Clarks Timeless Women Loafer Review

Do you need an elegant and tasteful woman’s dress shoe that still feels comfortable enough to walk around in all day? Many jobs have dress codes, and athletic-looking shoes are just not right for a night out at the theater or dinner in a fancy restaurant. The Clarks Timeless Loafer review hopes to help women decide if this is a good choice.

Clarks Timeless Loafer Review

Clarks Timeless Women LoaferClarks Timeless Loafer

These shoes are very elegant alternatives for women who want to look dressy without killing their feet. Most older women just can’t deal with three-inch heels any longer, and they aren’t right for many younger women either. Still, women of all ages want to look nice when they dress up.

Lightweight and Good Support

What makes these shoes a pair to consider? First, they are very light and still provide plenty of support. That means that they can get worn all day at work and transition into the evening without women feeling like they need to remove them just to get a break.

Comfortable Fit and Three Widths

The shoes are on the market in three widths – narrow, medium, wide, and even extra wide. As a note, the shoes run a bit wide, so take that into consideration when selecting the right size. However, this roomy feel is good for people with bunions or who need a wide toe box for comfort.

Some women say they almost feel a little lose when they first put them on. However, these women say that their foot tends to warm up and swell a bit during the day, and the fit feels just right. This is very different than typical women’s dress shoes that feel tight in the morning and only get work during the course of a day.

Great Shoes for Walking a Lot

Obviously, these shoes are not meant for running, but they are fine for walking around in when sightseeing or on vacation. Also, the heels are slip-resistant, so they are very good for women who have to work in a hospital, warehouse, restaurant, or other environments where there may be slippery floors because of spills or accidents.

Women who buy these shoes also really like the fact that they feel comfortable from the very first days. They don’t need to get broken in like so many women’s shoes that provide a similar look.

A Choice to Relieve and Prevent Foot Problems

Women with foot problems might also consider these shoes as their go-to pair of stylish shoes. They have a very short and wide heel for comfort, balance, and style. They also come with great support and cushioning, so they protect feet from injuries and aggravating foot problems. The insoles are comfortable, but they are not removable. However, it should still be possible to put in inserts, especially because the shoes are known for being pretty roomy.

These shoes also come in a variety of lovely colors. These include black, dark brown-gray, navy blue, and a variety of faux-skin looks. The faux-skin looks are croc and snakeskin. Environmentalists will be happy to learn that these are not real skins, and the material is synthetic!

Available Sizes and Widths

Besides coming in five different widths, they are also available in sizes from 5 to 12. The widths that you can choose include 2A (narrow), A (narrow), medium, wide, and extra wide.

With all of these choices, almost all women can find a pair to fit perfectly. Again, the caution is that the shoes tend to be a bit roomier than other brands, but most women say that this is not a problem as their feet tend to swell a bit, and they actually appreciate the roomy shoe. Almost all of the women who bought these shoes said that they ordered their regular shoe size, and it fit perfectly.


These are great women’s shoes for ladies who want to look and feel great. Because they are elegant, they can be worn with dressy outfits. Because they have been designed for comfort, they can be worn all day and into the evening. These are good shoes to consider for both style and comfort.

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