Best work boots for standing on concrete

If your work requires standing up for long hours on concrete, then you need Best work boots for standing on concrete that can adequately provide comfort and safety. The Boots you choose need to be made using safety material to ensure that you do not hurt by objects on the working ground or even by the concrete itself. However, this does not mean that you can not wear stylish shoes. Furthermore, even the price should be a major determinant of the ideal shoes to wear while working on concrete. Some of the ideal types of shoes to wear are boots since they are made to endure harsh terrains in a convenient manner while at the same time providing comfort.

Boots are footwears that fit many working environments, especially for outdoor activities, where dress shoes or athletic shoes won’t suffice. They’re made to cover both the foot and the ankle, supply a tight seal onto the foot, to keep it warm or cool, if it’s required. And of course, many work boots for standing are designed for specific safety standards, to protect the wearer against electrical shock hazard, chemicals, etc.

Now, whether your workplace may or may not require boots but investing in a pair of quality work boots is always a good idea if your job requires you to stand on the concrete floor for an extended period. In this post, we’ll make a few recommendations for the best work boots for standing on concrete that you can find at the moment. But before that, there are three most important aspects to consider about boots, to make the right choice.

These are:

Your working environment

Depending on the industry you’re working with, you may need boots that meet a particular standard. For example, safety boots are for jobs that involve working with heavy objects, boots with puncture-resistant soles are necessary for working with sharp metallic objects, and boots with insulated rubber soles are for protection against electrical shocks. Therefore before purchasing a pair of boots, make sure it meets the required safety standard for your workplace.


Most boots feature a leather upper. But some are made of fake leather, or cheap, easy-to-wear leather, and you’ll throw them away after a few months. A pair of well-made boots should last at least a couple of years. That’s why is always a good idea to look for the best brands, as they use the highest quality materials in their products. Some of the best brands are Caterpillar, Timberland, Red Wing, Thorogood, etc.


Many jobs involve a lot of walking or standing up. That’s why comfort should always be one of the primary factors to have in mind for selecting your boots. In general, comfort is given by form, construction, and flexibility of the sole, and the inside padding of the boot. The ones presented here are some of the Most Comfortable Work Boots for standing on concrete. These boots provide an excellent cushioning and arch support and prevent foot pain, back pain, and knee pain

Reviews on the Best work boots for standing on concrete

Now that we’ve put into view these three crucial aspects regarding work boots, here are some of the finest to put on your list.

Timberland PRO 6″ PitBoss ST work Boots for Hard Floor

Timberland PitBoss ST Best work boots for standing on concreteOur top recommendation for this work boot category has to be the Timberland PRO 6″ Pit Boss ST Boots. These are one of the most comfortable work boots and just feature an impressive construction. First of all, they’re made of top quality, thick leather, with quad stitches on the sides for extra reinforcement. The leather used not only is one of the most durable materials used for boots, but it also looks good, even after the boots wear out. The colors available for this Timberland model are black, brown and wheat.

The top collar and the inside of the tongue are consistently cushioned to offer optimal comfort for the ankles, supplying a tight seal to prevent foreign objects from entering the boots, and also keep the feet warm during cold weather. The collar and tongue consist of a much softer leather than the rest of the boot, but its under part has padded with synthetic material.

In case you’re wondering, these boots are not 100% waterproof. However, since they are made of thick leather, they should keep your feet dry during incidental water exposure. You won’t have a problem when stepping into a few puddles, or as long as the water isn’t deeper than the thickness of the sole, which is 1″ at the front, and approx. 1.5″ at the heel. But, they’re not recommended if you work in an environment with muddy, watery soil, in conditions where water will cover your boots completely, or if you’ll be in snow all day long. Leather will eventually absorb water.

The soles of the Pit Boss Timberlands offer an impressive engineering themselves. First of all, the outsoles are made of rubber material, being a slip, oil, and abrasion-resistant. Also, rubber offers electrical hazard protection. In fact, their Electrical Hazard Protection meets ANSI Z41 PT99 standards to provide protection from open circuits. The midsoles of durable polyurethane material are waterproof, and also absorbs shock. Evidently, due to this fact, these are some of the best work boots for standing on concrete.The inner footbed has antimicrobial, open-cell polyurethane material.

The shaft of these boots is not made of steel, though. Thus, in case you’re wondering, the soles are not punctured resistant. However, the soles are quite durable, and even if you step on something sharp, like a nail, for example, it won’t penetrate all the way through that easily. Needless to say, the toe box is steel reinforced, as the name of the boots suggests, and you can wear them with no problem in workplaces that require steel-toe boots.

Last but not least, these work boots feature a combination of punched and hooked eyelets. Evidently, the top eyelets are the hooked ones, offering a lot of conveniences. The laces are braided, made of synthetic fibers, also extremely durable.

Timberland is a well known and favorite brand of boots that are ideal for working on concrete and standing for long hours.  These boots also qualify to be amongst the most comfortable work boots because they are waterproof and hence can be used whether in rainy conditions or when it is sunny. The makers of Timberland have been making these boots for more than thirty years. Therefore, they have the necessary expertize and experience. The soles of these boots are made using rubber, which is meant to provide safety to the feet of the users while at the same time providing comfort by not adding unnecessary weight. These boots are also very durable when used appropriately, and hence users do not have to keep on buying new ones now and then. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs, therefore, allowing customers to choose the precise Timberland boots of their preferences.

As a short conclusion here, these Timberland work boots are safe, tough and comfortable, especially after broken in and you can stand and walk comfortably on the concrete floor all day. Also, they’re average heavy. You won’t feel like you’re wearing dumbbells as footwear.

Caterpillar  Second Shift 6″ Plain Soft Toe Boots

Caterpillar  Second Shift 6" Plain Soft Toe BootsWhen you see the brand name CATÆ written on any gear and footwear, you can be sure that the said item offers durability and comfort. The Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift 6″ Plain Soft Toe work boots don’t make an exception, and that’s one of the reasons they’re number two on our recommendation list here on the most comfortable work boots for walking and standing on concrete.

Just like the Pit Boss Timberlands, these CAT work boots offer durable, thick leather, available in nubuck or oiled full-grain, and colors such as honey, dark brown and black. The leather upper features triple and double stitchings for optimal reinforcement. The toe box is not steel reinforced, therefore if your workplace requires that type of boots, the 2nd Shift is not recommended. However, as a general idea, the toe box of these boots is quite durable itself. They’re not fully waterproof, but the leatherwork on them can withstand a lot of wetness before allowing moisture in. So, they’re perfect for snow, sludge, and moderate moisture working environments.

The tongue and collar of these boots are padded for extra comfort and a tight seal. Four pairs of punched eyelets and two pairs of hooked eyelets offer a wide array of lacing your boots, to adapt better to your working environment. Plus, there are heel pull tabs at the back, for extra convenience.

When it comes to the inner boot construction, the 2nd Shifts feature nylon mesh lining for an easy and comfortable step-in. The Climasphereô sock-liner helps wick away moisture for a cooler, drier in-shoe environment. The insoles of these boots are slightly cushioned for extra comfort, but they’re glued and can’t be removed. However, the interior is roomy enough to add orthotics or extra cushioned soles, on top of the original ones.

The outsoles of these work boots are also extremely well constructed. The feature Goodyear welt construction, with a steel shank for extra support. The outsoles are slip-, heat-, oil- and abrasion-resistant. They’re actually T3 rubber outsoles, with Mark II slip-resistant rating, delivering reliable traction over wet, oily or slippery surfaces, which makes these boots perfect for roofing, or working environments that require superior adherence.

All in all, the 2nd Shifts from CATÆ are soft toe boots, ideal for light and some of the heavy industrial workplace. Reliability, durability, and comfort are some of the primary attributes for the working boots.

Keen Utility Pittsburgh Work Boot for Standing and Walking On Concrete

Keen Utility Pittsburgh Work BootThe Keen Pittsburgh work boots feature a design which resembles hiking boots. But make no mistake, this is footwear designed to offer daily comfort and support at your working place. They also meet or exceed ASTM F2412-05 and F2413-05 I/75 and C/75 standards. Therefore, let’s see what they’re made of.

First of all, the feature a composite upper, made mostly of nubuck leather, with several small parts of the synthetic material. The upper is labeled waterproof. Therefore, these boots are ideal for wet working environments or snow. Your feet won’t get wet in these conditions. On the other hand, the upper features excellent breathability properties, due to the top synthetic parts, releasing heat and preventing perspiration.

As the name of the boots suggests, they’re steel-toe footwear (aspect also attested by their ASTM standard). Thus, they provide the required protection for your toes and offer superior compression resistance.

The Keen Pittsburgh features a set of three D-ring eyelets and a set of three hooked eyelets for extra convenience on securing them on your feet. The collar and tongue feature consistent padding, made of mesh, synthetic fibers.

The inside of the Keen Utility Men’s Pittsburgh boot is made to deliver superlative comfort. They feature removable metatomical, dual density EVA footbed, also integrating an EVA heel cushioning insert. The rear of the boot features a contoured heel lock, delivering excellent grip on the foot, maximizing stability.

Finally, when it comes to the sole construction of these work boots, there’s quite a lot to be said. To begin with, the midsole is made of durable EVA and PU polymers, enhancing the boots’ resistance to piercing, designed to provide excellent arch support, which makes these boots great for standing up on concrete or other hard surfaces. The outsole is made of durable rubber material, with oil- and slip-resistant properties. It’s also reinforced with a Key-Tech, full-length TPU torsion plate, which provides extra forefoot flexibility and excellent overall underfoot stability.

To summarize, the Pittsburgh Keens are not just footwear. They’re tools to help you get the job done, providing the required comfort, flexibility and protection in a wide variety of working environments.

Thorogood Heritage Safety Toe 8 Inch Work Boot

Thorogood Heritage Safety ToeThorogood footwear offers some of the most comfortable and durable workings and walking boots that you can find, combining style, efficiency, and durability quite well. In fact, even though the Thorogood Men’s Heritage 8″ Safety Toe boots work boots, they look and feel so good, you’ll almost not want to wear them at your working place. One of the reasons they’re only on “level 4” in our list here, is that their price is quite a bit higher than the previous model. But they’re also made in U.S., and quality stands up to the price.

There’s a lot of engineering behind the construction of these boots. To begin with, the upper sole is made of durable and thick leather. However, since they’re moc-toe boots, they’re much easier to break in than other types of work boots. But nonetheless, they feature ST box reinforcement, being ASTM F2413-11 rated. There are currently only two versions available. Tobacco Oil-Tanned and Tobacco (simple).

The collar and tongue of these boots don’t feature additional cushioning. But the leather is soft enough to provide a smooth and soft sealing on the ankles. These eyelets are metallic, five punched, on the lower part, three hooked on the top part, while the last set is also punched. Thus, you can wear them loose, or easily tighten them up if necessary.

These Thorogood boots feature Goodyear storm welt construction, with cotton drill vamp lining for additional comfort. They integrate removable insoles, featuring Dual Density Ultimate Shock Absorptionô footbed. The midsole is made of rubber material, with the composite shank (not steel), integrating a gel heel insert, for extra comfort. This being said these are some of the best work boots for standing on concrete or asphalt all day.
The outsoles are made of thick single-density polyurethane MAXwear Wedgeô, being rated for electrical hazards, and tested for CAN/CSA-Z195 18,000 Volts Electric Shock Resistance. The outsole offers superior slip and oil resistance as well.

Finally, the Thorogood Men’s Heritage is ultralight compared to other types of work boots. The offer superlative durability, comfort, and support, while still providing easy movement during your long workday on the concrete flooring.

 Dr. Martens Sussex Work Boot

Dr. Martens Sussex Work BootThere’s lots of history and tradition behind the footwear brand named Dr. Martens. All footwear under this brand name has maintained quality over the years, and the quality is substantially reflected by the Men’s Sussex work boots.

These are boots designed with comfort as a primary focus. They’re made of durable, yet easy to break in tumbled full-grain leather with the oily finish, currently available in Black Bear Track, Dark Brown Bear Track, and Brown. Their upper features are tri-stitching for prolonged life. As you can see, they’re ankle boots, with slight reinforcement on the collar for extra comfort. The tongue doesn’t integrate any cushioning, being made of the same leather as the rest of the upper. The toe box doesn’t feature steel or composite reinforcement, these boots not being made for heavy industry working environments. However, the toe box is quite roomy, great for men with muscular feet.

The Dr. Martens Sussex Chukka boots feature three sets of punched eyelets, offering the possibility to tighten them on your feet. But they can also be worn like the slip-on.

The sole is double-stitched to the upper to promote durability. They’re firm, not extremely flexible, offering great arch support. The outsole is made of an air-cushioned industrial compound, providing excellent slip-, oil-, and abrasion-resistance. It also has first-class energy absorption properties, the boots performing extremely well if worn for walking long distances or standing on concrete all day. The footbed is also lightly cushioned. Their inside is padded with moisture-wicking fabric lining, keeping your feet dry even in hot weather.

The one and only downside of these boots are that they’re not waterproof. Of course, their synthetic material soles won’t let water in, but the upper does. In other words, if you step in a puddle that will cover the upper, or wear them during rain, your socks will get wet rather sooner than later.

Other than this, the Doc Martens Sussexs are great boots for light industry working environments, for standing up all day or walking. Even though they’re not dressed shoes, they’re still presentable enough for business meetings, as they pair well with khakis, jeans, and even dress slacks.

Red Wing Heritage Work Chukka

Red Wing Heritage Work ChukkaChukkas are perfect boots for a casual outfit and fit any working environment within the light industry. And when it comes to chukkas, some of the finest that you can find under the brand name of Red Wing.

The Red Wing Heritage Work Chukkas are boots made for use and abuse, as you can be sure that they’ll last you for many years. They’re made of a durable suede upper, with double stitching, simple but nonetheless stylish. They’re available (for now) in quite a few versions, including Briar Oil Slick, Copper Rough and Tough, Charcoal Rough and Tough, Grey, Oro-iginal or Black Harness.

In case you’re wondering, the upper of these boots are not waterproof. Water and rain are far from being a problem for them, though. With a bit of mink oil or beeswax, water will slide right off. Like most chukkas, the Red Wings Heritage feature three punched eyelets, for a bit of customization and for providing a perfect fit. The collar and tongue don’t have any padding, thus until you break them in, the upper will feel a little harsh on your ankles. However, breaking these boots in doesn’t take long, as the leather is not extremely hard.

One last aspect to mention regarding the upper of these boots is that they do not have a steel-reinforced toe box. These are not boots for working in a heavy industry environment. Even though this aspect might be obvious, we’ve seen many people asking this about these Red Wings boots, so the clarification needs to be here.

The footbed is full-leather, while the midsole is cork-made. Thus, the insides of these boots will mold well to take the shape of your feet. The outsole is made of white crepe Euro-Traction Tred rubber, being approximately 1″ thick at the heel, providing excellent waterproofing from below and slip-resistance.

As a short conclusion here, the Red Wings Heritage Chukkas are boots to wear all day long on the cement floor, made to last for many years. They’re not very cheap boots, but you’ll have to keep in mind that this is high-end footwear, made in the U.S, and the quality of the materials used, design and construction most definitely exceed the price.

Redwing boots, which are precisely made to be used on rough surfaces such as on concrete. This is enhanced by the fact that their soles are made using soft but strong materials, which ensure sharp things such as nails and wires, cannot easily penetrate these soles. The fact that they are made using soft soles also ensures that the boots are light enough to facilitate easy movement, and hence the person wearing them does not have to feel like they are carrying extra weight just by wearing these boots. The materials used to make these boots are also ideal for absorbing sweat. This is especially important for people who might be working for long hours or in hot conditions standing on concrete all day. Absorbing the sweat enhances comfort since if the boots would not be absorbing this sweat appropriate, the interior parts of the boots would become wet and uncomfortable. The comfort is further enhanced by that the materials also allow air to get into the internal parts of the boots consequently enabling the person wearing these boots to remain fresh for long hours. Furthermore, the boots are available in a variety of colors, which allow people to choose the colors of their choice, which can either match or compliment the colors of other clothes being worn while working on concrete.

Red Wing Boots are available in a variety of sizes, which ensures that almost anyone can readily get the size that fits properly. They also have long and strong laces which allow users to fasten them appropriately and hence reduce the chances of them coming out while working. The fact that the manufacturers of these boots have been making them for many years gives users the assurance of quality since the makers have ample experience and hence have perfected the art of making some of the best boots brands for working on concrete or for standing for long hours.

Wolverine Men’s Raider 6″ Contour Welt Boot

Wolverine Men's Raider 6" Contour Welt BootWolverine Boots are other suitable boots for people working on concrete. These boots are made using leather, and their soles are man made hence enhancing safety and comfort. They also have Dri-Lex lining wick away moisture and removable double density footbeds, which are meant to make the feet of the users comfortable and fresh, even after wearing for long hours. The makers of Wolverine Dura-shocks have been making these boots since 1883, and with time they have come to incorporate some of the top technologies such as Wolverine MultiShox, Wolverine Fusion, Wolverine Contour Welt and Wolverine Dura shocks amongst others. The boots also have a matching six inches up a leather shaft and padded collar, which enhances comfort. They are also available in different colors and sizes for people with different tastes and those with feet of different sizes. Individuals who would like to acquire some of these best boots standing on concrete all day can readily get them even online at affordable prices.

Dunham Exeter

The Dunham Exeter is another great work shoe amongst the latest New Balance work shoes for men range. The Dunham Exeter is a beautifully designed boot that is intended to cover all conditions and moments- be it you wear it to work or as casual footwear, the Exeter has got you covered. This fantastic boot comes with ABZORB® technology that cushions your feet and also sports a Gore-Tex® waterproof but breathable construction that will keep you dry no matter the weather conditions. This boot also comes with Rollbar® technology that improves rear-foot stability; a heel tab for easy removal and wearing of the shoe and as easy-tie lacing system for faster lacing is tying. Exeter is made from full grain leather and weighs 18.3 oz.

Drew Shoe Men’s Rockford Boot


Final Thoughts

All work boots for standing and walking on concrete all day that we’ve covered here come from brands with a lot of tradition. You can be sure that they offer the highest quality, durability, and comfort. So far, all these models benefit from an extensive amount of positive reviews from users all over the world. And even though some of them may not be the most affordable, their value does stand up to the price.

  1. what are the best steel toed work boot for being on concrete 8-9 hours a day help

    • Do you have foot pain? If yes, then do you know your foot arch type? I mean flat foot, high arches or Neutral? Have you checked the worn out shoes at the bottom? If not check and see if you overpronate, underpronate or normal pronation. If you see worn out on the outer side of the sole, then you have underpronation. You may need Neutral Shoes. If you see worn out at the inner side of the sole, then you may overpronate. Then you need stability or motion control shoe.

      If you do not understand what I am talking about, please visit the local running shoe. They will evaluate your gait and foot arches and they will recommend a shoe for you. You can see the Podiatrist if you have foot pain.

      Try Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles.

      Here are some boots that you can wear on the concrete floor:

      1. Timberland PRO 6″ Pit Boss SteelToe work Boots
      2. New Balance 627 Steel Toe Work Boots
      3. KEEN Utility Men’s Pittsburgh Steel Toe Work Boot

      Let me know if you need help.

      • Yes I work or stand on concrete floors all day I work in soup factory in temperatures 45 to 50 degrees I need a durable and relaxing boot or tennis shoes no steel toe

        • Check out the Thorogood American Heritage Boot. These boots are durable and slip resistant. You can also search for Skechers Boots but they will not last long. Keen Boots are slip resistant and are durable too.

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