Brooks Ariel 14 Shoe Review

Jogging and running are one the best ways of keeping your cardiovascular system in good health. With this in mind, many women find a morning or evening jog as the perfect ways to burn any excess calories that accumulate in their body.

As important as it is to keep your cardiovascular system in good shape by running, it is equally important to take care of your feet while running. In this regard, you should make certain that the trainers you wear while jogging or running are indeed designed for running.

Herein we review one of the premier running shoes in the market. We take a look at the good and the bad in a comprehensive Brooks Ariel 14 Shoe Review.

Brooks Ariel 14

The Design And Features Of The A Brooks Ariel 14 Shoes

The Brooks Ariel 14 shoes are designed and made to offer the highest level of support and comfort. To achieve, they sport some of the most innovative features in motion control and cushioning in any running shoes, only rivaled by their brother, the Beast 14 running shoes.

For cushioning, they have several innovations, which include:
#1. The Adaptive DNA Patent Pending Cushioning System – The Brooks’s new cushioning technology that has created the most adaptive cushioning system, instead of the traditional one-size-fits-all cushioning. The system is designed to adapt to your particular weight, the types of running surface, gait, and your pace.

The basis of this new cushioning system is the material uses – a non-Newtonian material. What makes the material superb in cushioning is how it reacts to variation in force. Different forces cause it to react differently, which gives the adaptive capabilities aforementioned. Also incorporated in the insole is the BioMogo, which improved the cushioning even further, by absorbing shock generated while running.

#2. Segmented Crash Pad Running Full-Length – This feature is designed to create a smooth motion flow from the rear of the shoe to the toe. It thus creates stability while running, while adding a touch of cushioning.

For control, the shoes come with one unique shoe design innovation – the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar.

The upper part of the Brooks Ariel 14 Shoe is made using unique material that includes synthetic leather. This material is made to last and to ensure that your feet remain dry and cool all the while.

The Good

The pros of this shoes are straight-forward. One of them is that these shoes are very comfortable to walk, jog or run in. Also, the Ariel shoes offer superior arch support while absorbing shock significantly. Finally, they are lightweight, which makes them perfect for wearing for long hours.

The Bad

A good Brooks Ariel 14 Shoe Review should have the cons section. Some of the few cons of these shoes include;
They are narrow, which can be uncomfortable, especially for people with wide feet. Thus being tight, one is unable to use them for long. At $150, they can be too costly for some people.

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