New Balance 928 Walking Shoe Review

In this New Balance 928 review, we will discuss the benefits of this shoe and why you should purchase it. We will admit that we have a bias because we think that New Balance is one of the best shoe companies in the world. For people in the US, you will be happy to know that New Balance is the only shoe company that still manufactures a lot of shoes in the United States. If you are ever in Massachusetts, you can pass by the factory where American workers make these shoes. Even for people outside of America should take note that it is still possible to manufacture hard goods in the western world and everything doesn’t have to be outsourced to underpaid foreign workers.

New Balance 928 Review

The upgraded version of New Balance 928v2 has many customer’s complaints. You can read the comments below. Therefore, I do not recommend you buyNew balance 928v2. The newest version of 928v3 is available Now. 

A shoe for any foot problem

Now let’s jump into this review. I’m a fan of snappy titles, so let’s call this, “Why The New Balance 928 Shoe is right for you.” One of the things that made the New Balance brand so popular is that they make shoes for all sorts of health problems. They make shoes for people with low arches, high arches, flat feet, hammer toe, wide feet, plantar fasciitis, bunions and a myriad of other problems that people have with their feet, and New Balance 928 is designed to take care of any foot problem. They make shoes for both men and women, and they receive the same benefits.

The Medicare approves many New Balance shoes for diabetic code, including the New Balance 928 reviewed in this article. For walkers, they have a ton of special features that protect the foot when they walk. New Balance makes a shoe for everyone and any problem feet.

You may consider buying New Balance 928 if you have the following:

  • Good for any foot problem
  • Motion control and stability shoe
  • Flat Feet with or without overpronation
  • If you are moderate overweight
  • You are diabetic
  • You are on feet all day
  • You have a backache
  • You need orthotics
  • You have wide or extra feet
  • you have bunions

New Balance 928 Walking Shoe Review

New Balance 928 reviewNew Balance 928 is one of the most comfortable shoes for foot and heel pain that many people develop due to standing all day. This shoe provides a lot of support to the feet especially to those who have a pronation problem. These shoes are flexible, stylish, lightweight and breathable with broad and deep toe box. They are also durable and absorb shock. The upper leather is soft and easy to clean.

The New Balance 928v3 are actually walking shoes available for both men and women. The two versions are 100% alike when it comes to the elements combined with their construction. However, the women’s version has a slightly thicker and shorter toe box, featuring more feminine design lines.

When you need stability and comfort, the New Balance 928v3 walking shoes integrate ABZORB cushioning and ROLLBAR support. The midfoot cushioning is made of ABZORB material, which is a foam-based polymer made to help disperse the force on the point of impact, reducing shock. The ROLLBAR element prevents rear foot movement, delivering superior stability. This being said, people with conditions such as tendinitis, plantar fasciitis or shin splints will definitely find them perfect. The roll bar also prevents foot supination or pronation, promoting a correct stride. The shoes’ outsoles are made of heavy-duty rubber material, to improve adherence.

The New Balance 928v3 feature an upper made almost completely of leather, the colors available being Black, Gray, and White. Their collar is made of synthetic material, though, integrating a consistent layer of cushioning to boast comfort. The tongue doesn’t have extreme cushioning, being designed to provide optimal comfort. It’s made mostly of mesh, synthetic material as well, just as the outer layer of the collar, but its top, outer part also features a layer of leather, with the “New Balance” name written on it.

When it comes to the inner part of the shoe, the first aspect to mention is that it’s equipped with a removable PU footbed, giving you the possibility to use custom orthotics if needed. Also, they feature a seamless Phantom Liner with odor-treatment, keeping your feet fresh throughout the day.

Features for New Balance 928:

Provides stability with RollBar motion control Technology

Abzorb in heals provides extra cushioning for shock absorption
LIGHTNING DRY lining keeps the feet dry and odor free
Approved for Medicare Diabetic Code
Made of upper Leather
Available in Brown, Black and white colors


High Arches
Flat feet
Plantar Fasciitis
Bunions and Hammertoes
Back Pain and Knee Pain
Good for on feet all day
Wide and Extra Wide feet 4EE in women and 6EE in Mec
If we were to make a quick pros and cons list for this New Balance 928 Review it would look like this:


Suitable for all kind of foot problems
Offer removable footbed for orthotic inserts
They are available with velcro too, and that is a good for those who have a hard time to tie shoe laces such as seniors and pregnant women.
Good for people with flat feet, low arches, high arches, over and under pronation, good for people with diabetes and vascular issues, available for wide feet and available for men and women.
Wide and Extra Wide sizes available
Approved for Diabetics

Upper Leather makes the shoes heavier
Not too many colors available
Some purchasers complain that it takes about a week to break them in and that the arch support can feel a little bit stiff before the show is broken in. The heel is a big thick and might feel a bit awkward until you get use to them.
It would seem that the pros outweigh the cons for this shoe and as many people who had complaints, as much more have positive things to say about this shoe. It is up to you to decide if this is the right shoe for you. If you have any of the issues that this shoe is designed to remedy, then the New Balance 928 is the right shoe for you. At the very least, it is the right shoe to give a try. You might find that it helps you with the issues that you have with your feet.

New Balance has been a favorite brand for over thirty years and each year more and more people come to these shoes. Most of the people who come to the name do so because a friend recommends them. New Balance is especially popular with runners who need a lot of support to protect their feet. Other groups that enjoy the brand are people with unique foot problems and older people who might have issues due to diabetes or high blood pressure. New Balance is the answer-men for the industry, and they aim to answer the problems that people have with shoes and their feet.

As you can tell, the New Balance brand is a quality shoemaker who creates an excellent reputation for providing shoes that help a lot of people. They are one of the few shoemakers who offer wide width shoes and shoes designed to help the most common foot issues that people face. If you want a shoe that gives you plenty of options to get the right fit and support, then you owe it to yourself to buy a pair of New Balance 928 shoes because they can make a significant difference.

  1. I have high arch feet, callouses, and standing 12 to 15 hours on my feet. If you have any suggestion please respond. Thank You

    • I also have high arches and I also have calluses. I underpronate because my old shoes are worn out on the outside. I bought Asics Cumulus for myself, but your feet may be different than mine. Do you see outsole worn out on the outside? If it is confusing for you, I suggest you see the local running shoe store for Gait and foot evaluation. Or see the Podiatrist.

      If you have high Arches and Underpronation, Asics Gel Nimbus is also a good shoe. It provides A lot of cushioning. You can Also try Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work insoles in your shoes.

  2. I’ve owned several pair of the V1 928’s. The new unimproved V2 hurts my feet and I will be sending them back. I even went to a wider platform to see if that was the problem but no luck. I will scour the net to find the V1 or buy a different shoe from now on. Too bad… This is a classic case of “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” syndrome.

    • Thank you for the review. I will update my article based on the few customer’s reviews who tried these shoes.

    • Yes! My mum loved the V1s. She wore them out. Then, she bought the v2, but didn’t like the feel. She now just tried the v3, but they squeezed so loud that she doesn’t want to keep them. She’s very disappointed!

  3. I agree with all the previous comments. 928v2 hurt my feet. New Balance graciously allowed me to return the shoes to them, even though I had purchased from ShoeBuy. However, I now have a credit with New Balance but don’t know what shoes could replace the 928v1. I feel stuck.

    • I bought the W928 BK3 have used them a month with no sucess. Not worth the money !

  4. I have been wearing, happily, New Balance 928s for many years. When I needed a new pair I unsuspectingly got the 928v2. My usual size is 7.5 D was way too large. I returned them at significant cost, and requested the 7.5 B, not quite sure what to do after the 7.5 D did not fit, and, of course, the 7.5 B was too tight. So, again, at significant cost, I returned these as well. So I agree with the previous comments and am now facing finding an entirely new company. For those of us who have problem feet but who are still active, it has been reassuring to always know that the most recent upgrade would still be the perfect shoe it always was. This is like upgrading to Windows 10. Why not keep what works and not mess with what people love.

  5. Have been using 928 V1 for problems. V2 is terrible, feet hurt, can’t wear. What a shame NB had to change.

  6. The new 928 V2 is not as cushiony as the original. I wore the 928’s for years. My feet and knees hurt me now wearing this new model. I will never buy this shoe again.

  7. Any one try 928 v3? I have the originals too but have to replace them. Terribly upset to hear the newer ones are not as good. I desperately need this shoe…

  8. I have wore the new balance 926 and 928 for 11 years. so it was time for an other new pair i got the 928v3 and they STINK! Im on my feet 10 to 12 hours a day and these shoes are killing me. The ones I bought before I could walk out of the store and NEVER have to break my shoes in. Why couldnt you leave our shoes a lone? I pay a$ 135.00 for my shoes and that my dear New blanace company is a lot of money for me. I dont mind paying that kind of money for a GOOD product. I use to brag about my shoes and your company but not right now! So if it works dont fix it or try to go cheaper! I want my OLD NEW BALANCE shoes back! I have got another 6 years to work and now I have to deal with this. COME ON GET OUR SHOES BACK!

    • I have wore New balance 926 and 928 for 11 years that my dear New balance friends is a pair of shoes a year. This time I had to get the 928v3 and they STINK! Why did you have to change them? Im on my feet 10 to 12 hours a day. I use to buy my New balance and walk out of the store and NEVER had to break them in! I have got an other 6 years to work and now why did you change them? ! If you were trying to save money do it with shoes that people that dont have to work not us working people.

  9. I’ve been wearing NB 926 and NB 928 (not the V2 or3) for at least 10 yrs. They have always been comfortable from day one. I did have one pair that had a noticeable chemical type odor to them several years ago and the dealer worked with me to correct and replace. I have noticed that quality issues in the past such as shoe lace eyelets where the lace itself would wear or cut the top eyelets have been improved. I’ve also noticed that longevity on these shoes is not what it used to be.

    I move my newer shoes from the “good” status to knock around status and replace as they wear. When they start to look even more beat I use them for yard work etc. Their longevity seems to be declining as the soles are de-laminating and pieces of the shoe moldings on side of actually fall off relatively soon in newer shoes (1-2 years)with solid fresh looking uppers diminishing their value.

    New Balance customer support (Kaylin) informed me these shoes should only last 6-8 months depending on how much you wear them. That seems a very short time to expect $135 shoes to last that are rotated, so you need to consider that when purchasing. Start making them in USA.

  10. I’ve been wearing new balance 926 927 and now 928 for over 20 yrs. I just bought the 928v3 and I’m
    Very dissapointed. I did not realize it was a v3 until I got home and wondered why it’s so stiff and feels hard to walk in. This upgrade is horrible. I’m on my 2nd day and it’s starting to hurt my knees btw just coming off knee replacement 2 months ago. Like a lot of reviewers it’s not broke then leave it alone. Where am I going to find a shoe like this I wear everyday. Now I’m looking for another brand. I hope new balance reads reviews. I’m contemplating taking them back if doesn’t get better.

  11. I have worn Ww928bk for years they are very comfortable. I have one foot slightly bigger than the other. When I tried the newer model 928 2 they were uncomfortable at the base of the laces on one foot. Should have left them as they were. Trying to find the originals. But not having any luck

  12. Is there a chance New Balance will bring back the original 928’s? I need them!!!!
    V1, V2, V3, do not work for me.

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