Brooks DYAD 8 Running Shoe Review

If you spend a lot of time running, overweight, or have flat feet, then you likely understand the importance of a comfortable, supportive shoe. Finding the perfect running shoe for you and your feet can be a difficult task, and it often requires a bit of trial and error. We have Brooks DYAD 8 Running Shoe Review for you if you are suffering from a very rare case of flat feet with supination or no pronation at all. Therefore, this is one of the shoes that people buy for the orthotic inserts. The insoles are removable.

Brooks Dyad 8 running shoes are designed for people with a neutral running style with flat feet. What is a neutral running style? Altogether, there are three typical running styles, and each style correlates to a particular arch and heel type, and you need to choose shoes either neutral, stability or motion control. Understanding your running type will help you choose the right running shoes for you.

First, you have the neutral movement which takes place when the feet turn only slightly inward during contact with the ground. This is referred to as pronation, which is the inward roll of the foot, ankle, and heel as you walk or run. Neutral movement can be considered how the body should move ideally, which is why people with this walking style suffer from fewer injuries when running.

Next, you have overpronation and supination. Overpronation is when the feet continue to roll inward too far, which in turn causes the arches to stop supporting the foot as they collapse. People with this particular running style usually have flat and low arches. Supination is just the opposite of overpronation. Supination takes place when the feet roll out instead of in, and people who run with this style often suffer from arches that are high and rigid. High, rigid arches are very bad at absorbing shock while running.

Women's Brooks Dyad 8Brooks Dyad running shoes are designed for people with flat feet with little-to-no pronation of the foot as they run. However, they also work great for runners who suffer from supination.

As mentioned earlier, comfort and support are two key components in a great running shoe. Brooks Dyad running shoes take the cake regarding cushion and comfort. Most people who have worn these running shoes will agree that they are some of the most comfortable running shoes on the market. The support and cushioning will add weight to the shoes but that will benefit to the serious runner by protecting their feet.

Brooks utilizes an entirely linear platform for their shoes. This provides improved stability within the shoe, thus making them a choice running shoe for people who are overweight but still want to walk comfortably. Of course, it’s not all about stability and comfort. Flexibility was always in mind when designing these shoes, which is why they feature Omega grooves and dual-pod construction.

If you’re wondering what gives the shoe this incredible support and cushion, it’s a combination of BioMoGo midsoles and Brooks DNA cushioning material. The DNA cushioning works directly with the BioMoGo midsole and helps disperse the weight of the impact throughout all of the cushioning material.

In conclusion, Brooks Dyad is a neutral shoe that provides arch support for flat feet for those who do not pronate.

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