Oil Slip Resistant Steel Toe Boots

Many different workplace environments require steel toe shoes or boots for safety reasons. Bulky items of all types can fall on your toes, crushing them and making you immobile. Many people can attest to the many times that steel toe shoes have saved them. If you’re in the market for a new pair of Oil Slip Resistant Steel Toe Boots, which brand is the best? No doubt the Timberland steel toe boots top the market and preferred by many employers are versatile and used in many different types of industries.

If working in a job that has a high potential for a toe injury, Oil Slip Resistant Steel Toe Boots would greatly benefit the employees and protect them from the foot injury. Also, if you spend most of your day on your feet, you should also be sure that your shoes provide excellent cushioning and plenty of support.

Oil Slip Resistant Steel Toe Boots Reviews

 Timberland Pro 6″ Pit Boss Steel Toe Boots

Timberland Pro 6" Pit Boss Oil Slip Resistant Steel Toe BootsFirst on the list are the 6″ Pit Boss Steel Toe Boots from Timberland. These boots are rugged, stylish, and competitively price. Basically all of the qualities that you come to expect from the Timberland brand.

The Pit Boss Steel Toe Boots are designed for use at work, but of course, there’s no reason you can’t use them for everyday wear. What qualities are essential for a work boot? You want a boot that is durable, sturdy, and safe. At the same time, you want a boot that is comfortable. You’re going to be wearing this boot for several hours while performing various tasks. An uncomfortable boot can ruin a good work day.

This particular boot has some exciting features added to the mix. There is an extra-durable nubuck upper made from high-quality leather. The tongue and collar are both extra padded to help maintain maximum comfort throughout your work day.

The PRO 24/7 Comfort Suspension system is worth mentioning. It’s one of the main reasons why the boot remains so comfortable throughout the day. It helps properly support the arch of the foot, supply cushion, and prevent foot fatigue. Every boot should have this.

For the most part, the visual design is very standard of Timberland. It has a traditional lace-up front with durable metal eyelets and hooks. It’s a simple design choice, but it does guarantee a very secure fit each time you lace them.

 Keen Utility Detroit Mid

Keen Utility Detroit MidKeen may not be as popular of a brand as Timberland, but that doesn’t stop them from manufacturing boots with similar high-quality standards. The Keen Utility Detroit Mid boots are a perfect example of this concept. Everyone who reviews these boots gives them top marks in comfort, style, and durability. What more could you ask for?

Their nubuck leather upper area is completely waterproof. You can walk these boots through some pretty rough and nasty terrains without ruining them or your socks. Even the membrane is waterproof, yet still breathable. Rain and humidity are kept out, but heat and sweat are pushed out as well. This leaves your foot feeling comfortable and free of heavy perspiration during the work day.

Keen loves to slip in features with big names. For example, they utilize hydrophilic comfort technology. There’s also dual-density and compression molded EVA for the midsole. The footbed is also made from dual-density EVA material.

Caterpillar Hydraulic Steel Toe Boots

Caterpillar Hydraulic Best Steel Toe Work Boots for MenWe all know that Caterpillar(CAT) manufacturers some of the best heavy construction equipment in the world. Their black and yellow color scheme is instantly recognizable at any work site. And that doesn’t just apply to their equipment. They also happen to make some of the best work boots possible with the same color scheme (only a little less yellow and a lot more black).

The CAT hydraulic steel toe boots have received very favorable reviews from everyone who has purchased them and taken the time to share their opinion. Most would agree that they are slightly more stylish than the other boots in the list. They have a sporty hiker appearance so that they don’t only feel good, but look good as well.

As with most of the other boots mentioned here, this feature a heavy-duty premium leather upper. They also have the same traditional lace-up design with metal eyelets and hooks for a tight and secure fit every time.

Their comfort comes from a few different areas. First, their Nylex sock lining provides extra support and comfort for the underfoot. The lining is taibrelle, which makes the boot extra-breathable. As you likely already know, a breathable boot is a comfortable boot. So much time as you can keep the water and cold on the outside, which these can.

Their final comfort feature is a cushioned midsole made with a combination of PVC and EVA. It offers premium support while absorbing a lot of shocks.

Wolverine W08289 Wolverine steel toed Boot

With a name like “Wolverine,” you expect everything they make to be tough and manly. They certainly do not disappoint with these steel toe boots. It’s odd that every work boot manufactured in this day and age isn’t slip resistant to oil. There’s just something nice about not worrying whether you will slip while you are working.

These boots are extremely sturdy. Possibly tough enough to stand up to a meteor, but that theory hasn’t been tested yet. They also happen to be very comfortable thanks to their mesh lining, padded color, and molded bi-fit insole.

You would think a boot like this would be on the pricey end, but Wolverine managed to manufacture an affordable boot that’s right in the same price range as the other work boots on this list. Overall, it’s a great boot, especially if you love that classic style.

What are Steel Toe Shoes?

A steel toe boot is a durable shoe or boot that provides protective reinforcement in the toe area and protects the foot from objects falling onto it and from compression injuries. This is also known as a steel-caped boot, safety boot or safety shoe. The steel shank in the toe is usually combined with a mid-sole plate which helps to protect the foot from punctures which might occur when a person steps on something.

What are the advantages of Wearing Steel Toe Boots?

One of the most common workplace injuries is a crush injury to the foot. When these injuries occur, they can lead to significant disabilities, morbidity and the loss of wages. More than 60% of injuries that occur in the workplace include injuries to the musculoskeletal system with 10% of those being injuries to the foot and ankle. The good news is that these injuries can be reduced or prevented with the implementation of steel toed boots or shoes. While major injuries are not completely avoidable, the occupational related injuries would not result in open fractures or traumatic amputations.

DrawBack of Steel Toe Shoes and Boots

Steel toe shoes are useful to wear if your work with heavy machines such as construction industry. However there are places such as airport and courtrooms where security metal detection occurs, they should be avoided. Composite toe shoes are suitable for the safety places.

Another drawback is that they are heavy. They are dangerous to use if you work with electric wires. In extreme temperature conditions, they can get really hot and cold.

Mandatory in Some Industries

Depending on the sector that you work in, you may be obliged to wear steel toe shoes or boots for safety reasons. If this is the case for you, then you should endeavor to find shoes or boots that fit you comfortably. As has already been mentioned, steel toe shoes can be heavy, and they can also be uncomfortable. Some shoes do not have a lot of padding in them, and this means that they can cause blisters and calluses.

To avoid this issue, try to find steel toe shoes that are made of high-quality material, and make sure you purchase the right size. Remember that they may be stiffer than you are used to, and this means that they may fit differently. Consider going a size wider or half a size larger so that you don’t have to worry about the shoe being too snug. You can always wear extra-thick socks or even double up on socks for comfort and to prevent chafing.

Steel toe shoes can be more expensive than regular shoes, but they are worth the expense for the protection that they offer. Choose shoes that are made from high-quality leather, because you will want them to last for a long time. You can extend their life by treating them with high-quality polish and keeping them dry as much as possible. If they start to show signs of wear in the heel, take them to a store to get them re-heeled, instead of throwing them away. A good pair of steel toe work shoes should last you for many years. They are not the kind of disposable shoe or trainer that you are accustomed to if you have spent a lot of time working in an office environment.

Consider some of the top brands of men’s sturdy steel toe work shoes and boots. These shoes have made by top manufacturers in order to conform to high standards of the industry. You are much more likely to keep your feet safe and avoid injuries and foot problems if you select one of these most comfortable and best steel toe work boots for men.

Steel Toe vs. Composite Toe

Many people who purchase safety shoes or boots want to know the difference between steel toe boots or composite toe work boots. This is a common question for blue collar workers when they are ready to purchase a new safety shoe or boot. Safety footwear made with either type of toe cap is tested against impact and compression requirements. Composite toe protection is the right choice for people who work in industries where they need to pass through a variety of metal detectors, and in particular, in the transportation industry or in a prison setting. Composite toe caps are used in safety shoes and boots and also contain other non-metallic components.

Safety shoes created with composite toes are also ideal for environments where workers are dealing with extreme temperatures such as cold weather or in high heat. Safety boots designed for cold weather and for high temperature have been manufactured for a long time using steel toe caps along with other materials that are utilized in the footwear. There is no significant proof that steel toe caps perform any better or any worse that composite ones in extreme temperature situations. It is very much a matter of personal preference. Some people really like steel toed footwear while others prefer composite shoe.


If you work in a large industrial plant or have a job where safety footwear is required, you are going to have to purchase a boot or a shoe that is going to provide you with the right level of protection. The important part of buying the right footwear is that it needs to meet the right safety standards to be approved for you to wear on the job.

Now that you know all that there is to know about the good steel toe protection, you are probably ready to purchase a pair of safety work shoes for yourself. One of the best places to get started is with Amazon.com because they have a large selection of safety work wear at high prices. There is also a wide range of safety footwear available at Amazon.com including brands like KEEN Utility and a wide variety of others. The best thing that you can do is visit Amazon and takes a look at the range of products that are available. Along with products, there are also reviews by many people who have purchased those products so that you have a better idea of the actual user experience of individuals. This is one way to help you to find the best steel toe shoes that are for sale on Amazon. When you order products from this unique marketplace, you are revolutionizing your workplace experience and purchasing safety products that are going to keep you safe on the job.

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