Best Shoes For Standing on Concrete All Day

If you are required to walk and stand long hours at work on the concrete floors, and your feet hurt, make sure you wear comfortable work shoes that support your arches and provide lots of cushioning. Wearing wrong shoes can give you heel, knee, and back pain that can lead to more severe foot problems like plantar fasciitis down the road. Many shoe brands such as Dansko, New Balance, Timberland, Clarks, Crocs, Rockport, Asics, Brooks, Birkenstocks, Skechers and SAS offer best shoes for standing on concrete all day. By wearing the right shoes at the workplace, you can reduce the risk of joint injury.

The best work shoes for standing and walking on the hard surface should fit your feet comfortably. Each person’s feet are different, and the shoe that fits you may not fit other people. Some individuals feel comfortable in cushioning shoes while for other people stability or motion control shoes work best. Therefore, try many different shoes until you find the one that works best for your feet.


 Shoes to Avoid?

  •  Pointed high heel. The heels less than 2 inches will prevent strain on the forefoot
  • Flats made of the thin sole. Buy shoes with thick soles for cushioning and support
  • Ill fitted loose or tight shoes. The tight shoes can cause blisters by squeezing your feet and on the other hand, the loose shoes may slide off from foot
  • Worn out shoes have lost cushioning and support. Therefore, replace them every 6 months

What to Look for in the Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day?

 Extra Cushioned Shoes with firm support and proper fit

In order to find the most comfortable work shoes, search for the firm and thick soles with excellent arch support. The nursing shoes may provide comfort for 12+ hours of standing. You can also consider buying work boots to decrease the foot stress that might arise because of excessive pounding.Tennis shoes might be the best shoes for standing on concrete all day if your job allows them. The shoe should not be too loose or tight and should allow your toes to wiggle.

 Foot and walking gait Evaluation

If you experience foot, knee or back pain, I recommend for biomechanical foot assessment and gait analysis before you buy a pair of shoes. The local running shoe stores such as New Balance offer a free evaluation or see the Podiatrist for custom orthotics for severe foot pain. You can do a  wet test to see if your arches are flat, normal or high. To find out if you have overpronation or Underpronation, look at the sole of your worn out shoes. It there is worn out on the inside, you most probably have overpronation. If you see worn out on the outside, that means you have Underpronation(Supination).

 Shoe Inserts

Before reading the recommendations for good work shoes, it is also important to point out that orthotic inserts may even be more helpful than good shoes. Some traditional shoes even come with removable footbeds, so there is room for the inserts. Of course, you can find foot inserts that are directly made to slip on top of the footrests.

You can purchase these inserts off-the-shelf at many drugstores and shoe stores. One example is Powerstep ProTech Orthotics. You can also get custom-made orthotic inserts from a doctor. The proper pair of orthotics will help in relieving the heel pain of plantar fasciitis which has developed due to standing long hours. These insoles will provide adequate cushioning and firm arch support. Also, your best choice depends on the nature of your foot problem and your budget.

Recommended Best Shoes for Standing on Concrete All Day

Having to stand or walk for extended periods of time can be quite exhausting, and your feet take the brunt end of it. Besides the workplace, you may be required to walk and stand out in the sun, on hot concrete for an extended period. If this is the case, assistance from your footwear with lots of support and cushioning is crucial which can be found by wearing APMA( Dansko, Crocs, Clarks Wave, Asics) approved shoes.

Picking the right shoes for standing on concrete floors is important, here are some ideal options:

New Balance Cross Training 626V2 Work Shoes

New Balance 626 v2 Work Shoes for Concrete FloorsNew Balance 626 V2 is a neutral cushioning cross training work shoe and is one of the best work shoes for concrete that is designed for chefs in mind who need lateral stability for side to side movements. The shoe has added cushioning in the heels that prevent plantar fasciitis by absorbing shock.

The New Balance 626 V2 has many features including slip resistant to oil, soap, and water. Cement flooring can quickly become slippery due to a variety of different substances in different manufacturing and other environments. This slipped resistant feature makes the shoe safe in dangerous work areas, such as construction zones, hospitals, and professional kitchens.

The top is well-designed full grain durable black leather which helps the feet breathe while the sole is rubber.The bottom of the shoe is designed with a lug pattern to help improve your traction while working on the concrete. The slip-resistant capabilities come from a detailed polyurethane outer sole on the bottom of the shoe. The heel of this shoe measures 1.75 inches and the injection-molded EVA midsole provides superior lightweight comfort and stability shank helps in providing support.

New Balance 626 shoes help in relieving heel pain for standing long hours in working environments such as nursing and restaurants workers. Best of all, it is a Medicare Approved Diabetic shoe and you may get reimbursed with doctor’s prescription.

You can wear this shoe for normal arches, flat feet, mild pronation problem and high arches.

Brooks Addiction Walker – Best Shoes for Flat Feet and Overpronation

Brooks Addiction WalkerAs their name suggests, the Brooks Addiction Walkers will simply get you addicted to wearing them. They provide superlative comfort and incorporate quite a bunch of elements for support and stress reduction for standing and walking on the concrete floors.

To begin with, they’re constructed with a durable full-grain leather upper, which provides long-lasting support and an appealing design. They’re equipped with lace on to obtain a custom fit. Like in most sneakers, their collar and tongue are generously padded, considerably adding to the overall comfort. The top section of the tongue combines leather and mesh fabric to deliver the required breathability, while the lining also features a synthetic mesh structure with moisture wicking properties. The insoles are removable so that you can replace them with your own orthotics.

When it comes to sole construction, there’s a lot of engineering behind the Brooks Addiction Walker sneaker. First of all, they have the MoGo midsoles, a polymer which provides durability and an effective energy return. The Brooks DNA structure provides adaptive cushioning throughout the whole surface of the midsole, and a smoother transition from heel to toe. They’re also equipped with the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar which endows these walkers with a robust, dual-density medial arch, reducing pronation. Also, the midsoles excel in arch support which makes the Brooks Addition Walkers some of the best shoes for standing on concrete all day.

If you deal with severe overpronation or flat feet, the support and much needed cushioning for walking and standing on the concrete floor can be found with this motion control shoe. Not only will it help to correct your overpronation by adjusting the bone alignment and helping it become positioned more normally, the pain in the back, knees, and joints, in general, will be significantly reduced. This non-slip shoe feels and fits much like a running shoe while providing all the comfortable, healing protection for your daily walking and working on the concrete floor. Read more. This shoe is ideal for many foot conditions such as bunions and plantar fasciitis. The linear platform of this shoe offers more support for obese people. Last but not least, their outsoles are rubber-made, providing excellent traction.

Dansko Professional Clogs

Dansko Pro XP Waterproof Best Shoes For Standing on Concrete All DayThe Dansko is renowned for providing work shoes for nurses, chefs and who work standing and walking long hours. All Dansko shoes are famous for providing superior arch support.

One of the recommended and best shoes for standing on concrete all day for 12+ hours is Dansko XP Clog which is available for both men and women. It is light weight, has extra cushioning with memory foam, removable footbed(in case you need custom orthotics) and certified non-slip outsole. The metal shank in these clogs provides lateral stability for standing all day. The roomy toe box helps in keeping your feet comfortable during long working long hours. The deep heel cup helps in preventing plantar fasciitis by stabilizing your feet. Learn the difference between Dansko Pro XP and Dansko Professional Stapled Clogs.

Dansko does make shoes for both men and women. Consider some dress styles if you want shoes that look more professional than casual. The Dansko Professional Clogs can be worn with business casual pants or a business suit. These clogs are the comfortable and supportive shoe. The shoe looks best in all black, but there are some other color options available if black leather isn’t your style.

Recommended for the following:

  • Walking and standing all day
  • Flat feet with or without mild overpronation
  • Bunions
  • Plantar Fasciitis

If you need a pair of shoes for best shoes for working on concrete floors, Dansko shoes are always a top brand that is approved by APMA.

Dansko WYATT Oxford

Dansko has been offering several casual dressy styles for men for providing heel and arch support for those working on concrete floors all day long. The Dansko Wyatt shoes lace up style and are made with chefs in mind. The shoe provides water and stain resistant upper leather with the oil and water slip resistant outsole.

The Dansko Wyatt is APMA approved casual shoe and is made of a full grain leather. The triple density removable footbed provides the maximum support and cushioning and polyurethane midsole offers additional cushioning. The tuckboard with its built in shank offers stability and support. The leather sock lining offers breathability and moisture-wicking to keep your feet dry.

This line of shoes is pretty classy, and you can wear for perhaps those environments where you’re working at a retail outlet or service restaurant. The soles of these shoes are human-made, and they feature a triple-density EVA removable insole as well. They are easy to maintain.

Dansko Elise Smooth Leather Work Sneaker for Women

Women’s Dansko Sneakers are one of the best shoes for standing and walking on concrete all day. The Elise includes the Slip-resistant outer sole and is crafted entirely from full grain leather. The slip resistant outsole for oil, water, and soap make them perfect to be worn in any slippery environment. They are considered comfortable and supportive. The Dansko Elise offers an excellent arch support and is made of soft smooth leather. The midsole is firm and provides shock absorption.  The other features include a breathable lining, metal shank for lateral stability and the outsole is flexible and durable.

Dansko is top of the line when it comes to classic, stylish slip-on work shoes for concrete floors. However, the Dansko Elise’s design is more of a tennis shoe than a Clog shoe. These are an excellent choice for women working in food service and hospitals.

Merrell Encore Slide Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoes

Merrell Encore Slide Pro GripThis sophisticated, slide on the shoe was designed with the great outdoors in mind. It is a professional choice ideal for those seeking comfort while on feet for most of the day. Perfect for everyday use while running errands or for those standing in assembly lines, cooks, dishwashers, busboys, nurses, doctors, etc. This incredible slide on the shoe will help keep your tired feet relaxed.

The shoe is durable due to the full-grain leather in the upper part and is breathable due to mesh inside lining. The EVA removable footbed with M select for odor-free treatment provides comfort and air-cushioned heel absorbs shock and prevents heel pain due to standing on concrete floors all day.

The outsole is made of ground gripping SureGrip. This shoe prevents any slips and falls while running around. The comfortable midsole is well cushioned, and the footbed is treated with FRESH control, making it not only a great support for your feet as your work but also no odors regardless of how long they are worn. This is an absolute must for safety, comfort, and freshness.


  • Comfortable
  • Airport friendly
  • Slip Resistant

Recommended for normal and high arches.

Rockport World Tour Classic Shoes for Men and Women

Rockport World Tour Classic Shoes for Concrete FloorsAre you in search for the best comfortable shoes for walking on the concrete floor all day? Well, this Rockport world tour classic shoes will help you. Rockport is renowned for the manufacture of the best walking shoes. Walking in terrible and uncomfortable shoes for long distances can terribly harm your feet. These shoes are very stable and offer exceptional support to keep your feet grounded throughout your long trek.

If you’re a fashion forward individual who loves buying walking shoes that match your clothes and these come in a different range of colors. These are well-cushioned shoes that can provide all the comfort your need regardless of your foot type. This is the perfect pair of shoe to keep your feet comfortable throughout the day if you are always on your feet all day.


First, the shoes have a flexible midsole that acts as a shock absorber especially for people who love walking in rough terrains. Secondly, the shoes have ultimate stability, thanks to the reinforced steel shank found in the midsole. Third, the upper leather is soft and supple enough to provide comfort to your feet all around. Therefore, if you have bunions, claw toes or other types of foot disorders, you can enjoy comfort for every part of your foot.

Lastly, the shoes offer utmost durability. The rubber outsole and the upper leather are manufactured to guarantee top-notch durability. The insole is removable which allows people to replace it whenever it wears out. Therefore, you don’t have to throw away a perfectly good shoe simply because the insole has completely deteriorated.

In summary, there are various advantages of buying the Rockport world tour classic shoes. For instance, they are easy to clean, they have a very comfortable/perfect fit, provide ultimate protection against any injuries as well as utmost safety and also they provide extra support. If you’re looking for the best pair of walking shoes for men or women, this Rockport world tour classic review will give you enough reasons to buy these shoes

Skechers After Burn Memory Foam Shoes For Men Standing on Concrete all Day

Skechers After Burn Memory Foam

The Skechers After Burn men’s lace-up is a classic sports shoe that provides comfort and support for standing on a concrete floor all day. The upper part of the shoe is made of a combination of leather, mesh, and synthetic materials. The mesh panels and front perforations provide breathability. The collar and tongue are well cushioned for comfort. The Full-length memory foam insole which can be removed by pulling out. The midsole is flexible and supportive and is made of Articu-Lyte shock absorbing material. The outsole is also flexible and durable.
Besides these features comes in contrast colored and textured synthetic heel and side overlay detail, as well as embossed side detailing that, allows anyone to choose any preference in color or texture. To the side, there is the classic S logo, so that anyone can immediately recognize the Skechers brand, wherever you are. So, if you’re taking a long run on concrete or any related surface, go to the nearest Skechers store or go online and find yourself the Skechers After Burn Memory Shoes For Men and let your feet like heaven when you’re taking a run or going on a walk.

Recommendation: For Normal arches, high arches and flat feet.

 Skechers D’Lites Memory Foam Sneakers For Women

Skechers D'Lites Memory Foam SneakersAre you always exhausted looking for the perfect sneakers for women? Well, the Skechers D’Lites Memory Foam Sneakers are ideal for women and also the best for standing on concrete. The features that make the shoes a perfect fit for any occasion.

• A smooth leather upper with shiny synthetic patent overlays as well as stitching accents on a sporty walking and training lace-up sneaker design.
• Flexible rubber traction outsole
• Lightweight shock absorbing supportive midsole with a 1 ¼ inch built in heel
• An upfront lace and metallic edging trim
• Mesh fabric collar and heel panels
• Soft fabric shoe lining
• Padded collar and tongue
• For comfort, there is the memory foam insole that is air cooled for the best support.
Looking for a brand that’s comfortable on your feet and recognizable by anyone? Well, the Skechers D’Lites memory foam sneakers for women come with the famous S logo on the side. They are comfortable and perfect for any terrain, whether you’re running or going on a long walk.

Rockport We are Rockin Chranson Walking Men’s Shoe

Rockport We are Rockin Chranson Walking Men's ShoeThis durable walking lace up shoe provides as much comfort to its owner as any shoe on this list. This shoe features the latex footbed, EVA midsole, and Adiprene cushioning for shock absorption. The shoe is tailored to reduce strain on the foot, particularly in the heel and midsole area. The rubber outsole is the super grippy on a variety of surfaces and durable. The leather grain in the upper part of this shoe is a nice extra touch. Not only is this shoe stylish and lightweight but it’s very easy to clean as well.


  • ADIPRENE by Adidas technology for a highly shock absorption and heel protection on the concrete floor
  • Deep Heel Cup
  • Super Grippy durable rubber outsole that offers stability on a variety of surfaces
  • Textile lining for breathability and odor control
  • Very flexible outsole as well as upper leather
  • Latex footbed provides arch support and cushioning
  • EVA cushioning
  • The insoles are removable
  • No Break-in required

The Rockport Chranson shoes are suitable for walking and these are excellent shoes for those who work on concrete all day 10+ hours. Made of thick soles, they do not cause discomfort even if you step accidentally on a stone.  These shoes are carefully crafted for people with an active lifestyle and mimic the foot’s natural walking motion. They are available in two widths and two colors. The extra wide width is available if you have wide feet.

If you want a pair of good quality casual work shoes that goes with every outfit and is comfortable,  I would strongly recommend trying the Rockport Chransons!

Dunham Windsor Waterproof Oxford

Dunham Windsor Waterproof OxfordThe Dunham Windsor Oxfords are casual shoes made for comfort and stability during long walks. They’re actually pretty versatile shoes, and can also be a great choice for activities that require standing up on concrete all day long.

To begin with, the Dunham Windsor Oxfords feature a TRU-TRAK multi-directional outsole, which reminds of the outsoles equipped on trek shoes. Their finish has numerous lug-like protuberances which considerably enhance traction.

The midsoles are made of injection-molder EVA, delivering optimal flexibility. They’re reinforced by a fiberglass shank, for extra stability, arch support, and a smoother gait.

Their uppers are made of seam-sealed, full grain waterproof leather, with extra cushioning on the collar and tongue. They feature a classic lace-up design, with five metallic eyelets for a long lifespan. The lining is made of synthetic mesh with moisture-wicking properties, keeping your feet fresh and dry all day long.

In all, the Dunham Men’s Windsor Waterproof Oxfords are shoes made to last. You can be sure that they won’t fall apart after a few wears; their soft leather upper will quickly break in, and your feet will feel right at home in them in no time.

Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Cobb Hill Aria

Rockport Cobb Hill Women's Aria-Ch BootAlthough heeled footwear isn’t exactly the best choice for activities that require standing and walking all day, there still are exceptions. The Aria ankle boots from Cobb Hill fall into this category.

The Rockport Cobb Hill Aria are vintage-inspired lace-up boots featuring a soft, full grain leather upper for a rich and stylish look. They boast a traditional three-eyelet lacing, delivering a snug and secure fit. All eyelets are metal-reinforced for a long lifespan.

The collar and tongue of the Cobb Hill Aria boot aren’t padded, but the with the soft leather within the upper, you shouldn’t worry about any abrasion. The heel counter is decorated with a beautifully engraved metallic stud, considerably improving the overall aesthetics of the boot. Also, in case you’re wondering, the height of the shaft is approx. 4″ (10 cm), while the heel is 1 1/2″ (3.8 cm). Of course, these dimensions may slightly vary, depending on the boot size.

The Aria boots from Cobb Hill feature shock-absorbing polyurethane outsoles designed to deliver superior stability and help you maintain a confident stride throughout the day. The PU outsole is also considerably lighter than rubber; also, the forefoot is designed for impact dispersion, these being elements that significantly reduce fatigue.

The lining is made of soft, textile material for a comfortable fit. The insoles are also textile-covered with the same material as the lining. They’re also removable, so you can replace them with orthotics if it’s the case. And finally, the footbed is designed for comfort, made of anti-bacterial EVA foam.

Clarks Portland 2 Tie Men’s Casual Shoe

Clarks Men's Portland 2 Tie Casual ShoeWhen it comes to top-quality, comfortable casual shoes, Clarks are never a bad choice. Most models are crafted from premium leather, made to last a long time. One of the models that we’re going to cover here is the Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Tie casual shoe.

Needless to say, this Clarks casual shoe features a leather-made upper, with a rugged modern style and whipstitched toe. It’s a lace-up shoe, featuring four metallic eyelet sets, for an improved aspect and durability. The collar is made of stretch fabric, being padded, to provide maximum comfort around the lower part of the ankle throughout the day. The tongue also features a generous padding, delivering a comfortable seal.

The soles of these Clarks combine polyurethane and rubber. Evidently, the outsole is made of rubber to supply the required traction and moisture protection. Although they’re not highly flexible, they do deliver the necessary flexion for long walks, to reduce fatigue.

The Clarks Portland 2 feature mesh and synthetic lining, designed to provide optimal breathability. They’re equipped with a removable Ortholite footbed which delivers excellent support and comfort. However, if you require custom orthotics, you can easily replace it.

 Clarks Wave.Trek Lace-Up Sneaker for Women – APMA approved

Clarks Women's Wave.Trek Lace-Up Sneaker

If your job requires standing on a concrete floor all day, trek sneakers are often a good choice when it comes to the most comfortable shoes for standing all day. Not only that they provide a good grip on the pavement, but they also provide excellent stability and protection.

To begin with, the Clarks Wave are equipped with Wavewalk technology. As the term suggests, this technology was created to improve the experience of walking, minimizing fatigue and maximizing comfort. The shoe has a curved, rocker sole which helps the foot roll smoothly with each step. The heel is designed to absorb shock, reducing stress on the joints. The outsole integrates highly durable carbon rubber pads at the high wear areas on the heel and forefoot for a long lifespan, and to provide increased traction.

The Clarks Women’s Wave Trek sneaker integrates a three-layer Ortholite footbed. As a general idea, an Ortholite footbed is designed to deliver long-term cushioning, prevent overheating, and keep your feet fresh due to the anti-microbial treatment. This footbed is also removable, allowing the replacement with custom insoles if it’s the case.

The upper is made of a rich, weather-ready, full grain leather, designed to keep your feet dry in an abundant moisture environment. The collar and tongue are well-padded, made to provide a thorough seal, without generating abrasions or discomfort, while the lining is made of synthetic material which absorbs moisture.

These shoes look like running shoes so you can only wear to work if this type of footwear is allowed. This brand features a removable footbed so that you can insert your shoe pads. The brand also advertises that they qualify for the APMA Accepted Seal for quality footwear. Consider the Clarks Tackle for men.

These shoes offer waterproof upper leather, OrhthoLite removable footbed, and are lightweight, only 12 ozs. This shoe provides a lot of support for walking and standing on the concrete floor. The toe box is roomy and will not cramp your toes. They provide stability and support for overpronation.


Great for travel, and for women who are on their feet all day


They run on narrow side.

They may get hot due to the waterproof material.

Clarks Unstructured Women’s Un.Loop Slip-On Shoe

Clarks Unstructured Women's Un.Loop Slip-On ShoeAlthough these Clarks have been around for a while, they continue to benefit from 5-star reviews from users all over U.S. simply because they provide unparalleled comfort. Clarks Unstructured look in their Un.Lop slip on providing unmatched breathability and a stylish, artisan designed relaxed look.As the title suggests, they’re slip-on casual shoes featuring a full grain leather upper with a split toe seam, and numerous topstitching details for an appealing aspect. They also boast an engraved, decorative wooden button with an elastic toggle.

The inner lining of this Clark slip-on shoe is made of lambskin leather, delivering a soft feel on foot. The collar does integrate a layer of padding, but the tongue doesn’t. However, extra cushioning isn’t needed for these elements as the leather within the shoe’s upper is soft and easy to break in.

The Clarks Unstructured Un.Loop slip-on is equipped with a vegetable-tanned leather insole, designed for reduced friction, and providing a natural grip of the foot to the footbed during walking.

The soles are made of synthetic material but do integrate two rubber elements at the forefoot and heel. The forefoot element provide a superior traction at the front of the shoe, while also helping with the weight dispersion over this part. Conversely, the heel element reduces shock, and of course, prevents slippage

This casual, unstructured shoe features the following:

  • Supreme breathability
  • Full grain leather uppers with artisan-inspired stitching
  • Elastic loops for a snug fit
  • Flexible EVA sole with rubber pads for traction and to reduce foot fatigue
  • Removable leather insole
  • Soft leather lining for comfort and to prevent chafing and irritation
  • Clarks Air Circulation system vents allow fresh air in and channeled mesh with air exhaust vents for moisture to escape.

These Clarks are available in a wide array of colors, from Black and Brown to Navy Blue and Burgundy.

SAS Twin Women Shoes for Standing and Walking  on Concrete Floor

SAS Twin Shoes for WomenRight from the overall appearance of the SAS Twin shoes, users will appreciate that the shoes are designed to offer supreme comfort. For instance, the Twin has a wide toe box for ample room for your feet. However, this is not the end of the comfort feature that the SAS Twin shoes feature. The shoes come with the SAS Tripad Cushions that provide supreme cushioning for the outside ball, the inside ball, and the heel. Additionally, by utilizing Foot-Shape Last, the shoes morphs to stellar fit by molding and moving with the natural contours of the wearer’s feet.

It also comes with the CoolStep™. These are antibacterial footpads that are designed with anti-friction covers. The footpads keep your feet dry, fresh and odor-free. More importantly, the footpads can be removed, washed or even replaced with new one, thus ensuring that your SAS Twin shoes always perform optimally. Finally, the interior is lined with a soft and breathable lining.

The SAS Twin shoes are constructed to ensure for a long time. The uppers made of premium leather while the outsole is made of SAS’ polyurethane the Lightweight Supersoft.

SAS Time Out Men's ShoeSAS Time Out for Men also looks like a walking shoe, and they are one of the most expensive brands that you can select. However, they are recommended by foot doctors because of their outstanding comfort and support even walking and standing on concrete.

Often considered the best shoe for someone on their feet for more than 12 hours per day, this shoe is readily available in medium width as well as the wide width and extra wide, Comfort, balance, and style are all packed into this shoe. If you’re suffering from an achy back and achy legs, this shoe offers you great arch and back support all in one. Many orthopedics have recommended this exact shoe since it gives a proper fit to wider feet. A good fitting shoe is paramount to get maximum comfort from back and leg pain. Although a bit pricier than our previous shoes listed, it’s durable and won’t need to be replaced as often.

Birkenstock Mayari Sandal for Women

Birkenstock MayariAre you looking for the best shoes to stand around in the office all day comfortably? Well, you should try the Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed because of the following features.

• It has a classic appeal and feels that brings out your confidence whenever you’re wearing the shoe.
• The leather uppers are premium printed to bring out an appealing look.
• It has a custom fit and a durable exterior, thanks to the two adjustable buckled straps.
• There is a foam layer between the suede liner and cork layer on the soft footbed. These layers contain microscopic air bubbles that provide moderate arch support and cushion your feet whenever you’re wearing the shoes.
• Alternatively, the footbed is contoured and lined with leather to shape your feet and to customize the footbed to your feet. Therefore, it cradles and supports your feet with every step you take.
• The toe bar is raised enough to encourage proper air and blood circulation. Additionally, it encourages the natural gripping motion of your feet allowing you to exercise your legs.
• For proper distribution of your weight, the shoe has a deep heel cup and a neutral heel profile that keeps the natural padding of the foot in place, that’s under the heel.
• The shoe has shock absorbing feature, lightweight attributes, long-lasting durability, thanks to the flexible EVA outsole.
• Finally, there’s the dual layer jute where the top layer wicks away the moisture, but the bottom layer adds strength to the shoe and makes resoling effortless.

Birkenstock Memphis for Men

Birkenstock MemphisAs opposed to the Manitoba model that we’ve also mentioned here, the Birkenstock Memphis is available in models for men. It’s a casual shoe designed for comfort and support during long walks or standing up on concrete floors all day, fitting a wide array of jeans or khakis, and the everyday activities. The currently available colors for this shoe are black and brown.

The Birkenstock Memphis shoe features a man-made outsole, with a thin layer of rubber, for improved adherence. The footbed has contoured lines, being designed to mold over time to the shape of your foot, creating the perfect fit. It delivers excellent support, with a deep heel cup for superior stability. The footbed is suede lined, being also removable; therefore, in case you need custom orthotic insoles you can replace it with your own.

The Birkenstock Memphis shoe has a lace-up design with only two sets of eyelets for a laid-back closure. Needless to say, the upper is made of premium leather. It features a round, roomy toe box, with a raised toe bar which encourages the natural grip of your foot during walking.

The collar of the shoe integrates a thin layer of padding, but it’s not extremely cushioned as in athletic shoes. The tongue isn’t padded, featuring a simple leather structure. The lining is made of breathable leather, delivering a great touch and feels on your foot.

Birkenstock Boston Work Clog

Birkenstock Boston ClogAnother shoe for walking around on concrete, the Birkenstock Boston Soft Footbed brings out the comfort and the appeal of wearing clogs. Some of the features include the following:

• For a perfect fit, there’s the matching adjustable strap and a soft premium upper manufactured from numerous materials.
• To encourage foot health, there’s the anatomically correct cork footbed made from the renewable and sustainable material as well as the suede lined and foam padding.
• Finally, there’s a neutral hell profile, a raised toe bar and many more features meant to encourage comfort, sustainability, and durability.

These shoes have been made since 1774 in Germany; they are all designed to mold to any foot shape or size. The footbed of the Original Birkenstock shoe is designed in such a way that weight is distributed evenly over the foot. This results in optimal support as well as much needed comfort.

Note that these shoes come in European sizes, but you can find a conversion chart to US sizes online. These are a nice looking casual shoe and uni-sex with leather tops so that they would be okay for business casual wear.

Try any of these shoes whenever you’re on concrete and minimize the wear and tear considerably.

The SureTrack Work Shoes for Women

If you are a woman and work 10+ hours on concrete floors on feet all day at work, Sure Track Work shoes will give you a lot of comfort due to their relaxed fit design and full-length memory foam insoles. They are cross trainers and offer lateral support and stability for standing all day. They provide excellent arch support, and you can use your custom made arch supports if you have any problem in the feet because memory foam footbed is completely removable. The relaxed fit version offers a plenty of toe room in the forefront area, so your toes will not squish.

If you are on feet all day and need good arch support and cushioning, try the Sure track relaxed fit collection of work shoes. The full-length memory foam footbed offers a lot of cushioning and excellent support for walking and standing on the concrete floor all day. They can fit up to size C width. For narrow feet try the none Relaxed version of the Sure Track work shoes.

Skechers is a brand that is famous for being durable and stylish. You can find different models that are suitable for casual and even professional wear though some of their shoes look more like athletic shoes.

If you’re looking for sturdy, comfortable, stylish shoes, then look no further. Skechers continues to manufacture high-quality shoes for the workplace. If you work in an environment where you are standing on your feet on concrete for several hours, then Skechers Sure track shoes will offer some much-needed relief. The same could be for just about any women’s shoe created by Skechers. Skechers has always put a focus on designing shoes that are for active lifestyles, whether it’s exercising or working. They’ll stand up to a beating on concrete and still offer you incredible cushioning.

Skechers Shape Ups Shoes

Still, your feet hurt and need more cushioning and support for your arches? Or need Rocker Bottom sole shoes? Check out Skechers Shape-ups .

The Skechers work shoes especially Skechers Shape-ups work shoes will help you to protect your feet from standing on concrete all day.

Allegria Alli for Standing all Day on Concrete Floors

Allegria AlliWhatever your profession, make sure that the shoes you choose will keep your feet comfortable throughout the whole day even on the concrete floor.

Allegria shoes offer extra width, making them ideal for people with naturally wide feet who may struggle to find shoes, which provide a proper fit. They are also suitable for individuals who need extra wide toe areas, due to bunions or plantar fasciitis. The attractive designs make the shoes perfect for professionals who do not want to sacrifice style for comfort. Features of the shoes include:

Elastic instep. This ensures that the shoes maintain the convenience of being “slip on, slip off,” but also have a secure fit.
Stain proof leather upper, for durability.
Slip resistant sole. Perfect for people who work in nursing.
Memory foam and latex footbed. Avoid sore, swollen feet at the end of a long day.
Removable footbed. Use your custom orthotics with these shoes.
Allegria Alli for Concrete

The Alegria is one of the more classic and stylish women’s work shoes for concrete. It is an upgrade from their previous Alegria Classic, which was a great work clog on its own. This new shoe comes with a few extra features, such as nice rotating straps that improve your stability with sling back capabilities. There is a very supportive, multi-dimension footbed, but it can be removed if you would prefer to insert your custom footbeds. Inside of the shoe is just as beautiful as the outside but more comfortable. You’ll find that these are rather wide shoes, even in your correct shoe size. This helps you forget the shoe entirely even though it is still protecting and supporting your foot. The bottom of the shoe is designed to be flat to help improve stability in the work area.

Crocs Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Loafer for Men

Crocs Santa Cruz 2APMA accepts Crocs shoes, and they are one of the most comfortable yet affordable shoes. Santa Cruz 2 is a lightweight slip on shoe for easy on and of wearing. They provide tons of cushioning because of the well-cushioned footbed that is made of Croslite material. On the top of the Croslite footbed, there is a memory foam layer that extends from the heel to metatarsal toe area. You will feel comfortable in these shoes while walking and standing all day on concrete floor. The cushioning footbed will help in aligning your feet by distributing pressure evenly. These shoes are very flexible.

The Crocs Santa Cruz for men is nice looking loafers with a synthetic material top. They could be worn with casual clothes, and you might even slip them on with the business casual clothes.

Like Dansko, Clarks and ECCO, Crocs shoes carry the APMA Seal.

You might associate this brand with those rubbery looking garden shoes that became popular a few years ago. But you can find stylish Crocs that do not look like what most people think of as Crocs. Also, this brand tends to be a little less expensive than other quality shoes designed for comfort and style.

Crocs Bistro

This casual Crocs clog is probably the most different from its other counterparts. In the traditional Crocs look, this extremely comfortable shoe lives up to its name. This anti-microbial shoe features a man-made sole and inserts in the front for superior toe comfort. This slip-on slip-resistant shoe is a keeper.

Crocs come in a second time on this list with this different style work shoe. It’s not the traditional Crocs style like the Bistro, but with its brushed poly fleece sock liner and Croslite midsole and insole, this shoe is supreme. Its style is catchy, and like with many of the other shoes, it’s available in different colors.

The Crocs Mercy for women looks more like a typical Clog, but it has a thick cushioning sole. As the name implies, these shoes were designed for the demanding walking and standing that medical professionals have to do.

All Crocs are designed to be extremely comfortable and flexible shoes, and the Crocs Mercy work women’s work shoes for concrete are no different. These aren’t Crocs for around the home, though. These babies are designed to be super durable, slip resistant, and extra tough. They’ll survive in the harshest work environments and have been approved by the APMA.

Timberland PRO Powertrain Safety Shoe

Timberland PRO Powertrain Safety ShoePowertrain features a synthetic upper with breathable mesh, mesh lining with antimicrobial for odor control. It also features a polyurethane midsole offers ESD resistant for safety. It also features anti-fatigue technology for energy return and shock absorption all day long. They are extremely lightweight compared to the other type of work shoes. The Powertrain provides the support you need if you need to walk on hard floors all day even 12-hour shift.

Timberland is a good choice if you want some very stylish shoes that are also made with comfort and support in mind. They make both men’s and women’s shoes, and their models run from work shoes to casual shoes to fancy shoes.

People who work in tough environments require a sturdy shoe. Working in a high-traffic construction zone requires a shoe that is durable, sturdy, and yet comfortable. When it comes to durability, Timberland is a great example of what to aim for. These shoes and boots are designed to take an extreme beating from concrete, work tools, sand, water, and anything else you can throw at them. This is part of the Timberland PRO line, which means they utilize unique “anti-fatigue” technology, which is intended to improve support for the feet, which, in turn, helps you feel less fatigued throughout the day. They also utilize a unique slip-resistant outer sole and also offer rocker sole with excellent shock absorption insole.

These Work Shoes offer you a 30-day comfort guarantee. Go ahead, give them a try and see how comfortable they are. If you aren’t satisfied, bring them back. Some people say these shoes tend to run a little small, so you might consider moving up a half size over your regular shoes.

New Balance 627 Steel Toe Shoes for working on Concrete

Working in many industrial settings means that you will spend long hours standing on concrete. Many people in this situation need a steel-toed safety boot but they do not want to wear a heavy boot. What they want are steel toed shoes because they are much lighter and easier to walk in. People who work in industrial settings are looking for the best steel toe shoes for standing on concrete floors all day. Purchasing the correct shoe can help them in a variety of ways, and one of the most important reasons is to prevent injuries and to be compliant with workplace safety regulations.

The New Balance 627 steel toed work shoe is ideal because it is stylish and comfortable while providing the protection and support that one would expect from a steel-toed boot. These shoes are more stylish and have a low top, making them extremely comfortable. Safety regulations in industrial workplaces necessitate the wearing of steel toed foot protection, but those regulations do not necessarily demand that you wear boots, so this shoe can be a  good choice.

New Balance 627 steel toe work service shoe that has a simple, sporty look. This shoe is perfect for those people who are not only on the cement flooring all day at work but need safety shoes to protect their toes. This shoe also has the EVA injection-molded midsole just like the 626 and is synthetic leather for easy maintenance.

Skechers Cottonwood Fribble Slip Resistant Work Shoe

If you want to look good and stay safe at your work’s slippery floor, I would recommend Skechers Cottonwood Fribble work shoe. They are made of smooth upper leather in a lace-up design for perfect fit. The full-length memory foam provides adequate arch support and a lot of cushioning. The footbed is removable, and you can insert your insoles or custom-made orthotics for your foot type. The relaxed fit design offers the roomy toe box, and your feet can fit into these shoes even if you have bunions. This casual dress shoe will help you to absorb shock on the hard concrete floor all day long.

They have midsole designed to absorb shock. The outsole has been tested for slip resistant, and you can walk comfortably on slippery floors.

Skechers Rockland for Men

Skechers is a very popular brand among a wide variety of different shoes, and they make this list. Before getting into the specific pros of this shoe line, note on difference is these shoes are lace up, which is different from some of the other choices. The cushioned insole is removable, and the heel measures 1.25 inches. The stylish slip-resistant shoe is great for casual environments.

Aravon Clarissa Shoes

Well, whether you work, walk or stand on concrete floors for the extended time, the Aravon Women’s Clarissa are an ideal pair of shoes for your work. These shoes provide stability, support, and comfort that you need for on feet all day.

Mozo Shoes

Mozo shoes are specially designed for nurses and chefs. They are created to be lightweight, comfortable and very easy to keep clean. Some of the key features are:

Gel inserts. These help the shoes to mold to the shape of your foot, for optimum comfort.
Slip resistance. Safe to wear in kitchens and hospitals.
Premium materials, for product longevity.
This is the perfect shoe for hospital workers and others who have to stand on those concrete surfaces and work long hours. This is a very stylish slip-on injection-molded shoe with triple fit insoles and moisture absorbing linings, you know just in case you step in the bedpan! In all seriousness, this shoe comes in to round out the list for the top eight men work shoes for hard floors. The Mozo has a long sleek style and while mostly a solid color except for the red logo, it is incredibly stylish. As a matter of fact, when it comes to style, this might just be the best shoe making a list.

Nike Air Monarch IV

This fantastic training shoe offers durable support and lightweight cushioning. Thanks to its flex grooves, every step is taken with natural, enhanced flexibility providing efficient stride. The leather uppers are very durable and provide the perfect amount of support. The lightweight cushioning is provided by a full-length Air-Sole and a phylon midsole. Multi-surface traction and durability are provided by the multi-pattern outsole which is, of course, is made of rubber. This comfortable option will want you never to change your shoes again.

What Are The Best Shoes For Standing On Concrete?

If you can wear athletic shoes, New Balance, and Brooks are good choices. If you want a large selection of casual or business-casual shoes, you might consider Dansko. ECCO has some dressy shoes that provide comfort and support.

A lot of the best shoes for standing on the concrete floor all day will have room for you to slip in inserts. Some even have removable footpads so that you can put your own in. You might purchase inserts, like Dr. Scholl’s, at a pharmacy or shoe store. Alternatively, if you have severe problems with your feet, you might get custom-made inserts from a doctor’s prescription. In the best case, if you take care of your feet by wearing proper shoes, you might be able to avoid foot problems.

Running Shoes for walking and standing on concrete floor

Brooks Glycerine

These shoes look like running shoes, but they are light and stylish. They also provide suburb cushioning that you would expect from running shoes in this price range. These shoes also come in models for both men and women.

The price is in the mid-100, so they are an investment. But they also come in a variety of size and width options if you have a hard-to-fit foot.

Most people are pleased with the fit and comfort of these shoes though some people complained that they preferred a shoe with a bit more “bounce.” The shoes feel more like walking on pillows, but this might be okay if you just need to stand on a hard surface all day.

These are just a few options to take into consideration when buying shoes for standing on concrete. When shoe shopping, it is important to make sure that you know exactly what kind of shoe will best meet your needs, this is especially true if you have to spend extended periods of time standing or walking. It is also important to know your feet, and this goes beyond simple shoe size and width. Are there any special needs your feet have, do they tend to sweat a lot, etc.
Take your time to look over the options available and make the best decision for you. Happy shoe shopping.


In this brief article, we’ve examined many pairs of shoes for both men and women that would be quite befitting at a casual, dress or formal occasional. They each have the exceptional quality of being comfortable, supportive and well-designed walking shoes which make walking on concrete that much easier, even for extended periods. If you experience any pain or issues while standing or walking on concrete, consider investing in a pair of shoes which can help to alleviate these problems, preventing strain, damage, and more issues down the road. Hopefully, this brief guide on the best dress shoes for walking on concrete has given you some insight into the options available and what to look for in a good pair of shoes.

  1. Need a shoe that I can wear for 6 hours on concrete floor. have some nerve issues, use and orthotic.

    • I would recommend Neutral running shoe for Orthotics. The New Balance 840 running shoe is commonly prescribed by the Podiatrists to their patients for Orthotics. The New Balance 840 running shoe is also diabetic Medicare approved. I recommend diabetic shoe because you mentioned something about nerve issue. The diabetics shoes are no-sew and will not irritate or blister your feet.The 840 has deep,wide toe box and snug heel.

      New Balance 928 walking shoe is another diabetic shoe which is a motion control, but for Orthotics it is best to use Neutral running shoe. Read this article about Shoes for Orthotic Inserts.

      In reference to the concrete floor: You need cushioning and Arch support, but you already wear orthotics which will solve the problem. New Balance 840 v3 provides lots of cushioning.

      You can see the podiatrist for further advice.

      Let me know if you have any other question.

      • I stand 12 hours a day in one spot most of the time. Having knee and back pain what shoes do you think I should try?

        • Standing all day can damage your knee joints, ankles, and back more than walking all day. Try to move around and sit whenever you can. Anti-Fatigue mats can also help.

          Try to wear shoes with arch support and a lot of cushioning. You may have overpronation or underpronation which you can check by looking at the worn out shoes. Visit the New Balance shoe store in your area to find out if you have overpronation or underpronation. Based on your feet problem, they will recommend a shoe to you.

          Without knowing the foot problem, I can only recommend Finn Comfort Shoes with the soft footbed. These shoes are very comfortable. I bought a pair for myself because I underpronate. These shoes have medial and lateral support and correct overpronation or underpronation. Try the shoes at home for few days and you will see the difference. These shoes will realign your foot and leg bones to the normal position.

          Call the Finn Comfort to find out which shoes have soft footbed.

          If you see your shoe soles are worn out on the inside, then you may have overpronation. For overpronation, I would recommend Brooks Addiction Waler.
          If your shoes are worn out on the outside, then you have underpronation. Try Asics Nimbus or Asics Cumulus for that.
          Once you start wearing right pair of shoes for your foot problem, your back pain will also be relieved as well as knee pain.

          Let me know if you need more help.

        • adidas duramo 7.
          I can try on 50 pairs of running/ walking shoes and not be able to find one pair that is comfortable enough to work all day. These are the only ones I can wear, super comfortable, good arch support. The only down side is they break down fast, I have to replace at least every 5 months.

  2. I work 10 hrs a day concrete floors and now my ankle and calfs are sore what shoe is recommend for women

    • First of all, I can not recommend a shoe without knowing the cause of ankle and calf pain. Here are few points that I want you to understand before buying a shoe for your specific foot condition.

      1. Everyone’s foot shape and walking styles are different. Find out your arch type with wet test.

      Also, check your old worn-out shoe soles. If you see worn out on the inside, that means you overpronate.
      If flat feet with severe overpronation, you need a shoe with a lot of support and cushioning. I would recommend Brooks Addiction Walker.

      If you do not have flat feet, then you may have normal arches or high arches. If you see your old shoes are worn out on the outside, then that means you underpronate.

      You need a shoe with a lot of cushioning and you do not need a lot of support for underpronation. Asics Gel Nimbus is one of the best shoes to correct Underpronation.

      Please see the podiatrist for foot evaluation. You may need custom orthotics. You cal also go to the local New Balance shoe for free foot evaluation and shoe recommendation.

  3. I need shoe advice, I stand 10 hour a day 5 days a week. I have a wide foot and I’m a large woman. I’ve been tring Skechers memory foam shoes for the last 6 months my feet ache is there such a thing as to much cushion.

  4. I work a 12hr shift knee pain arch and heal pain. Help

  5. I stand on concrete floors all day long. Need something dressy, preferably a tall boot…any ideas? No problems yet, but don’t want vericose veins!

    • Thank you for visiting my website. You need to wear shoes or boots with very good support and cushioning to stand all day on concrete floor. Look for the shoe brands that are designed for nurses. Here are few pairs of boots that I recommend: Click on the links to see different styles of boots at Amazon.

      1. Alegria Boots

      2. Dansko Boots

      It is not good for your feet and joints to stand all day. Try to move around and sit frequently if possible. Use Anti-Fatigue Mats at work if possible.

      Try to replace shoes every 6 months. Never wear worn out shoes. Use Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles if you need additional cushioning.

  6. ive tried almost every boot and insole I can get that my company will let me wear must be steel toe or composite toe with tarisl mad in or out side of the boot 12-16 hour shifts on concreat I have nerver damage in my feet after 6 hours barely can stand to stand or walk any ideas

    • and a slip on is needed welding most of the time

    • You may have flat feet, high arches, overpronation(turning in your ankles) or underpronation ( turning otwards your ankles) when you walk or stand. Therefore, it is hard to recommend a shoe or insole for you without knowing your foot type and walking gait. You can go to any running shoe store or see the Podiatrist to find ot your foot type and gait. Running shoe stores offer free enalysis on your feet and will recoomend a shoe according to your specific foot problem. In order to stand all day on concrete floor, you need adequate cushioning and an excellent arch support. Some people need custom orthotics which Podiatrists can design according to your foot problem. Please take your worn out shoes for evaluation when you visit the running shoe store or Podiatrist.

      Here are few things I recommend before buying a new shoe if your feet hurt while standing and walking all day:

      1. Try wet test.
      2. Check your worn out soles. If they are worn out inside, then you most probably overpronate. For overpronation which is usually due to flat feet, you need to buy stability or motion control shoes. If your old shoes are worn out on the outside, then you may have high arches. You need Neutral shoes.

      3. Try New Balance 627 Steel Toe Cushioning shoes for few days at home. Return the shoes if they are not comfortable.
      I recommend you go to the New Balance shoe store for best recommendation after they evaluate your feet.

      Let me know if you have amy more questions.

  7. I walk on concrete for 8-12 hours a day. I am pretty much flat footed and have plantar fasciitis. The inside of my shoe soles are worn more than the outside. What kind of shoes would you recommend?

    • You most probably have flat feet with overpronation. I would recommend shoes with a lot of cushioning and very good medial side support to correct overpronation. Below are few shoes that you can try. Try them and buy the one which fits you well and you feel comfortable wearing it.

      1. Brooks Addiction walker: This shoe has a lot of 5-star customer’s comments. This is a walking shoe. Make sure not to use it for running. This shoe is designed for severe overpronation with flat feet. The good cushioning and support will help in healing up plantar fasciitis.

      2. Brooks Aerial for women and Brooks Beast for men

      These are running shoes designed for severe overpronation with flat feet.

  8. I need help to find a shoe that’s comfortable I work on concrete 10 hrs I’m a little on the heavy side,always on the go,and has had broken ankle can y’all please help me

    • I suggest you see the podiatrist because of broken ankle in the past.

      Try Skechers shape ups. The shape ups provide midfoot rocker sole and will prevent movements of the ankle. The Skechers shape ups offer good support and cushioning for standing on concrete and they are good for obese people.

      it is best you confirm with the podiatrist before buying shoes.

  9. My 20 year old son works on concrete 6-8 hour days part time. He has had a torn ACL playing football in HS and says it bothers him a little from time to time, mostly at the end of the work day. After checking the inside of a couple of old shoes I noticed he seems to overpronate, however it doesn’t look like he has flat feet. What would be the best work shoes that are durable and comfortable for him?

    • If he overpronate, then he needs a pair of shoes that are designed to correct Overpronation with a lot of support and cushioning. I would recommend Brooks Addiction Walker which are designed for severe overpronation.
      For torn ACL, he should consult a Podiatrist.

  10. I have planters fasciitis and underpronation; my feet roll to the outside. I have orthotic inserts but nothing seems to help. Which should would be best for my condition?

    • Do you have high arches, normal arches or flat feet? Underpronation is commonly associated with high arches. If you do not know your foot arch type, then visit the local running shoe store for your foot evaluation and shoe recommendation. Consult the Podiatrist if nothing work.

      If you have high arches with underpronation, Try Asics Gel Nimbus. If you have flat feet, then try Brooks Dyad. Read this article to learn about underpronation.

  11. I have extra high arches, extra narrow feet, work on concrete 8-12 hrs a day. One podiatrist put me in orthotics, another one took me out of them. I have extreme heel pain & Charlie horses in my calves. I’m not sure what to do or what to wear. I go through a pair of shoes every 6 months so I need to watch my budget as well. Your professional opinion is highly recommended. Thank you ever so much.

    • I recommend you see the Podiatrist again. You need Neutral shoes with a lot of cushioning. Try these shoes for few days at home and return them if they are not comfortable. Buy narrow size to accommodate your narrow feet.

      1. Saucony Progrid Integrity ST 2

      2. Asics Nimbus or Asics Cumulus
      3. Brooks Glycerine
      4. Brooks Ghost
      5. New Balance 1080
      6. Skechers Go walk

      I also have problem feet with a callus on the right foot, turning ankles outward, arches on the little high side. I tried many brands of shoes. Asics cumulus was ok. Asics Nimbus did hurt me on the top of left foot. Birkenstocks gave me foot pain at the arches. I tried Skechers Go Walk slip on shoes. They are so comfortable. My foot pain is almost gone. I can walk much better. If you are a woman, Try Go walk kindle. It has many five-star customer’s reviews. I did not try Brooks and New Balance shoes yet.

      If you have extremely high arches, you may try Saucony Progrid™ Integrity ST 2. This shoe has many good customer’s reviews. Try these and if they do not fit, return them.

  12. My husband is in his feet all day on concrete in a body shop. What durable comfortable shoes could you recommend? Thank you for your input.

    • If foot pain, he needs to go to the local running shoe store for free foot evaluation. He needs to take worn out shoes with him for evaluation. If shoes are worn out on the inside, then he needs to wear Brooks Addiction walker. If they are worn out on the outer side, then he needs to wear Asics Nimbus.

      I would recommend New Balance Cross Training Work Shoes for standing all day. These shoes are slip resistant and offer removable insoles. If he needs more cushioning or support, he can always replace insoles with superfeet green insoles. Skechers Skech Air sports shoes are also designed for the concrete floor but Skechers shoes are not durable. If he needs a lot of support, then Skechers shape ups are also good.

      Dansko shoes are durable and are designed for those who walk and stand all day on concrete floor. He should try different brands until he finds a pair of comfortable shoe that fits him.

      Merrell Encore shoes are also very comfortable. Try shoes that are designed for nurses because they offer good arch support and cushioning.

      If foot pain does not go away, then he needs to see the podiatrist.

  13. I stand on concrete all day, my feet and legs are killing me. I also have hot feet, so I usually wear Fisherman Sandals, because we have to have closed toe shoes. I need a shoe recommendation for shoes that will offer comfort and support as well as let me feet breathe and not become over heated.

    • First of all, you need to know your foot arch type. Do wet test to find it out.

      Now, look at the bottom of your worn out shoes. If worn out on the outside, you have underpronation. You need Neutral cushioning shoes. Try Asics Nimbus. On the other hand, if you see worn out on the inside, then you have overpronation. You need shoes with a lot of support and cushioning. I would recommend Brooks Addiction Walker or Brooks Aerial for women and Brooks Beast for men running shoes. If you do not see worn out on the outside or inside, then try Asics Kayano.

      All the above-mentioned shoes are breathable because they are they made of mesh. If you want to try shoes without socks, then try Skechers Go walk 4 Kindle. They are very comfortable if you underpronate and do not need a lot of support.

      Merrell Women’s Encore Breeze 3 Slip-On Shoe is also a comfortable shoe with good arch support and cushioning which is breathable.

  14. Need a sheoefor concrete I walk 10hours day

    • Everyone need to have a well-cushioned shoe with good arch support even without any foot problems. You have not told anything about your feet. Assuming you have normal arches and no issue with pronation (ankles turning inward or outward), I would suggest shoes Klogs Mission, Dansko professional clogs, Dansko sneakers, Skechers Go Walk 4 Kindle, Skechers Sure Track, Merrell Encore, Skechers Shape-ups(for more support and cushioning).

      If you have ankle pain, knee pain or hip pain, then you may have a pronation problem. Check sole of the worn out shoes. If it is worn out on the inside, then try Brooks Addiction Walker. If worn out on the outside, then try Asics Nimbus.


    • If you have foot pain, your feet needs to be evaluated for walking gait(overpronation or underpronation) as well as arch type( flat feet, high arches or normal arches). I recommend you visit the local running shoe store or see the podiatrist. Without knowing what problem in your feet is causing the foot pain, I do not want to recommend a wrong type of shoe for your specific foot problem. You can also, do some tests on your own at home to find out the type of shoes you need. Most likely you have underpronation or overpronation and that is the reason your back hurts.

      Do the following:

      1. Wet Test
      You may find out your arch type.
      2. Look at the sole of an old pair of shoes. If you see worn out on the inside, That means you have overpronation. If you see they are worn out on the outside, That means you have underpronation. WE recommend shoes with a lot of support for overpronation such as Addiction Walker. For underpronation we recommend Neutral cushioning shoes such as Brooks Glycerine and Asics Nimbus.

      Do the above-mentioned tests and let me know. It is better to see the local running shoe store for free foot analysis. They will recommend the shoe to you. Wearing the wrong type of shoes can damage knee joints and cause back pain.

  16. Hello. I just started working at a cabinet plant and I stand on concrete for 8-10 hours a day. I’m a little on the heavy side, my feet are flat, a little puffy, and wide. Sometimes I have to walk but I stand in place a lot too. We are supposed to have supportive mats to stand on but they kind of suck. The plays of my feet and ankles really hurt. I am my required steel toed shoes for my job. Any suggestions?

  17. Hey yall!!! I just started working at a cabinet plant and I stand on concrete for 8-10 hours a day. I’m a little on the heavy side, my feet are flat, a little puffy, and wide. Sometimes I have to walk but I stand in place a lot too. We are supposed to have supportive mats to stand on but they kind of suck. The flats of my feet and ankles really hurt. I am not required to wear steel toed shoes for my job. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    • Thanks for visiting my website. You need to wear shoes with strong support and a lot of cushioning. I would recommend you see the Podiatrist for Custom Orthotics.There are several shoes that are designed for flat feet and corrects overpronation that you can also try.

      Brooks Addiction Walker: This shoe is a walking shoe that offers with slip resistant outsole. Do not use this shoe for running. Replace shoe every six months. Never wear worn out shoes. The shoe is designed for overweight people because it is built on linear platform.

      Brooks Beast(for Male) and Brooks Ariel(for female) Running Shoes:These shoes can be used for walking as well as for running. These are also designed for overweight people because of the linear platform. They also provide good support and prevent severe overproanation (turning ankles inward). Try these shoes if you are a runner.

      ASICS GEL Fortify Running Shoe: If you like Asics, Try these shoes. They also offer very good support and cushioning.

      Superfeet Green Insoles: These insoles also offer good support.

      Let me know if you need more help.

  18. I am on my feet for about 8-10 hours a day on concrete and I am pretty hard on my shoes weather I am side stepping g quickly or walking fast at the end of the day my knee and feet are likings me. any ideas?

    • You may have the pronation problem. You may have overpronation (ankles turning in) or Undepronation (Ankles turning out). The best way to check this pronation problem is to go to the local running shoe store. Find New Balance shoe store in your area. They will do the free Evaluation of your feet and will recommend a shoe for you.

      You can also wet test at home to see if you have flat feet or high arches. For Flat feet, you need to wear Stability or motion control shoes. Brooks Addiction Walker will work for this condition.

      On the other hand, If you have high arches with Underpronation, Asics Gel Nimbus will help in correcting your Underpronation.

      Please see the Running shoe store or the Podiatrist for your foot problem. They will assist in finding the right shoe for your feet. The wrong shoe can damage your knees, ankles, and hip joint.

  19. Need a recommendation for good sneaker. I will be standing and walking on concrete warehouse floor for 10 hours. My left foot has medium arch that slightly turns outward when in standing position, but straigh when I walk. My right foot has flat arch and sever out turn in stand and walking. Both my feet have heel pain and my heels are narrow and my ball is normal. What should I get…

    • I think you may have underpronation also called supination. In order to confirm it, please visit the local running shoe store. They will do the free evaluation of your feet and will recommend a shoe for your feet according to your particular foot problem.

      Brooks Dyad shoes are Neutral shoes for flat feet with or without supination (Underpronation). You can try these shoes. But again, I would recommend you do not waste money and time trying different shoes. Please visit the New Balance shoe store or any other running shoe store or go to the podiatrist. The underpronation (turning your feet outwards) can damage your knees.

  20. I just started a new job. I walk on concrete and squat to lift packages 10 hours a day. My feet and ankles hurt and burn terribly at the end of the day perhaps from walking to and from the conveyer belt with packages. What do you suggest? (Female)

    • I can not suggest any shoe without knowing your pronation and arch type. I advise you to visit the local running shoe such as New Balance for evaluation of your feet. You may have flat feet, normal arches or high arches. If you have flat arches, then you need shoes with a lot of support (Brooks Addiction Walker). On the other hand, if your arches are high, then you need shoes with a lot of cushioning (Neutral cushioning shoes such as Asics Nimbus.

      You mentioned about ankle pain. You may have overpronation or Underpronation. Please go to the New Balance shoe. They will find out your arch type and overpronation or underpronation. They will suggest you a shoe according to your foot problem. You can also see the podiatrist.

  21. I have flat feet and and am standing 12 hours on concrete. What shoes would you recommend for me in ladies?

    • Brooks Addiction Walker will provide your flat feet support and cushioning.

  22. Hello,

    I have been trying to review this thread in search of what would work best for me, but perhaps you can point me in the right direction? I’m looking for a non-sneaker type shoe (business casual is required) that can be worn on concrete for 12-14 hr days. I do have very slight wearing on the inside of my soles. I don’t have any issues with my feet that I’m aware of, but I also only do this type of work a handful of times a year. The rest of the time I work in an office. I do get sore feet and legs when standing all day at these events. Do you happen to have any suggestions?

    • Dansko, Alegria and Aravon by New Balance will provide you support and cushioing.

  23. I have no fat padding on my feet and due to EDS am very flat footed.
    I have spent a small fortune on sneakers with soft cushioned bottoms,but they always go flat making my ankles,feet & toes hurt so badly I can barely walk. Bob’s by Sketchers is the only kind that helps for a few hours.I’ve had professional inserts made and layered gel inserts,but they were all a waste of money.I’ve bought numerous brands noted in the list without success. I would love some help on something that would let me walk without feeling like I’m walking on sharp hot coals.
    Thank you!

    • Please visit the Podiatrist because I do not know what is EDS. Do you overpronate with flat feet? You can try Brooks Addiction Walker for the support that your flat feet need. Brooks Addiction Walker also prevent overpronation. You can also visit the running shoe store in your area for free gait evaluation and shoe recomendation.

  24. I stand all day on concrete, although there is an anti fatigue mat there, my heels are super hot. In addition to my toes feeling achy. I need a shoe that can help me stand all day. Any suggestions? Thanks

  25. I stand on concrete for 12 hours a day at work. I am bow legged. I am 50 years old and have recently started having severe knee and hip pain at work. I have extremely sore knees after a long day and get no relief til the weekend. I need a good shoe for police and studio business type of work. I am an athlete and workout to keep in top physical shape but I cannot workout my joints 🙂 any advice for cushioning or something else would really be appreciated. I have started wearing the hoka one one shoe which has great cushioning but it helps minimally. I am also looking for a shoe that coms in black and can fulfill my needs. THANKYOU

    • You mentioned bow legs. Have you tested your Vitamin D? Please see your Primary doctor. For Knee joint pain, I suggest you visit a local running shoe store such as New Balance for gait analysis and arch type. Without knowing your pronation type, I can not recommend a shoe for you. You can see a podistrist and he or she can help too.

      Do you have flat feet or high arches? Check your worn out shoe sole. If it is worn out on the outside, you may have underpronation. You need a cushioning shoe such as Asics Nimbus for that. If you see worn out on the inside, then you probably have overpronation. You need a shoe with good arch support such as Brooks Addiction Walker.

  26. Looking for a light weight shoe/sneaker for a diabetic female with plantar fascitis working on concrete floor 12 hrs

  27. Hello brother I am working in supermarket. 8 hours Standind and walking which one shoes best for me

    • Try Asics Nimbus if your foot arches are normal or supinated. If you have flat feet, then try Brooks Addiction Walker.

  28. I’m an over weight person who works on a production line and my feet kill me and I’m getting blisters on my pinkie toes where they curl under and I walk on them. I know the pain is mostly because of the weight but what shoe would you recommend to give me some relief

    • Try Brooks Addiction Walker or see the New Balance shoe store for help in finding a good shoe for your foot problem. You need suppot and cushioning with a wide toe box.

  29. I have orthotics from when I was a long disYancey runner. I have a high arch. I suffered severed bilateral shin splints at that time. I now use them for my existing shoes but I have some back pain (irritated from a previous C5-C7 (cervical spinal) injury of bulging and herniated discs (not at work, in the gym). I work on a concreteam floor but get to move around quite a bit but not always. So my feet hurt sometimes. My upper back hurts again more recently.
    I’m a heavy heel striker.
    Any suggestions as to a good choice of shoe I can look into?
    Never in one place, no option to sit while working, 4-8 hour shifts as it varies.

    • I suggest you see the Podiatrist for help because you have back pain and history of spinal injury.

  30. I work 8-12 hors/day, 7 days a week on concrete floors. I have somewhat high arches, my shoes wear pretty evenly and I have some nerve issues. Although NB shoes seem to be best, I’ve yet to find a pair that really have a wide enough toe box. I have wide feet and end up getting shoes too long in order to make more room. Any suggestions?

    • New Balance shoes are best for wide toe box. You can visit New Balance shoe store or call them in order to find a good pair of shoes for your problem feet.

  31. Walk on concrete for 12+ hours a day. My feet are in a supination position. I wear brooks running shoes but do not feel it is enough cushion for all day what shoe might you recommend.

    • Asics Nimbus are neutral shoes with a lot of cushioning. You can insert Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles for Women for additional cushioning.

  32. I have been working in a grocery store deli for 7 years. I walk back and forth a lot, but in a confined space. After I switched to Dansko XP and Abeo, not only did my feet stop hurting at work – they stopped hurting ever. I threw away all my cheap shoes, replaced them with fewer high quality shoes and everything was great. Fast forward – after shoulder surgery and 4 months off work, I am back at a different position, which requires me to WALK all day, back and forth across the whole store. Today I walkd almost 19K steps!! My feet are killing me. I bring 3 or 4 pairs and change during the day, but I’m starting to think that the wonderful shoes that worked for me before are not great for all the walking I am doing now. Maybe more of a sneaker style? Help.

    • There are many factors that needs to be considered before buying shoes. Every one has a unique foot. Therefore, you need to find a shoe that fits your foot’s shape and walking gait. In order to find a good shoe, you need to know your arch type and pronation. You can find out your foot style by visiting a running shoe store in your area or seeing a podiatrist. However, if for any reason you can not do that, then you can find out at home by doing a wet test.
      To know your pronation style, you need to check the worn out shoes soles. If you see more worn out on the inside, that means you have overpronation. for that buy Brooks Addiction Walker. If you see worn out on the outer side, then you have underpronation. Buy Asics Gel Nimbus. If you do not see worn out, then still Asics Gel Nimbus may work. Try several different pairs of shoes and try them for few days at you home to see if they fit you well. Let me know what type of your arches and pronation style. I can help you in finding a good shoe if I know little more about your feet.

  33. I am on concrete floors for 12hours a day. Walking around 9 miles on average. I’m having issues with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis.

    I’ve been buying new balances but they only last 2-3 months then the pain comes back. any advice on anything that will help insert shoe boot. I have wide feet have heard they are shaped like “c”

    • You need yourfeet to br evaluated by podiatrist or the local Running shoe store (New Balance store) to see the foot arch type ( flat feet or high arches) and pronation problem (either ankle turning in or out. I can not recommend you a shoe unless I know your feet problem. For wide feet New Balance shoes are the best, but I do not understand C shaped foot(may be high arches). If you meant high arches, then I would recommend 1080 shoes but it would be best if you visit New Balance shoe store and get your feet evaluated free. They will also recommend you a pair of shoe according to your foot problem.

  34. Sorry not reply to comments I need answers am look for good shoes to work on concrete floors and I have plantar fasciitis and trying to find the right shoes is hard

  35. You write in several recommendations that if your shoes are worn out on the inside or outside, but what if my current sneakers are worn out in the middle of the sole? Any Asics? I work and walk on concrete all day and I am overweight.

    • If your shoes are worn out in the middle of the sole, that means you have normal pronation. Since you are overweight, you need a pair of stability shoes with good cushioning. I recommend Asics GEL-Kayano. Make sure you replace your shoes every 4-6 months. The worn out shoes can injure your joints. In order to find a shoe that fits you comfortably, you need to try several different brands of shoes. The more support you will need if your weight is too much. Here are some shoes that you can try:

      Asics GEL-Kayano – Neutral shoe but provides little support
      New Balance 840 walking shoe – Best for wide feet
      Asics Gel Nimbus – They do not offer much support. Therefore try only if you are not too much overweight.
      Brooks Addiction Walker – It provides a lot of support and cushioning. It may work for you if you are too much overweight.

  36. I need a work shoe to accommodate 8 hours of stocking and walking on concrete floors in a grocery store. I am overweight and experience some numbness in my heel after standing from sitting. Foot, knee, and hip pain after my 8 hour shift of continuous standing and walking. Pleas advise a shoe to relieve if not all some of the pain to get me through my shift.

    • You need a pair of shoes with good arch support and cushioning because you are overweight. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking shoes offer very good support and cushioning and they are approved for diabetic medicare code (good for heel numbness). Have your doctor tested your blood sugar level? Since you are overweight, the foot numbness may be due to high blood glucose level. Please see your doctor.

  37. My son stands on wet concrete for 10 hours a day. He has constant knee and back pain. He wears his shoes out on the inside (overpronation). He wears a 9 wide, but he has a narrow heel. What shoes do you recommend for him.

    Thank you

    • I think your son has severe overpronation that causes him knee and back pain. He works on wet floor therefore, he needs a pair of slip resistant shoes. I do not know if he works in a restaurant or not. The shoe that I am going to recommend for severe overpronation is not made for working in a restaurant. Here are few options for him:

      1. Brooks Addiction Walker – It is a walking shoe. Please do not use for running. This is a very good shoe and has a lot of customer’s good reviews. He should buy this shoe but this shoe is not for restaurant workers because it is not a slip resistant for oil. However, this shoe is slip resistant and he can wear it if he works on wet floors other than the restaurant. He can wear this shoe at home after work. It will help a lot in correcting his overpronation. Once overpronation is corrected with a correct shoe, he will get relief from back and knee pain. This shoe has wide toe box.

      2. Skechers Sure Track: These shoes are slip resistant for working in a restaurant. They are relaxed fit which means they offer wide toe box and narrow heel. The Skechers shoes do not last long. Therefore replace shoes before they are worn out. Usually, shoes should be replaced every 6 months.

      3. Birkenstocks shoes with soft footbed: If he works in a restaurant, then he can try Birkenstock Boston Super Grip but it does not come in a soft footbed. The Birkenstocks Arizona Sandal with soft footbed is not a slip resistant but he can use them at home to prevent overpronation.

      4. If he works in a restaurant, then he can buy Dansko shoes. The Dansko clogs and Dansko dress shoes offer slip-resistant outsoles. They offer good arch support and cushioning. The Danko Pro clogs come with a removable insole. The Dansko shoes may not work as good as Brooks Addiction Walker in preventing overpronation. He can use custom orthotics by visiting a podiatrist.

      If he still feels pain after trying the above-mentioned shoes, then he should see the podiatrist for custom Orthotics.

  38. Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I really appreciate your advice. I failed to mention that my son works in an auto plant, and most of the time the cement is wet. I will certainly tell him about the shoes you suggested.

  39. hello, I work at Wal-Mart on concrete floors and walk and stand all day on them. 8 hrs a day. I wear orthotics already but I need the comfort on my feet. I am a big woman. Any suggestions would be great. thank you for your help.

    • Neutral shoes are recommended for orthotic inserts. The most popular shoe for Orthotic Inserts is New Balance 840 running Neutral shoe. If you are a big woman, then I would recommend Brooks Dyad which is also a Neutral shoe but offers a linear platform for overweight people. Brooks Dyad is also recommended for orthotic inserts. Try both of these shoes and wear the one which you feel comfortable. Brooks Dyad offers 90-day free trial.

  40. I will be working twelve hours daily for a distribution plant, I have all over joint issues, bad back and diabetic foot pain, the shoe can not have steel in it per the plants rules, what shoe do you suggest ?

    • The most common cause of pain in joints is pronation problem of the foot. I would recommend you to go to the New Balance Shoe store in your area for free foot evaluation and recommendation of shoes. However, if you do not have any local running shoe store, you can do wet test at home. Here are the few shoes that I would like to recommend.

      1. New Balance 928v3( do not buy 928v2 because of too many complaints). This shoe will work for any foot condition. This is number one recommended shoe by podiatrists. This is diabetic Medicare approved shoe. You may get reimbursed with doctor’s prescription. You can insert dr scholls shoes inserts for additional cushioning if you need.

      If you have flat feet, then most probably your ankles are turning inward and we call this condition overpronation. This will cause your weight to be shifted inwards of your feet. You will see that your old shoes wear out on the inside. If this is your situation, I would recommend Brooks Addiction Walker. This is also a diabetic shoe. This shoe will realign your feet to normal position and it will help in reducing the back pain, knee pain.

      On the other hand, if after doing wet test, you find out your arches high, you will see your old shoes wear out on the outer side due to the ankles turning outside when you walk.In this situation, you need to buy cushioning shoes such as New Balance 1080v7. This is also a diabetic shoe. It will prevent your ankles turning outwards.

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