Brooks Linear Platform Shoes

Brooks Linear Platform Shoes are an ideal shoe for overweight individuals who are in need of a linear platform. Wearing a linear platform shoe will help to offer stability to the user with a wider base and broad support for the arches.

Since most people who are overweight have flatter feet, the arch support is wider and flatter than that of other shoes. This provides more support on a more stable platform which helps those wearing them to keep their balance easier.

Another benefit is that with no arch supports to speak of, the shoe has a flatter styled bottom to help provide pronation support. An Over pronation is often the cause of the wearer’s shoe and thus correcting it can contribute to preventing many pronation issues.

Some wearers will find relief with the linear platform shoe such as the Dyad or the Ariel or even the Addiction. Each of these shoes offers a different benefit to the wearer, so it’s always best to try these shoes on before purchase to see if they are the right style for the wearer.

It’s important to check the fit and the feel of a shoe before purchase. Pinched toes or heels are not comfortable when walking or running.

Many overweight people are seeking the ideal running shoe and have failed to find what they’re looking for. We’ve taken the time to make it easy for you to locate what you’re looking for in Brooks Linear Platform Shoes. No more guessing and no more trial and error. Now, with our guide you can find the exact shoe that will provide you with all of the support and comforts you need.

Let’s take a look at what the following shoes have to offer in a great linear platform:

 Brooks Dyad Linear Platform Shoe

Brooks Dyad

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Brooks Dyad is available in both men and women shoe styles and is ideal for those who love to run. Flat footed with no pronation is supported in this shoe. Reasonably priced this shoe is lightweight and flexible with plenty of Omega grooves and a segmented crash pad which offers plenty of support and dual-pod construction. Plenty of cushioning and a perfect neutral shoe for those who are flat footed with supination. You simply can’t go wrong when you select this shoe. Best for orthotics use.

Brooks Beast 14 for Men Linear Platform

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This sturdy, supportive shoe is an ideal combination of comfort and stability. With a segmented crash pad, it delivers flexibility without sacrificing quality. Midsole stability will provide plenty of support without additional weight. The shoe will give plenty of cushioning and allow for a unique stride. Since they’re lightweight, you won’t feel like you’re wearing cement blocks on your feet. With ideal styles and priced average for a good quality running shoe this is a comfortable option that many have found to be their perfect shoe. Read more about Brooks Beast.

 Brooks Ariel for women Linear Platform

Brooks ArielThis sturdy shoe offers control in comfort as well as stability. With a segmented crash pad delivering flexibility underfoot you can rest assured that you’ll have plenty of stability as well as support. Lightweight and feminine looking, you’ll look great wearing these next time you run. They are perfect for those who tend to overpronate, flat-footed or overweight. Stylish and priced in the affordable range you simply can’t go wrong with this option. Many have found great comfort in this shoe and chosen it as their go-to shoe for all of their running and walking needs.


 Brooks Addiction Walker Linear Platform

Brooks Addiction Walker

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This “durable energy” shoe is an ideal midsole cushioned shoe. With a supple upper made from full grain leather, it supports the ankle and is also slip resistant as well as water resistant. This is an ideal shoe for those who suffer from over pronation due to flat feet. This shoe is also available in a V strap style very similar to the lace up version. They are very convenient for those who need to be out of the door quickly in the morning and on their way. Whichever style you select you’re sure to find quality and comfort as well as style when you wear this shoe. You’ll find that comfort meets your expectations if this is the shoe that you select.

 Brooks Addiction 12 Linear Platform

brooks addiction 12Brooks Addiction 12This Brooks Addiction 12 shoe is available in several styles and for both men and women. Offering ideal comfort and support for those who tend to overpronate this shoe will help ease the pronation without throwing you off balance. You can find a variety of styles and colors to fit your needs. Plenty of comfort and support make this an ideal selection for those who are overweight or simply require more support. Cushioned and offering a sock liner, some even come with suede overlays.

No matter which style or color you select you’re sure to find that you’ve made the right choice in linear platform shoes, and you will be so glad that this is the shoe you selected each and every time you put them on. Now that you know your options of Brooks Linear Platform shoes you can make an educated decision on which of these shoes is the most ideal for your unique needs and requirements. You don’t have to suffer needlessly with shoes that don’t fit properly or comfortably or worse, don’t offer you the support that you’ve come to expect in a shoe. You can find comfort and design in all of these shoes and all for a very reasonable price.

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  1. I was limping so badly that I required a stick at times. After being advised by a podiatrist to wear Addiction walkers I happily trot all over the place, truly an eye-opener. Still wearing them, and no other types of shoe, seven years after the first pair. Amazing.

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