Best Shoes for Underpronation with or without High Arches

Do your high arches make your feet painful? Some of the neutral cushioning are best shoes for underpronation with high arches. They are well padded, flexible and maintain your proper posture and relieve back and leg pain. The midsole is soft, and a lot of cushioning helps in shock absorption.

As you walk your high arches will put pressure on your foot and if you have the right arch supports you’ll be more comfortable. You’ll have less leg and back pain later on in the day as you begin to tire. Your arches distribute your weight evenly over your foot and heels. If you have high arches, you may have a rigid foot that does not pronate. Pronation during walking is normal, and it helps to absorb shock. When your feet can not pronate, they can not absorb shock which transmits stress to your knees and back. Therefore, you need cushioning shoes for shock absorption. These cushioned shoes are flexible at the midsole, and they provide minimal arch support.

When the outer side of the heel strikes the ground, our foot rolls inwards a little to absorb shock. This is a normal pronation which is necessary to absorb the shock. When there is underpronation, the heel strikes the ground, and the weight is transferred to the outside of the foot, and the person pushes at the toes to begin the next gait cycle. The foot forms a rigid structure for propulsion. The Underpronation is a common condition that is associated with high arches. The foot rolls outwards at the ankles. You can check the underpronation by looking at the old worn out a pair of shoes. If you see the worn out at the outer edges of shoes and heel, it means you are underpronating. Underpronation puts added pressure on your lower legs that can lead to injuries. Seek out neutral, flexible Best Shoes for Underpronation with High Arches that offer extra cushioning to absorb the shock.

  • Overuse type of injury
  • underpronation reduces absorption of shock, and stress of the thrust will go to the foot and lower limb.
  • Foot turns outwards at the ankle which places addition stress on the lower limb.

For people who are in search of best shoes for underpronation with high arches, it is best to rely on a good pair of neutral cushioning running shoes. These shoes provide loads of cushioning and responsiveness with minimal stability features.

Pronation and supination are normal to some extent, but no pronation or underpronation is  abnormal. Our feet move inward with the transfer of weight from heel to the toes which causes flattening of feet. This normal pronation helps in shock absorption. When you have underpronation, your feet can not absorb shock efficiently which can damage your weight bearing joints. Wearing the wrong type of shoes can cause aching feet, misalignment leading to knee and hip joint pain.

High arches are rare, but they can cause excessive damage to your ankle, knee and back joints because of lack of pronation. The feet are rigid and more likely turn outward called supination. Due to lack of pronation, they can not absorb shock and may develop plantar fasciitis.

Best Shoes for Underpronation with High Arches Reviews

If you experience pain while running due to underpronation with high arches, you need to find a pair of  neutral running shoes.  These neutral shoes have soft and flexible midsole. They do not offer much support for the high arches, but they provide a lot of cushioning for absorbing shock. With these running shoes, you can run without injuring your feet, ankles, knees and back.

If you are in search of quality footwear for normal pronation, underpronation or no pronation, then Brooks Glycerine 14 and Asics Gel Nimbus 18 may be your best bet. With the finest technology and exceptional design, you will find these footwear models the right one for your unique needs and preferences.

Best Walking Shoes for High Arches with Underpronation( Supination)

These top brands that are highly recommended by professional runners and most fitness experts. However, You need to understand that neutral cushioned shoes come in a broad range of options depending on the level of support they offer.

New Balance 577 Cushioning Walking Shoe for Supination with High Arch

New Balance 577Weather, you need a shoe for standing, walking all day as a student, retail worker, teacher or just for fitness walking, New Balance 577 shoes will absorb shock effectively and are an excellent pair of shoes for high arches.  These shoes provide a lot of cushioning and will prevent any further damage to your feet, knees,  and hip joints. They are built on SL-2 last to provide you a roomy toe box, tight heel, cushioning around the collar, added cushioning in the heel, breathable and removable insoles.

This shoe helps to solve a lot of foot problems including heel spurs ( heel and collar and tongue cushioning), bunions ( roomy toe box), wide or narrow feet ( available in several widths), High volume instep and narrow heel fitting. It provides moderate arch support, and you can always add insoles for extra support. This shoe offers a lot of room for orthotic inserts because it has deep and wide toe box. New Balance 577 sneakers are made of leather, and they provide superior cushioning, support and breathable and durable.

Assembled in the USA, these shoes are diabetic friendly, and Medicare approved. The ABSORB cushioning in the heel provides an outstanding shock absorption. They are available for men and women in white or black colors in many widths from narrow to extra wide( 2EE for women and 4EE men).

New Balance 840 Walking Shoe for Underpronation with High arch

New Balance Men's MW840 Health Walking Shoe

If you wear orthotics and need a pair of walking shoes, these neutral cushioning shoes are the best bet. These shoes are designed for walking to work, strolling, fitness walking or just walking in and around the house. These shoes offer a lot of cushioning, and they are the perfect shoes for shock absorption if your arches are high or just normal. Made of the perforated leather upper for breathability, they are lace on shoes for secure fitting. The tongue and collar provide added cushioning and support.

The full-length ABZORB midsole provides cushioning and lightweight that is necessary to absorb shock for your high arches. The shoe is durable, breathable and easy to clean. The shoe offers removable footbed and is compatible with the orthotics. This shoe is flexible too. Built on SL-2 last, these shoes provide roomy and deep toe box with the snug fitted heel. These shoes are diabetic friendly, and you can get reimbursement with doctor’s prescription. If you are looking for tons of cushion in the shoes, then these are for you.

New Balance 1400v5 – Neutral Shoe for Men and women

New Balance 1400 v5As one of the most favorite shoes for both sprinters and distance runners alike, the New Balance 1400 marks one of the greatest examples of a lightweight running shoe. This is due in large part to innovations in the brilliant “REVlite” midsole design. This allows for a 30 percent lighter cushion that is just as durable as any heavier versions in other shoes. There is also a non-sewn upper that helps the shoe’s total weight amount to an impressively light 7.1 ounces. If you are the sort of clamoring for exciting aesthetic options, 1400 has also been released in a lovely glow in the dark color scheme. With these, you can stay in shape, break all of your personal running records, and look great while doing it. If “light and stylish” is your thing, 1400 is one of the best New Balance running shoes for high arches around.

So as you can see, between the 890 v4, 1080 v4, and 1400, New Balance has a little something for everyone. They excel in blending comfort and functionality. Because of this, there is no better running shoe manufacturer to choose from for those with sensitive high arches.

New Balance 847 Walking Shoe for supination, Overpronation

New Balance 847 Walking ShoeIf you have high arches and your ankles turn outside ( Underpronation or supination) and you need more support along with extra cushioning, then check out New Balance 847v2. You will like the excellent support and padding in this lightweight shoe. The RollBar system in the midsole along with polyurethane medial and lateral posts will stabilize ankles by correcting overpronation and supination. These shoes can be used for flat feet as well as for high arches. The upper mesh offers breathability and lightweight which helps if you have to walk long distance frequently.

The New balance 847 provides wide square toe box. The OrthoLite foam in the collar, tongue,  and heel will provide you excellent cushioning for heel pain relief and heel spurs. The shoes are approved for diabetes feet. Check out with your doctor for Medicare reimbursement.

If you need a lightweight supportive shoe with cushioning throughout the shoe, try New Balance 847.

Best Running Shoes for High Arches with Underpronation

These top brands that are highly recommended by professional runners and most fitness experts. However, You need to understand that neutral cushioned shoes come in a broad range of options depending on the level of support they offer.

 Brooks Glycerin 14 Neutral – Best Running Shoes for High Arches

 Brooks GlycerinAre you concerned about your feet with medium to high arches or supination? Forget about purchasing regular running shoes and opt for something that provides much better cushioning you need. The Brooks Glycerin 14 boasts of its improved features, which go beyond the usual standards regarding comfort and convenience. From the exterior to its interior design, you will realize that the footwear is exactly the right choice for you.

This neutral lightweight running shoe by Brooks comes with excellent cushioning, so every step you make is as though you are walking on the clouds. The Super DNA in these shoes provides as much as 25 percent more cushioning, as compared to what you can get from the BioMoGo DNA.

These shoes also come with Ideal Pressure Zones located in the outsole, which can optimize the proper distribution of pressure from your heel to the forefoot. The upper also has a fitting saddle that snugly wraps your foot, and with more cushioning, you can expect total comfort whenever you run.

These running shoes by Brooks are popular among beginners and professional athletes because of the brand’s exceptional technology that provides support and great cushioning. As you move around with these shoes, you can feel superbly comfortable as though you are in control of your every step. What’s more, the upper features a unique and innovative technology called the 3D Fit Print, and this enhances the lightweight and well-structured form of these shoes. The upper is seamless, irritation free and supportive by using 3 D fit technology.With great colors to choose from and remarkable comfort you can get from this footwear, you can expect the finest experience during your running while wearing the Glycerin 13.

These are neutral cushioning shoes. They offer the superior cushioning for runners with neutral pronation or supination. The shoe is ideal for standard medium arches or high arches running on the road.  It is built on the universal platform and is suitable for small to large body build individuals.  Brooks Glycerin does not have heel clutch. They provide a lot of cushioning with Super DNA midsole and crash pad that also makes them lightweight. Brooks Glycerine is lighter in weight than Asics Nimbus.

If you are high or medium arched person and looking for lightweight neutral cushioning shoes for running which gives stability,  go with Brooks Glycerin 14 because they provide stability due to the sole’s full contact with the ground. If you want neutral cushioning shoes with wide toe box, flexible and a lot of forefronts cushioning, then go with Saucony Triumph 11 neutral shoe.

Asics Gel Nimbus 19 Neutral – Best Asics Running Shoes for Supination

Asics Gel Nimbus 19This is one of the best Asics running shoes for supination. Run miles with style as you put on this pair of Neutral cushioned running shoes by Asics. The most striking feature of these Asics Gel Nimbus shoes is in its sole unit, which is exactly what gives the footwear that right level of flexibility and superb versatility. You will notice in its outsole that there are two deep flex grooves, and these allow you to make the quickest transition from a slower to a faster pace of the run. Unfortunately, you may come across minor discomfort in case these grooves do not sit well in the right spot on your foot, so make sure you check carefully how these shoes fit you to ensure your total satisfaction.

It is a cushioning neutral running shoe for neutral pronators, high arched, medium arched and supinators. It is the newest and first seamless version of Nimbus series.  This is one of the cushiest shoes you will find for your neutral feet or underpronator’s feet. Asics Gel Nimbus is very similar in features to Asics Gel Kayano, but with no medial side support. The upper is seamless with the fluid fit and no-sew overlays and, therefore, it causes no irritation. It offers heel support and stability with heel clutch system. The heel to toe cushioning with fluid ride midsole and other layers of foam are excellent.

Recommended for the following conditions

  • Road Running
  • Supination
  • Neutral Pronation
  • Neutral Arch
  • High Arches

This shoe has more gel cushioning in the heel and forefront than Cumulus and that makes it more durable and supportive and absorb shock. It is more expensive than cumulus. It uses Fluidride Midsole, Comfort dry lining for dryness. This shoe is for running long distance. The shoe is lightweight but offers a lot of cushioning. The heel to toe drop is 10mm for men and 13 mm for women which are high. It gives a lot of protection for running on the road.

If you are a heel striker, Asics Nimbus will be best for you because the amount of cushioning it provide in its heels. The heel to toe drop is high. If you want a lot of protection in addition to cushioning, then go with Asics Gel Nimbus

 New Balance Vazee Pace Neutral Running Shoe

 New Balance Vazee PaceNew Balance introduces its solid-performing cushioned shoes called the New Balance Vazee Pace Running Shoe. The most striking feature of these shoes is its lightweight quality without compromising durability and a good level of comfort. If you want to speed up and enhance your speed during your training, then these shoes are a perfect fit for you. Weighing at about 8.5 ounces, you will feel that no amount of weight or drag is holding you back as you perform your best during your run. It comes with impressive technology such as REVlite and ABZORB, which function by absorbing impact and providing you with a responsive type of cushioning that help you go the distance without any strain or discomfort. Lastly, the stunning design and style of these shoes add to its popularity among those who search for comfortable and lightweight footwear that offers a good amount of support.

This New Balance shoe for the high arch with undepronation runners is lightweight and provide tons of cushioning with Revlite midsole for comfortable running experience.

It has following features:

  • Neutral Shoe
  • Recommended for high arches, supination, and plantar fasciitis
  • Lightweight
  • Seamless upper
  • Revlite midsole foam Provides cushioning and stability
  • Race Shoe

The New Balance Vazee Pace Running Shoe is a neutral runner that is incredibly light while maintaining a solid feeling of support and comfortable cushioning. Those with unusually high insteps will often find that other running shoes create a nagging and uncomfortable pressure point near the top of their feet. If that is to be avoided, it usually entails halfhearted workarounds such as wearing wider width runners that are too big.

The New Balance Vazee Pace is special in that its design allows for a narrow width as well as enough depth and overall support for high insteps without even marginally compromising how comfortable the fit is on the top of the feet. Because of that kind of smart design sensibility, the countless reviews that claim this as one of the absolute best choices among the New Balance running shoes for high arches speak for themselves. If there are any negatives to note, it would be the large tongue that some have found gaudy, as well as the small number of color options, but those aesthetic matters are significantly less important than how well the shoe performs given its status as a runner. Fortunately, high performance is one area in which the New Balance Vazee Pace truly shines.

New Balance 1080v7 – Cushioning shoe for High Arches and Supination

It comes with the following features:

  • Neutral Shoe
  • Diabetic shoe that is approved for Medicare diabetic code
  • It offers a lot of cushioning
  • Firm midsole
  • Orthotic Friendly
  • Deep toe box

The 1080 v7 shoe comes completely staff trusted and runner approved. Its design features the highly responsive and long-lasting N2 cushioning as well as an Acteva Lite lightweight premium midsole. The 1080 v7 shoe offers what is considered to be the very best and most luxurious cushioning that any New Balance shoe currently offers. The 1080 v7 has a wonderfully comfortable common base that makes it a reliable choice for orthotics. Also, the non-sewn “FantomFit” design makes this an excellent running choice for anyone that might be diabetic. The 1080 v7 may well represent the very best balance between lightweight build, comfort, and durability in the entire New Balance line.

Nike Zoom Vomero+ 11

Nike has done it again with this fascinating pair of cushioned running shoes designed for men. Nike Zoom Vomero+ 11’s overall style is ideal for those who are in search of superior impact protection and cushioning more than anything else in the market. However, some people might think that the Vomero 8 is much heavier and chunkier than most cushioned shoes. Nevertheless, this product will pass for anyone who prefers a regular pair of shoes that is suitable for racing and long runs involving a great amount of speed. With superior cushioning and shock absorption qualities, this footwear will suffice for most runners’ needs.

Adidas Energy Boost

The brand intended to turn these Adidas Energy Boost shoes into something bouncier and softer by eliminating the EVA foam component that is common in most brands or models of running shoes. As a replacement to this material, Adidas used a TPU material that is common in dashboards found in BMWs. Aside from this component, the manufacturer incorporated little plastic pebbles that enhance the shoes’ cushioning layer. With all these fused in the footwear, you can expect a bouncy and somewhat springy quality that supports your foot while ensuring a good level of cushioning. In addition to that exceptional qualities, the footwear helps keep your feet cool and dry that boost your comfort even if you wear these shoes for hours.

Brooks Ghost 9 GTX Neutral Running Shoes

When it comes to those who look for running shoes for medium to high arches, the Ghost 9 by Brooks is the finest footwear option for you. It comes with superior quality breathable and waterproof materials for the upper, so your feet stay dry and cool even after long hours of running. They also keep your feet warm during winter season. The design is also quite stylish, so there is no need to sacrifice fashion for comfort by choosing these shoes by Brooks.

Indeed, the Ghost 8 offers an excellent combination of cushion and balance for your optimum comfort with and convenience with every step you make. Made of lightweight materials, you will find it easy to run the distance without any drag or unnecessary load on your feet. Brooks’ special technology called the GORE-TEX offers superior protection to your feet, which eliminates chances of injury as you run.

So, regardless of the weather condition or road surface, you can be sure that your feet are protected and kept comfortable the whole time. With the footwear’s comfortable materials, ample support and advanced technology, you can expect the best value for your money by purchasing the Brooks Ghost 7 running shoes.

Rock Port Cobb Hill Pandora Boot

If you’re one of the many women who wish to be stylish yet still support those high arches, this is the shoe for you. Your high arches don’t have to wear clunky, ugly shoes. You can choose from either of these great stylish shoes without compromising your comfort needs or your sense of style. Plenty of arch support and full leather uppers provide you with that look that says you’re a smart woman and dress well, and you know what comfort means. You don’t have to sacrifice the beauty any longer when you select these stylish options. Available in a variety of stylish colors, you’re sure to find the perfect boots to match your entire wardrobe. Priced at the mid level you will want to add several pairs of these New Balance shoes for high arches to your wardrobe.

New Balance 1745 Fitness Best Walking Shoes for Women with high arches

This New Balance 1745 is a fitness walking shoe that provides cushioning comfort for your high arches. Breathable mesh means that your foot will be able to breathe, and you won’t feel as hot and sweaty at the end of your walk. Priced middle of the range this shoe is a great value for the money. The ReVlite Responsive dual density midsole absorbs shock, an important feature that you need for your high arches. Also, Revlite cushioning makes it lightweight for your walking needs. Fantom fit seamless lining means that you won’t have to worry about irritation or chaffing from your shoes while you’re in motion. The ground contact outsole offers full ground contact and provides stability.

If you need a cushioning shoe for your high arches, try New Balance 1745.

Vionic with Orthaheel Jon Sandal for Men

New Balance 959v2 Trail Walking Cushioning Shoe

If you need a trail walking shoes for high arches, then try New Balance 959 cushioning shoe. This low profile very durable shoe with tough upper with a lot of overlays and material wrapped around the toes to prevent the abrasions during the tough trail walking such as on the woods. This neutral cushioning shoe offers a lot of Midsole EVA cushioning and flexibility. The aggressive stability outsole offers an excellent traction for tough trail walking activities.

Dunham by New Balance Men’s Dillon Slip-On

 Dunham Wade Slip On for Men

Let’s face it, slip-on shoes are easy to get in and out of, and they can save a lot of time in the morning. These Dunham men’s shoes offer the best of both worlds. Comfort and affordability mean that you’ll be walking in comfort all day long, and you won’t have to spend a fortune for that convenience.

What to look for in Best Walking Shoes for High Arches?

The people with high arches sometimes find it hard to have the right shoe. There are a lot of features that a shoe should have so that they are fit to be worn by the high arches. This article will give you the relevant information that you need to know so that you can have the necessary comfort that you ought to derive from the shoe.

A high-arched foot will tend to show an imprint of the forefoot and heel connected using a very thin band. Therefore, these types of a foot will never overpronate at any given time.  This shoe will ensure that all these specifications are met and that the shock absorbing process is enhanced too. There are a lot of individuals who are looking forward to noticing differences in the way they carry out various activities in their day to day activities regarding the type of shoes that they wear. You should ensure that you get a comfortable appeal and your pressure being absorbed in the feet so that you may realize various significant benefits of having the right shoe.

This shoe has no medial post

One of the features that explain the high-arched feet is the fact that these feet lack pronation and are best suited for neutral cushioning. The neutral cushioning shoes do not have the right stability and are, therefore, designed to suit the features of your feet. The lack of the medial post makes the shoe, even more, convenient in giving you your feet a comfortable appeal where one can realize the best comfort and will hence be in a position where the feet will be at ease.

The shoes are available in different sizes

There are shoes accessible in all sizes, and you can grab yours today. Your high-arched feet will get the right shoe size, and you will enjoy the benefits of having a shoe that meets all the qualities that you have been looking for. You will enjoy these features by just picking the shoe that fits you properly.

Softer midsole

This shoe has a soft midsole and has a real nature of flexibility which will in no way prevent the natural pronation.  The neutral cushioning shoes have been considered to be the best shoes that are fit for the high-arched feet. The soft midsole will give you a comfortable appeal, and it will ensure that you have enjoyed walking with this particular shoe. This midsole will also help a lot in improving the shock absorbing process. You are in a position where you can feel comfortable as you continue walking.

The shoes are available at good prices

As opposed to other shoes meant for the high-arched feet, this shoe is available to you at quite affordable prices. You will find the shoe that fits you perfectly, and it will be offered to you at a reasonable price. There are usually a lot of people looking forward to having these shoes, but they find the prices to be too high and end up losing hope in buying them.

The quality of the material is high

The leather material that has been used in the modeling of this shoe is high. The shoe is durable, and you will, therefore, enjoy some of these benefits for quite a long time.

Available in all shapes

These shoes are available in all shapes, and you will get the shoe that you have always admired and the one that will make you look presentable.

This shoe has brought quite many advantages to individuals who have high-arched feet. If you are such a person, you should not worry anymore since this shoe has covered all your interests.

Let’s face it; no two people are alike so why should their feet be same? Everyone has different needs in shoes and comfort. Whether you’re a walker, a runner, or only want to dress in fashion while you’re on your feet all day long, you’ll need a good shoe to support your high arches and provide you with the comfort that you deserve. These shoes are all reasonably priced and will provide your feet with all day long comfort and care. Investing in New Balance shoes for high arches might be the best thing you ever do for yourself and your comfort.

Find Your Arch Type

Before you go out to purchase a new pair of shoes, it’s important to know your foot type. Do you have flat feet, slightly arched feet or are you one of the many who has high arches? Once you know what your foot type is you can find the best shoes for your need.

If you don’t know what kind of arches you have, it’s time to answer this question. Next time you take a shower step out with your wet foot directly onto the linoleum or flooring and see what sort of imprint your foot leaves.

If your foot leaves an imprint where you see all of the foot, you have a flat arch.

If your foot leaves a slightly narrower imprint, you may have normal arches.

However, if your foot leaves a fine lined mark that is narrow on the inside, you likely have high arches, and you’ll need to find the proper shoes to support your body throughout the day.

If you’re uncertain about your shoe size, be sure to have your feet measured by a professional before beginning your search for new shoes. Feet can change in size as we age.

Now you’ll need to decide what you’ll be doing the most in your shoes. Will you be walking, running, hiking, or simply working throughout the day? If you’re working, will you be on your feet all day long?

What are Cushioned Shoes?

Cushioned shoes are designed for people who have normal pronation, and they do not need corrective shoes. The best shoes for neutral runners should provide cushioning and support. Some people have high arches and them under pronate also called supination. This type of feet are not very common, and they are prone to injury due to not providing enough shock absorption. If you have high arches, and you supinate, then cushioned Neutral shoes may be the suitable type of footwear for you. These shoes do not provide stability and midsole is softer. They are more flexible shoes, and they provide a lot of cushioning.

Benefits of Choosing Cushioned Running Shoes

Runners often choose cushioned shoes because they do not have pronation problem but have high arches. They benefit from the shock absorbing components of these shoes, although heel-strikers are better off with the traditional running shoes with more amount of cushioning.

Cushioned shoes appeal to people because of the good shock absorbing quality that is found in the sole including the foam and padding located in the shoes’ upper portion. There are also cushions in the areas surrounding the foot and ankle, so you can experience a certain level of comfort by wearing these shoes. With that in mind, this type of footwear will suit the needs of most runners.

What to Expect From Cushioned Running Shoes

Running shoes that come with ample amount of cushioning are great for people who tend to spend hours of running miles and miles during training. Aside from ensuring one’s comfort while training, these shoes are also quite versatile because you can wear them even on slow-paced walks or runs. With their versatility, it is easy to run the mile with these shoes whether you are targeting a faster or slower tempo during your workouts.

Another impressive feature you can expect from these shoes is their excellent fit. These are well-cushioned, so that gives you enough support when you are always on the go. You will appreciate the softness and bouncy feel of wearing these shoes, as compared to other running shoes that lack these features. Moreover, several brands offer a much lighter quality of shoes while providing ample cushioning to meet your unique needs.

Deciding on the right type of footwear can be a hassle for some, but by applying this guide to choosing cushioned shoes, you can find the best product that suits your needs and standards.

There you have it – Best Neutral Cushioned Running Shoes. These footwears are the best you can find in the market considering their advanced technology and outstanding designs that add to the appeal of every running shoe model in their product line. So, be sure to grab a pair and experience the amazing difference it offers, which you can never expect from traditional running shoes.

  1. What about the Ghost 10 for high arches and underpronation? I ask because I renctly putchased a pair due to Dicks didn’t have my size in the Glycerin in stock I really needed a pair of shoes today ?

    • The Ghost 10 can also be used for high arches because it is also a neutral cushioning shoe and underpronation. The Brooks Glycerine offers little more cushioning and support than Ghost 10 but Ghost 10 offers more toe box room for bunions than Glycerine.

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