Nursing Shoes for Bunions

If you a nurse and has developed painful bunions on your foot, You must be looking for Wide toe box shoes.  To be sure that you can help yourself out, make sure that you find and purchase the best nursing shoes for bunions. Bunions can be incredibly painful for your feet, and can make it tough for you to enjoy yourself. If you want to be sure that you’re able to spend a good amount of time on your feet, the best thing can do for yourself is to make sure that you purchase a pair of wide to box shoes that are slip resistant. There are a few types and brands that you would do well to look into if you want to get through your shifts as comfortable as you can be.

Nursing Shoes for Bunions

Here are some of our recommended shoes for bunions.  They all have wide toe box and slip resistant outsole.

New Balance 626v2

New Balance Mid626V2 Training Work Shoe

New Balance is famous for providing wide toe box shoes, which help in relieving bunion pain by preventing rubbing against the bony prominence. The New Balance 626 offers roomy toe box design with smooth leather upper along with slip resistant outsole make the perfect choice for nurses who suffer from the painful bunions. The ABSORB cushioning inside the heel absorbs shock and prevents plantar fasciitis.

Skechers Sure Track Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant ShoesSkechers Sure Track

If you are a nurse looking for the slip on shoe, lightweight, and roomy forefront shoes to accommodate bunions or similar foot deformities, you will find bunion pain relief from these Relaxed fit Skechers shoes.

These  shoes are part of the Relaxed Fit collection so that they will be wider in the forefoot and toe area, and they have full-length  Memory Foam insoles that make them more comfortable and provide the custom-like fit. The wide toe box is roomy enough to accommodate bunions.  Since they are part of the relaxed fit collection, they can fit if you have wide size. They can comfortably fit up to size C. and C comfortably.

The shoes are not stain resistant and therefore, are not appropriate for the hospital environment. However, you can make it stain resistant by spraying the rain and stain repellent on the upper leather, and it should be leather specific.


These shoes are attractive due to their pain relief for arthritis. The footbed is made of the full length of memory which provides excellent cushioning and bounce. The removable footbed makes these shoes orthotic friendly. The Midsole is Flexible supportive with the good shock absorbing properties. The upper is made of leather without any pores that make an excellent choice to wear in the hospital setting.

  • Supportive removable Memory Foam cushioned  insole
  •  Shock absorbing midsole

Alegria Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Allegria Alli for Concrete

alegria ali

These shoes are crafted for people who work on their feet for a long time, and it provides full support and weight distribution so that you can make the most out of your time when walking throughout nursing hallways. This entire line and brand is among some of the best shoes for nurses with bunions because they have roomy forefront, and will allow you to get the help that you are looking for to keep your feet protect over time. In addition to the durability and protection that they offer, these shoes have rocker bottom, and velcro fixtures that are snugly put in place and resistant to slips and falls. No matter what kind of shoe you buy from this brand, you can’t go wrong, because they make them purposely stylish, with patent leather finishes and loads of color options to choose.

Dansko Shoes for Bunions

Dansko Shoes for Bunions


These shoes will provide you with what you need to give you assistance for your tough work environment. This is useful for you because it is made of leather that will be easy on your feet and allow them to stay in good condition. This particular brand has a lightweight and a high heel, and wide toe box allowing people the chance to make sure that they can get what they need to protect their feet and their bunions from injury.

Crocs Bistro Clog Unisex

Crocs Unisex Bistro Clog

Crocs Bistro Clog

If you work as a nurse and have bunions developed on your big toe, then this Clog is for you because it has wide toe box. It was specially designed for people that spend plenty of time on their feet conducting work. Because it has the slip resistant technology and ankle support, it will allow you to move around on smooth-floored surfaces without having to worry about slipping. Thes crocs are also pretty dense, making it easy for you to keep your foot stationary while giving you the toughness that you need. This shoe is made for people who work in businesses such as food service and medical care. If you have bunions, this is a great one to use to protect yourself. Mercy Clogs have narrow toe boxes as compared to Bistro.

Skechers for Work Energy-Sector Lace-Up

Skechers for Work Energy-Sector Lace-Up

People that work and need to keep their feet free from chafing or injury will enjoy this line of Sketchers which are similar to Skechers Premium – premix but are slip resistant. These shoes are useful because they are laceless, so you don’t need to worry about tripping over them or stepping on them. You can slip these on and off when you need to, and they provide you plenty of space to allow your feet to breathe while also providing you with the durability that you desire. The rubber outsole allows for the shoe to get an excellent grip into the linoleum, which can make it so that you are not going to deal with the problems that come with the territory. When this is what you are looking for, you can get in touch with someone that has the best shoes for nurses with bunions. They will allow you to get all that you need along the way.


All shoe listed above are good for bunion, and you purchase the one that fits you the best because every person’s feet are different. Alegria and Crocs are the best shoes for bunion in my opinion because they are lightweight and has roomy forefront.

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