Dansko Chef Shoes for Men

A professional kitchen can prove to be a very dangerous work environment. Most buildings now install advanced ventilation systems to help reduce the smoke and risk of fire, but that doesn’t remove all of the danger in the kitchen. One of the most dangerous things about working in a kitchen is the possibility of slipping into hot food or sharp utensils in your hands. With a lot of foods and liquids moving around, the floor can get slippery at times. Even with a dry floor, wearing the wrong shoes can prove to be disastrous. That’s why Dansko chef shoes are such a valuable resource for professional chefs.

Men’s Slip Resistant Dansko Chef Shoes

Below are some of the best shoes available for men on the market. Each of these Dansko chef shoes will keep you safe and on your feet in the kitchen.  They are all accepted as good shoes by APMA.  They are also perfect nursing shoes for Men.

  • Dansko Pro XP Men
  • Certification for Slip Resistant
  • Outsole is lab tested for slip resistant.
  • Memory Foam Footbed offers maximum cushion. Arch Support is very good.
  • Light Weight
  • Removeable footbed
  • Dansko Stapled Professional Men
  • No Certification for Slip Resistsnt
  • Cushioning compareable to Athletic shoes. Good Arch support
  • Heavier than Xp Pro
  • Footbed not Removeable
  • Not Water Resistant
  • Dansko Walker Men
  • Certification for Slip Resistant
  • Cushioned with Pu Midsole. Great Arch Support
  • Light Weight, Low Profile
  • Footbed Removeable
  • Water Resistant
  • Dansko Wayne Men
  • Certification for Slip Resistant
  • Cushioned with Pu Midsole. Great Arch Support
  • Light Weight, Low Profile
  • Footbed Removeable
  • Water Resistant

 Dansko Pro XP Clogs

This is a beautifully designed and expertly crafted professional clog from Dansko. When you think about Dansko XP clogs, you think about style and comfort because it is full of both of these. Dansko is known for their superior arch support. These are shoes designed for the professional chef that will be standing on his feet for hours on end. The bottoms of the shoes are made with special slip resistant technology to guarantee his safety throughout a dangerous workday.

Wearing this Clog will practically give your foot the rest of the day off. The top is designed with beautiful leather, and it features the classical rounded-toe design just beneath a padded collar. All of this spells absolute comfort for the chef who chooses to wear this incredible shoe. Beneath the shoe is a block heel and a very comfortable platform for your

 Dansko Wynn

Dansko Wynn another great slip-on shoe by Dansko is the Wynn for men. It features a closed toe design and is crafted from full-grain leather. It entirely slip resistant like other Dansko chef shoes, but there is a certain unique appeal in the design and style of the Dansko Wynn. If you want a shoe that doesn’t look or feel like every other shoe on the market, then this is what you are looking for. Dansko focused on creating a shoe that supports the entire foot, from the toes to the heel, and that is exactly what the Wynn does.


Are you searching for the world’s most comfortable loafer? Then search no further. This loafer by Dansko has a leather upper region and the familiar slip resistant outer sole on the bottom. These shoes are easy to slip on your feet but impossible to slip from beneath your feet. This makes them perfect for high traffic work areas where you might find yourself standing in liquid.

Dansko Walker

Dansko Walker is laced up dress shoe which has all the features including slip resistant outsole, water resistant upper leather, Eva and triple density cushioning and is APMA approved.

Dansko Wil

Dansko Wil is an open back low-profile chef shoe which is designed for you to move smoothly. It also carries APMA acceptance seal.  The upper leather is smooth which is water-resistant and easy to clean. The footbed is removable for the accommodation of orthotics.  It is well cushioned with Eva triple density foam. The outsole is slip resistant.  It offers sock lining which makes it odor free and is also anti-microbial. This is a perfect chef clog for those who do not want to wear closed back shoe.

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