural cork for the heel cup.

Now you can add extra comfort and support to your favorite brand of athletic footwear by slipping Birkenstock insoles for plantar fasciitis into your sports shoes.

Customer Reviews

Ardent Birkenstock fans are happy with these sports insoles which provide similar support to that of wearing a traditional Birkenstock sandal, with the convenience of using them in sport’s shoes.  The hardness of the insoles are designed to train the feet to walk properly and correct pronation, flat feet, and fallen arches, as well as relieve the pain suffered from plantar fasciitis.

As with any Birkenstock sandal, the proven benefits of arch support and deep heel cups are paramount to many people who suffer from foot problems to help prevent further harm and injury.

Birkenstock insoles have been instrumental in literally saving the lives of many people who have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, as they are able to walk again and exercise without pain, something they were unable to do before.  Keep a couple of pairs on hand for use with dress shoes as well as sports shoes to revolutionize your footwear comfort.

ECCO Yucatan Sandals

ECCO YucatanIf you look for quality and comfort, then these Yucatan sandals by ECCO is your great option. These sandals offer the perfect combination of practicality and convenience with the nubuck material with durable neoprene for the upper portion. What’s more, these sandals have Velcro hook and loop closure for an enhanced fit. As for the footbed, you will like the fact that it is contoured, comfortable and non-slip. Whether you are going to a casual event, or you just need a good pair of shoes when you are relaxing at home, the ECCO Yucatan is the right footwear for you.

 Birkenstock Arizona Sandals

Everybody knows Birkenstock as a solid brand of sandals that resonates durability, convenience, and comfort in all their product lines. Thus, this product is not an exception as it comes with the same fantastic quality that this brand has been known to have. With bilateral stabilizers found between the forefoot and heel, you can experience an effortless and remarkable feeling of comfort as you step on these sandals for hours. To make it even better, you will appreciate the fact that these sandals have a unisex design. So, whether you are a man or a woman, you can wear this pair of sandals with confidence. The design and overall quality of the product give you every reason to try these sandals out for your total satisfaction.

 Teva Tanza Sandals

When you lead an active lifestyle, it is not surprising that your standards for a good pair of shoes are quite high. After all, you would not want to buy footwear that tends to wear off after only a few days or weeks of wearing it. Fortunately, these Tanza sandals by Teva are everything that you have ever wanted in a great pair of sandals for active men like you. With a durable and convenient strapping system, molded and comfortable rubber sole, as well as superior traction to help you walk easily on a dry or wet surface, this product is indeed a great buy. It features the unique ShockPad technology that is all you need to ensure your convenience as you walk along on these sandals all day. So, whether you are cruising on land or in water, these men’s sandals by Teva remain as your fine options.

 Crocs Yukon Two-Strap Clogs for Men

For years, Crocs has been noted for its fascinating design and comfort that people of all ages look for in a good pair of sandals and clogs. Hence, it is not surprising that this product is a part of this list of spectacular sandal brands for men. With an extraordinary material called Croslite to ensure your convenience all day, you will be glad to tread on any surfaces with this famous brand of clogs throughout the world. The material is also lightweight, odor-resistant and non-marking, so it is not a drag to wear this product wherever and whenever. Bask in the relaxing feeling of wearing quality shoes made of leather upper, adjustable straps, Crosslite material for the footbed and exceptional design that will surpass your expectations.

Basic Facts about Plantar Fasciitis

In most cases, those who suffer from plantar fasciitis experience symptoms during the morning, particularly after resting their foot for long hours. Primarily, the plantar fascia is a type of ligament that supports the bottom part of your feet. This thick ligament runs all the way from your heel to the front portion of the foot, and this provides support to your foot’s middle arch.

Unfortunately, once it becomes damaged and inflamed because of constant strain, this portion pulls on the heel. Once it is stretched out, this develops to a condition impacting the ligament called plantar fasciitis.

The reason the pain is often experienced during morning hours is that the ligament is well-rested during the night. The moment you get up from the bed, stretching occurs and causes the portion to become painful. In fact, some people are prone to encounter severe pain due to this condition after they have sat or stood for hours.

Common Causes of Plantar Fasciitis

Foot specialists have noted a few other causes of this painful foot condition including the following:

  1.  Having naturally flat feet, which causes the plantar fascia to become more stretched as the middle arch of the feet tends to collapse
  2. When more weight is focused on the inner portion of the foot (overpronation)
  3.  Weak and tight calf muscles that also stretches the plantar fascia
  4. Nerve issues such as gout and arthritis
  5.  Wearing shoes that are too tight or lacks proper support and cushioning

Guide to Choosing the Right Footwear for Plantar Fasciitis

Since it is typical for some people to experience this condition from wearing poor-fitting shoes, it is best to buy the right footwear that can address and resolve this problem effectively. After all, shoes that do not match your needs promote overpronation and the collapse of that middle arch on your foot. There are also individuals who suffer from plantar fasciitis because of weight concerns and medical conditions such as diabetes. Thus, choosing a good pair of shoes can support your foot and prevent this condition from occurring.

When shopping for the best type of shoes, you should begin by considering the type of activity that you are performing. Moreover, the level of overpronation should be another aspect to base your decision of buying shoes for your needs. Since flat-footed individuals are susceptible to overpronation, wearing, motion-control shoes are suitable to your concerns.

Check the heel counter of the shoe or the portion that wraps around your heel bone. Make sure this part is firm enough to support your foot and ankle properly. Otherwise, buying shoes with soft heel counters will tend to add pressure to your foot as you walk or run.

Also, it is best to go for shoes that have flexible, yet firm soles. When the soles are firm enough, you can expect to have a better control of your foot’s motion range. Thus, this can significantly ensure the proper alignment of the ankle and foot while preventing plantar fasciitis.

If you plan to buy shoes with heels, you should opt for lower ones that are only about 1 to 2 inches high. Buying flat shoes add pressure on your heels, which can aggravate the condition instead of improving it. Be sure to test the rocker soles and make sure the shoe can easily rock forward as you move. This way, your total body weight will not remain on your heels and add pressure on your plantar fascia. If possible, choose lace-up shoes as these offer ample support to your foot, as compared to slip-on.

Overall, great shoes for individuals who suffer from plantar fasciitis are those with superior arch support, minimal bending on the midsoles, flexible at the ball of the foot and closed heels. There should also be enough room for your toes since this can significantly reduce any stress or tension to your feet. If you can find shoes that have enough space for inserts or custom-made orthotics that would even be better. With that in mind, the shoes should have removable insoles for your orthotics.

Make it a point to buy only the right shoes that fit you perfectly to prevent any foot conditions linked with ill-fitting shoes. Follow this shoe buying guide and opt for these excellent best Asics shoes for plantar fasciitis model that provide superior comfort, support, and convenience without compromising style.

Most people who suffer from plantar fasciitis feel pain for the first few steps that they take when they get out of bed or sit for a long period. You may experience less stiffness or pain after you have taken a few steps and your foot may hurt more as the day goes on. It could be that your pain increases more as you climb stairs or when you stand for an extended period.

The best treatments for this type of pain included resting your feet, cutting back on those activities that increase the pain in your feet and trying not to walk or to run on hard surfaces. You can reduce pain and swelling by applying ice to your heel, and you can take over the counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Toe stretches, calf stretches, and towel stretches a few times daily can also go a long way to helping relief chronic pain. The towel stretch is effective by placing a rolled up towel under the ball of the foot.

Most heel pain is due to plantar fasciitis. Many foot conditions including high arches and flat feet footprints can be restored to normal footprints. The biomechanics system of the foot has a direct effect on the leg, so if when foot pain is resolved, then knee joint pain and hip pain are all resolved too.


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