Best Vegan Boots for Women

Are you looking for vegan boots? Check out Quality Dr Martens Women Vegan 1460 Boot.

Dr. Martens is a brand that offers one of the finest quality vegan boots and shoes, which comes in a wide variety of styles and designs. There are several options available for women, men and kids’ shoes, so you can choose the kind of color or style that suits your unique preference. What’s more, Dr. Martens feature its vegan-friendly footwear collection, and this provides an interesting addition to its product line.

Vegan shoes and boots by Dr. Martens are made of excellent synthetic materials, yet the overall quality remains the same – durable, comfortable and stylish. Moreover, standard footwear by the brand is replicated by these vegan-friendly materials. So, that should give you more comfort with every step you make.

Vegan Footwear by Dr. Martens

The Dr. Martens Women’s Vegan 1460 Boot with an 8-eyelet feature, which is constructed from synthetic and vegan-friendly materials. The material is non-leather, yet it remains supple, chic and soft. There is also a hint of two-tone finish that adds an enigmatic appeal to the exterior.

The upper and sole are also made with high quality Goodyear welt, and these are sewn together to ensure durability. These parts of the boot that uses PVC material for the welt are also heat-sealed instead of being merely glued. In fact, this is the only portion of the footwear that is stitched on its exterior.

The entire process of sewing the sole and upper is quite complex, and this also adds to the sturdiness of the footwear. As for the sole, it is air-cushioned, which makes every stride ultimately and effortlessly comfortable. With slip-resistant components, you can maintain your balance and stability with these shoes.

Generally, this model of boots by Dr. Martens is considered as the brand’s unisex boot. It has the classic shape that you can find in the original styles of footwear by this brand. These unisex styles are sized particularly for men, but there are also size ranges that are available for both the men and women sizes. Since these shoes have a larger size that fits men, women who are planning to buy the 1460 boot may have to purchase one that is a size smaller to achieve a perfect fit.

Interesting Facts about the Dr. Martens Vegan 1460 Boots

Otherwise known as the Vegan 1460, these boots by Dr. Martens are as the name implies – 100 percent vegan-friendly, all because of the material used, which is synthetic leather. If you inspect the pull-on tab, or the portion found at the back of the mouth of your boots, you can find the specifications of the footwear. For instance, vegan boots have a creamy yellow color on the tab while leather ones have that infamous yellow-on-black color combination.

What’s great about these vegan boots is that you can select from classic colors including black, navy and cherry red. If you prefer black vegan boots, you will notice that these are available in a felix rub off material, or what appears to be a bit non-shiny and resembles leather. On the other hand, navy ones use the Cambridge Brush material. It has a glossy appeal, and this helps highlight the navy hue found around the toe and heel area.

As for the cherry red 1460 boot, you can either opt for the Cambridge Bush or felix rub off finishes. No matter which color of boot you buy, you can expect the footwear to be quite versatile. Since these shades are dark and subtle enough, it is easy to match the boot to any outfit you are wearing.

When buying the right size of Dr. Martens, you may notice how tricky this can get. Buying one size smaller is always a better idea since once broken in, these boots tend to offer a wider room for your feet. Although you may initially notice that these boots offer that semi-stiff kind of feeling around the ankles, specifically for a few days, this is unlikely to cause serious pain and discomfort.

When buying the right size for you, it helps to consider the size of most of your shoes. However, since Dr. Martens are wider in size with plenty of room for your feet, going a half size or one size smaller usually works. Moreover, you will have to determine your US shoe size since the footwear features UK shoe measurements. If you have always been a size 9 (US measurement), then you may go fr UK size 7. Going 2 size lower for women and 1 size lower for men ensures you of getting that right size for these shoes.

Great Features to Expect

Dr. Martens 1460 vegan boots are warm and comfortable, and these are made of waterproof materials. With its unique materials and construction, these shoes can last for decades and provide great traction to keep you stable. Even during the harsh weather such as winter, you can expect your Dr. Martens 1460 boots to hold up just fine. You may wear these shoes everyday for a month or so, and you will hardly notice any signs of wear. Hence, it is fuss-free to keep your boots clean and maintain that “brand new” effect.

Easy to maintain, you can just use a damp cloth to remove grime and dirt quickly. Just be sure to keep it clean before putting it back to its box after wearing these boots. This way, you can maintain the lovely appearance of your boots even after years to come.

Important Considerations

Some people complain that these boots can be a little bit stiff and not-so-comfortable to wear at first. Fortunately, it breaks in easily, and this adds to your comfort and satisfaction of wearing your 1460 vegan boots.

Sizing is also crucial in buying these boots. When you place your order, check carefully if the item is in the UK or US size. This aspect makes a big difference, and US sizes are 1 to 2 size smaller than the UK shoe measurement.

Bottom Line

When it comes to the best footwear, Dr. Martens simply is a timeless and practical choice of brand to consider. These durable boots and shoes are available in several models such as the 1461 3-eye vegan shoe boot, 1461 Oxford, and the Vegan 1B99 boot. What’s common about each of these is the fact that Dr. Martens boots never gets out of style, breaks in quickly, durable, and definitely a better deal.

With non-animal material used for the upper, this portion stays soft and feels like genuine leather. This is a major factor with these boots since most vegan shoes tend to be cheap, poor quality and flimsy. However, these quality vegan boots and shoes make a significant difference that you will love and appreciate for several years to come!

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