Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Women

Finding the perfect pair of dress shoes to match outfit may be a challenge just in the aesthetic considerations. When you need a couple of functional and comfortable shoes especially for standing most of the day, it becomes more difficult to find a right pair. Fortunately, there are most comfortable dress shoes for women that you can select who needs to be informal dressing style at work. Many women who stand and walk for the prolonged period while wearing the tightly fitted shoes with pointed toe high heels suffer from back pain, leg pain, and foot pain, which can result in bunions, plantar fasciitis, and other foot disorders.

If you work on your feet all day long and your employer does not allow tennis shoes or sneakers, you can choose a comfortable pair from a wide variety of women’s dress shoes. With so many cute styles to select from you’re sure to find the ideal shoe that you can wear while you’re at work. You’ll pass your employers dress code, and you’re going to look great. You’ll also reduce any knee pain and have great support and stability.  You’ll have plenty of cushioning and style without having to compromise comfort.

These shoes offer the right amount of support, the right amount of cushion and appropriate heel height that help to alleviate all of your back and leg pain.

 Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for Women Reviews

Whether you need comfortable and stylish shoes for standing, walking for all day in a professional environment, traveling, or for special occasions, be sure to find the right pair of shoes that you can wear without suffering from foot pain and blisters, and that also works for your gait and style. In this article, we’ll point out some of the examples of ultra-comfortable dress footwear options, and then we’ll explore some specifics of what makes up a comfortable dress shoe.

There are plenty of excellent options that bring all of the style and comfort needed for an extremely functional shoe that is suitable for formal occasions and everyday wear. These shoes are fantastic for anyone who requires a very comfortable and stylish shoe for their professions, such as teachers or business professionals, providing the look while also maintaining the comfort and functionality of an everyday piece of footwear. These shoes offer fantastic arch support, cushioning and appropriate heel height that helps to alleviate all of your back and leg pain. Most of them come with the removable footbed so that you can replace them with your orthotics.

Naot Footwear Pleasure

Naot Footwear Pleasure Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for WomenYou can wear these shoes from Naot Eden Collection which are known as the most comfortable shoes. They provide the best comfort pleasure and the best feminine look. They are very comfortable and functional, and the sleek Mary Jane makes them the perfect career shoes. The leather is natural and breathable and can be adjusted depending on your personal preferences and fit of the foot. The ankle strap is adjustable as well, while the features are convenient. The bow can be removed so you can have a flexible look. The footbed is suede-covered and absorbs the sweat from the feet so they can stay fresh and dry all the time. The shoes are suitable for all-day use since they are of great quality and very durable. The rubber, polyurethane and the latex outsole give the durability and the traction. The height of the heel is 2 ½ in while the weight is 11 oz and the height of the platform is ½ in. The measurements are taken using the size 38, or 7 in the US, and the width M or medium. The size can be different. Many reviewers advise not to size down as recommended by Naot website.

Podiatrists for problem feet mostly recommend Neot shoes. They offer an anatomical footbed contoured that conforms to the shape of your feet and helps in stabilizing your feet by not sliding around. These are for women with medium to narrow feet widths.  If you have wide feet, they will not work for you. They have a hidden metal shank provide stability, realign legs for normal pronation that in turn reduce stress on the joints. The nicely padded footbed helps in distributing weight evenly and do not put a lot of pressure on the ball of feet.

The Naot Footwear is a cosmopolitan shoe that can be worn during office hours when attending an event and even while running errands. The shoe does not only provide great foot and arch support but is also classy and comfortable to wear. The greatness about this shoe comes with its footbed and sole that accommodates one’s foot size and ergonomic contours making one comfortable over time. The pump eventually takes on one’s foot shapes making it even more, comfortable. In addition to this, the shoe comes with adjustable straps and is extremely light fit for long working hours without feeling any weight.  The Grip is a significant factor that has worked on in all Naot Footwear, which is a safety measure to ensure you don’t slip on slippery floors.


  •  Stable heels that you can wear all day at work and in the city walking during job meetings or vacation
  • Great shoes for flight attendants
  • High-quality soft leather
  • Stylish
  • Functional like a clog
  • Good arch support with cushioned soles
  • Great for plantar fasciitis
  • Lightweight, flexible sole as compared to Dansko which are heavyweight, stiff sole and not too much clunky like Dansko
  • Great for high arches
  • Do not size down but order your regular size (according to many users) due to narrow toe box


  • Recommended for narrow feet and standard feet
  • Not available in wide
  • Tight toe box, therefore, needs to break in

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Dansko LULU Dress Shoes 

Dansko LULU Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for WomenDansko’s Lulu APMA approved Dress shoe; a Mary Jane with an adjustable ankle strap is a good option for women who are on feet all day.  They offer rigid and thick sole with excellent support. A fantastic selection of teachers and other professions who require a bit of stylish footwear that is not lacking in the comfort department. The Lulu‘s exterior is composed of fantastically stylish antique full-grain leather that offers a beautiful, luxurious look. With the special cushioned leather removable insoles for shock absorption, your feet will find themselves in a paradise of comfort and support.

If you wear clogs, but sometimes need to wear a dressier pair of shoes at work, these will give you support without looking “old ladyish.”  The wide toe box is a good choice if you have bunions, wide feet or any other foot problem.  They provide excellent arch support and cushioning for plantar fasciitis. Not lacking in functionality, Lulu‘s extremely durable leather outsole is ready to deliver thousands of hours of standing and support. The heel is 1.75 inches high. The shoe is available in two colors, Nubuck Khaki Leather and Nubuck black  Leather. You can wipe off the dirt with the damp cloth.

Once you try on Lulu Dansko dress shoes for Women, you’ll never go back to your sneakers or your tennis shoes. You’re going to love your new shoes and enjoy the versatility that you now have with your required footwear on your job. Dansko, where comfort meets practicality.

Born Silvia

The Born Silvia are ankle boots that can be placed somewhere on the border between casual and dress footwear. They can fit well with jeans but can also add a chic note to your formal attire.

The upper of the Born Silvia boot is made of distressed, top-quality leather. It features several decorative elements. For example, its closure involves a beautiful, braided leather strap with a buckle on the side and metal-reinforced eyelets for the buckle. It also has a back zip closure which facilitates entry and exit. There are several models available for this boot; among them, we can count Black Combo, Grey, and Rust. For the Rust and Grey model, the braided strap is the same color – Brown.

This Born boot has a fairly roomy interior; it’s lined with a breathable textile material which feels great on the skin. The collar and tongue are not cushioned, but the leather in the upper is soft; thus, these booties don’t need any breaking-in.

The Silvia boot features the Born-specific Opanka construction. This type of hand-sewn construction creates a long-lasting bond between the outsole and the upper. And for this particular ankle boot, the primary Opanka stitch is placed on the bottom of the sole, in a thin groove that goes all around the front part.

The Opanka construction isn’t the only element that adds durability to this boot. Its sole features a tucker board with a steel shank which also improves the arch support, and adds a bit of protection. And finally, the outsole is made of rubber material that provides excellent traction, with a stacked ABS heel. In case you’re wondering, the heel adds an elevation of approx. 1 1/4″ (3.1 cm), depending on the boot size.

Born Cross

Born CrossWe continue our category of most comfortable dress shoes for women with another boot from Born, which is the Cross model. This boot integrates quite a few comfort factors. To begin with, it’s made of a soft, oiled suede upper. The soft, ruched element at the top eliminates any chafing around the leg and ankle. The lining is made of soft leather as well; it offers excellent breathability and feels great on the skin. Plus, the footbed is generously cushioned, with a deep heel cup that provides extra rear stability, and a bit of arch support. In case you’re wondering, the footbed is non-removable, so you cannot add orthotics into these boots, unless they’re very thin.

Like many other Born boots, the Cross model features the Opanka construction. This hand-sewn construction is renown for its structural strength. It would take quite an effort to remove the sole from the upper. For this boot, the main stitch characteristic to the Opanka construction is on the side of the sole, not at the bottom, as for Silvia model that we’ve described above.

The Born Cross boot is equipped with a durable, yet fairly flexible tucker board, which integrates a steel shank that adds structural strength and protection. The boot’s outsole is made of durable rubber, which adds a bit of slip resistance. The heel adds a bit of elevation, being approx. 1 1/4 (3.1 cm), depending on the size of the boot.

As decorative elements, we’ve already mentioned the ruched top. However, this boot is also ornated with tassel details, and has a zipper closure on the interior. Finally, there are several versions of the Born Cross boot. Among them, we can count Amarena, Black, Castagno, Peltro, Taupe, and Tobacco.

Earth Capri Earthies

Earth Capri EarthiesFlats aren’t always comfortable, but the Earth Capri from the Earthies collection is not entirely a flat shoe. It’s a Mary Jane shoe, equipped with a contoured footbed which integrates elastic elements. Therefore, not only that the Capri provides excellent arch support, but it also delivers superior shock absorption compared to the average ballet flat.

The upper of the Earth Capri is made of soft nubuck or printed leather. It has a closed heel but with several cutouts on the sides which add a bit of flare. The characteristic Mary Jane strap with buckle has a hook-and-loop design, with velcro in between. The buckle fulfills a purely decorative purpose for this shoe. But on the other hand, velcro eases the adjustment. There are several models available for the Earth Capri, such as the Taupe Soft Buck, Bright Red Soft Buck, Grey Printed Leather, and Black Soft Buck.

These Earthies integrate a very soft and breathable leather lining, which feels outstanding on the skin. The shoe is lightweight, also featuring a flexible construction enabling it to adapt perfectly to your gait. This reduces walking-related fatigue. And finally, it all rests on a rubber outsole which delivers excellent traction while being extra-flexible.

Clarks Rosalyn Nicole

Clarks Rosalyn NicoleClarks offers a wide selection of dress shoes which combine quality, comfort, and style perfectly. One of the most comfortable dress shoes for women from Clarks is the Rosaly Nicole.

This shoe is part of the Clarks Artisan Collection, which includes shoes categorized as “the essence of effortless chic this season.” They’re all beautifully crafted in heels and flats for work or play.

The Rosalyn Nicole is a slip-on shoe with an upper made of smooth leather. As decorative elements, the vamp features several folds and extra stitching on the side sections. There’s also a buckle with a metallic stud. However, since it’s a slip-on, the custom fit is ensured by the side goring panels. For now, only the Black version is available; the Dark and Light Tan versions are sold out in most stores.

The collar integrates a bit of padding at the heel. The lining is made of soft, synthetic material with breathable properties. The footbed is not removable, so this shoe is not orthotic-friendly. However, it’s an OrthoLiteÆ footbed which delivers sufficient comfort. Plus, the sole construction integrates the Clarks Plus intelligent cushioning. Clarks Plus is a cushioning element anatomically placed to enable the foot bones to sit in their most natural position. Thus, any ligament pain or stress is minimized when wearing shoes that have this Clark’s technology.

The Rosalyn Nicole slip-on shoe from Clarks is finished with a chunky heel silhouette. The heel adds approx. 1 3/4″ (4.4 cm) of elevation. The sole is rubber-made for a pleasurable walking experience. It has quite a bit of flex, enabling the shoe to adapt well to your foot with every step. It’s also fairly light, so your feet won’t get tired so easily during a long walk.

Rockport Women’s Cobb Hill Janet Wedge Pump

Rockport Women's Cobb Hill Janet Wedge PumpIf you’re looking for comfortable shoes, the Rockport Cobb Hill collection has quite a few models. One of them is the Janet Wedge Pump. This shoe features an upper made of premium leather, available in several colors, such as Black, Merlot, Stormy Grey, or Stone. It has a rounded toe design with a longitudinal stitch in the middle of the vamp for an extra aesthetic effect. The closure consists of two crisscrossing straps at the vamp, one incorporating a stretch gore element, while the other having a hook-and-loop element. These being said, the shoe provides an adjustable fit. Also, each strap has many cutouts in the middle, an aspect that adds to the overall beauty of this shoe.

When it comes to the inner part, these shoes are made with comfort in mind. Their lining is foam-backed for extra cushioning and feels absolutely wonderful to the touch. The collar also has a layer of padding for extra comfort around the ankle, and the closed heel hugs the rear part of your foot well, providing excellent stability.

The footbed is attached to the sole; it’s non-removable, so the Cobb Hill Janet is not orthotic-friendly. However, the integrated footbed is made of EVA foam material and adds superior cushioning to the whole platform. Also, due to the overall sole contour and the wedge construction, this shoe provides excellent arch support. Finally, the Rockport Women’s Cobb Hill Janet Wedge Pump is equipped with a durable rubber outsole for an excellent traction and shock absorption, which also has a decent flex at the front.

Hush Puppies Jaxine Odell

Hush Puppies Jaxine OdellThe Hush Puppies Jaxine Odell features a similar wedgie construction as the Cobb Hill Janet; however, it has a classic Mary Jane design with only one strap. The strap has a hook-and-loop closure with a velcro element for a custom fit and a twist element in the middle for a bit of a flare effect.

The Jaxine Odell is a round-toed shoe, the upper being made of top-quality leather. The versions available at the moment are Black, Tan, and Dark Brown.

The collar is lightly padded to eliminate any chafing around the ankle. However, the leather in the upper is very soft itself, so these shoes shouldn’t require any breaking-in. On the outside, the collar has a small decorative stud at the rear, with the Hush Puppies logo engraved on it.

The Hush Puppies Jaxine Odell has a smooth and breathable leather lining on the inside, which delivers a great feel next to the skin. The footbed is foam-cushioned, being extra thick at the heel for more shock absorption. It’s anatomically designed and provides optimal arch support. It’s also removable. Thus, you can replace it with your custom or prescription orthotics.

As we’ve mentioned above, the Jaxine Odell Mary Jane shoe has a wedgie construction. Its heel offers an elevation of approx. 1 3/4 (4.4 cm). The shoe is flexible at the metatarsal area enabling it to adapt well to the movement of your foot. Both the wedge and the sole are made of rubber material.

SAS Cate

Another selection for our category of comfortable dress shoes for women is the Cate model, from the San Antonio Shoemakers. This cover-worthy shoe has classic design lines, and a feminine, sophisticated silhouette. It’s made of rich suede with leather toe and heel caps. These caps feature scalloped edges and brogue details.

Nonetheless, the SAS Cate has a Mary Jane construction with a closed heel and a thin, delicate strap and buckle for a custom fit. It features soft and breathable leather linings, with a lightly cushioned collar to eliminate any abrasion around the ankle. Also, the heel section of the upper hugs the ankle well, providing extra stability.

The footbed is leather-lined with the same type of leather as the rest of the lining. It’s made of polyurethane material, designed to cushion every step. It also has the SAS TripadÆ technology, which comforts all the three main pressure points along the foot: the heel, the inside ball, and the outside ball. It has a deep heel cup which cradles the rear part of your foot well, adding stability, while the midsection provides a bit of arch support. Plus, the Elegant Fit Lastô contours the natural shape of your foot while leaving extra room for your toes.

The footbed is also removable, which makes the SAS Cate orthotic-friendly. Once you remove the original footbed, there’s plenty of room for most types of custom or prescription orthotics.

The outsole is man-made offering optimal traction on various surfaces. The heel is moderately thick, leather-wrapped for a posh look, and provides an elevation of approx. 1 1/4″ (3.1 cm).

Earth Wanderlust

Earth WanderlustThese shoes are known as one of the most comfortable dress shoes for women. They are in a sophisticated style with a Wanderlust Mary Jane features. The leather with t-strap is added to complete the whole appearance, and the buckle closure is easy to manage it, close it or open it. The leather lining is breathable, and the foot can feel the comfort. The cushion of the footbed is suitable for wearing it the whole day, and you won’t feel the difference between being barefoot or wearing these shoes since they are very comfortable and easy to wear. The rubber outsole is durable, and the height of the heel is one ¾ in, while the weight is 10 oz. These measurements are taken using the size 7.5 and the medium width. The measurements can be different depending on the size.

Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Cobb Hill Salma

Rockport Cobb Hill Collection Cobb Hill SalmaThe Cobb Hill Collection offers very comfortable women shoes with full grain leather, a closure that can be easily adjustable, while the textile lining and the leather provide a feeling of great comfort. They are very stable and provide excellent traction control. The height of the heel is two ¼ in, and the weight is 11 oz. These shoes offer great stability, so you will feel the comfort and the freshness in your feet even if you wear them the whole day. The size can vary. The measurements are taken by the size 8 and the medium width.

Earth Capri Earthies

Earth Capri EarthiesThe Earth Capri brand provides us with another excellent pair of shoes that are very comfortable and can fit with any outfit. The leather is printed, and the ankle buckle is adjustable so you can adjust them according to your needs and fit. The leather lining gives a soft feeling on the feet while the footbed is elastic. The rubber outsole provides the durability, so you will know that you have shoes of excellent quality. The height of the heel is one and ¼ in while the weight is 9 oz. The measurements are taken by the size 9 and the medium width but can vary depending on the size. These shoes are very comfortable and elastic that can be used for every occasion.
The women want to be a little bit higher and feel like they are suitable for the working place, so having the right shoes on your feet is important, especially if you are spending the whole day on them.

 SAS Easier Dress Shoes

Most Comfortable Dress Shoes for WomenAs far as wearing comfort is concerned, the SAS Easier is one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. The model of shoe is designed with long hours of standing in mind. For instance, the shoes have the No-Bite™ padded collar that provides stellar comfort to the users when wearing the shoes. Additionally, SAS makes use of the innovative construction process “the Foot-Shape Last method” allowing the shoes to provide the perfect fit for its users. This construction method also permits the interior of the shoes to move and mold to the natural shape of the wearers’ feet, providing unprecedented comfort and fit.

To further improve the comfort that wearers accrue from using these shoes, they feature the SAS Tripad Cushions system, whereby stellar padding is provided for all the pressure points (the outside ball, the inside ball, and the heel). The Soft Step wedge further improves the comfort that each pair of SAS Easier accords its wearer. The wedge acts as a shock absorber, which makes it one of the best shoes for teachers.

Besides being very comfortable on the feet, SAS Easier are some of the most durable shoes for standing all day that you can purchase. The upper is made of genuine soft leather, while the outsole is made of lightweight and durable polyurethane.

Franco Sarto Bocca LoafersThese loafers are just what you may be looking for. The Franco Sarto Bocca combines all the style and sophistication expected of a high-quality dress shoe into an ultra-functional package offering superb comfort and great looking. An offering exceptional support and stability, a pair of Bocca’s is capable of keeping you on your feet all day without having to feel the strain too much.

Made from the black smooth, high-quality leather upper, the Bocca’s are great clean, classic work slip-on shoes that are functional and durable without compromising comfort. The flexible midsole allows the shoe to move freely with the natural anatomy of the foot, providing a comfortable, natural stride. Lightly Padded footbed will keep you comfortable and will help to absorb shock if you are on feet all day.  The heel is chunky and gives you stability.  The heel height is 1″. The rubber outsole is super flexible and durable.

The toe box is roomy and does not pinch toes and is perfect for wide feet. One of the rare dress shoes that offer square shaped toe that offers plenty of room in the toe area.These are so versatile and comfortable that you can wear this stylish and timeless classy design on many different occasions including with business or casual outfit for travel. Bocca tends to run a bit large, so you might want to order a half size or so smaller.

 Clarks Rosalyn Belle Dress Pump

Clarks Rosalyn Belle Dress PumpThe perfect formal slip on, the Clarks Rosalyn Belle Dress Pump is an excellent exploration of a simple design. Combining brilliant modern technologies like Ortholite footbed, TPR rubber outsole and an anti-moisture fabric and leather lining, the timeless loafers are sure to provide all the style and comfort for formal occasions or professional looking everyday shoes.

With a premium leather exterior, the Clarks Rosalyn Belle Dress Pump is ostensibly a classy formal wear piece, but they don’t look out of place in an office or even with somewhat more casual attire. The slip-on design is perfect for situations where you might want to take your shoes off but have them back on at a moment’s notice, giving you a chance to let your feet breathe throughout the day.

Naturalizer Danya

Naturalizer DanyaThe most recognizable feature of this shoe is the heel height of 3.5 inches. This is a heel height that we typically do not recommend, but are willing to make an exception as it pertains to this shoe, due to it is an excellent shoe for formal settings that may not require you to stand or walk for extended periods of time. You will be able to enjoy a style of pure femininity when trying on this shoe because it is stylish enough to go with many different outfits.

This shoe is equipped with the nonslip synthetic material that makes it incredibly lightweight, while still holding together well. In addition to its 3.5-inch heel height, the shoe features a weight of 9 ounces and a platform height of three-quarters of an inch. It features a hook and loop closure that allows you to fit the shoes snugly with no problems.

Regarding user reviews, some people praise this shoe for its comfort and the way it feels on their feet. They say that the shoe fits true to size while leaving enough room to keep your feet dry and allow them to breathe properly. This is incredibly important because the last thing you would ever want is to wear a high heel shoe that looks great but is extremely uncomfortable to wear. This shoe is a nice middle ground because it feels comfortable and stylish at the same time.

With this level of style and sophistication, you are receiving; you also will not be paying a lot of money. You can typically find this shoe online at the prices of approximately $70.

Soft Style Angel II

When looking for a pump style shoe that can be casual or dressy, this is an excellent purchase to make. Regarding its specifications, you will be able to enjoy the fact that this shoe is 1.25 inch of heel height while featuring a weight of 7 ounces. Because this shoe is so durable and lightweight, you can expect to wear it often without having to worry about it become worn prematurely. It comes in a sleek black style that is neutral while adding to any outfit that you decide to wear it with.

Because the shoe is made of faux leather, it gives an appearance of high-quality leather, while remaining very low maintenance at the same time. You don’t have to worry about the shoe cracking and peeling like you would genuine leather. People who buy this shoe swear by its comfort and versatility and claim that it fits true to size.

This shoe retails for about $50, making it a great buy with plenty of value.

 Soft Style Deanna

Soft Style DeannaThis beautiful shoe slips on easily, while still containing the durability that you can expect from other dressy high heels. It stands at a reasonably tall 2 inches of heel height, while the shoe itself weighs just 8 ounces. It comes with a sleek style and design that will let you wear it with grace with any outfit.

It features smooth synthetic material that is low maintenance and durable. Because it features cushioned material on the inside lining, you will be able to wear it for an extended period without having to worry about it becoming cramped and uncomfortable like other shoes.

You will be able to purchase a pair of these shoes for about $55 whenever placing an order online.

Born Kerri

Born KerriThis particular shoe is a beautiful black, full grain leather shoe that is as stylish as it is comfortable. You’ll be able to walk around in these shoes with little issue, because they feature an easy to adjust to 1.5-inch heel height, in addition to plenty of stability and a sturdy weight of 1 lb and 2 ounces. It pays to purchase a leather cleaning kit to go with this particular pair of shoes because it is crafted with high-quality leather that you will want to maintain.

You’ll be able to purchase these shoes for approximately $110 online.

Aravon Mona Dress PumpThese are one of the most comfortable shoes for on feet all day. Produced with a striking leather design, the diabetic friendly, Aravon Mona Mary Jane ‘s are equal parts stylish and functional. The full grain quality leather used to make these shoes so appealing also have a broad range of functionality:  lightweight and breathable while remaining exceptionally durable and flexible. Flexibility is essential in the comfort of the overall shoe, and in this regard, the soft leather uppers make for a winning materials selection, seamlessly adapting to the shape of the wearer’s foot to provide optimal comfort and prevent any abrasive action while walking. They offer loop and hook closure for proper adjustable fitting.

On the outsole, we also find the  Mary Jane’s Mona to maintain that superior flexibility with flexible outsole pods that provide an excellent traction and grip for any surface. This reliability makes the Mary Jane’s a firm base of support for just about any scenario a walking shoe might encounter throughout its regular activities. Inside the shoe itself, we find internal heel counter and steel shank reinforcement to provide additional support and optimal stability.

The insoles on these Mary Jane’s composed of a removable insert with the lining of leather which keeps the feet dry and free from buildup of sweat or the intrusion of more foreign waters, preventing odors and moisture accumulation. They offered deep and wide toe box and approved for the diabetics. They may reimburse from Medicare.

At just eight ounces in weight, the Mary Jane Walker’s are so light as to practically not even be on foot. Combined with the soft leather cushioning and exceptional support, this is a pair that blends into the natural anatomy of the foot to provide a comfortable ride.

If you are looking for the best shoes for problem feet, the MARY Jane Mona is a great pair to keep you healthy, protected and on the move.

Earth Clover Dress Pump

This Earth Clover Dress Pump is super soft in Mary Jane style with the right heel height. The beautiful upper leather is soft with detailed work on it. The hook and loop strap for easy on and off. The inside is lined with leather. The footbed is unbelievably soft to give you added support and shock absorption. The durable rubber outsole which is flexible. The arch support is excellent to protect your feet from all-day standing and walking. The additional cushioning in the heel assists in absorbing lots of shock in the heel.

If you need a pair of dress shoes for the excellent support for plantar fasciitis, try them. They are perfect shoes for standing all day.


 Walking Cradles Craft Pump

Made from a soft napa leather, these Caden’s are an offering from the Walking Cradles company that lives up to their brand name. The Caden’s have a rich, lustrous finish on the outside which imbues them with an eye-catching aura of class and elegance. On the inside, we find it exceptionally well padded and features a flex unit bottom with an extremely stable heel.

Walking Cradles  Caden Boot

With comfort in mind in every aspect, the Caden’s feature a slip-off design for quickly taking them on or off at a moments notice. They are perfect for everyday wear or a formal event.

Ecco Footwear Women’s Touch 35 PM Dress Pump

They are ECCO Touch 35 Slip On Dress Pump made of the smooth leather upper that feels soft to touch.  The slip-on style is good for an easy on and off wear of shoes. They are comfortable and classic women shoes. The inside leather lining feels great on your foot.  The footbed is soft, supportive and well padded which makes them excellent for shock absorption.  The heel is about 1.5″ in height and gives you the right amount of height. The internal shank prevents rolling in feet. The firm midsole further prevents overpronation. They are great for walking all day and will prevent foot pain and tiredness at the end of the day. They are the great travel shoes. If you are looking a shoe perfect for everyday wear, these are for you.

Anne Klein Sports Tamarow Fabric Wedge Pump

If you are on feet all day and need a pair of comfortable work shoes, Rockport Total Motion 45MM Wedge will provide you maximum midsole support. They are an excellent choice for teachers. The upper leather is soft and will not rub on bunions. The insole provides good cushioning. They offer wide toe box which is good if you have to stand all day. The AdiPRENE Technology offers good padding in the forefront and the heel for shock absorption.

Aerosoles Red Hot Dress Pump

  • very flexible
  • slip on style with timeless heel
  • lightweight
  • lots of comforts
  • cushioned footbed that provides lots of foot support
  • A moderately high heel provides enough stability

if you have a hard time to find comfortable shoes that look good, then these are the shoes for you.

How to Find Best Dress Shoes for women who walk and stand all day?

Below are few tips to help you find well fitted and comfortable pair of dress shoes:

Fit and Comfort

The fit is crucial in selecting a good pair of dress shoes. Poorly fitted shoes can cause you blisters and foot pain.  The Shoe should be snug all around with roomy forefront for your toes to move around. The fit of the shoe depends on your type of your foot arch. You can do a simple home test to find your foot type.

Try to go to the nearest local good shoe store for properly measured your feet. Always get your feet measured at the end of the day. Wear shoes if you feel comfortable. If you feel tightness, then look for a different pair of shoes. Pay priority to the comfort in selecting a pair of dress shoes for your job. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause Morton’s Neuroma leading to foot pain.

Find out your Gait

It is imperative to check your walking style and gait style before selecting dress shoes. You can whether you overpronate or under pronate by looking at the worn outsole of the shoes. If you see it is worn out on the inward, then you probably under pronate.


Thr key to a comfortable pair of professional looking dress shoes has a moderately tall heel. A heel less than 2.5 inches is ideal for optimizing comfort without sacrificing the appealing look of a real heel. Having a reasonably sized heel helps to prevent strain on the foot.

Lightweight with Good Arch Support and Cushioning

With a small heel in mind, the shoe should also provide quality arch support and be rounded off with excellent cushioning for absorbing shock. Ideally, the pump can accomplish this without becoming too heavy.


Shoes with which are always staying well ventilated and breathable will keep you comfortable and healthy. This is achieved with modern, high-quality materials; purpose made from the challenges of creating a comfortable dress shoe – good materials and proper construction are always the hallmarks of the quality shoe.

Why Low Heeled Dress Shoes for Women Are Ideal Everyday Footwear

Low heeled dress shoes for women are an iconic style in the sixties. As the years wore on, high heels grew popular. It is not that more women are shorter because the higher the heel of the shoe, the longer and leaner the look. Lately, wearing heels are not all about nailing a specific look. Women now take comfort and trend into account when choosing the type of heels that match an outfit. Fashionable and elegant wardrobe for everyday use does not always need high heels. Dress shoes with low heels are, in most cases, an ideal choice.

Sets the Trend

Low heeled dress shoes for women are trendy for many reasons. For one, its rising fame is due to fashion styles always making a comeback after a given period. All it takes is a fashion icon or a famous public figure to bring back a particular style.

In the case of low and medium heels, most of the credit goes to the first lady, Michelle Obama. Celebrities such as Taylor Swift soon pushed the hype. Before you know it, kitten heels are the next must-have item.

Assorted Styles

Many types of dress shoes are available in low heels. Boots, sandals, and platform shoes do not always come in 3-inch heels. You can now choose from a range of available lengths, which is a better option if you need the benefits of heels without the discomfort.

If you commonly avoid heels because you do not need the added height, you can choose to wear low heels to improve your figure instead. For those with bunions and other problems improved by roomy footwear such as clogs and open-toed sandals are available in low heels. Dress shoes with low heels cater to a variety of needs and health conditions.

Comfortable Shoes

Low heeled dress shoes for women are a more practical choice. The higher the heel, the more unstable you will feel at times. It is also more painful for your feet at the end of the day. With lower heels, you can move around with more balance and stability.

All-around Footwear

Shoes with low heels are not only comfortable but also functional. You can wear it for more than a few important occasions without worrying about looking overdressed. Dress shoes with low heels guarantee an effortless look that compliments most outfits. Low-heeled pumps, for example, pair well with skinny jeans and pencil skirts.

Choosing low heels does not mean that you favor safer choices. With low or medium heels, you can even afford to pair bold but chic apparel. If you want to express your inner stylist no matter what the occasion, then low heels are essential items in your shoe closet.

A Great First Choice for Heels

If your friends know you as the girl who always wears sneakers and flats, low heels will make a great choice for your first pair of dress shoes. This smart and ideal footwear will help you rock even higher heels like a pro in no time. If you want to wear heels without pain, you need to take smaller steps first, and what better way to start than with dress shoes that stay closer to the ground.

Shoes That Are Good for Your Health

What is unhealthy is not just wearing heels. It is alternating your choice of footwear between flats and high heels. However, you can find a compromise in low heels that can improve most outfits and more importantly, your health.

The ankle injury is just one of the many long-term effects of wearing high heels. It also affects your knees and your spine. Low heeled dress shoes for women are a sensible choice that anyone can wear all day.


Hopefully, this look at some of the options available for the Best Dress Shoes Standing All Day Women has left you with some idea of the selections available. In this run down, we’ve taken a look only at shoes that best fit the descriptions we laid out at the beginning of the article. The shoes selected here are some of the best available given the desired application and above specifications, but are indeed only the tip of the iceberg for the huge world of comfortable dress shoes for women!

Always keep in mind when shopping for shoes the intended purpose of the shoe. Remember that, even to look your best, it is never necessary to compromise functionality and comfort. A good shoe should be supportive, comfortable, and lightweight and does all of this while maintaining a beautiful exterior. Dress shoes tend to encompass a somewhat narrow spectrum of designs, but the variations within design paradigms can make a powerful statement when used in the appropriate context. Find the perfect pair of shoes to express your individuality, provide the support, comfort, and stability necessary for day to day wear.

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  1. Yes I need a dressy confortable shoe with i hope a bit of sexyness but conservative for casual bussiness. I wld eear shoe with suits and elegant wrap dress..I need to look feminine stylish yet professional to stand and run around a very elegant restaurant as Host. May need abit of slipproff for hurrying into kitchen. Good luck lol. Thank you

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