Best Shoes for Teachers on their Feet All Day

If you are looking for the best shoes for teachers on their feet all day, you have come to the right place. Teaching involves a lot of standing and walking around. This is why the shoes for teachers are extremely important. Although there are so many brands of shoes, not all of them are comfortable for standing all day. On your feet for all of those hours requires comfortable shoes . And not only that but also these shoes must also look stylish and accessorize your look right. Face it, not all teacher’s shoes are made for comfort, and standing on your feet all those long hours throughout the day can end up being quite painful and can lead to the foot injury, joints pain,  backache, and even plantar fasciitis.

One thing all teachers know is that it is important to have comfortable, practical shoes that can cushion your feet. It is important to have good arch support and complete cushioning to avoid not only foot pain but also the pain in the legs, hips, and back. By wearing proper shoes throughout your young teaching career, you can count on having healthy feet, legs and back as you mature. We hope that this piece will help you find the right shoes for you. It offers you a detailed list of the best women comfort shoes, so you will not have to sacrifice comfort, style and your overall well-being.

Tips for finding Best shoes for Teachers

The key to finding best shoes for teachers is to look for the perfect “fit” for your “feet.” Your shoes should never be too tight or too loose. For you to find the right fit, it is best to shop at the end of your work day when your feet are slightly swollen. This way, less pressure will be applied on your feet after a long day at work. Try standing in your footwear for a few minutes to make sure that you have ample space for your toes to move around. If you have wide feet, do avoid shoes that are narrow and pointy. Look for ones that are flexible at the forefront only. Aside from the front part, the rest of the shoe must not bend to offer enough stability and support.

If you find that you have different sizes of shoes for each foot, always go for the larger one. Shoe inserts can be helpful to balance and stabilize the other pair. These inserts can also offer added cushion and comfort to your footwear.

Other considerations in buying teacher’s shoes

It is best to find APMA-approved shoes such as Crocs and Dansko. These shoes are recommended by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for foot and ankle health. There are also other factors to consider such as heel size (1-2 inches is ideal), cushioning and breathability. Also, do avoid shoes that have pointed heels. They can give too much pressure on your legs and your back.

Lastly, look for comfortable shoes that will never go out of style. Tip: Low-heeled pumps and Mary-Jane style shoes mostly go with anything in your closet, and are considered classics. For school class wear, look for ones in neutral shades of brown or black. If you are the artsy and creative type, you can also find stylish shoes that are accented with colorful decors or delightfully textured fabric. Jewels and beads can lend a fashionable touch to any shoe without compromising comfort. One thing to remember: It Is best to shop for comfort over looks if you are on your feet all day. Comfortable shoes for teachers can make a huge difference in your health, happiness, and productivity.

If you find your feet aching even while wearing supportive shoes, then see the podiatrist or go to the local running store for an evaluation of your foot problem. You may need specialty footwear to bring relief to your dilemma.

Recommended Shoe Brands for Teachers

One of the most recommended shoes for women teachers who are standing all day is the New Balance 626. It offers lateral support and is one of the best sneakers to wear if your job allows sneakers. If you want dress shoes, then look for Aravon, Rockport Cobb Hill from New Balance (women teachers) and Dunham shoes (Men Teachers). These stylish shoes are also good for relief of knee joint pain.

Teachers who want a bit of an edge may enjoy Dansko Brands. These brands feature chunky, hip styles that are extremely comfortable shoes for teachers. For lace-up shoes and boots, loafers, Clogs, and sandals you can’t go wrong with either brand. They are a bit pricey; however, they are extremely well built and can be cleaned and polished to stay nice for a very long time. The Dansko brand with its extremely comfortable footbed is especially tried and true and is very popular in white as a shoe for nurses. Dansko is an APMA-recommended shoe brand that is designed for comfort, support and foot health on feet all day. They have every kind of footwear styles in sneakers, clogs and dress shoes.

Another APMA-recommended brand, Crocs offers both style and comfort. Their shoes are made with a trademark material that gives each pair of shoe light-weight, soft and odor-resistant qualities. Since 2002, Crocs have already made over 300 different styles which make it easy for women to find one a pair that can match her lifestyle. When they first came out, they were pretty funky, but they have come a long way since the original rubber clogs. Now Crocs makes some nice flat shoes that are not so clunky and can fit nicely into the business dress casual atmosphere of a school setting. Just about everyone who has tried Crocs says they are the most comfortable shoes around and may be just the answer for you for standing all day on concrete.

Alegria is a brand most popular and comfortable shoe because of its ergonomic construction and padded footbed that makes each step feel as if “walking on clouds.” The laidback style of these shoes and some of their bright leather styles also make them a favorite among other kinds of profession and jobs. They can be easily paired with all kinds of outfit.

There are also Skechers memory foam work shoes that adapt to your feet and are perfect for all-day wear. Another good option is Klogs shoes. They have good grip, a stable support and are lightweight – things that are essential for teachers.

There are a couple of old-fashioned and very reasonably priced brands that every teacher should try. The Clarks shoes and Dr. Scholl’s have been around for ages, and there’s a good reason for that. Both companies make high quality, comfortable, reliable shoes at affordable prices. Both brands are easy to find in most department stores and discount shoe stores and, of course, online. Both feature a wide variety of shoe styles, materials, and colors.

Teachers who have high arches, wide feet or other fitting challenges often have good luck with the affordable Naturalizer brand. This is a high-quality brand of shoe that makes nice looking lace up and slip on shoes in many different styles to go with slacks and skirts. You may remember their ad a few years ago that featured female basketball players were playing in Naturalizer pumps. These are very nice and very comfortable shoes that are appropriate for any setting.

Shoes for Teachers with Problem Feet

If you are like me, you may have problem feet. I find Birkenstock shoes to be popular for people with special problems in their feet. There are also all kinds of footwear: diabetic shoes as well as orthopedic shoes for bunions, plantar fasciitis, flat feet and wide feet. If your job allows sneakers, I highly recommend New Balance 928v3. I’ve been using it and it is great if you are experiencing knee and back pain from standing all day. Its Rollbar technology makes it one of the most recommended shoes for all kinds of foot problems. Its widest size is 6EE.

My sister also has a different problem. The joints of her big toe usually get stiff and will not move while she walks. Her solution is to buy shoes one size bigger. She prefers flexible flat shoes, but because their sizes are larger her shoes tend to fall off. In this case, she needs comfortable shoes that have wide toes and narrow heels. Because she does not know this, she usually buys Mary Jane shoes with straps that prevent them from slipping off. Flats are okay to wear as long as there is enough support and cushioning. Many companies are already improving their shoes. For example, Dansko, Crocs, Alegria, Aravon, Skechers and New Balance are some of the most trusted names, and they now offer stylish, comfortable shoes for women. They have sneakers, clogs, sandals and casual shoes that make it easy for women to pick shoes that match their specific needs.

Some foot problems can also be remedied by buying a removable footbed that is orthotic-friendly and by inserting the proper insoles that are custom-made by a podiatrist.  Those with swollen feet due to pregnancy can look for orthopedic shoes.

Best Shoes For Teachers on their feet All Day Women Reviews

The days of teachers wearing a dress, pumps, and pearls are long gone. Today’s teachers must be comfortable and free of wardrobe malfunction to meet the challenges of active school days. The vast majority of teachers wear slacks to school, and most schools require business dress casual attire, so very casual shoes such as sneakers probably won’t do. At the same time, it is unwise to wear shoes with a heel much higher than two inches. Luckily, there are many choices in stylish, comfortable flat and low heeled shoes available today for both men and women teachers. Here, we have some affordable women’s shoe options, which are comfortable and worthy to use every day in school. And these are:

VIONIC Spark Mina

VIONIC Spark MatiraThis shoe is a flexible rubber-soled calf-upper flat that hugs the feet and comes in the most practical shades — black, silver, and real fur dyed leopard print. Natural calf upper material makes them breathe, and give enough to fit like a glove. Additionally, they are lined with the textile lining to keep the shoes both cool and dry. The textile footbed is removable, which allows for insertion of orthotics comfortably.

At seven ounces, they are lightweight enough to wear all day, whether they are called on for teaching, dancing, or dressy events. The quarter-inch heel provides a slight lift without being a neck breaker. The shoe provides moderate arch support, which is great for people like teachers, whose arches may have fallen.

This cute ballet flat does not scream comfort shoe. They feature a tasteful bow at the shoe’s vamp. The shoes are slip-on that takes and keep shape thanks to the elastic edge around the top of the shoe opening. The fur comes from the United States, while the shoes are manufactured overseas. They cost $120 on Zappos.

SoftWalk Jupiter

SoftWalk Jupiter

If your line of work such as teaching involves standing up all day during shifts longer than eight hours, then comfortable shoes are a must. As the name suggests, SoftWalk does indeed provide shoes that deliver utmost comfort for standing and walking. The Jupiter model definitely is a choice to consider.

The SoftWalk Jupiter is an easy slip-on Mary Jane shoe, featuring classic design lines with a round toe and a strap with a metallic buckle closure. The upper is crafted from genuine kid leather or nubuck, lightweight and flexible, requiring almost no breaking in. It’s also lined with soft, breathable leather which delivers a gentle touch on the skin.

The Mary Jane Jupiter shoe from SoftWalk is endowed with an orthopedically designed “Eggcrate” footbed, which provides superlative shock absorption. This type of footbed actually integrates several layers. The PU layer has the Eggcrate shape with multiple pressure points which massage your feet during walking, and also provides excellent arch support; the semi-rigid tuck board provides its overall strength, while the soft, supple garment leather lining with micro-punctured holes assures its breathability.

Finally, the Jupiter’s outsole is ultra-light as well, and anatomically designed in order to curve and contour onto your foot supplying excellent support and comfort

The Softwalk Jupiter has on the plus-side that they look like Mary Janes. The downside is that for an adult they, therefore, scream “comfort shoe.” With a $110 price tag, they are worth it for the comfort, fit, and arch support. Though acceptable to wear at school as a teacher, they may feel out of place anywhere else out in public.

They come in all sizes, from 5 all the way through 12, and in special widths, such as narrow (AAA, AA), medium (B), Wide (D), and extra wide (EE). They have something akin to like an egg-crate topper for the insert of the sole. People overall have great experiences wearing this brand of shoe overall. The Mary jane is the bread and butter of the company and represents its signature style. They do cost $110 but are an investment for anyone having to stand on concrete floors for hours on end per day.

Dankso Sam

Dankso SamDansko has long been the recognized leader in comfort shoes for nurses, restaurant workers, and teachers. The one warning is that they have a significant degree of arch support. For anyone who needs it, it makes long shifts standing and running on hard floors doable. If you do not need it, skip Dansko, because it will hurt.

They are more stylish than the traditional Dansko clog, yet without giving up the comfort. The front is rounded, with a cut-out middle, which features an adjustable ankle strap. They are more unassuming and do not yell “comfort shoe.” They are great transitional shoes between seasons as well.

They come with a 2-inch heel and a 1/2 inch platform and are substantial at 10 ounces. The dimensions can differ proportionally for sizes outside size 38. They have a leather upper in black, teal, and sand dollar. They come sized by European 36 through 43. They are imported.

It’s not a shoe for everyone, because of the extreme arch support of Dansko. For people needing arch support, it provides the comfort level needed for long shifts standing on hard floors.

Birkenstock ManitobaThe Birkenstock Manitoba are all-season sneakers for women created for comfort. They’re excellent and versatile shoes, featuring premium leather uppers with stylish stitching. The lace-up structure has traditional design lines, with five eyelet pairs.

They have a simple heel counter and reinforced Achilles notch, but the collar and tongue are well-padded, delivering excellent comfort. The inner lining is made of smooth and breathable leather which feels great on the skin, while the footbed is also suede lined.

Speaking of the footbed, the Birkenstock Manitoba sneaker features a contoured footbed which molds to the shape of your foot over time due to the natural cork material that it incorporates, creating a custom fit. The heel profile is neutral while the heel cup is fairly deep, providing excellent support and stability during walking or when standing up as a teacher for an extended period of time.

Finally, the Manitoba sneaker from Birkenstock is equipped with a durable, man-made outsole, designed for superior traction comfort. It’s fairly light, which results in less fatigue, while the heel is reinforced with a shock absorption element.

Crocs Isabella Sandal

Crocs Isabella SandalYou can’t speak about comfortable shoes for women without mentioning Crocs. Even though the term suggests a non-aesthetic design, the Crocs Isabella Sandal is far from being clunky or ugly. It’s actually a cute, lightweight sandal, which combines style and comfort beautifully.

The Isabella Sandal from Crocs features a CrosliteTM outsole. This type of material isn’t rubber or plastic. It’s actually a closed cell resin, and due to this type of structure, it offers superior anti-bacterial properties. It’s also an extremely versatile, lightweight and super flexible material, does not absorb moisture, and can easily be washed with soap and water.

The Isabella Sandal integrates a soft and flexible footbed also made from CrosliteTM foam. As we’ve mentioned above, this material is anti-microbial and will keep your feet fresh all day long. The footbed also provides excellent cushioning, particularly in the heel.

The upper is constructed from soft thermoplastic polyurethane material, with translucent straps. It has a slip-on design, without any closure elements, such as studs, velcro or laces. The upper material is quite flexible, adapting with ease to the shape of your foot.

There are several models available for the Isabella Sandal from Crocs. You can find them in Bronze, Black, Oyster/Walnut combo, Carnation/White combo, or Turquoise/Cerulean combo.

Crocs Kadee

Crocs KadeeCrocs Kadee is flat shoes are super lightweight only 3 OZ, and they are super flexible and come with cushioning in the midsole for shock absorption. The outsole is slip resistant, and they are the comfortable shoes for work.

When it comes to the shoes for standing all day for women, there is almost nothing more comfortable than Crocs. You might or might not be able to wear these all day or on occasion, but these Crocs turned into clogs provide maximum support with massaging footbed nubs. These are probably the least stylish when it comes to sophistication, but for leisure activity they are perfect. These are available in five different colors, and they are also very durable in comparison with other styles of shoes. On top of this, they also provide much aeration when compared to other shoes for standing for women.

Naturalizer Clarissa Slip-on Shoe

Naturalizer Clarissa Slip-on ShoeNaturalizer is among the first shoe brands that provide feminine style with adequate comfort. The Clarissa (women’s) from Naturalizer is one of the most comfortable shoes that teachers can wear for standing and walking all day. This fresh and unpretentious design from Naturalizer matches your unique style and wardrobe. The product would make you look good and feel good at the same time. The shoes are crafted with premium leather and rounded toes which help enhance your domineering style. The elastic panel of the slip on style guarantees a perfect fit for you. There is a breathable textile lining for air to circulate within the shoe. It offers excellent breathability which helps prevent foot odor issues when wearing the shoes for longer periods of time. Naturalizer’s N5 Comfort technology guarantees a flexible cushioned insole for ultimate underfoot comfort. The lightweight synthetic outsole will help you move freely on any terrain. The outsole is non-slippery and comes with a low heel to offer you a gentle lift. The shoe offers an exceptional heel-to-toe balance to any women who dons a pair of Clarissa slip on.

SAS CrissyTheThe SAS Crissy is a perfect shoe for everyday wear that offers wide toe box and narrow heels. It is made of a premium soft leather upper with a rounded toe. The elastic straps replace the shoe laces for snug fitting. The inside textile lining is a breathable and padded for extra comfort. The SAS Tripod cushion helps in relieving stress at the pressure points. The “cool step” removable footbed is antimicrobial with friction free top that keeps feet odor free and cool. The shoe is built on the “foot shape” last that molds with the shape of your feet. The polyurethane outsole is super soft and lightweight. There are millions of air cushions embedded in the outsole that helps in absorbing shock.  The shoe weighs only 8 OZ.

Merrell Encore Breeze 3

Merrell Encore Breeze 3Merrel Encore Breeze 3 is not only best for teachers on their feet all day, but they are recommended for individuals who are suffering from high arches and its symptoms such as calluses, claw toes, bunions, hammertoes, and pain when walking and long hours of standing. These shoes are also great for people with wide feet.

The Merrel Encore helps keep your feet warm when the temperature drops. Made of full-grain pig suede with nubuck leather upper, this comfortable footwear is decorated with tonal stitching for detail. The sheepskin lining of the Encore Ice adds warm to your feet and keeps your toes cozy. Walking on these shoes feels like walking on clouds with its footbed that’s cushioned with wool fleece and a soft EVA midsole.

If your foot has a high arch, you may suffer from pain and instability when walking. This is a serious matter and should be addressed with the proper footwear. While this shoe feels soft and warm on the inside, it is tough on the outside. The molded nylon arch shank adds support to your every step. On its heels, the air cushion not only reduces pressure on your feet but also adds stability. You do not have to worry about your heel tilting inward which causes sprains as molded arches add balance to your step. The lightweight outsole that’s made of durable rubber adds more grip and durability.

Most users of the Merrell testify that you can wear the shoes right out the box and not realize that you have shoes on. If you are suffering from bunions, you may find that regular shoes can cram your toes in front. Merrell Ice offers enough space in front so that your toes are comfortably nestled in the shoes.

Merrel Encore is also convenient to wear. If you are a teacher, mom or a busy woman, you can appreciate how easy it is to slip these shoes as you head out the door. The Merrel Encore has the comfort and convenience of slippers, while still maintaining the protection, support, and stability of shoes for long hours of walking and standing.

Naot Footwear Kirei for Bunions

Naot Footwear Kirei shoes for TeachersNaot Footwear Kirei is a popular choice for teachers due to the comfort it offers when standing for longer periods of time. The Suede and premium leather upper create a stylish but casual look. The Hook-and-loop closure is ideal for a perfect fit of the shoes. The product comes with so many features such as the padded heel cup, leather interior lining, and the lining at vamp for improved comfort. The natural cork and latex footbed is coated in suede as well as designed to fit the shape of your feet. It is also removable at the same time. The Suede coating at footbed helps effectively absorb moisture to keep your foot fresh all day long. The textured polyurethane outsole helps improve your walking experience. These are some of the salient features of the Naot Footwear Kirei. The product has been creating quite a buzz in the market. All in all, this is a great pair of shoes for teachers and other professionals who need to stand for longer periods of time.

Dansko Lynn

This is another best pair of shoes for teachers on their feet for longer periods of time. The Lynn comes with the best arch support for teachers and nursing practitioners. In fact, the flexible rubber-type bottom is much more comfortable for standing and walking compared to a clog. The shoe has a nubuck leather upper that is stain resistant. The instep collar comes with additional padding for better comfort. The roomy toe-box offers toe protection while allowing the toe to move freely. The fabric lining and breathable leather are salient features of the Lynn. The molded footbed is reinforced with memory foam that helps massage your foot with every step you take. The removable EVA footbed offers more comfort than competitor brands. The lightweight rubber outsole has added traction for long-lasting durability and slip-resistance. All in all, the Dansko Lynn is a great pair of shoes for teachers.

ECCO Bluma MJ Sandal

Although the Bluma sandal from ECCO has a Mary Jane silhouette, its design reminds of a sneaker up to a certain point. In other words, this sandal has a sporty, playful aspect.

The ECCO Bluma sandal features a textile-leather combo upper. So far, they’re available in classic Black leather or Metallic leather. They have a hook-and-loop closure with a velcro strap in order to provide an adjustable, custom fit. Their lining is made of soft, textile material; it’s breathable, has moisture wicking properties, keeping your feet dry and cozy all day long, and also feels great on the skin. Their heel counter provides a good grip on your foot, while the footbed has a rear cushion which allows the heel to nicely sink into the shoe. These elements provide excellent rear foot stability.

One of the reasons we’ve selected the Bluma MJ sandal from ECCO for our category of best shoes for teacher women is the footbed. First of all, their inserts are removable so you can replace them with your own orthotics. However, their original inserts deliver superior comfort and support, is made of EVA material, with cushioning elements and lined with microfiber textile material.

The ECCO Bluma sandals are equipped with direct-injected, single-component soles, with flex grooves to provide optimal traction. However, they do integrate a thermoplastic polyurethane heel insert for extra shock absorption.

ECCO Sculptured 45 Lace Dress Pump

This is a pair of shoes that you can wear all day long without killing your feet. The leather is quite soft and conforms to your foot. The shoe is nicely constructed with an excellent look. The Dress Pump is comfortable to wear in hot and humid weather conditions. The rich leather upper provides a classic pump style. Leather lining and slip-on wear are salient features of the product. It comes with a leather covered insole with ECCO comfort fiber system. The PU outsole comes with a comfort shank. All in all, the ECCO Women’s Sculptured 45 pumps are an excellent choice for teacher

Best Shoes For Teachers on their Feet Men

Here are just a many styles and brands of casual and best everyday shoes for men available in the market and they are sporty shoes. You can pick the one you feel is good for you.

Timberland Richmont Slip-On

If you as a teacher, you want a pair of casual shoes that look good with any outfit and also feel comfortable, and it is the Timberland Richmont slip on. There is no break-in time needed, and they last for a long time. The shoe is made of a full grain leather which is treated with a water repellant to keep your feet dry. The shoe is a slip on design with elastic goring side panels.
These shoes are from Earthkeepers collection which uses the extremely durable recycled and sustainable organic material such as rubber, plastic bottles which are perfect for those who love going green.

The Ortholite footbed provides cushioning, breathability and is moisture wicking. The Ortholite will not loose its cushioning and support even you walk and stand all day and every day.

The Timberland Richmont Shoe offers thick sole that absorbs shock and is one of the best shoes for teachers on feet all day. The flexible and durable outsole is of recycled rubber that is great for going green.

 Altra Instinct Zero Drop Everyday Shoe for Men – Shoes for Bunions and Plantar Fasciitis

This is a good everyday shoe if you are looking for a zero drop heel type of shoes and need arch support with barefoot style shoes. These lightweight everyday shoes are from Altra are only 11 OZ in weight. They are particularly designed for people who have plantar fasciitis or bunions. These shoes have the wide toe box that helps in easing the forefoot pain if you have hammertoes, bunions, and neuromas. The upper is made of smooth and soft leather along with the material to protect toes and heel which makes them durable. They are foot shaped and are very comfortable shoes.

These shoes are laced up shoes with plenty of padding around the collar. They come with 5mm insoles which are removable. They provide extra cushioning for all day walking and standing.

The midsole is composed of very lightweight material. The outsole is durable and offers foot pod technology for good traction and helps the flexibility of tendons and bones for natural walking.

These shoes are great if you have wide feet and on your feet all day. They are very comfortable and are perfect with jeans and khakis. You can wear them semi-formal occasions. They run small and therefore order half a size larger. These are great shoes for teachers who need everyday shoes for walking and standing all day.

Altra Instinct Zero Drop Everyday Fashion Sneaker are everyday shoes for men teachers for problem feet. They are lightweight and extremely comfortable. They offer a wide toe box to accommodate bunions. Theses are a barefoot kind of shoes for plantar fasciitis.

ECCO Fusion Lace UP

ECCO Fusion Lace UPThis Ecco shoe is accepted by the APMA (American Podiatric  Association). The partial lace-up appearance makes this shoe attractive and is designed to wear all day long. It is made of superior quality oiled nubuck full grain leather. This is an extremely lightweight, very flexible soles shoe that, provides an exceptional shock absorption as you wear this throughout the day. This shoe is sleek and elegant in appearance that you can wear at work and for a night out on the town. It comes with a  direct-injected PU light outsole with a shock point inside the heel. The Comfort Fiber system in the insole will help in reducing the pressure on your feet. It helps people in reducing the back, knee, or hip pain and provides exceptional support and comfort.

Ecco Fusion men’s shoe is the versatile slip-on style for standing and walking all day. In addition to the best cushioning and excellent arch support, The ECFS antibacterial footbed keeps the feet dry by enhancing the air circulation that prevents the odor formation. The shock absorbent removable footbed provides a lot of comforts and support that can be replaced with custom made orthotics. The combination of outsole and midsole provide shock absorption, stability and maximum support from heel to toe. The outsole is also durable and provides traction for terrains. The cushioning and support help in reducing the knee and back pain. The shoe is made of leather with a lot of cushioning around the collar and tongue will give you comfort for all day long.

Crocs Santa Cruz Luxe Leather Loafer

Crocs Men's Santa Cruz 2 Luxe Leather LoaferWith the name of Crocs, everyone knows that they are comfortable. Those insoles with built-in massaging material and a sure-grip outsole, you are ready for whatever day as a teacher. These shoes conform your feet. There is no break in time required, and you do not have to worry about any discomfort or blisters. They are Easy on the budget. You will appreciate the comfort theses shoes provide from the start.

Crocs Santa Cruz 2 is an updated version that contains memory foam on the top of Croslite footbed. This memory foam adds cushioning in the metatarsal and heel area and provides exceptional shock absorption that evenly distributes pressure on the feet. This shoe is available in either leather or canvas that provides support and cushioning for men teachers standing all day. The super thick insoles are removable.

This is one of the most popular Crocs shoes for men teachers that offers the softest footbed yet. It is constructed with the Croslite foam that provides the best comfort possible. The stretch Gore panels make them easy take-off and put on. These are casual shoes for men teachers that can also be used for other activities such as boating, gardening, and even hiking.

ECCO Men’s Fusion II Slip-On Loafer

ECCO Men's Fusion II Slip-On LoaferEcco is famous for making quality shoes for providing arch support for plantar fasciitis. ECCO Fusion from Ecco is a stylish casual everyday man shoe for all day comfort. They are made for people who are active and need comfortable shoes for various life activities.

The uppers are made of leather which is soft with detailed stitching. They are slip on shoes with a beautiful looking lace structure for a secure fit. The tongue and collar provide snug fit and support. There is an inside lining made of a textile material which makes these shoes breathable.

The removable insole is made of PU foam that provides cushioning and the support to the arches for walking all day. they are orthotic friendly shoes.The outsole is made of PU rubber which is durable and offers good grip on different kind of surfaces.

They are available in black, brown and dark gray colors medium 6-13.5 sizes. They do not come in narrow or wide sizes.

Keen Dawson

These are slip on casual shoes that are made with waterproof leather. They are very comfortable and have a rubber sole. They also have a removable footbed as well as EVA midsole. Again, they have additional features which are leather lined and nonmarking outsole. These shoes come in all sizes, color and prices are reasonable.

Guide to Buy Shoes for Teachers on their feet

No matter what brand of comfortable shoes for teachers you choose, remember to personalize the fit by augmenting it with orthotics. You can purchase some very good arch supports, toe separators, heel pads and the like off the rack at almost any drug store or variety store. These days, these items are favorably comparable in quality to the extraordinarily overpriced custom made orthotics you would get from a podiatrist. You’ll be amazed at the difference proper cushioning and support can make in your comfort level.

Remember that one of the most important points to keep in mind when selecting the best shoes for teachers on their feet all day is safety. Be sure to choose shoes with a reasonable heel level. High heels are not only dangerous to the future of your feet, legs and back; they are also dangerous on a day-to-day basis. These days, more than ever teachers may be required to move quickly and think on their feet. You don’t want to slip, trip or sprain your ankle when you are rushing to help a student in distress, break up a fight or lock out an intruder.

Another thing to remember when you must spend all day standing on concrete is that you can give yourself a break. Invest in a few rubber anti-fatigue mats to place strategically around your classroom. Having a chair, you can perch on while lecturing is also very helpful. By taking your time to select a high-quality supportive pair of shoes, making good use of orthotics and arranging your classroom in a way that gives you opportunities for natural breaks, you can conserve your energy and enjoy your teaching career without worrying about your feet.


In conclusion, choosing the Best Shoes For Teachers on their feet all day may not be the easiest task after all. There are numerous brands of shoes on the market. This article provides information on some of the best shoes for teachers who are on their feet all day.

There are a lot of options out there if you are looking for comfortable work shoes for women standing all day. With various choices, styles, and brands available, you have no reason not to buy a pair that you are comfortable with, regardless whether you are a working professional or a stay-at-home mom. After all, you owe it to yourself and to your loved ones to buy shoes that will not sacrifice your health and comfort. A good pair of comfortable shoes for teachers can make all the difference in your day.

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