Slip Resistant Diabetic shoes and Boots

If you are a diabetic chef, nurse or any profession which requires you to wear Slip Resistant Diabetic shoes, you should check your feet for ulcers every day and keep your blood sugar under control. High blood sugar can cause many nerve damage which leads to loss of feeling in the feet. If you have nerve damage, you are less likely to feel pain due to injury to your feet. People with diabetes are prone to many foot ulcers and infections which are hard to heal and can cause serious complications. Ulcers can develop if you are wearing uncomfortable shoes at work. To prevent foot ulcers and infections, it necessary to wear the Slip Resistant Diabetic shoes.

People without signs and symptoms of nerve damage and blood sugar in control can wear any comfortable work shoes at your job. However, people with diabetes with nerve damage should look for shoes and boots designed for diabetic patients. Diabetic shoes offer soft leather, deep and wide toe box, and with adequate cushioning. People with diabetes are advised to keep their feet dry to avoid infections and ulcers. Therefore diabetic shoes are breathable. Look for shoes that are approved for Medicare code are designed for diabetic feet to prevent ulcer formation. This allows you to get reimbursements from Medicare if you are more than 65-years-old. However, you need to have Medicare insurance to qualify for the repayment. If you are less than 65 years of age, your insurance company may cover the cost of your diabetic work shoes.

The diabetic shoe and boot are incredible innovation in medical footwear which helps to counteract some of the negative impact of diabetes on the feet. Specifically designed with the needs of a person with diabetes in mind, the diabetic slip-resistant boots for men chefs act to improve circulation in the feet, reduce the risk of skin breakdown and help to prevent the formation of ulcers, all problems which can put a serious strain on the feet of patients with diabetes.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a pair of exceptional diabetic shoes and boots. These are perfect for lots of different applications but especially great in the professional domains of the chef, nurses, and doctors, or anyone who works in an environment which requires slip-resistant shoes. The slip and oil resistant designs incorporate various elements of materials and design to provide a high traction shoe which provides a solid grip on the ground at all time, perfect for standing all day or working on potentially slick tile or concrete surfaces.

New Balance MID626K2 Work Slip Resistant Diabetic Shoe

New Balance MID626K2These New Balance MID626K2 style of work shoes have Diabetic approved shoes. They were originally designed for food industry workers to provide chefs with lateral stability for standing on the job all day long. These are some reliable and sturdy shoes that provide some incredible support for your feet. The leather upper delivers breathability, durability and natural comfort. When you have a shoe that is comfortable and durable, it makes your work day go by a little bit faster.

There are a padded collar and a webbed heel with a pull loop that allows you to remove the shoe quickly without straining your back. The shoe laces up in the front, and the tongue is mesh-lined so that the fit is secure. The mesh lining is breathable, and the EVA foam footbed can be removed. The footbed also provides the wearer with protection from impact along with firm and flexible cushioning. The shank inside of the shoe is designed to support your foot adequately. The outsole is non-marking rubber and provides slip resistance, which is important on the cement where falling can mean broken bones. There is a 10 mm drop from heel to toe. The shoe weighs just 13 ounces, so it is light enough not to cause fatigue for a person that is wearing the shoe.

 Propet Maxigrip Slip Resistant Diabetic Shoe

 Propet MaxigripPropet is becoming one of the leading shoe companies. The company specializes in walking shoes that are designed with diabetics in mind. The Propet Maxigrip work shoe for men is Medicare Approved for Diabetes shoe. This shoe is ideal if you are diabetic and looking for a comfortable and slip resistant shoe for work. Its outsole is designed to offer traction and high grip.

This is a sturdy shoe that is also durable, and this makes it ideal for everyday use. It comes with Maxigrip Walkers that provide superior support. The shoes are supportive and have deep and wide toe box shoe. It is a lace closure shoe, which offers you a snug fit.

The Propet Maxigrip work diabetic shoe(if you like to wear flat slip-on shoes) does not compromise on style, and you can wear it with both formal and casual outfits. It is only available in black, which makes it ideal for work. Its upper is made of supple leather that is perforated.Your feet will remain cool through the day when you have these shoe on. It comes with a breathable leather lining that helps to prevent moisture buildup.

It comes with a detachable insole that has cushion gel to ensure you are comfortable all day long. The shoe has external and internal heel counters that are designed to reduce foot fatigue. This is important especially when you have to wear the shoes for several hours. It also comes with a padded collar for additional comfort. Its rubber outsole helps to absorb shock and offer reliable grip.

  • Designed for all-day wear
  • firm Heel counters
  • Removable footbed for orthotic accommodation
  • Gel cushion for comfort
  • medicare Approved

This is one of the best shoe options for diabetic women. The Propet Nancy sneaker is designed for diabetics and is approved for Medicare code A5500. The shoe is made of genuine leather that makes it breathable. It has firm heel counters that come with some padded collars, which help to reduce fatigue. It is a lace-up closure, and this allows you to adjust the fit. The shoe is gel cushioned, and it has a removable insole that helps to absorb shock to keep you comfortable all day. It comes with a special rubber outsole that offers slip resistance for wet and greasy. This shoe has a breathable lining made of fabric to keep your feet moisture-free.

Drew Shoe Men’s Rockford Work Boot

Drew Shoe Men's Rockford Work BootCombining the exceptional traction and support expected from a quality slip resistant boot with the medical insights from the fields of neuropathy and long years of diabetes research, the Drew Rockford Company has produced an excellent selection for everyday wear. For professional applications, around the house, or as a go-to pair of all around boots, these provide comfort, stability and a range of supportive features to accommodate the needs of the diabetic. Designed for problem feet, they seek not only to assist with the issues of diabetes but also with other feet problems, following Drew Rockford’s “comfort boot” philosophy. These boots are Diabetic Medicare approved.

The boots are equipped with two removable footbeds for customizable and easily changeable conditions, allowing you to double the depth complement of the boot at will quickly. This makes them an ideal pair to accommodate large orthotics and well suited to even the more extreme foot conditions. This excellent design is rounded off by a full feature set of quality materials and designs to protect the foot from the elements and make standing and walking a natural and comfortable experience.

Waterproof upper leather linings ensure the feet always stay nice and dry, even in wet conditions. The slip-resistant design is also excellent at preventing the slickness encountered around oils and wet surfaces, ensuring you always have great traction and a sure footing even when slippery conditions present themselves. Durable and rugged, these boots are perfect for everyday wear or as a work boot, but would also be able to tackle the occasional hike, or just about any challenge that comes their way thanks to the all-around quality design and construction.
Diabetic slip-resistant boots for men chefs are available in a variety of sizes, including extra wide sizes. Other sizes include M, W, W4, 6E. Shoe sizes 7-14 are available. A selection of colors is available, featuring black, wheat, or brown tumbled leathers for a stylish and classic look. They are an ideal pair of boots for the professional diabetic, or anyone seeking a serious comfort boot for long wear.

Dunham Prospect Motion Control Shoes from New Balance


  • Medicare Approved Diabetic Shoe
  • Water Proof Upper Leather
  • ROLLBAR provides arch support and keeps feet in the neutral position by providing added support and stability in Flat Feet, Supination, Overpronation, High Arches. This shoe prevents supination as well as pronation.
  • Great Cushioning
  • Removable footbed
  • Firm Heel Counter and Firm Midsole

New Balance is a well-known company for making shoes for diabetic feet and other foot problems. These Oxford motion control shoes offer ROLLBAR technology feature to stabilize your feet and prevent any overpronation or supination due to flat feet or high arches. They are Medicare Approved and provide slip resistant outsole for any work environment where injuries due to falls are common.

The no-sew upper soft leather prevents rubbing against the feet.  The upper leather is waterproof, breathable which prevents moisture build and keep the feet dry. The prospect offers ABSORB and Dupont Cushioning for excellent shock absorption which helps in distributing the pressure evenly to prevent pressure points.  The deep toe box and wide forefront provide enough room for toes movements and orthotic inserts if there is any need. These are comfortable enough to walk into any place and dressy enough to wear at work. The slip-resistant outsole with Medicare-approved code makes them the excellent choice for diabetic chefs and nurses to avoid falls in these working environments. These are comfortable for sneakers to wear all day long.

Drew Rose for Women – Slip Resistant Diabetic Shoe

Drew Rose Mary Jane therapeutic shoes for women are approved for Medicare code. They offer double depth with two insoles which are removable for a custom fit. They are orthotic friendly. They are lightweight and slip-resistant to water but not oil. They come with extra padding and offer excellent arch support and stability. They are also odor resistant.

What are the features of a  Diabetic Shoe?

The shoe should be made of breathable leather or suede. This prevents moisture from building up in the shoes when you sweat. The presence of moisture can cause infections, which can become serious for a diabetic.

Adequate cushioning is also important if you are diabetic. The diabetic shoes for work are designed to offer support for the heel, arch, and ankle. Cushioning is important because it helps to distribute your body weight across your feet. This prevents painful pressure points. Ulcers tend to build up more quickly among diabetes, and they can cause infections if they are not addressed.

Diabetic work shoes for women should be well fitting to prevent foot ulcers. The ulcers usually appear at the bottom of your big toe. They can also occur on the sides of your work shoes are ill-fitting. A neglected ulcer can cause an infection and even loss of a limb if it is severe.

Diabetics need shoes with a wide toe box to ensures good toe movements. A wide toe box will give you a good fit and keep you comfortable at work.

Deep shoes are appropriate for diabetic because they make it easy to add inserts if you need any.

Bottom Line

For diabetic slip resistant shoes for work, then try Propet Nancy Diabetic Work Shoe for women and Propet Suregrip shoe for men.

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