Women’s Shoes with a Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel

Wearing shoes with a wide toe box and narrow heel is great if your feet are wide at toes or simply do not find regular shoes comfortable because the small toe box puts too much pressure on your toes. Wearing shoes that do not fit comfortably can lead to pain in your feet, ankles, legs and back and can also cause you to develop foot problems.

These shoes also come in handy if you have some foot conditions that require you to wear shoes with roomy toe area. Some people prefer to get stretch shoes to prevent slip off at heels. Cole Hann Ballot shoes are ideal in such situations.

Shoes with a Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel options for Women

  • One of the best things to do if you have a narrow heel and wide feet is to buy shoes that are a size bigger. You will need to add some insoles to get a good fit. Rounded toe boxes can be suitable in this case. Clarks and Munro American are good choices if you need M width shoes.
  • You can also opt for M width Neutralizers and Wide width Easy Spirits. Born is also an excellent option, and there are various styles to select from. If you want an athletic shoe, New Balance offers a variety of wide toe box shoes with a narrow heel, and they are built on SL2 last.
  • It is easier to size up closed shoes such as Oxford. Lace-up shoes are also a good option because they prevent your foot feet from sliding around. Keen shoes with Superfeet orthotics also offer a wide toe box.

Wide Width Shoe Concerns

  • There are very few options to select from if you are looking for wide width shoes. If style is an important consideration factor for you, you may find it difficult to get a pair that matches your preferences.
  • Some of the shoes that are described as wide do not offer additional toe room. This means that you may have to try different shoes before you get a fitting and comfortable pair.
  • Most shoe companies make size W shoes. If you wear size D or C, finding fitting shoes can be a challenge.
  • There are different shoe options in the market. You should not settle for a pair simply because it is trendy. Find a shoe that fit well and offers the comfort you desire. The most popular models are New Balance and Saucony. These are perfect if your heels are narrow. New Balance designs both walking and running shoes. The SL-2 from New Balance comes with a broad toe box, narrow heel, and wide forefront.

These shoes below are options you should consider if you need comfortable women’s shoes with the wide toe box and narrow heel.

Keen Presidio

Keen is a brand name that you should definitely add to your list if you’re looking for sporty shoes characterized by a wider toe box and a narrow heel for support. One of the best shoes that fit this description is the Keen Presidio.

This shoe fuses the sneaker appeal with the stylish good looks, featuring a beautifully crafted leather upper, which is water resistant. Along with the waterproofing, the upper is quite durable and well-constructed, with aesthetic side stitchings. The shoe’s aesthetics are also improved by the Oxford-type lace design.

The Keen Presidio is equipped with a sturdy, rubber outsole, made from a non-marking type of rubber. The outsole covers the front part of the shoe, improving their structural strength, and also providing superior toe protection. This being said, even though these aren’t hiking boots, they can serve you well on an off-road trip that’s not too extreme.

The interior of the shoe is designed with comfort in mind. First of all, the Keen Presidio are equipped with a metatomical EVA footbed, designed to provide superior support, featuring moisture-wicking properties in order to keep your feet dry and fresh for a long time. This footbed is also removable; thus, you can replace it with custom orthotics, if necessary. The insole does have a deep heel cup though, providing excellent rear-foot stability.

Finally, the Keen Presidio are available in a wide palette of colors, but mostly combining neutral colors such as Black, Grey, White and Dark Blue.

Aravon Clarissa

Aravon ClarissaThe Aravon Clarissa is a “fisherman-inspired” shoe by New Balance. There’s a lot of engineering behind its construction, the shoe combining comfort and style elements quite beautifully.

The Aravon Clarissa features a premium leather upper, with a criss-cross design at the vamp and a wide toe box, allowing a lot of free movement. The hook-and-loop closure integrates a long strap offering excellent adjustability.

When it comes to comfort, there are quite a few factors to mention. To begin with, the shoe integrates a gel pad at the ball of the foot to provide extra cushioning. It’s equipped with a premium footbed, which combines cork and memory foam elements. The cork adapts to the shape of your foot over time and will create an anatomically perfect shape. The memory features the same properties. The footbed is thicker at the heel, promoting the creation of a deep heel cup which provides excellent stability.

The footbed is removable; therefore, if you’re not satisfied with the super comfort that it provides, or require a special orthotic, the Aravon Clarissa has you covered. If you remove the original footbed, there will be plenty of space for just about any orthotic.

Another comfort factor is the breathable microsuede lining which provides an abrasion-free in-shoe environment. This being said, the Aravon Clarissa feels great on the skin; you won’t experience any chafing, and due to the softness of the upper, these shoes won’t require any breaking in.

The outsole is made of flexible polyurethane material, which is lighter than most rubbers. Therefore, the shoe construction is lightweight, which means that walking related fatigue is reduced when wearing these shoes. The outsole is narrower at the heel and provides approx. 1 1/2″ of elevation, depending on the size. Also, like most types of polyurethane, it’s a long-lasting outsole.

Naot Footwear Bluegill

Naot Footwear BluegillThe Naot Bluegill doesn’t have an extremely narrow heel, but its toe box is fairly wide, and in comparison to it the heel side of the shoe seems quite narrow. This shoe is designed for stability and comfort but also features a stylish, Mary Jane silhouette. Although the “Bluegill” term may suggest the blue color present for this shoe, there are several versions combining other colors. For example, you can choose Bordeaux Leather / Violet Nubuck / Reptile Burgundy Leather, Oily Coal Nubuck / Black / Black Velvet Nubuck / Black Madras Leather, the only “blue” version available at the moment being Ink Leather / Blue Velvet Suede / Polar Sea Leather.

The Naot Bluegill is a casual shoe, featuring a durable and soft leather upper with a beautiful decorative element at the vamp. It has a hook-and-loop closure, offering a secure fit. The top heel section features a layer of padding for extra comfort, while the lining is made of soft leather material.

The Naot Footwear Bluegill features a thick polyurethane sole stitched to the upper; but despite its thickness, it’s lightweight which contributes to fatigue reduction when walking in these shoes. This material is also very durable, flexible and slip-resistant.

The footbed is removable, which makes this shoe orthotic-friendly. Because the toe box is wide, you can replace the original footbed with any other orthotic. But the included footbed is quite a comfort element. It combines cork and latex elements offering excellent cushioning. Plus, the cork will compress over time and adapt perfectly to the shape of your foot, resulting in an anatomically perfect fit. The footbed is wrapped in soft and breathable suede, which just like the rest of the lining, feels great next to the skin.

Naot Footwear Kirei

Naot Footwear KireiThe Kirei shoe from Naot Footwear has a similar Mary Jane construction to the Bluegill model. However, this shoe is equipped with a more sporty-looking sole. It’s also a casual shoe from the Naot Koru Collection, which runs as a medium width shoe category. But we’ve selected it for our category of shoes with a wide toe box and narrow heel because it’s roomy, comfortable, and fits the profile. It’s recommended to order size 36 if you wear size 37.

The Naot Kirei features an upper that combines suede, patent and premium leather types, to create a stylish, yet casual appearance. Like many other Mary Jane shoes, it has a hook-and-loop closure with only one strap, which offers the required adjustability.

Just as the Bluegill model, the Naot Kirei is equipped with a removable footbed, featuring a similar cork and latex construction, enveloped in suede leather. The main benefit of the cork is that it adapts to the shape of your foot, and after several wears, the footbed will match perfectly. The latex is responsible for the cushioning, while the suede improves the overall feel next to the skin. The inner upper also features breathable, soft leather lining, with moisture-wicking properties.

The outsole is made of top-quality polyurethane material; has an excellent flex adapting well to your gait. It’s lightweight, so wearing these shoes for a long period during the day will result in less related fatigue. It features a fern pattern and provides excellent traction on various surfaces.

Soft Style Angel II

Soft Style Angel IIThe next selection for our category of shoes with a wide toe box and the narrow heel is a pump type shoe, the Angel II from Soft Style. This shoe combines elegance, style, and practicality excellently. It features an upper leather of faux or patents with a clean and sleek silhouette, with a rounded toe and an easy on-and-off design.

There are many colors of this shoe, including White Black, Bone, Navy, Brown, Putty, and Red.

All models incorporate a metallic mist sock liner, which feels great on the skin. The insole is not removable but does have a nice layer of padding, offering optimal comfort and support for all-day wear.

The Soft Style Angel II boasts a thin, yet durable outsole made of polyurethane material. This type of material is much lighter than most rubbers, and therefore, it contributes to the overall lightweight construction of the shoe. It’s durable, though, and delivers excellent traction for just about any surface where you would be wearing pumps.

The shoe features a slight wrapped heel for a little bit of boost in height. Its impact surface is fairly wide, though. Thus, the shoe offers excellent stability.

Rockport Cobb Hill Gabby

Rockport Cobb Hill GabbyThe Cobb Hill Gabby by Rockport is a type of shoe that combines the silhouette of a gladiator sandal with the consistency of an ankle boot. It’s an open toe sandal featuring a premium leather upper with a lace-up closure for a custom fit. There are numerous stitchings on the upper, which not only improve the overall aspect of this shoe they also consolidate its overall structure. There’s also a zipper element at the heel for an easy on and off. At the moment, there are three versions available, including Black, Tan, and Khaki.

The Rockport Cobb Hill Gabby sandals are padded with soft and breathable leather linings, which feel great on the skin, without generating any abrasion. The whole upper is quite flexible, and the toe box not only that is roomy, but the lace-up closure also offers plenty of adjustment, leading to a perfect, custom fit.

The collar doesn’t have any padding, but the leather material used for the upper construction of Cobb Hill Gabby is soft. It doesn’t require any breaking in. Therefore, you’ll feel right at home in these shoes from the first wear.

The footbed is not removable. However, due to the upper flexibility, you may be able to add some orthotics over the existent footbed, in case you want more cushioning. The integrated footbed is made EVA material and provides optimal cushioning. Its lining combines pigskin and textile elements for a soft, breathable and moisture-wicking touch.

The Cobb Hill Gabby features a rubber outsole with a Commando pattern similar to various types of boots. It provides excellent traction; it’s flexible and extremely durable. The heel is considerably narrower than the front section of the outsole, this being the main reason we’ve selected this sandal for our category of shoes with a wide toe box and narrow heel. However, the heel’s impact surface is wide enough to deliver excellent stability. Regarding height, it’s not a very high heel but does provide 1 1/2″ of elevation.

Rieker L1762 Celia 62

Rieker L1762 Celia 62The Rieker L1762 Celia 62 is another casual shoe, featuring a rich, genuine leather upper construction which reminds of that of a moccasin. It has a beautiful patchwork design, combining leather pieces of different color or print. For example, there’s a Medoc / Black version, and two Smoke / Reptile print versions.

The tongue and collar do not have any cushioning, but the whole upper is very soft to the touch and flexible; therefore, these shoes don’t require any breaking in. The closure has a modern design. On the outer side, there are two elastic bands secured to two metallic eyelets, which also improve the overall aesthetics of the shoe. On the inner side, there’s a goring element which improves the flexibility of the upper, resulting in a custom, snug fit.

The footbed is generously cushioned, delivering an excellent weight dispersion over its whole surface. It offers great comfort and stability. It’s also removable; therefore, you can replace it with your orthotic. Due to the flexibility and softness of the upper, there are various types of orthotics that this shoe can accommodate. The footbed, as well as the rest of the inside section of the shoe, is padded with moisture-wicking leather lining, which offers a soft touch.

The Rieker L1762 Celia 62 features a very flexible sole which adapts well to your gait. Although on the outside, the width of the heel isn’t much smaller than the front section, the interior of the shoe is narrower at the heel, providing excellent rear foot stability.

Last but not least, the outsole offers excellent traction on a variety of surfaces. It’s made of a synthetic material featuring a high durability and flexibility.

Born Kerri

Born KerriBorn offers a wide array of footwear, from sandals and loafers to boots and dress shoes. Most of the shoes under this brand name feature a natural leather upper, in a combination of style and comfort close to perfection.

When it comes to Born boots with a wide toe box and supportive heel cup, the Kerri model is one to put on your list. These boots feature a Premium leather upper, being available in three versions, Black Full Grain, Peltro Distressed, and Tobacco Distressed. They have an Opanka construction, which means that the upper, sock lining and outsole are hand-sewn in a single process. This construction is extremely durable, but also offers adequate flexibility and superior comfort.

The upper also features a Western flair and a back zipper for easy entry. The cutout detail on each side of the collar adds a stylish note. The lining combines fabric and leather, delivering a great feel on the skin.

The Born Kerri ankle boot features a fully cushioned footbed, delivering excellent comfort. It has a durable rubber outsole, treaded for improved adherence. It’s equipped with a stacked heel for a little height boost. The heel height is approx. 1 1/2″ tall, but this measurement may slightly vary depending on the size of the boot.

New Balance 840v3 Running Shoe

New Balance 840v3The New Balance 840v3 running shoe is available in two versions, for both men and women. The women’s version is available in Light Grey/Blue Sapphire/Magenta, Droplet with Basin, and Thunder with Galaxy, while the men’s version is available in Black/White, Silver/Blue, and Grey Red.

It is a type of athletic shoe designed for running. It integrates ABZORB technology, which means it’s equipped with a lightweight midsole, made of a foam-based polymer which helps disperse the force at the point of impact, diminishing shock and fatigue. The shoe integrates a polyurethane insert, for extra cushioning and support, which is also anti-bacterial, keeping odor at bay. The outsole is made of blown rubber, generously treaded to provide maximum traction. This material is also lighter than other rubbers, reducing the overall weight of the shoe, an aspect that can be very important for running.

Just as many other running shoes, the New Balance 840v3 runners feature an all-synthetic upper, with a durable mesh structure. They’re actually built on the New Balance SL-2 last, for a wide toe box and narrow heel.

Keen Voyageur Hiking Shoes

Keen Voyageur Hiking ShoesAlong the wide array of comfort shoes available under the Keen brand, you can also find hiking shoes and boots. The Keen Voyageur is one of the models that we’re going to cover in short here.

The Keen Voyageur hiking shoe offers an excellent combination of comfort, stability and protection factors. To begin with, its sole integrates an ESS shank, delivering torsion stability for a secure ride. The outsole is made of non-marking, highly durable carbon rubber, integrating several multi-directional lugs for maximum traction and adherence. The rubber outsole extends over the front of the shoe, providing maximum toe protection. You can be sure that hitting rocks, debris or other hard objects while walking, won’t affect your toes in any way.

The Keen Voyageur hiking shoes are equipped with a removable, dual-density, compression molded EVA midsole. The interior is padded with woven, textile lining which absorbs moisture, keeping your feet dry. Their upper combines leather with mesh synthetic material. The leather provides the strength, while the mesh allows the foot to breathe, preventing overheating.

Last but not least, these Keen hiking shoes feature a classic lace-up design. Their collar is padded but firm, the heel cup provides excellent stability, while the toe box is roomy and flexible enough to accommodate all types of feet.

Sanita Professional Oil

Sanita Professional OilAlong with Dansko, Sanita provides top-quality clogs. Even though clogs are not everyone’s cup of tea due to their rather clunky aspect, they’re perfect for jobs that require standing up all day, providing superlative comfort and stability.

The Sanita Professional Oil do fit to this criteria. They feature a Premium leather upper, reinforced with a generously padded instep, for additional comfort during walking. The protective heel cup adds stability; it’s also slightly wider, but this aspect results in an easy slip-on.

The interior of the shoe is made for comfort and support, with an anatomically-shaped footbed, lined with leather. The heel of the footbed integrates a stabilizing insert for extra support and equilibrium.

Like most clogs, the Sanita Professional Oil feature thick soles, with a platform measuring 3/4″ and a heel 2″ thick. Evidently, these measurements may slightly vary depending on the size of the shoe. The outsole is made of Skid-resistant polyurethane material, providing moderate flexibility. This material is also considerably lighter than most rubbers, reducing the shoes’ overall weight. The outsoles are treaded for a good grip and shock-absorbent, minimizing fatigue.

The Sanita Professional Oil clogs come in three color varieties: Black, Brown, and Grey. They’re part of the Sanita Original Collection, which is accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association.

New Balance 574 Core

New Balance 574 CoreThe New Balance 574 Core is a sneaker model created in 1988, combining features from two different sneakers. The final result was a total success, as the 574 Core still is to this day a symbol of originality, versatility, and comfort. It’s a laid-back sneaker for casual wear but can also perform wear when used in activities that require a lot of foot movement. Many people use them for jogging without any problem.

An important aspect regarding the New Balance 574 regards its construction. It’s a sneaker built on the SL-2 last, featuring a narrow heel width, high instep, and a deep, flexible and wide toe box. It’s designed to accommodate feet of all shapes, even “funny” feet.

The New Balance 574 Core sneaker incorporates ENCAP midsole technology. This means that its midsole combines a supportive, durable rim of polyurethane and a soft EVA core for cushioning. The carbon rubber outsole is extra durable and flexible. It’s also consistently treaded, in order to provide superior traction.

Their upper is made of a combination of leather and synthetic mesh material. The leather provides the structural support and classic design lines, while the mesh contributes to the overall breathability of the shoe. The material used for lining is also synthetic, moisture-wicking, keeping your feet dry and fresh all day long.

The New Balance 574 sneaker integrates has a well-padded collar, leather reinforced Achilles notch and heel counter, for rearfoot stability and support. And finally, the tongue also features a generous layer of padding, being made of the same mesh material as the top of the toe box.

New Balance 813

New Balance 813The New Balance 813 is a type of sneaker designed for motion control. The main element in its construction for this purpose is the ROLLBAR technology. The Rollbar is a posting system designed to reduce rear-foot movement, consisting of a plate that connects the postings on the inner and outer edges of the shoe. It also minimizes pronation and supination, promoting a natural, healthy stride.

The midsole is made of lightweight polyurethane foam, offering supportive cushioning. The insole delivers excellent comfort, being considerably thicker at the heel, and having a fairly deep heel cup for extra support. It’s also removable; thus, you can replace it with your own orthotics, to adapt the comfort of these shoes as it fits you best.

The New Balance 813 features an all-leather upper, made of soft, flexible leather. In other words, you won’t have to wear them for long to break them in. The collar is plush-padded for extra comfort, providing a thorough seal of the sneaker on foot. The tongue is mostly made of mesh material, but its top part also features a leather patch, with the New Balance name.

These New Balance sneakers are available in three colors, Black, White, and Light Grey. They’re perfect for anyone who has to push their step count over the limits on a daily basis, but they also provide excellent comfort and support for standing up for a long period.

 New Balance 577 walking shoe

New Balance is known for making comfortable footwear and the New Balance 557 Walking Shoes for women are no exceptions to the rule. The New Balance 557 are built on an SL-2 last, which means these shoes are more durable and feature a wider toe box, a narrow heel, and a higher instep. This is the perfect fit if you suffer from forefoot problems, find that most shoes are too tight or have any other conditions that require you to wear shoes with wider toe boxes. The New Balance 557 has a fun sporty style and are ideal if you are looking for a pair of shoes you can wear when going for a walk or during your weekend activities.

If you walk a lot, and you are a supinator with high arches, this is a good choice because it will accommodate your higher instep due to the deep toe box. They offer a lot of cushioning to protect the feet. The shoe is approved for Medicare diabetic code.

They come with a rubber outsole for additional grip and outsole offers Walking Strike Path for stability and can help in reducing pain in joints. These shoes are ideal for longer distances walking and for fitness walking. They are available in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide sizes.

ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoe

ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid 2 Golf ShoeIf you’re looking for a golf shoe characterized by a wide toe box and narrow heel, the ECCO BIOM Hybrid 2 is definitely one model to consider. It’s an anatomically correct shoe, which follows the natural movement of your foot. It’s a lightweight sneaker made for comfort and performance, with a Yak leather upper, treated with HYDROMAX water repellent and an anti-stain formula.

The upper features reflective overlays with gradually fading dots on the sides for improved aesthetics. It has a lace-up design for a snug fit, with a plush tongue and collar.

The ECCO Biom Hybrid 2 golf shoe is equipped with ultra-premium insoles with silicone printing, which prevents unwanted foot movement during your swings and walking. These insoles are also removable, so you can replace them at any time with orthotics if it’s the case.

The outsoles are made thermoplastic polyurethane is highly durable and water resistant. They feature a two-component construction and the E-DTS (ECCO-Dynamic Traction System) structure for maximum adherence. Their molded traction “spikes” offer a multitude of angles, delivering an excellent, non-slip grip.

Finally, these ECCO Women’s Biom Hybrid 2 Golf Shoes are available in a variety of colors, from Black/Silver to White/Silver, with outsoles of different colors including Orange, Candy, Imperial Purple, Danube Blue or Meadow.

Munro Cindi for Narrow Feet Women

Munro CindiThe Munro American shoes are made with a combination last, which means the heel is significantly narrower than the front of the shoe. These shoes will only work for narrow feet women.
They are available in a very wide selection of sizes.

The Munro Cindi shoe combines style with comfort in a way pretty close to perfection, making dressing for success effortless. They feature a shape-conforming upper, made of stretch fabric which is similar in aspect to nubuck. This upper complements well a wider toe box, enhancing the fit. The upper doesn’t have any decorative stitching, however, the aesthetics of the shoe are considerably elevated by the buckle ornament. The upper is quite soft, doesn’t feel stiff on foot, and flexes well along with the sole.

The sole of the Munro Cindi shoe is made of a flexible and durable type of rubber. It’s actually a MunroÆ Tech Sole; it is shock-absorbent and treaded to provide a good grip. It does, however, integrate a steel shank, to assure support and stability.

The insole is made of contoured polyurethane to easily adapt to the shape of your foot. Its heel cup is not extremely deep, but the insole is considerably thicker at the rear, delivering excellent stability. Nonetheless, the insoles are removable, offering the possibility to replace them with your own custom orthotics.

Considering that the insoles are made of polyurethane, synthetic material, they’re anti-bacterial. The soft lining of the shoe also helps a lot with moisture management, keeping your feet dry and fresh.

The stacked heel measures 1 1/2″, providing a bit of height and adding style to the shoe. It’s fairly thick. Thus it doesn’t take away much from the shoe stability

RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe

RYKA Women's Sky Walking ShoeWe’re going to close our category of shoes with a wide toe box and narrow heel (at least for now), with a type of sneaker – the RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Shoe. As its name suggests, it’s a walking sneaker designed to provide comfort, support, and stability throughout your day. It integrates a lot of cushioning in most of its parts, while the sole is also engineered for shock absorption.

To begin with, the RYKA Women’s Sky Walking Sneaker features a molded EVA midsole which has almost no weight, it’s flexible at the front and thicker at the heel to provide more shock absorption in this area. It integrates a TPU midfoot shank which not only that reinforces the overall construction of the sole; it also provides more stability. The outsole consists of a thin, yet extremely durable sheet of rubber. It’s designed to provide superior adherence on a variety of surfaces.

As we’ve mentioned above, the RYKA Women’s Sky Walking sneaker integrates a lot of cushioning especially in its tongue and collar. Therefore, not only it delivers a snug and comfortable fit, the chance of abrasion in any part is zero.

The footbed is not removable; thus, this sneaker is not orthotic-friendly. However, just as the collar and tongue, it integrates a thick layer cushioning, made of memory foam to adapt perfectly to the surface of your foot. The lining is made of breathable, moisture-wicking and anti-microbial material, to keep your feet fresh, dry and cozy throughout the day.

Finally, the upper combines leather and mesh elements in its construction. The leather creates a durable frame for the upper, while the mesh sections provide the required breathability for this sneaker. It has a classic lace-up closure with standard, perforated eyelets. And finally, there are quite many colors available for the Ryka Sky Walking shoes.

Cobb Hill Aubrey

Do you want a pair of shoes that are versatile enough to be worn at work and on a date? The Cobb Hill Aubrey shoes are perfect for you. These fun dress pumps come in a wide variety of colors and feature a 1.5″ heel and an EVA footbed for a comfortable fit. The open style makes this shoe ideal for spring and summer, but the comfortable footbed and wide toe box still provide you with the support and the comfort you need. The original design of these pumps mixes was inspired by sandals but still supports your feet properly.

 Clarks Un.loop

These slip-on shoes are perfect if you want a casual look, but the discreet wooden button and visible stitches give the shoes a unique look. Clarks is a well-known shoemaker and an excellent choice if you need something durable and comfortable. The toe box is roomy since there is 2.25″ between the shaft and the arch and the 1″ heel give the slight elevation you need if you spend most of your days on your feet. The shoes feature a ventilation system, which makes them ideal if you have to work long shifts or need a comfortable pair of shoes you can wear in hot weather. The shoes are made with a synthetic sole and with leather that comes in several colors.

Munro American Traveler

This is a very discreet slip-on shoe that will work with any look. The Munro Women’s Traveler shoes are a durable choice available in a selection of dark colors. The heel measures a little over 1″ to give you the support you need if you stand on your feet a lot. You will find that the wide toe box and the stretchable fabric give your feet plenty of room to breathe. The footbed is made from contoured polyurethane for additional comfort and should help relieve back pain. This is a lightweight, durable and shock-absorbent shoe with enough grip to be a good choice in some settings.

Skechers Sure Track Work Shoe Relaxed Fit

The Skechers Sur Track Work Shoe Relaxed Fit is perfect if you want a comfortable and versatile shoe. These shoes feature a roomy forefoot for your toes and a snug heel to support your feet. This is an ideal option if you need a wide toe box for foot conditions. The full-length memory foam provides you with a layer of comfort that will make a difference if you have to be on your feet all day. These shoes are only available in medium size, but they fit comfortably for wide sizes up to C. The slip-resistant soles make these shoes an ideal choice if you work in a kitchen or a hospital and the shoes also feature an Electrical Hazard (EH) Safe design for your protection.

These above-mentioned shoes are ideal if you need a roomy toe box and a narrower heel. These shoes feature very different designs so that you can easily find a pair of shoes that is comfortable while fitting your personality and your needs. If you have a foot that is wider than average, you will find that wearing shoes with a large toe box makes a difference. The narrow heel should help reduce slip off but snug fit and provide you with more comfort if you have to be on your feet all day.


Aravon Kiley from New Balance – Good for women with Flat feet and Overpronation

These shoes are made by New Balance and are perfect for women looking for dress shoes with narrow heels and wide toe box. They are comfortable and come in small, medium and wide sizes. They have wide toe box and can fit women who have narrow heels. Footbed offers an excellent arch support with firm heel counter and heel cup to stabilizes heel while walking. The midsole is firm due to stability shank embedded in it which prevents overpronation and promotes a healthy walking gait


Aravon Clarissa

RYKA Intent XT 2 SR Trail Running Shoe

  • Neutral shoe
  • Slip resistant outsole for a wide variety of terrains

New Balance 840

This is another good option if you are not concerned about over pronation. If you tend to supinate and require footwear that will offer additional protection, the New Balance 840 is an excellent choice. It is also ideal for diabetics. If you have wide feet, this shoe provides adequate room. It is a comfortable walking shoe that offers a tailored fit. The shoe is also water resistant, which makes it suitable for those rainy days. It provides adequate cushioning, and its light weight makes it easy to walk in. It has a wide toe box and smaller heel for a great fit.

New Balance 928 Motion Control Shoe

This shoe is designed for various kinds of feet. The New Balance 928 is one of the most popular walking shoe models. It is ideal if you suffer from diabetes, back pain, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, this show will offer the comfort you need. Its narrow heel helps to prevent slipping, and the wide toe box is ideal if you have bunions.

Saucony Jazz Shoes

They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Jazz shoes if you need narrow heal with wide toe box shoes. These are stable and durable shoes that offer plenty of comforts.

Trotters Dea Slingback Summer Dress Shoes – Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel

According to many reviews, these comfortable dress shoes have a wide toe box and fit good with narrow heels. The midsole is flexible. They are available in small, medium and wide sizes. They are made of soft leather. You can dress up or dress down for any occasion. They are very comfortable summer work dress shoes for women. They are lightweight and have an adjustable strap for best fit.

Hush Puppies Power Walker Sneaker

There are different models available if you are looking for women’s shoes with a wide toe box and narrow heel. Try several types of shoes until you find something that gives you a good fit.




  1. As a 26 year old girl with a love for fashion, none of these shoes appeal to me asthtetically at all. I have a wide toe box, long toes and a narrow heel but I feel the market is so unfair as most of the shows provided for feet like this are just downright ugly. Are they any websites or shops that sell fashionable shoes for feet like mine? When I say fashionable, I mean pretty brogues, loafers, ballet shoes, ankle boots. Some websites claim to offer fashionable or stylish choices but they really do not live up to expectations at all. I am at the end of my tether and actually get quite tearful and stressed when it comes to buying shoes. I am obsessed with looking at other people’s feet and wishing I could just have normal feet like them! I currently wear Vans which are all that fit me, being a size 8 and half and all. Vans are all well and good but when you want to wear a nice little dress, they really don’t cut it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • A very fashionable line that is high priced but more comfortable than shoes in that class are from the maker Chi Mahara….we are talking $250-$300 a shoe but they are cutting edge cool.

    • EXACTLY my problem! It’s terribly frustrating and because of this situation, over time more damage is done to our feet.

      In this day and age, can’t some company come up with a solution?

    • I feel you!!! My baby toe nails get broken vertically, from too many cute shoes…. I just recently read an article accusing us of trying to basically bind babies feet to fit into the popular narrow footwear… and I agree!! It would be awesome to find comfortable shoes, that are cute and or pretty but don’t cost an arm and a leg!!!

  2. I totally agree with these comments. I can find all sorts of stylish clothing but CANNOT FIND SHOES. It’s unbelievable; I just can’t understand why shoemakers have stop making STYLISH proper fitting shoes for women that have NARROW HEELS. What happen to the day that you could walk in the shoe store and ask for a size 9AA and get just that and it would be the proper fit and the styles were absolutely beautiful? I would love to find a Shoe Store that has good quality shoes in up to date styles for ladies that want to always be dressed with class and sex appeal. I like 3 inch heel dress shoes.

  3. Sadly, I find myself in the same boat as the ladies above, and on top of that, my true size is the ever elusive size 10.5 that is often not even made. This is so very sad. I refuse to squeeze my 10.5 wide toes into a size 10 anything, let alone a cute pump, sandal or bootie with an almond or pointy toe. Size 11 also rarely ever works because my feet tend to just walk out of them because they are too big. One may be able to go up a size by adding additional cushioning or a thick pair of socks, but for a sleek, modern, on-trend or even Classic heel, the 11s are just too big for me. I even wish store filters would allow me to look only at round toe or wide toe box shoes only – this alone would save hours and hours of time. I’m 40+, fit, active, a stylish dresser and shoes shopping is my biggest time stealer. I wish shoe designers and sellers made it easier for us to find quality, on-trend shoes that properly accommodates our wide-toe box. I, for one, Fred the end of summer, having to put away my many toe ring sandals and swap into closed-toe shoes. Won’t someone help?

  4. Hi, Penny. I have the same problem and size. Please let me know if you find a solution. I had custom fittings for my ski boots, helped alot. Shoes for interviewing and nights out are a problem. Got better dancing shoes at a dance shop. Podiatrist says no pointy shoes! Gave them away.

  5. I Also have a wide toe box and narrow heel and wear a 10.5! I’m in Alaska right now trying to find snow shoes. Countless stores and no luck. I’m ready to throw in the towel and just stay in for the winter :/

  6. I agree completely – Why do all of these shoes look like men’s shoes or something my grandmother wore? I would like a nice pair of versatile pumps at the very least. There is nothing out there to wear to a dress up event. In addition, finding the shoes that are recommended in order to try them on in my area is impossible

  7. I have the opposite problem. I wear a 5 to a 5 1/2 since I’ve lost weight and have a horrible time finding those sizes. I normally wear backless shoes because of my narrow heal because regular tennis shoes leave blisters on my heels because they don’t fit properly.

    • Me too, April! I wear a size 5 shoe. Every time I go shoe shopping, I come home empty-handed and suicidal. I’m absolutely sick of it. I’ve never taken a comfortable step. Ever.

  8. I have that same problem and what’s worse is I’m diabetic. The New Balance 928’s were my first diabetic pair and a perfect fit. Trouble with that, when they redesigned them, they put a seam across the metatarsals and that causes much pain for me. I have a wide forefront, wide toes, narrow heel, high instep, neuropathy, bunions and bone cysts and my foot tends to roll. But then the 928V2 came out and they were not suitable for me, because they had a seam across the metatarsals and they weren’t offered in the suede. So last year I ended up trying several different shoes and finally settled for the ortho feet, Verve, yes has an adjustable strap to tighten the heel part, but even adjusted all the way, my foot still slides up and down, taking my socks with it. After several customers complained to NB about the changes they’d made to the 928’s, now the new 928V3 is fairly close to the original sooooooooooo I’ll be giving those a try! I like the suede, because it’s more flexible than the leather!

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