Women’s Shoes with a Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel

Wearing shoes with a wide toe box and a narrow heel is great if your feet are wide at toes or simply do not find regular shoes comfortable because the small toe box puts too much pressure on your toes. Wearing shoes that do not fit comfortably can lead to pain in your feet, ankles, legs and back and can also cause you to develop bunions and other foot problem.

These shoes also come in handy if you have some foot conditions such as bunions, heel spurs, and hammertoes. Some people prefer to get stretch shoes to prevent slip off at heels. Cole Hann Ballot shoes are ideal in such situations.

Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heel Shoe Options for women

  • One of the best things to do if you have a narrow heel and wide feet is to buy shoes that are a size bigger. You will need to add some insoles to get a good fit. Rounded toe boxes can be suitable in this case. Clarks and Munro American are good choices if you need M width shoes.
  • You can also opt for M width Neutralizers and Wide width Easy Spirits. Born is also an excellent option, and there are various styles to select from. If you want an athletic shoe, New Balance offers a variety of wide toe box shoes with a narrow heel, and they are built on SL2 last.
  • It is easier to size up closed shoes such as Oxford. Lace-up shoes are also a good option because they prevent your foot feet from sliding around. Keen shoes with Superfeet orthotics also offer a wide toe box.

Wide Width Shoe Concerns

  • There are very few options to select from if you are looking for wide width shoes. If style is an important consideration factor for you, you may find it difficult to get a pair that matches your preferences.
  • Some of the shoes that are described as wide do not offer additional toe room. This means that you may have to try different shoes before you get a fitting and comfortable pair.
  • Most shoe companies make size W shoes. If you wear size D or C, finding fitting shoes can be a challenge.
  • There are different shoe options in the market. You should not settle for a pair simply because it is trendy. Find a shoe that fit well and offer the comfort you desire. The most popular models are New Balance and Saucony. These are perfect if your heels are narrow. New Balance designs both walking and running shoes. The SL-2 from New Balance comes with a broad toe box, narrow heel, and wide forefront.

These shoes below are options you should consider if you need comfortable and stylish women’s shoes with wide toe boxes and narrow heels.

 Clarks Un.loop

Clarks Un.loopThese slip-on shoes are perfect if you want a casual look, but the discreet wooden button and visible stitches give the shoes a unique look. Clarks is a well-known shoemaker and an excellent choice if you need something durable and comfortable. The toe box is roomy since there is 2.25″ between the shaft and the arch and the 1″ heel give the slight elevation you need if you spend most of your days on your feet. The shoes feature a ventilation system, which makes them ideal if you have to work long shifts or need a comfortable pair of shoes you can wear in hot weather. The shoes are made with a synthetic sole and with leather that comes in several colors.

Munro American Traveler

Munro American TravelerThis is a very discreet slip-on shoe that will work with any look. The Munro Women’s Traveler shoes are a durable choice available in a selection of dark colors. The heel measures a little over 1″ to give you the support you need if you stand on your feet a lot. You will find that the wide toe box and the stretchable fabric give your feet plenty of room to breathe. The footbed is made from contoured polyurethane for additional comfort and should help relieve back pain. This is a lightweight, durable and shock-absorbent shoe with enough grip to be a good choice in some settings.

 New Balance 577 walking shoe

New Balance 577 walking shoeNew Balance is known for making comfortable footwear and the New Balance 557 Walking Shoes for women are no exceptions to the rule. The New Balance 557 are built on an SL-2 last, which means these shoes are more durable and feature a wider toe box, a narrow heel, and a higher instep. This is the perfect fit if you suffer from bunions, find that most shoes are too tight or have any other conditions that require you to wear shoes with wider toe boxes. The New Balance 557 have a fun sporty style and are ideal if you are looking for a pair of shoes you can wear when going for a walk or during your weekend activities.

If you walk a lot, and you are a supinator with high arches, this is a good choice because it will accommodate your higher instep due to the deep toe box. They offer a lot of cushioning to protect the feet. The shoe is approved for Medicare diabetic code.

They come with a rubber outsole for additional grip and outsole offers Walking Strike Path for stability and can help in reducing pain in joints. These shoes are ideal for longer distances walking and for fitness walking. They are available in narrow, medium, wide and extra wide sizes.

Cobb Hill Aubrey

Cobb Hill AubreyDo you want a pair of shoes that is versatile enough to be worn at work and on a date? The Cobb Hill Aubrey shoes are perfect for you. These fun dress pumps come in a wide variety of colors and features a 1.5″ heel and an EVA footbed for a comfortable fit. The open style makes this shoe ideal for spring and summer, but the comfortable footbed and wide toe box still provide you with the support and the comfort you need. The original design of these pumps mixes was inspired by sandals but still supports your feet properly.

Skechers Sure Track Work Shoe Relaxed Fit

Skechers Sure Track Work Shoe Relaxed FitThe Skechers Sur Track Work Shoe Relaxed Fit are perfect if you want a comfortable and versatile shoe. These shoes feature a roomy forefoot for your toes and a snug heel to support your feet. This is an ideal option if you have a wide toe box or suffer from bunions or hammer toes. The full-length memory foam provides you with a layer of comfort that will make a difference if you have to be on your feet all day. These shoes are only available in medium size, but they fit comfortably for wide sizes up to C. The slip resistant soles make these shoes an ideal choice if you work in a kitchen or a hospital and the shoes also feature an Electrical Hazard (EH) Safe design for your protection.

These above-mentioned shoes are ideal if you need a roomy toe box and a narrower heel. These shoes feature very different designs so that you can easily find a pair of shoes that is comfortable while fitting your personality and your needs. If you suffer from bunions, hammer toes or simply have a foot that is wider than average, you will find that wearing shoes with a large toe box makes a difference. The narrow heel should help reduce slip off but snug fit and provide you with more comfort if you have to be on your feet all day.

Aravon Kiley from New Balance – Good for women with Flat feet and Overpronation

These shoes are made by New Balance and are perfect for women looking for dress shoes with narrow heels and wide toe box. They are comfortable and come in small, medium and wide sizes. They have wide toe box and can fit women who have narrow heels. Footbed offers an excellent arch support with firm heel counter and heel cup to stabilizes heel while walking. The midsole is firm due to stability shank embedded in it which prevents overpronation and promotes a healthy walking gait.

RYKA Intent XT 2 SR Trail Running Shoe

  • Neutral shoe
  • Slip resistant outsole for a wide variety of terrains

New Balance 840

This is another good option if you are not concerned about over pronation. If you tend to supinate and require footwear that will offer additional protection, the New Balance 840 is an excellent choice. It is also ideal for diabetics. If you have wide feet, this shoe provides adequate room. It is a comfortable walking shoe that offers a tailored fit. The shoe is also water resistant, which makes it suitable for those rainy days. It provides adequate cushioning, and its light weight makes it easy to walk in. It has a wide toe box and smaller heel for a great fit.

New Balance 928 Motion Control Shoe

This shoe is designed for various kinds of feet. The New Balance 928 is one of the most popular walking shoe models. It is ideal if you suffer from diabetes, back pain, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, this show will offer the comfort you need. Its narrow heel helps to prevent slipping, and the wide toe box is ideal if you have bunions.

Saucony Jazz Shoes

They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Jazz shoes if you need narrow heal with wide toe box shoes. These are stable and durable shoes that offer plenty of comforts.

Trotters Dea Slingback Summer Dress Shoes – Wide Toe Box and Narrow Heal

According to many reviews, these comfortable dress shoes has wide toe box and fit good with narrow heels. The midsole is flexible. They are available in small, medium and wide sizes. They are made of soft leather. You can dress up or dress down for any occasion. They are very comfortable summer work dress shoes for women. They are lightweight and have an adjustable strap for best fit.

There are different models available if you are looking for women’s shoes with a wide toe box and narrow heel. Try several type of shoes until you find something that gives you a good fit.

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