Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

When it comes to having flat feet you may know that buying walking shoes to fit your feet may be a bit of a challenge. The people with flat feet leave a full imprint of the foot when you stand on sand. The flat feet are often associated with overpronation and are very are very common foot problems. The overpronation is inward turning of the foot at the ankle joint. We typically need a normal pronation to absorb shock. When pronation is excessive, it can lead to foot pain, knee pain, back pain, bunions and other foot problems over time. To prevent foot problems, you need to wear right shoes to support feet and control overpronation. The best walking shoes for flat feet will provide you good arch support, cushioning and deep heel cup along with the medial support to prevent the excessive movement of the heel to prevent injury.

To find out whether you have overpronation, you need to check the bottom of your worn out shoes. If the bottom is worn out on the inner side, you most probably have overpronation. In rare cases, people with flat feet supinate instead of overpronation. You can also see your local shoe store and evaluate your gait by shoe professional. Once you know your pronation type and severity of overpronation, it will become much easier to find a perfect pair of shoe for your flat feet. You can also use over the counter insoles for extra support and cushion. If in spite of all these measures pain does not go away you should see the podiatrist for custom orthotics.

There is a variety of quality walking shoes for flat feet available on the market. They have neutral shoes with support for flat feet with supination. For mild to moderate overpronation, you will need stability shoes and for severe overpronation, you will need motion control walking shoes. Let’s see what shoes are available and why we recommend them.

Brooks Addiction Walker provides a lot of arch support for flat feet and prevents severe overpronation. It offers super soft full grain leather upper for added durability and comfort. The footbed is cushioned and is removable for personal orthotics. The hydro flow technology along with full-length BIO MOGO to absorb shock The Diagonal Rollbar on the medial side of the arch prevents overpronation, support feet and guide the gait. The environmental friendly slip resistant outsole minimizes accidents at work( not recommended to use in the Kitchen). This shoe has a linear platform built in it which provides more support for the overweight person.

If you are on feet all day, and you have knee and hip pain, the Brooks Addiction Walker will realign your bones and will help in correcting the gait. They are comfortable to use for traveling. They are True to size and provide roomy toe box, and your narrow heel will not slip out of it. They are available in white and black colors only for men and women.

If you need a pair of slip resistant shoes for flat feet and severe overpronation, Brooks Addiction Walker is one of the best pairs of shoes to support your arches and to correct overpronation.

Brooks Addiction Walker

The first of the best walking shoes for flat feet brings up this list with a great entry shoe to introduce any new walker into the comforting feel of a high end walking shoe that feels like a running sneaker. With quality midsole cushioning and a full-grain leather upper support, the Brooks Addiction Walker for women offers some of the best entry support in the shoe world today. If you’re looking for a quality shoe that will serve you for many miles while still being affordable, you can’t go wrong with this one.

Saucony Grid Omni Walker Stability Shoe

Saucony Grid Omny Walker

Men and women who look for quality shoes ideal for flat feet may find what they need from the Saucony Grid Omni Walker. These walking shoes rank as one of the top-rated products in the market due to the outstanding features and capabilities of the footwear. Regarding pricing, this product is quite reasonable. Not only are you getting a good deal from the price of these shoes, but you can expect numerous benefits along the way.

When it comes to cushioning, the Omni Walker does not disappoint. The footwear is made of responsive EVA and rubber compound material, which offers the right support and comfort. Places that are prone to fatigue are properly supported, thanks to the insole materials and unique technology in these shoes. In fact, the asymmetrical sole is specially engineered to ensure you of a biomechanical fit that works for your needs. The premium sock liner adds to your comfort as this prevents any bruises each time your skin rubs against the interior material of the shoe.

Each stride you make is secure and stable, as these are all made possible by the rubber outsole that comes with a patented design to make every movement smoother. This is very important to the people with flat feet who are prone to pain and discomfort when wearing the wrong kinds of shoes.
As for the aesthetics, these shoes come in a few color options. You may choose from black or white/silver, which should match your unique style and preference.

The Saucony Grid Omni is designed to help anyone walk for hours with very little effort and without feeling the impact the next day and it makes a perfect buy for anyone looking to get a lot of miles under his or her belt. The upper, midsole, and outsole are all designed with cushioning comfort in mind. The midsole is also made out of a high responsive compound that only has the purpose of providing a solid cushion during the impact.

New Balance 928 Walking Shoes for Flat Feet with Severe Overpronation

New Balance 928 walking shoe is one of the most commonly used footwear for flat feet and other foot problems. It can be used as an everyday walking, fitness walking or you can wear it for on foot all day at work. It is a motion control and stability shoe which is very durable. It provides enough support and cushioning for flat feet as well as a snug heel fitting, the features that required for flat feet shoes. It comes in white, brown and black colors. It has a wide and deep toe box which helps for hammer toes, bunions or some people who want to accommodate orthotics, and it will provide enough depth for that. The SL 2 last with wider front and narrower back will not cause any slipping out from the heel.

New Balance 928 for flat feetThe rocker sole will help in distributing your weight evenly, so you do not have pressure on the ball of the foot. Therefore, they are good shoes for Metatarsalgia. It also has New Balance unique technology called ROLLBAR in the heel that is a dual support system. The ROLLBAR will stop your overpronation and as well as supination. Therefore, it will support your feet on the both side.

New Balance 928 is a high supportive shoe that helps in a variety of foot problems, accommodates orthotics,  helps in arthritis, comes wide and extra wide, diabetic shoes comes in lace-up as well as velcro in the mesh as well as leather in new colors. The style is classic and can be worn for day to day use and for those people who are on feet all day. The colors available will include black, white, tan and gray which are all neutral colors to suit any wardrobe. Podiatrists most recommend it shoe for foot problems including for flat feet and overpronation.

Propet Stability Walker for men and women

Propet Stability Walker

Propet Stability Walker

If you are in search for the best walking shoes for flat feet, one of the finest options out there is the Propet Stability Walker for men and women. These shoes are recommended for flat-footed individuals as these offer support on the heels and midsole while ensuring your stability and balance. You will love how these shoes fit you correctly, and you can choose the size best suitable for you while ensuring your comfort along the way.

The Propet Stability Walker comes with both an external and an internal heel counter, which add stability, support, and comfort. As for the footbed, it is quite comfortable with excellent cushioning in every step you make. This area of the footwear is also removable, so you can quickly place your custom orthotics for enhanced comfort and support.

These shoes have a specially designed midsole that is ideal for people with flat feet. The midsole is made of molded EVA material for superb cushioning. While this material may be lightweight, it is capable of providing ample shock absorption for minimizing fatigue and discomfort on your feet. This is perfect for flat-footed people as regular shoes that are not suited to their condition tend to increase chances of pain.
Another great feature of this product is the heel stabilizer that is built right into these shoes. This component is also contoured to match the natural shape of your feet, and there is a wide base to secure the footing. Lastly, these shoes are also diabetic-shoe approved, which means you may qualify for reimbursement as the product meets the Medicare code.

New Balance 847 Walking Shoes for Men and Women: Motion Control

New Balance men's MW847

Amazon-ButtonThese shoes designed for people who suffer from flat feet with overpronation. It comes with an enhancement in motion control. This motion control situated in the heel part of the shoe, and this is what helps to prevent overpronation. Additional benefits include the breathable material and shoes are extremely lightweight.

The footbed of the shoe can be can then be replaced with insoles that will provide the foot with maximum support for the arch of the foot. These shoes are recommendable for long walks or for if you spend a lot of your day on your feet. This range is perfect for New Balance shoes for flat feet. This shoe is for average weight person.

When you are looking for a type of shoe that can provide you with additional support, try out the New Balance 847 that comes with a ROLLBAR, which will provide you with the highest form of motion control. You can use these types of shoes for prolonged walking or fitness reasons; they offer your feet with a healthier approach to wearing shoes. The women’s sizes range from narrow all the way up to double extra wide.

If you are looking for a lightweight shoe for flat feet and overpronation, New Balance 847 weighs 11.7 oz is a motion control and provides narrow heel with a wide toe box along with good cushioning.

Orthaheel Ailie Casual Walker

The Orthaheel Ailie Mary Jane casual walking shoe for women is an orthopedic shoe which is made of a durable textile and leather upper with rubber sole. There is a breathable mesh padding. The podiatrist-designed footbed is designed using Vionic Orthaheel technology that provides a firm, flexible midsole, a deep heel cup and supportive biomechanic footbed that helps in controlling overpronation by realignment of foot and leg bones to normal position. That will help in reducing leg, hip and foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis and flat feet.

These shoes are designed by Dr. Andrew and has received APMA acceptance. If you are looking for adjustable Mary Jane-style walking shoes that provide comfort, support and are breathable, then try them out today.

breathable moisture wicking lining wi PU lining underneath to keep your feet dry and blister free.

The EVA midsole cushioning that molds to the shape of your flat feet to give you support and will realign legs and joints in normal position.  The EVA cushioning provides you high shock absorption for all day comfort. The durable outsole of a TPR material provides excellent traction.

Endurance Walker with Orthaheel for men

VIONIC Endurance with Orthaheel Technology walking sneaker provides support and comfort that can help you in alleviating the foot pain with flat feet. Endurance Walker is a very flexible and is APMA approved shoe with water resistant upper leather with breathable mesh. It has lacing closure for proper fitting with lightly padded tongue and collar for support and comfort to ankle. The EVA midsole for shock absorption is reducing stress on the feet, ankles and knees. The completely removable podiatrist-designed Orthaheel Technology footbed provides superior orthotic support for stability and aligns the feet in normal position. The Orthaheel technology helps in reducing overpronation associated heel pain, knee pain, and back pain. The rubber outsole is flexible and lightweight and is tread for traction. The First Ray technology helps in walking.

 New Balance 1765 Fitness Walking Shoes for Women – Stability

New Balance Women's WW1765V2 Walking Shoe


This 1765 a stability New Balance shoe has been rated as one of the best shoes designed for long distance walking with flat feet with mild to moderate overpronation. The designs come from research conducted by walking and fitness purposes. The upper part of the shoes made out of breathable mesh, which is a synthetic fabric. This shoe helps to keep the feet more comfortable and dry throughout the day.

The lightweight design boasts REVlite technologies that have been known for being durable, cushioned and responsive.  The midsole part of the shoe will support your natural gait meaning you will feel more stable when walking, therefore, making it perfect for flat feet. The outsole is flexible which offers good transition and push off.


Best walking shoes for flat feet can provide you with all the support and stability that you require for your flat feet with or without pronation problem. Most of the mentioned brands designed for light to moderate walking and suit for fitness walking. Invest in the right types of shoes to suit your needs and provide you with the comfort you crave out of shoes.

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