Most Comfortable Sneakers for Nurses

As a nurse, you rarely find a moment to sit down and rest your feet during a long shift. That’s why your footwear is one of the most important elements of attire and must be chosen carefully. It is a good idea to find the most comfortable sneakers for nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Now, there’s a wide variety of shoes out there designed specifically for nurses. But not all of them deliver the support and comfort they should. Plus, some are really unattractive. For example, many nurses don’t really like the clunky aspect of clogs, so they typically go with sneakers.

Most Comfortable Sneakers for Nurses Reviews

Therefore, this post we’re going to focus on some of the most comfortable sneakers for nurses and the ones that we’ve put here are recommended by actual nurses. They’re shoes designed for support, anti-slip outsole, and all of them pack a consistent amount of comfort factors.

Dansko Emma Flat

Dansko Emma FlatOur first selection is the Dansko Emma Flat. Although the title may be misleading as it may suggest “ballet flats”, the Dansko Emma is far from being that type of flat. It’s actually a versatile sneaker, combining well comfort, support, and design elements. It incorporated athleisure essentials into its design, featuring a quality leather upper. We’ve chosen the Black Leather version for our category of most comfortable sneakers for nurses, as they fit well to most dress codes. However, there are other versions, including models with a nylon upper.

The upper of the Black Leather Emma from Dansko is quite soft. It features a lace-up closure, with a casual silhouette and metallic reinforced eyelets. Its collar and tongue are padded, delivering a comfortable fit. The sneaker is lined with textile material, treated with anti-microbial agents, so your feet will remain fresh for the duration of the longest shifts.

The footbed features the same anti-microbial lining as the rest of the shoe interior. It’s made of memory foam, with built-in extra reinforcement for arch support, designed to adapt the anatomical shape of your foot with every step. It’s also removable, which makes the Emma sneaker orthotic-friendly.

The midsole is made of EVA lightweight material, while the outsole is rubber-made, designed to deliver excellent traction. Just as the other sneakers that we’ve covered here, the Emma from Dansko does offer excellent slip resistance, which makes them great for various working environments, not only healthcare facilities.

MOZO Women’s Maven Leather Sneaker

MOZO Women's Maven Leather SneakerThe Maven sneaker from MOZO features a forefoot rocker construction, designed actually to reduce pressure under the ball of the foot and to lessen the motion in the toe joints. This makes them perfect for women who have to deal with pain at the ball of the foot. The outsole is slip-resistant and oil-resistant, which makes this sneaker appropriate for wet floors or other environments characterized by wetness.

The MOZO Maven sneaker is equipped with a gel footbed, designed to absorb shock during walking, and cradle your feet properly for the whole duration of a long shift. The sole is both glued and stitched to the upper which gives superior durability to the shoe. The lining is made of synthetic material, featuring moisture-wicking properties, keeping your feet dry and fresh. Also, the upper has a three-hole arch ventilation element, which delivers excellent breathability.

Speaking of the upper, the MOZO Women’s Maven sneaker that we’ve selected for our category of most comfortable sneakers for nurses has a premium, thick leather upper, which is water-resistant (but not fully waterproof). There are also other versions available, featuring a canvas, waxed upper.

The Maven sneaker has a synthetic toe cap which provides extra reinforcement for the toe section and delivers a bit of extra protection. The collar and tongue are well padded, while the tongue has concealed goring elements, which provides a snug fit. This sneaker feels quite tight on foot, so, in case you have high arches or wide feet, you might consider ordering a number up. On the other hand, you can wear these sneakers without laces. However, they also have a lace-up closure, with metallic eyelets, and the laces are included.

Skechers Eldred Slip Resistant Healthcare Work Shoe for women

Skechers EldredAs we’ve mentioned above, all the sneakers that we’re going to cover have slip-resistant properties. However, the Eldred Relaxed Fit Work shoe from Skechers also meets electrical hazard requirements, being rated ASTM F2413-05, along with the slip-resistant standard ASTM F1677-96 Mark II for wet and oily surfaces. Its sole is made of top-quality rubber, designed for utmost traction in various working environments, not just hospitals.

The midsole is lightweight, offering quite a bit of flex. It’s designed to absorb shock and deliver the required support for walking and standing up all day. The footbed is removable, which makes this sneaker orthotic-friendly. However, even if you wear prescription orthotics, you might want to give this insole a chance, as it is made of memory foam, designed to adapt the anatomical shape of your foot and deliver a custom, perfectly comfortable fit.

The Skechers Eldred sneaker is padded with soft fabric lining. The inner section is roomy, with a Relaxed FitÆ design for a comfortable fit. Needless to say, the tongue and collar are padded for a snug fit.

The upper is made of smooth leather, with a mesh fabric collar and heel panel for extra breathability. It features a lace-up, sporty and casual design, with stitching elements for reinforcement and an extra aesthetic touch.

Nurse Mates Lexi

Nurse Mates LexiAs the brand name suggests, Nurse Mates aims to provide top-quality, comfortable, supportive, and stylish shoes for nurses and hospital personnel. The Nurse Mates Lexi model is our main selection for this classification here.

The Lexi sneaker features a full-grain leather upper, with modern stitching details. There are only two versions available (at least for now), these being Black and White.

This sneaker has a lace-up closure for a custom fit, while the tongue and collar integrate a layer of padding to eliminate chaffing. This sneaker is lined with the man-made material which delivers optimal breathability and feels great on foot.

The insole integrates Pillowtopô, which as its name suggests, is designed to provide extra cushioning, for the required amount of comfort during long shifts. The original insole can be removed so that you can replace it with your own prescription orthotics. Also, the interior of the shoe is quite roomy, aspect enhanced by the soft and lace-up upper, which lead to a perfect fit even for women with larger feet.

The EVA outsole is designed to deliver a pleasurable, natural walking motion. Like most EVA soles, it is considerably lighter than rubber. It’s also designed for superior traction, being slip-resistant, perfect for wet floors or other environments characterized by wetness.


Dansko PAISLEY This is a lace-to-toe sneaker with a construction that reminds that of a hiking boot. It features an upper made either off milled nubuck or suede leather. Regardless of the leather type, the uppers of all Paisley models are waterproof, thanks to the Scotchgardô waterproof technology. They feature double and zigzag stitching, which not only enhances durability but also adds an aesthetic touch.

The collar and tongue of the Dansko Paisley sneaker do not have extra cushioning, but they do integrate a decent layer of padding. Thus, it remains snug around your foot all day long, without generating any chaffing. The inner section of this sneaker is padded with DuPontô SoronaÆ fiber for moisture management. It’s also treated with CleansportNXTô for odor control. CleansportNXTô is actually a pro-biotic treatment which involves the bonding of beneficial microbes to the lining fabric which results in a natural, chemical-free and non-toxic environment.

The sole of the Paisley sneaker integrates a shank for structural support. It is also designed to provide superior arch support for walking and standing up all day long. The footbed offers triple density, also adding arch support and shock absorption particularly in the heel and ball of the foot. It’s removable. Thus, the sneaker is orthotic-friendly, being able to accommodate just about any custom orthotics. Finally, the outsole is made of VibramÆ rubber, designed for maximum traction, being slip-resistant, perfect for outdoor use on snow, dry or wet surfaces.

Alegria Essence Black Nappa

Alegria Essence Black NappaThe Alegria Essence is a sneaker with sleek, classic design lines, a rather thin sole, and an overall lightweight construction. As the title suggests, the upper is made of soft, stain-resistant Nappa leather with a lace-up closure. It’s stitched to the sole for extra reinforcement, and also features multiple perforations for superior breathability.

There are actually several versions of the Alegria Essence. You can find it in Posh Pewter, Garden Navy, Tomato Red, Stained Glass and various other patterns. But since our category here covers the most comfortable sneakers for nurses, the black color just might be the most appropriate.

Since it is a walking sneaker, the tongue and collar don’t have the thick padding of an athletic sneaker, but they do integrate a nice layer of padding, creating a snug fit around your foot. The shoe is lined with an antibacterial fabric, while the insole is removable. There’s an extra shim under the main insole, which you can remove to create extra room in case you have high arches or thicker feet. The insole does deliver an excellent pressure dispersion from heel to toe.

The outsole is made of polyurethane material, which means it is considerably lighter than rubber. It promotes a natural rocker motion, also being slip-resistant, delivering the required traction on various surfaces.

Skechers Women’s Shape Ups Slip Resistant Sneaker

The Shape Ups sneaker from Skechers is quite different from the Eldred model that we have just covered. In fact, this sneaker is quite distinct from the average sneaker model in general, as it is equipped with a super-soft foam midsole designed for superior shock absorption.These sneakers will feel like something magical on your feet if you have to deal with problems such as shin splints or tibial tendonitis. On top of that, they’re designed to deliver perfect support, while assimilating a great amount of the shock generated during walking. The insole also integrates cushioning elements, for extra comfort.

The Shape Ups from Skechers feature a leather upper with a nice stitching detail and lace-up closure. The top eyelets are metallic for extra durability, while the rest are also made of a highly durable synthetic, reinforced fabric. The tongue and collar incorporate a consistent layer of cushioning, delivering a super comfortable fit around the foot. Also, the rear of the collar is equipped with a pull-up loop, for an easy slip-on.

There are several models of Skechers Shape-Ups for women. For obvious reasons, we’ve chosen the white version for our classification here. But you can also opt for the S2 model which combines Black with Pink, or the X Wear – Hyper Active model, which features a design that reminds of a Mary Jane shoe.

Just as the Eldred model, the Skechers Shape-Ups work sneaker for women is equipped with a rubber outsole rated for electrical hazards ASTM F2413-05 designed to deliver the necessary traction for wet and oily surfaces, also meeting the ASTM F 1677-96 Mark II standards.

One more aspect to mention here about this Skechers sneaker is the affordable price. Most users have reported that the quality and comfort considerably exceed the price, which makes the Skechers Shape-Ups quite an excellent choice.

SAS Siesta Sneakers for NursesThe nursing profession requires constant moving and standing for long hours at a stretch. This is why nurses should specifically care about their feet. This is where a nurse would need the most comfortable shoes for walking and standing all day long. SAS Comfort is the shoe-of-choice when it comes to working a 12-16 hour shift. This article provides a comprehensive review of SAS shoes for nurses.

There are numerous reasons that nurses love SAS shoes. The shoes are made of high-quality materials that are extremely supportive for your feet. Also, they require a very little break-in time for that matter. Even though the leather is very soft, it is durable enough to withstand the pressures of the profession. The variety in width and breadth makes the shoes suitable to a wider audience, unmatched by any other brand of shoes on the market. The cushioning and arch support options provide the utmost comfort to the wearer. The lace-up provides a perfect fit for your feet. The midsoles and insoles of the shoes are packed with anti-moisture, and air bubble features to help keep your feet cool and relaxed at all times. Nurses can easily slip and fall since they have to walk on slippery surfaces at times. This is why the bottom of SAS Comfort shoes is equipped with anti-slip protection material to prevent slip and fall accidents. This is why so many users are speaking highly of this product. You may find so many positive reviews and testimonials for this product on online in nursing forums. Their users have highly rated the product. In fact, the majority of them say that SAS has been able to include all the features mentioned above and create a shoe that looks very professional and great for the nursing profession.

SAS shoes are not only for nurses. Anyone employed in similar working conditions can benefit from SAS shoes for nurses. This is why the product has been creating quite a buzz on the market since the last few months. If you are looking for the best shoes for standing and walking for long hours, you may not find anything better than SAS comfort shoes. According to a recent poll, the Americans trust their nurses more than any other profession in the country. That includes their lawyers, teachers and even doctors. In fact, nursing is all about providing the highest quality care. So, why don’t you take your nurse’s recommendations and buy a pair of SAS comfort shoes today?

Bottom Line

This post covers seven models of sneakers which are perfect for nurses or other hospital or clinic staff. Of course, they’re all versatile sneakers; they can serve you well in various working environments, not only healthcare facilities. All of them are slip-resistant, and some of them also offer electrical hazard protection and oil resistance.

All the sneakers that we have covered here are designed to provide superior comfort and support for the longest shifts, reducing pain and fatigue. For each variety, there are actually several models, but in here we’ve described the ones that can fit most dress codes. These combine all the comfort factors with a classic silhouette perfectly.








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