New Balance Vazee Pace V2 Running Shoe Review

New Balance has a reputation for making a solid set of running shoes. There are many different runners created by New Balance, and there is certainly a shoe for every running enthusiast. Every runner has a favorite shoe, because of the comfort that the shoe provides or perhaps the features of the shoe. Today we are taking a look at the New Balance’s Vazee Pace V2 running shoe.

New Balance’s Vazee Pace V2 Running Shoe Review

These are neutral cushioning shoes. They are built on P L8 last with the standard instep, standard and standard toe box depth and width. They are for those runners who need to be added cushioning in the midsole with flexibility. They are good for high arches with supination.

If you have high arches and your feet rolls out, then these shoes can stabilize your feet. However, I always recommend togo to your local shoe store for proper diagnosis of your feet before investing in any shoes. Wearing wrong shoes with problem feet can injure your joints and feet.


  • Lightweight only 6.4 OZ
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable
  •  A lot of Responsive Cushioning
  • Provides good support
  • Soft and no-sew material for no irritation
  • Flexible sole
  • Designed for fast running
  • Stylish colors make them attractive. Available in narrow, medium and wide sizes.


  • The toe box is not wide
  • Size runs small


Quality, Durability, and Comfort

These shoes provide a good level of protection, durability. The upper of the Vazee Pacev2  has been made completely seamless with the combination of synthetic leather overlays around the area of the mid-foot and the toe box. A shiny rubber-type compound has been placed over areas where high wear tends to occur. This provides durability and provides much-needed support. The seam of the inside of the shoe features an extra-large tongue that is sewn near the bottom of the toe box at the upper edge. This is the only seam in the entire shoe which would prevent barefoot runners from enjoying the shoes.

The toe box has been widened, providing more space and comfort for those who have a wider foot. The shoe has a very light and flexible feel while hugging the foot and providing a great fit. The shoe is suitable for people who want to do speed work or tempos in their running training.

So Lightweight You will barely Notice it!

This shoe is incredibly lightweight at just weighs 8.1 oz. The newly designed New Balance Vazee Pacev2 has a lightweight EVA and rubber that is blown to provide extra cushioning. Cut-outs are provided in all of the right areas, ensuring that a runner has everything that they need. This shoe has extra cushioning and is soft while being incredibly resilient throughout the life of the shoe. It is not uncommon for a person to get about 600 miles out of this set of shoes. The cut-outs in the shoe have saved a great deal of weight from the Revlite midsole at the back of the shoe but do not seem to pick up rocks and debris as one might expect.

Flex grooves located at even intervals provide a neutral trainer with excellent transitions. Since the shoe runs like a flat with additional cushioning, you can use this shoe over the road for long distance running. Runners who are looking for more cushions in a lightweight shoe are going to love this runner. This shoe has some of the best neutral cushioning available in a runner today. This can be the right solution for those who have high arches with supination.

The neutral cushioning version weighs just 6.4 ounces and has been updated so that it will outperform its predecessors. Even though the shoe is light weight there is no loss of cushioning or durability. The ABZORB (registered trademark) crash pad heel provides outstanding cushioning which helps to lower the shock of every single strike.

The shoe features an 8 mm drop, but this is an approximate reference because there can be many variables during development and the manufacturing process that can alter the size. Aside from the blown rubber outsole, one of the most important features of this shoe is the no-sew application of materials. The structure of the shoe is uniquely popular and maintains the desired effect of full ground contact. This feature helps to preserve the comfortable ride inside of the shoe. The REVlite cushioning is so responsive and comfortable that it helps you to keep feeling unstoppable as you log the miles. The panel-like construction of the overlays upper secures a solid arch wrap. The flexible forefront is designed for those who enjoy a faster pace of running.

The starting point for purchasing a new shoe is to read a review to see what features the shoe brings to the table. In our New Balance’s Vazee Pacev2 running shoe review, we have tried to cover all of the main features and important points of the shoe. This is a solidly built running shoe that offers a lot of comfort for the average foot and won’t leave you with foot pain and injuries after a long run.

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