Brooks Addiction Walker Review

Searching for a new walking shoe for Severe Overpronation?

Finding a good pair of shoes that is suitable for both walking and standing is not easy especially if you are overweight and has flat feet with severe overpronation. Putting pressure on your feet can lead to joint pain and other related medical concerns. It is never easy to the mind, and that is a major challenge people have.

Brooks has come out with the Addiction Walker walking shoe and it could prove to be useful.

Is this a great shoe or one that is not as sufficient as it should be for a walker?

Let’s take a look at the Cons and Pros in this Brooks Addiction Walker review.


1) MoGo Midsole Cushioning
2) Slip Resistant Outsole
3) Support For Low Arches
4) V Strap And Laces Variation
5) Comes In Three Colors (Black, White, And Brown)
6) Full Grain Leather Upper
7) Rear Padding For Shock Absorption
8) Linear Platform
9) Motion Control Shoe

10) Roomy toe box

Brooks Addiction Walker for Men and WomenBrooks Addiction Walker

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This is a comfortable pair of shoes, and that is the best place to begin. It is because of the MoGo midsole cushioning and slip-resistant outsole. It creates a resounding feeling of sturdiness as you slip your foot inside.

Excellent Motion Control Support Shoe for Standing and Walking All Day

This Addiction Walker is a motion control shoe which provides a maximum medial support to correct severe overpronation as well as good arch support for flat-footed people. The support is perfect with the appropriate arches and bends. You will enjoy being able to slide your foot in and know it is not going to cause foot pain as you are walking.

The support makes it easier to walk without feeling pain in your joints as well because this shoe corrects your gait by realigning the foot to the natural position. This is an excellent shoe in that regard.
Reliable Brand

Brooks is not a new brand on the market. They have been around for years, and that bodes well for what you are getting with their “Addiction Walker”. They know what the market requires and have done a lot of research before releasing their new design.

This is one of those unique brands where quality comes before anything else. They do care about their shoes, and that is nice to see. You will feel comfortable trusting them.

Good for Bunions

The shoe provides a roomy toe box to wiggle your toes for added comfort. The shoe also offers enough room to accommodate the painful bunions and alleviate the bunion pain.


Is this a perfect shoe? It is not fair to make such a claim despite this being one of the better options out there right now.

It is a slightly heavier than the other walking shoes, but that has more to do with additional cushioning and motion control support being put in. Those who seek extra comfort and support will enjoy the sturdiness of this shoe. Brooks has made sure to provide value for the money, and that is why it has been compacted with quality materials.

Suitable for Overweight People

The shoe has been built using linear platform technology which makes it durable and appropriate for obese people.


For this Brooks Addiction Walker review, you can immediately tell it is one of the best pair of shoes you are going to locate.

It does not get better than this.

You are getting a gorgeous walker with supple cushioning, and an incredible fit to boot.

Why choose any other walker for your needs? It is going to do well in all situations, and that is what a person craves when they are searching for a new option. It is the perfect fit for all of your needs and wants.

Get it as soon as you can if you are obese with flat feet and severe overpronation or have bunions!

  1. Got my first pair today …I’m a cake decorator with a major supermarket that requires slip resistant shoes…my other shoes have broke down easier on the support side…I have joint pain knee pain due to a Baker’s cyst and spinal stenosis and one major neck surgery..I have a stress fracture on my left foot…after putting on my new Brooks addiction walkers today my feet and legs felt better within first 30 minutes of wearing them..I’m excited about possibly eliminating some of the pains of standing on concrete floors for 9/10 hours a day with these shoes!!!

  2. I need slip resistant shoes i am on concrete for nine hours a day. Can you send me a picture of womans size 5 slip resistant shoes.

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