Best Shoes for Standing All Day for Men

There are a variety of quality brands when it comes to looking for the best shoes for standing all day for men. It is important to attain all the information and benefits from each brand to help you make an informed purchase on your next pair of shoes. Remember that quality can come with a price tag, which should not affect your decision on your health.

You will need to determine what is required for your shoes, which will include the environment you work in. If you happen to choose the wrong type of shoe you not only run the risk of wasting money but also you may experience unwanted pain within a few hours of wearing them.

How to choose the best shoes for standing all day for men?

Selecting a pair of shoes for your job, depend on many factors which are the following:

  •  Type of job: If your job requires you to stand all day in a hospital or restaurant, then consider buying a slip resistant pair of shoes in addition to good arch support and good cushioning. Some jobs may require you to wear steel toe shoes.
  •  Avoid wearing flats because they do not provide enough support. Heal should be less than 2 inches.
  •  Consider buying APMA approved shoes
  • Shoes should be lightweight and breathable
  •  They should be well fitted. They should not be too tight and too loose.
  •  Find out the type of your foot arch. If flat arches, then find shoes with a lot of support. The stability and motion control shoes provide support for flat feet. If high arches, then look for neutral shoes. To find the type of arch and walking gait, go to the local New Balance Shoe store. They will do the free evaluation of your feet and will recommend the appropriate shoe. Those men with foot pain should see the podiatrist.

New Balance 626 Slip Resistant  Men’s Work Shoes

New balance 626 Slip Resistant Work Shoes

New balance 626 Slip Resistant Work Shoes men

The New Balance 626 men’s work shoes are designed mainly for walking and standing all day because they provide support and cushioning and absorb shock. Additionally, it has slipped resistant outsole. The arch support and cushioning on the shoe are excellent and will give you a comfortable wear all day long. They are recommended shoes for standing long hours. They are available for men and women versions.

These shoes are perfect for waiters, chefs, and anybody who needs lateral stability for side to side movements for standing all day. They also provide additional heel cushioning to relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis. The ABSORB cushioning, EVA cushioning in the midsole and stability shank provides cushioning and support. They are available in various widths up to 6 E.

 Dansko Wyatt (APMA approved, slip resistant, water resistant with an upper leather)

Dansko Wyatt Loafer

Dansko Wyatt

One of the best shoes for standing all day for men, the Dansko Wyatt is a solid choice for footwear that is comfortable, durable and supportive. If your job requires you to be on your feet for hours, the best thing to do is to wear the right pair of shoes that will keep you at ease with every step you make. The Dansko Wyatt is among the top-rated footwear for this purpose since it is comfortable on your feet and gives you optimum stability in each step. This shoe is for easy slip on and off and can offer you with a good and casual look. The upper is made out of smooth leather and has a soft lining designed to fit and mold to any foot for the ultimate fit. The insole of the shoe is curved which will offer your arch with complete support.

The style of the shoe features a double goring along with a footbed, which is contoured. The support the shoe gives the wearer makes them perfect for standing for hours on end. The upper leather offers a stylish look along with much-needed comfort. These shoes come with an oxford style, which is both casual and formal. You can wear it at the office, or you may choose to pair these off with your denim pants. There should never be a problem wearing these shoes no matter what your outfit is at work. Hence, you will appreciate the versatility of the design and style of the footwear, which make it perfect for your needs.
As for the other components of these shoes, there is a removable footbed with triple density feature that enhances your comfort. You will almost feel as though you are stepping on the clouds as you walk even on hard surfaces, as long as you have these shoes on your feet. For additional comfort and shock absorption, these shoes come with a rubber outsole that is also slip-resistant for your maximum protection. You can be sure that the outsole complies with the highest standards regarding slip resistance and safety.
The midsole is made of polyurethane material for providing added shock-absorbing capabilities. There is also cushioning offered by this component, and this is very important when you are in an environment where the floor surface is very hard on your feet. With the slip-resistant component of the rubber outsole, you can achieve maximum support and comfort all day long.
Other features you will like about these shoes is the 3/4 tuck board, and this comes with a riveted shank to ensure excellent control and stability. These two functions enhance the support you receive with every stride, which is crucial when are always on your feet at work. Moreover, there is an EVA-molded soft and firm footbed for optimum comfort on every area of your feet. You can remove this portion if you want to wear your custom orthotics.
The uppers of the footwear are made of rich and soft leather that adds to your comfort. This material is water-resistant and smooth, which means it is not prone to breakage even if the surface condition is wet, soapy, greasy or acidic. For additional comfort, there is a sock liner made of smooth and genuine leather. Only clean the uppers with a damp cloth, then add leather cream after drying the surface.

Timberland PRO Five Star Stanhope Chef Work Shoe

Timberland PRO Five Star Stanhope Chef Work ShoeThese shoes are perfect for careers such as chefs and nurses; they offer a functional and practical wear.  They offer Anti-fatigue technology, rocker sole, excellent arch support and good cushioning. These are one of the best shoes for standing all day for men.

They feature:

  • Leather upper
  • Hygienic
  • Cleaning made easy
  • Stain and abrasion resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-slip perfect for wet surfaces

 ECCO Howell Tie Oxford

ECCO Men's Howell Tie Oxford

ECCO Howell Tie OxfordThese are one of the best shoes for walking and standing all day on hard surfaces. They offer firm midsole for flat feet. Cushioning is excellent for shock absorption.

These ECCO shoes come with an Oxford design that is suitable for the workplace. There is outstanding arch support, which is a great benefit for people who suffer from pronation concerns or those with flat feet. The sole is 7 millimeters thick, and this is good enough for providing solid cushioning. This means it is ideal for individuals who are always on the go, as well as people who need to stand for hours at their workplace.
As you wear these shoes, you will notice how relaxed your feet get. These leather shoes have a lace-ups enclosure and an overall catchy design to meet your high standards. Made of quality nubuck leather material, these shoes are soft to the touch and durable at the same time. The interior and exterior are both anatomically accurate, and you should not be able to find any problems walking or standing on these shoes.
If you are headed to the airport, or you just need supportive shoes at the workplace, this product is indeed a keeper. There is a removable inlay sole combined with the Comfort Fibre System by ECCO, along with a PU outsole with lightweight and absorbing features. Highly durable, supportive and comfortable, these shoes offer a bang for your buck.

 Merrell Jungle Moc

Merrell Jungle Moc

Merrell Jungle Moc

Another top choice for shoes that women who need to stand all day can count on, the Merrell Jungle Moc may be worth your precious dollar. The upper is made of pig suede leather, which is comfortable and smooth. Your feet will not feel cramped at all as there is plenty of room for your shoes to breathe. What’s more, there is a breathable lining made of mesh that adds to your total satisfaction and ease.
The footbed is made of EVA contoured material, combined with an odor control formula with organic components that do not harm your skin. As for the shank portion, there is molded nylon material, and this does not only provide support but also an enhanced comfort to your feet. For your stability and balance, there is a shock-absorbing component in the heel delivered by the air cushion component.

These shoes offer style and comfort made specifically for outdoor use such as hiking for men. The fashionable design along with a sturdy construction offer a versatile and durable wear with ultimate support benefits. They are great for camping, hiking, and yard work and will offer any wearer with many years of wonderful use.

Feature of the upper lining:

  • Leather upper known as Nubuck
  • The lining has undergone treatment with an antimicrobial solution
  • Flexibility and comfort
  • Anatomical footbed


  • The arch shank is made out of molded nylon
  • EVA foot frame, which will provide the wearer with cushioning
  • Air cushion located in the heel area to provide stability and a shock absorber

 Birkenstock London Clog

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Boston Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Birkenstock London clog

If you have narrow to medium width for your feet, the Birkenstock London clog is a fine choice to consider. It offers plenty of room at the toe box that aid to your comfort, and you will love the closed-toe design that ensures your safety at the workplace. The design prevents your feet from being exposed to materials that may only compromise your safety, particularly in a hazardous environment.

These Shoes have premium leather uppers, which have an adjustable strap for easy on and off feature. You will love the right fit that these shoes provide, and also the ease in wearing and removing the footwear. The footbed is made of cork, and it is anatomically designed to work well with the shape of your feet. The material used for this part of the shoe is entirely sustainable and renewable.
Lastly, the outsole is lightweight, which means it does not cause any drag when you walk. It is also durable, supportive and shock-absorbing for your satisfaction. If there are any damages to your shoes, simply have it resoled or repaired to continue experiencing the right support you need from the footwear.

These clogs are designed in a perfect way to offer comfort and superior support all day long. Birkenstock believes their brand of clogs is one of the most comfortable shoes available on the market today.

Features of the clogs:

  • Available in either a combination of leather and wool or leather upper
  • Anatomically correct type of footbed, which has been made out of cork and latex material
  • Closed toe
  • The shoe has been created to mold to the foot regardless of the shape and size
  • Flexible outsole, which allows for shock absorption
  • Raised up toe bar which assists the foot in its natural grip

Rockport World Tour Classic

Rockport World Tour Classic

Rockport World Tour Classic

When looking for one of the best shoes for standing all day for men, you should consider investing in a pair of Rockport World Tour Classics. This footwear will offer you with a variety of features, which will include an impressive footbed and wide base. This will bring you the best comfort you have ever felt in a pair of shoes that you require for long standing periods.

The shoes additionally come with extra padding this prevents blisters from developing even when the shoes are new. The added benefit of these highly appropriate shoes is the soles are replaceable and easily maintained.

Rockport also features a variety of walking shoes for men. The Rockport Eureka Walking Shoe is just one of the offerings in the Walking Classic Collection, all of which come with Strobel technology built in as well as EVA cushioning. As you wear this shoe, the cushioning matches the contours of your foot, and it also gives you shock absorption. The result is a shoe experience that cuts down on fatigue in your legs and feet. With a lace-up closure placed on the leather upper that surrounds a tongue and collar with padding, you are almost certain to avoid blisters. No matter what sort of surface you are walking on, your shoes give you a durable grip, because of the many rubber outsoles that the shoe features.

These walking shoes are lightweight, especially for leather footwear. You get the cushioning of a padded footbed, as well as a top line with even more padding. They are ideal for walking because they feature that thick rubber sole that gives you a good grip on any surfaces.

Clarks Wave Tract

Clarks Wave Tract

These shoes will offer you with excellent features such as:

  • Leather upper, which has a soft texture meaning you, will not need to break in your new shoe
  • The toe offers a sporty and athletic look
  • Removable footbed and EVA support for the heel area
  • The toe spring offers higher support which will give you comfort all day long
  • The internal wedge located in the heel area assists your feet in an easier walking action
  • The heel kicker has a rocker profile with a concave heel, which will offer you with a smooth forward motion in every step

 Crocs Kinsale Lace-Up

Crocs Kinsale Lace-Up


Crocs Kinsale Lace-Up

When it comes to a comfortable pair of shoes that never goes out of style, the Kinsale Lace Up is a brilliant option for you. The footwear offers a snug, comfortable fit so that you can walk with ease on these shoes. The overall look and style are relaxed and casual, but you can also wear these shoes at the workplace.
The closure has a lace-up design, and there is light padding on the collar and tongue of the footwear. These shoes also have soft and smooth textile for the lining, and the uppers are made of synthetic stretch canvas and leather. You will be glad to know that the outsole is lightweight, and it is made of Crocs Crosslite to ensure your comfort and ease of movement. With cushioned footbed, lightweight features, and supportive components, you will find these shoes a must-have to wear at the workplace.

Crocs are renowned for their comfort shoes that can last a lifetime. These types of Crocs are specifically designed for men and offer you with comfort all day long no matter how many hours you are on your feet. The Look of the Crocs will offer you with the ultimate slip resistance.


  • Loafer looks from the leather upper that has been oiled
  • Outsole has a Croc Lock for slip resistance
  • Poly fleece liner
  • Lightweight cushioning from the Croslite material

 Skechers Rockland shoes for Men

Skechers Rockland

Crocs Kinsale Lace-Up

The Skechers Rockland features smooth and comfortable leather uppers that are soft to the touch. Combined with leather overlays, this component enhances the durability and stability of the footwear’s construction. There is also a catchy stitching detailing that makes the footwear visually appealing. Also, there is the “S” logo on the side, which is typical with Skechers footwear.
As for the other great components of the shoe, it has a padded collar and tongue for enhanced comfort. The lining in the interior portion is soft and breathable, and the insole is removable for ease in using your custom orthotics. With slip-resistant and highly durable traction sole, you can expect these shoes to be OSHA-compliant for your safety.

Sketchers have been around for many years and have been offering wearers a solid and comfortable alternative to many other types of shoes.

These shoes offer the following features:

  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-up, leather upper gives the shoe a casual look
  • Slip resistant
  • OSHA compliant
  • Leather

Most men have a pair of walking shoes, or several, in their closets. Some men go more for a sneaker-like look while others want more of a dressy walking shoe. No matter what your style choice, a pair of most comfortable walking shoes for men is out there for your taste. Choose one of the above-mentioned brands to keep you comfortable as you get from Point A to Point B. Make the right selection today on the best shoes for standing all day for men and maintain the health of your feet.

These are only some of the best shoes for standing all day for men. Consider your specific needs for the footwear, along with the design, features, and budget. By considering these highly-rated shoes for your needs, you can find the right product that is an excellent investment worth making.

  1. I am an Occupational Therapist at a hospital setting . I am up on my feet constantly , I have high arches and am looking for a tennis shoe that is stylish but somfortable for me. I stand alot and walk alot.

    • New balance 626v2 slip resistant may work for you. If you do not need slip resistant shoes, then Asics gel Nimbus are recommended shoes for high arches. Merrell Encore Slide Pro Grip Nubuck Slip-Resistant Work Shoe may work for you too.

  2. Hello I am a Detention Officer at a jail I am always on my feet and moving around. I am looking for a pair of black shoes that will help me move around and not develop knee pains or something worst down the line.

    • It is hard to recommend a shoe without knowing your arch type (flat feet, high Arches or Normal arches) and pronation style of your feet when you walk (overpronation or underpronation). In order to find a best pair of shoes for your feet, please visit local running shoe store such as New Balance or visit the podiatrist.

      You can also find out if you have flat feet, high arches or normal arches by doing wet test at home. To find out overpronation or underpronation, look at the sole of your old worn out shoe. If you see more worn out on the inside, then you may have underpronation and I recommend Brooks Addiction Walker.If you see worn out on the outside, then you have underpronation, and for that I recommend Asics Nimbus. You can also purchase Asics Nimbus if you have normal arches and normal pronation.

      If you can do the above and not sure if you have overpronation or underpronation, then try Vionic Orthaheel Technology Walker.

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